Planet Fitnessemployees

L Jul 16, 2019

I was at the gym today after not being there for 2 months. I have a workout regimen that your resident trainer structured for me. I was working hard and breathing hard because there were 12 sets of 12 i had to do. All of the staff surrounded me and told me that I had to leave because I was breathing hard. Apparently, although I had to breathe to get oxygen, they said it was sexually suggestive and I had to leave. I had not been there for 2 months because I had been working hard for my business, so I am not as strong as I was. How could your people tell me I have to leave because I am breathing hard? I have had 3 open heart surgeries and I have to breathe! This is the worst policy of any business. They literally told me to leave. Ridiculous.

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