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GoodLife Fitness Complaints & Reviews

GoodLife Fitness — personal trainer - rosita

Hello, I want to address a situation that occured yesterday evening. A personal trainer at the Goodlife Markham Yonge and...

GoodLife Fitness — lockers

Several lockers were robbed yesterday downstairs including mine. I lost $500 worth of goods and when I went to tell the...

Fitness Centers  · Oct 30, 2019

GoodLife Fiitness Centre — charge

I have been a GoodLife member on and off for over20 years. I travel, a lot so I often cancel my membership or shelve it...

Fitness Centers  · Oct 27, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — theft on the good life property

Recently on Oct 22 around 2200 hours i have lost all my belongings at 3280 bloor/islington good life location right out...

Unauthorized Charges  · Oct 24, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — membership cancelation

I personally visited Goodlife fitness to cancel my membership on September 27, 2019. I believe that I settled my account...

Business & Finances  · Oct 22, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — "goodlife company on a whole"

October 16, 2019. Please direct to human resources: To whom it might concern, Today I walked away after being a loyal...

Fitness Centers  · Oct 16, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — privacy issues

This location has failed to protect the privacy of its ladies by not communicating to the members that their change room...

Law & Civil Rights  · Oct 09, 2019

GoodLife Fitness Toronto — the cancellation of my membership as I required have not been done

Hey, My name is Damien Tanoh. I have got a commitment 1 year membership with goodlife GoodLife Fitness North York...

Fitness Centers  · Oct 03, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — customer service

Date: october 1, 2019 Description of incident: I had called to update my bank information so that they can get my fund...

Banks  · Oct 01, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — reduced weekend hours of operation

The reason why I renewed my membership was the fact that I can work out on weekends only. The gym used to be opened...

Fitness Centers  · Sep 21, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — misleading and making things difficult to exit

Hi, Please help your company, this is the treatment we receive My name is Ben Willoughby I have been a member since...

Fitness / Exercise Equipment  · Sep 17, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — customer service - manager michael and goodlife staff member pamela

Date: Sept 17, 2019- between 9.25am to 9.35am. I went into Goodlife Millcreek with my Mum who is 68 years old, as usual...

Fitness Centers  · Sep 17, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — cancellation fee for personal training

Good morning, I have emailed to escalate my matter further. I have personal training for my daughter . She completed...

Fitness Centers  · Sep 09, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — customer service

I have been a member at GoodLife for many years .. I had recently wanted my 12 yr old son to try the facility and thi...

Employees  · Sep 06, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — member safety / lack of staff training

GoodLife FitnessOn Wednesday September 4th, 2019 I visited the Goodlife fitness at 1755 Pickering Parkway to get a tour and find out...

Fitness Centers  · Sep 05, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — failure to provide disclosure/pressure selling

I went into the Goodlife Fitness Newmarket location in November 2018 to discuss setting up my Corporate Plan but wa...

Fitness Centers  · Sep 03, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — fit for less - st. thomas, ontario location

I have run into a situation with another member at my location speaking and touching me inappropriately. Apparently thi...

1 comments Other  · Aug 20, 2019

GoodLife — customer service with andxxxx txxxxx, manager

I need to raise this complaint against the employee, Andrew Tsialaos who said he is the Manager and the only Manager in...

1 comments Fitness Centers  · Aug 15, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — treatment of employees / professionalism

There are multiple complaints and situations. I am going to copy and paste the complaints from the EMPLOYEE who work...

Fitness Centers  · Aug 13, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — buyout fee

I called the number of the accounts department, to put a membership on hold so I can take a break, I still had an...

Fitness Centers  · Aug 07, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — membership not suspended - charged while travelling

Hello: I am a member in Toronto at the Richmond and John gym. Yet before my departure on a trip last June 27, I went...

Business & Finances  · Jul 30, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — sam and a manager (female)

I was using a machine this afternoon, and I was here for only five minutes. An unknown man ask me if he can use the...

Fitness Centers  · Jul 23, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — the maintenance group and the overnight old man reception

On July 21, 2019 at around 10:45pm when I finish gym and finish showering but I was putting my clothes back on there'...

Cleaning Services / Laundry  · Jul 21, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — gym membership

I called Goodlife Fitness Head Office on [protected] June 28, 2019 at 8:29 am Mountain Time to complain that the contract I...

Fitness Centers  · Jul 06, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — personal instructor

Hi, I am writing to you after going through a lot of trouble. I started my PI training fee months back, after my 1...

Fitness / Exercise Equipment  · Jun 28, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — inappropriate conduct with a fitness manager

Disrespectful Letter of Complaint (Upper management) I am writing this letter to complain about an unfortunate incident...

Other  · Jun 24, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — customer service

I was at my local gym Goodlife Fitness to get a new keychain tag for entry in Belleville Ontario. June 14, 2019 approximately...

Fitness Centers  · Jun 19, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — service hotline

Their 1 800 number is a joke. Overall the local Brandon gym is pretty decent, however I purchased the ultimate pa...

Fitness Centers  · Jun 14, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — stealing money for cancelled membership

Membership was cancelled, and they still continue to take out money. The employees are helpless, and direct you to their...

Fitness Centers  · Jun 12, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — harassment... human rights violation — managers allow a poisoned environment.

Harassed by goodlife in three different locations. They first time the employees found guilty of racial and age...

Fitness Centers  · May 30, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — i’m complaining about goodlife fitness membership cancellation and undue charges

I want to make a complaint to the Goodlife Fitness Club, as they have been doing improper charges and charges for our...

Fitness Centers  · May 27, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — management

Hi there, I am a business owner in Winnipeg who has had some dealings with the Goodlife on Kenaston Blvd. I own the Jugo...

Bad Business Partners  · Apr 29, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — reception girl is very rude when dealing with customer

My name is Jessie Wang and I am a member of your gym at 169 Enterprise Boulevard Markham, ON L6G 0E7 location in Markham. I wish...

1 comments Employees  · Apr 25, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — theft in the locker room, cleanliness, staff, equipment

How is it possible for someone to enter the men's locker room, break the locks on 5 lockers and steal all the cash out...

Products & Services  · Apr 10, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — sunday morning 8:30 am ride class

Monday, 10 March 2019, I was attending the 8:30 AM ride class. The normal instructor who is great, Susie, was not...

Society & Culture  · Mar 10, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — wrongly charged

I went for inquiry a couple months ago and then have never stepped in the gym again. They started charging me and said...

Fitness Centers  · Feb 17, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — front desk

There was a young lady top half of her hair brunette and lower part blonde whom might I say was not pleasant. She...

Employees  · Feb 11, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — regarding my membership

I have been constantly calling on the head office number to cancel my membership but the phone keeps on saying busy...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Jan 04, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — customer service

I was offered a complementary one month free promotion/scam but i had signed up for a corporate plan only to find out...

London Health & Life Insurance  · Jan 02, 2019

GoodLife Fitness — cancellation of personal training sessions at oxford and adelaide goodlife fitness gym location.

Hi I am Suraj Gupta. My Member number is 54p54218. I signed a Membership agreement on 15 october, 2018. I took a...

London Fitness Centers  · Nov 14, 2018