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PlayerAuctionsextremely poor service all around, every time

Okay, so this is maybe my fourth or fifth time buying from PlayerAuctions. I thought maybe this time would be different, but no. I'm honestly fed up with these guys and will never give them another chance. Here's the timeline:

-4/25/18, 6:00 AM: I create an order.
-4/25/18, 6:26 AM: I see that, once again, the order is stuck on "verifying payment" and must be manually dealt with by support... like every other order I've had to do. I create a ticket.
-4/25/18, approx. 11:00 AM: I have gotten no response at all. I relay this in the help center, and cancel the first order, being fed up. I tell them that the order has been cancelled.
-4/25/18, approx. 11:10 AM: Support finally replies, saying "sorry, can't help you as you've canceled your order already" and then copying and pasting an article on verification, as if this was somehow my fault due to ignorance. It isn't.
-4/25/18, approx. 11:13 AM, I make a new order, tell them this in the same ticket, and wait.
-4/25/18, 9:00 PM: I have gotten no response still. My order is still on "Verifying Payment" and I have two emails in my inbox from PayPal saying it needs to be processed by PlayerAuctions. I make a new ticket regarding my already open one and how utterly outrageous and unacceptable this is.
-4/25/18, 9:45 PM: I start typing this. At 9:48 PM I get a response to my original ticket finally, over ten full hours after the last one I got. I've been trying to buy for a total of 15 or 16 hours now.

I have decided I will never use this service again. I strongly advise that nobody else does, either.

extremely poor service all around, every time
extremely poor service all around, every time
extremely poor service all around, every time
extremely poor service all around, every time
extremely poor service all around, every time
extremely poor service all around, every time

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    • Updated by EIucidate · Apr 25, 2018

      Okay, so, this is maybe my fourth or fifth purchase from PA and I'm done with them. Every time I try to buy, my order gets stuck on "Verifying Payment" (something they say takes no longer than five minutes to automatically complete) and I have to wait a varying amount of time to have them fix it, because they cannot correctly do the one thing they're supposed to: process my order. So THIS particular time, I wait half an hour or so, and then make a ticket saying my order has been doing this for longer than 20 minutes. An hour goes by, nothing. Two, three, four hours - no response. I get fed up and cancel the order, and reply to the ticket saying I cancelled the order. Ten minutes later that absolute [censored] Reiner finally replies to me, with some copy and pasted crap "explaining" their payment verification system to me. PayPal has literally sent me multiple emails saying my payment is cleared on my end and is literally waiting to be processed by PlayerAuctions. I've tried to show them these emails, but after Reiner's first reply nine hours ago from the type of typing this, I have heard nothing and had to make another ticket concerning my already open ticket. It's been nearly 15 hours in total that I've been waiting for an actual response from PA support but all I've gotten was one copy and pasted BS response. Is this how they treat returning, repeat customers? It's such a joke. Once I finally get what I paid for I'm going to be done with this [censored] service. I honestly hope they end up feeling the consequences of their poor treatment of people and have to shut down.

    • Updated by EIucidate · Apr 26, 2018

      Update: In case anyone cares, it is now 4/26/18 at 7:34 PM. It has been over 36 hours since I’ve created my ticket, and almost over 24 since I’ve even received a single reply from support despite multiple emails. This is just disgusting.

    • Updated by EIucidate · Apr 26, 2018

      Update of the update: I spammed their inbox, finally got a reply. Apparently I’ve now been “escalated to their IT department” and they’ve been having an issue with their auto email system (that’s an absolute joke) so instead of putting up a disclaimer literally anywhere on their site before or during checkout, these slimeballs are still allowing people to waste their time and are barely even bothering to respond to all the tickets unless it’s to “escalate” your ticket to a different team you can’t contact directly, so you can’t bother them anymore.

    • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Apr 26, 2018

      Hello Elucidate,

      I'm very sorry to hear about this and I'd like to sincerely apologize for the massive delay in the processing of your order. I'd like to share two explanations as to how this process goes, and why we go through this process.

      1.) We verify the payment of first time customers, or customers who have been inactive for quite some time. There are also other cases when a user for example has changed to a different location or IP address. We send a verification form to the email address of the user's payment method/option, and you often users are not able to check that. We do, however, inform users to check that inbox. Reading your complaint, there must have been a problem with the mail server and you weren't able to get the verification email, that's why your case was escalated to our IT department who is in charge of our mail servers.

      2.) We go through this process because as a company that deals with payments and sensitive information, we have to validate the identity of our customers and make sure we establish the correct owners of the payments we process. This is to prevent fraud and account takeovers, and we also do this as an extra layer of security in case another person is able to access your PlayerAuctions account.

      And I'd like to state for the record that you did not make any mistakes with the order process; I sincerely apologize if it seemed that way. If you'd like to go through the order process again, please let me know by including a link to this review, then including your username and/or order ID, and we will do our best to expedite it for you.

      I hope you have a good day ahead, Elucidate.

      Best regards,

    PlayerAuctionscustomer service

    I bought a game account on PlayerAuctions. I authorized the payment through PayPal. After that PlayerAuctions wanted to verify the payment. Now the disaster struck. I have been busy for one afternoon to sent them everything to verify to them that I am the buyer. I sent them everything: Selfie with ID, printscreen of PayPal account, document from chamber of commerce. It all was never enough. I contacted the seller and we decided to handle the transaction directly through PayPal. Our trust in the bureaucratic nightmare windmill PlayerAuctions was gone. I never met so much bureaucracy and unwillingness to help or explain. And remember, it was only about a game. Big shame on PlayerAuctions. What a waste of time it was and very frustrating.


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      • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Apr 25, 2018

        Hello there, JanMat,

        Thank you for sharing what happened with your order experience. I'm very sorry if you found it difficult and frustrating, and I'd like to give you an explanation why we conduct orders as such.

        As a company that deals with payments, we are adamant about security and the validation of the identity of the payer. We go through our verification process with the goal of establishing the correct owner of the payment option in order to prevent fraud. A large part of this process also ensures the security of your account with us; while it very rarely happens, in the event your account is taken over, we have solid information to fall back to because you have verified your account with us. We take this extra step with all orders and we'd rather hold off on the fees that we take in lieu of a safe and secure trading environment.

        If you'd like to go through the order again, please email [email protected] for assistance, and our team would be happy to help you.

        Best regards,
        The PlayerAuctions Team

      PlayerAuctions — automatic delivery system

      I advertised a Black Desert account on their website and signed up for the automatic delivery. Someone...

      PlayerAuctionsaccount offers have been disabled

      So I'll nice again your customer service has been absolutely useless for two days now I have been waiting for an explanation to why my account has had its offers disabled I am a verified seller and I have submitted emails to your compliance your reports and your trust email accounts and used your help centre forum to ask why this has happened to my account and I have only had an answer from your compliance telling me to message on the other emails or help centre so completely useless.

      How can you have such a poor customer service! You really need to sort it out it's beyond a joke.

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        • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Feb 12, 2018

          Hello there klechk.

          I am so sorry to hear about your predicament. For cases like these, please provide your username; luckily, the account you used to post here is the same username you have on PlayerAuctions if I am correct. I checked and you don't have any negative balances and your account is in good standing condition, which could only mean that you may have accidentally set one of your offers to Hidden. If that's the case, then you cannot open another offer.

          Checking your offers, I also see that offer [protected] is currently active and was just set yesterday, February 11. This most likely means that you have figured out the issue. I'm sorry that you didn't get any emails back, but in case you have questions again, please write to [email protected] or drop us a private message at https://www.facebook.com/PlayerAuctionsTrading so we can help you.

          Best regards,
          The PlayerAuctions Team

        PlayerAuctionsbrought steam account / reclaimed 2 days after I made payment * (scammed)*

        So I have bought steam account from playerauctions which I have payed for $28.26 on [protected]) just two days later after I have confirmed the order at their website the account got reclaimed pass email was changed, I contacted the seller, he said im the only one who can change info, otherwise I should give him prove which there no way I can do that since I didn't receive any email from steam that account has been changed,

        The seller (csgostore) had this at the bottom of the page for the account I have brought
        (lifetime warranty
        We provide a lifetime warranty and direct support for all our accounts.
        Fast replacement.) which I know its all [censor] and just a scam,

        Playerauction wont refund me they say I should give them prove? How the hell im supposed to do that since I didn't get freakin mail from steam, f#% scammers, the owner of the account could contacted steam support to get the account back and there no way in hell they will sent message to the guy they think he stole the account,

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          • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Feb 05, 2018

            Hello, Zues911.

            Sorry to hear about what happened with your Steam account. The process for this involves changing the account's email to yours, and once that happens, you should click on confirm from the PlayerAuctions website. Since the account is already in your desired email address, you should have been notified about any changes to the account, since any immediate changes to that will send out a notification to the email you have.

            If you haven't yet, could you please email [email protected] and mention the order ID and your username? Our team will take a look at it it. Also if you haven't yet, please go to orders under My Account then find the order ID for this. On that order page, click on Dispute so you can contest the integrity of the account with the seller. Our team will be supervising that.

            Please let us know if you have other concerns, and we'll be more than happy to provide help, Zeus.

            Best regards,
            The PlayerAuctions Team

          • Updated by Zues911 · Feb 07, 2018

            i already contacted playeraution support the moment i lost access to the account, the support actually very bad they weren't helpful in anyway threw this case and they take long time to replay and they didn't resolve my problem and the seller never answer my message on the playeraution website, so the bottom line they will not refund me and they rather protect scammer seller rather than the customer which make them scammers themselves! so $28.26 gone into scammer pocket at playerauction! thanks alot for the support playerauction

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          PlayerAuctionsbought account, email changed, no longer have access

          I recently bought an account and after 2 or 3 days i got an email that someone changed the account email and now i no longer have access to that account.

          "Blizzard Entertainment® recently received a request to change the email address used to log in to the Blizzard Account with the username [my email here] The email address M***@GMAIL.COM has been specified as the new username for this Blizzard Account. An email has been sent to this new address containing a verification link to complete the change."

          I would at least like my money back or the account

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            • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Feb 01, 2018

              Hello there, Joe.

              I'm very sorry to hear about what happened to your WoW account. You will need to file a dispute for this so our team can mediate on the case with your seller. To do this, please login at PlayerAuctions and under My Account, go to orders and select the order ID for this. On the order page, there should be a Dispute button. Click that and fill up the details as accurately as possible. Our team will be notified of this and they will have to contact you and the seller for some questions.

              If there isn't any Dispute button on the order page, please send an email to [email protected] to let our team know about it. Sincere apologies again, Joe.

              Best regards,
              The PlayerAuctions Team

            PlayerAuctionsselling an account

            I have sold an account suing player auctions forum i was meant to receive disbursement after 2 days its been 5 days now and i still haven'treceived my money i have sent about 100 emails and 10 help centre chats as they keep redirecting me around there site its disgusting customer service and to be honest i feel like they have just scammed me and are just telling me a load of stories.

            I have asked for supervisor they just ignore my questions.

            I have sold my account on their site and they have kept my money.

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              • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Jan 31, 2018

                Hello there, klechk,

                I'm very sorry to hear about this. Could you please give me your order ID here? If not here, then you could send a private message to our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/PlayerAuctionsTrading

                Please include the order ID --- this info is REALLY important because we have no way of checking it for you. There should be a good reason why payment got held up, it's either 1) your buyer had an issue with the order with you so we had to hold your payment, and you have to resolve the issue first, or 2) your payment option is not verified, so for example you're on PayPal, then you have to confirm the verification with them either through provision of missing info or by attaching a valid bank or credit card account.

                Providing the order ID let's us check from our end so we can let you know what went wrong. Sorry again for the inconvenience, and rest assured that we'll work on it ASAP once we get the order ID from you.

                Best regards,
                The PlayerAuctions Team

              PlayerAuctions — I never got paid (it says processing payment for like 2 months now)

              so I sold my Smite Account to a buyer and I had to wait 3 weeks for the money to be in my paypall but after...

              PlayerAuctionspayment for a sold account

              I sold my league of legends account on playerauctions a week ago. Everything was ok until I got an email from them saying they sent a payment of 16.29 to my old paypal account. Old meaning I dnt know or have any clue what the password is. Soon after that I got an email from them saying the payment was canceled? I thought that meant the buyer got a refund but no I contacted him and he said his money is still gone from his bank account. I asked playerauctions to send the money to my other paypal but got no response.. I have basically gave my account away for [censor] free at this point. I havent received payment and I have no clue where the money is but I will have to take legal actions for theft it seems.

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                • Updated by Ryen French · Dec 28, 2017

                  I sold my lol account but didnt get the payment because it was sent to an old account and i didnt have the password to the paypal. I emailed and requested that you send the payment to my new paypal but i got no response..

                • Updated by Ryen French · Dec 28, 2017

                  I sold my Leauge of Legends account which i cant access anymore but didnt recieve payment it says u canceled it? I havent gotten any response bsck yet.

                • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Jan 02, 2018

                  Hello there, Ryen,

                  I am very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced with this order. Could you please reply back with your order ID so we could check?

                  There's a possibility that the order completed successfully, but your buyer is saying that he did not receive the account nor a refund. We have to explore every angle in cases like these, and it would help if we can check the logs of the order ID so we can give you proper feedback on it. I will do my best to help you with this case and find a resolution for you, Ryen.

                  Best regards,
                  PlayerAuctions Team

                PlayerAuctions — warframe platinum

                They cannot cover for losses incurred by the game publisher; this is stated in their policy defined on the...


                I bought platinum for the game warframe and I did receive the purchase. After a few days, I logged in to see that my account went negative balance because the seller chargebacked on their end and everyone who traded with them got their platinum removed and I lost $30 because of it. I also tried to contact their support and they banned me because I just said I was going to chargeback because I was scammed of $30. Do not use this company if you are going to buy platinum.

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                  • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Nov 15, 2017

                    Hello there, KC577,

                    I'm sorry about what happened with your Platinum purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot cover for losses incurred by the game publisher; This is stated in our policy defined in the website. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. If you have further questions about this matter, please email [email protected] so we can assist you.

                    Best regards,
                    PlayerAuctions Team

                  • Jc
                    jc808 Nov 18, 2017
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    So basically Player auction condone this behavior by thieves and even harbor them. Basically, telling all the thieves to scam as many people as they want by selling platinum and do a chargeback because they are protected by the company policy. This is horrible. I lost 30 dollars plus another 50 to get the ban lifted from my account.

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                  • PlayerAuctions Team Nov 19, 2017
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    @jc808 We absolutely detest scams, it's one of the things we prevent as a middleman service. However, chargebacks caused by the game company or publisher are absolute and beyond our control. As such, PlayerAuctions cannot cover for these instances. We're very sorry for your loss, jc808.

                    -1 Votes

                  PlayerAuctionsdisabled account

                  Please, fix my problem.
                  My account was disabled due to suspicious activity, but I have nothing to do with this. Moreover, two days before this happened I had a hard time with signing up for it. So even if there's any activity it wasn't caused by me.
                  I wrote so many emails to your support using my friend's account, but none of them were answered. I have been waiting for your answer for 2 weeks. Does your customer support really exist? Or you're good at blocking profiles only?

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                    • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Nov 01, 2017

                      Hello Colby,

                      I'm very sorry to hear about the inconvenience. I'd like to help you with this; could you please email [email protected]? They are the team directly handling suspension cases. Also, could you please reply back with your username here? That way I can follow up your email request to them for processing.

                      Thanks, and have a good day, Colby.

                      Best regards,
                      PlayerAuctions Team

                    PlayerAuctionsdon't use them

                    I had to deal with errors on their website that cost me 143 dollars. First of all, going ahead, my money was never refunded. After I purchased I was immediately charged.in several hours I got an email from them stating that the website was down and all of the orders were canceled. Ok, it happens. Very bad, but it happens.
                    I really thought I was dealing with responsible and reliable people, but in fact, they refused to refund saying that they will fix everything soon and all of the orders will be sent to receivers soon.
                    However, it's been a month. I live in santa-barbara (If you don't know, it's not that far away from la, where they're based), the delivery surely couldn't take so long. No order, no refund. Who knows what to do.

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                      • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Oct 17, 2017

                        Hi there, Alice,

                        We're very sorry about this. I understand that the process is extremely frustrating, placing an order only to find out it didn't push through and that no refunds took place. I'd very much like to help you with this. Could you email [email protected] and let us know what the order ID is for this issue? We will check on it right away and if the refund isn't processed yet, we'll make sure it gets taken cared of.

                        Hope to hear from you soon, Alice.

                        Best regards,
                        PlayerAuctions Team

                      PlayerAuctions — scamming: explicit and blatantly scamming of player account - order no. 3200051 (will take legal action if necessary)

                      This is a very serious matter, I will take legal action against the seller if needed. Recently, i've...

                      PlayerAuctions — claims and refunds

                      I was scammed by one of their sellers that was later discovered to be using stolen credit cards to provide...

                      PlayerAuctions — I was suspended within hours of making an account and making a purchase

                      I literally made an account hours ago just to make a purchase and I was suspended I really hope theydont take...

                      PlayerAuctionsmoney gone no help no order

                      My bank account and skrill confirm that they take the money also in the payments section of playerauctions.com says their moneybrookers acccount recieved money from me but my order didnt complete and ı am waiting 24 hours for one answer what happening? There is complains about this situation on the internet. Maybe they stole my money but ı will not let them go easy. My username is : sech order id : 2987127

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                        • Updated by Sech · Jun 29, 2017

                          Someone need to make complaint to FBI Internet Crime Complaint Centre. There no excuse to not answer the help requests. One or two hours maybe but 24 hours without explanation is unacceptable. Please anyone has a complain about PlayerAuctions go directly to FBI Internet Crime Complaint Centre make a complaint there.

                        • Je
                          Jeremy Tse Sep 22, 2017
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I feel you, bro.

                          I just bought an accocunt 3 days ago and the seller decided to recover it. Tried to talk to PA but they are the worst customer service ever. Totally non-existent!! NEVER USE PA EVER!

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                        PlayerAuctionsunauthorised payments on my bank account

                        I have large transactions from play auctions on my bank statement - $181.15 and $64.46 on 19 june, 2017. Please call me on [protected] for details as I would like a refund.
                        I believe my bank account has been hacked through - I only had my card access to pay for netflix and there are a number of transactions that I have not authorised.
                        I hope that someone can contact me soon to discuss this problem. I cannot believe that such large transactions can be made in one single purchase, and as I am a 46 year old school teacher that does not play online games, this is not acceptable and I hope for resolution.

                        Thanks donna morvant

                        unauthorised payments on my bank account

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                          • Updated by hardonna · Jun 25, 2017

                            My contact phone number is [protected]

                          PlayerAuctions — scam

                          I recently purchased an order, and the person who was suppose to deliver gave me three steps to follow. 1) he...

                          PlayerAuctionscustomer service

                          This "company" has the absolute most atrocious customer service I have ever had the displeasure of needing the services of. I'd complain directly about it, but I cannot get a response from any avenue of contact i've tried. The only way to change your account information on their website is directly through customer service, for example trying to switch from a closed paypal account to a new one, and no one will respond. Meanwhile disbursements are being canceled because there is no account there to accept them.

                          I am extremely frustrated and displeased by this garbage service.

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