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unethical, unprofessional behavior by a manager

I've had a membership for many years with no complaints. After a recent major surgery, I was finally cleared to go back to the gym. I had given the staff at the front desk my new debit card last month as my previous debit card had expired. At that time (a month ago) I was assured by Trey, an assistant manager, that it would be updated. Nothing to worry about.
I went in to the Eubank branch (my main location) 2 days ago and a man named BRADLEY, was at the front desk. The other asst. manager, Trey, was present and was assisting other customers. We, my son and I, went over to Bradley, and I handed him my Planet Fitness Black Card and I said "hi". He asked for my phone number, and I obliged. He said, very loudly, in front of my son and in front of the other patrons, "For the past 3 months, your payments haven't gone through." He proceeded to turn his screen around and point out the rejected payments. I replied, keeping my voice down, "I thought I'd straightened out that issue last month. I gave my new debit card to a manager and he was very helpful."
Bradley replied, "What manager, me? I'm the manager." I said, "I don't remember his name, I only know he said he was some type of manager."

Bradley raised his voice, saying "Look, maam I'm just trying to help you and if you're going to be like this, I am not going to help you."

I was appalled at his rush to talk down to me, to raise his voice at a customer, much less when I was absolutely not raising my voice or at all confrontational to him...and to do this in front of other patrons, who were now staring.

Taken aback, and not wanting to give him the scene he apparently wanted, I picked up my keys, said "Oh my god, you are really rude." and I began to lead my son out. I'd turned without another word, and he called after me, "no, YOU'RE really rude, maam!"

I was so upset. I composed myself in my car and called in to ask for his name so that I could contact Bradley's boss and alert his superiors about the treatment Bradley is greeting paying customers with.
Trey, the previous, friendly assistant manager, answered. He is amazing! This young man should be the manager, not Bradley. Trey's customer service skills were stellar. Trey listened to my feelings, offered me a free month AND apologized on Bradley's behalf. Bradley did NOT ask to speak to me to apologize. I asked to speak to him as I wanted him to know that it is not ok to treat people this way.

I proceeded to speak to Bradley and tried telling him that as a manager, I felt he should have said a simple statement, "Let me check into the notes, we'll figure out what's going on." and he would have seen that I'd indeed left my new card, and that Trey had already taken care of the issue. But rather he immediately insulted me, was immediately aggressive with me and continued to shout at me even after I had started to leave.
Bradley continued to cut me off, not letting me speak and I asked him to treat me like a person, and I couldn't believe he would treat customers this way.

He eventually acknowledged that he "should have" checked the notes to see that I'd spoken to Trey previously and that would have avoided all of this. He appeared very insincere and just interested in moving on with his day. Trey, meanwhile, couldn't do enough to try and retain my business, show empathy, de-escalate the situation and explain that the issue was fixed... All of the things a MANAGER should do. Bradley should absolutely not be allowed to work with patrons of this business until he undergoes some serious customer service training.
I was not even irate. I was simply explaining that I'd given my new, updated debit card last month and he immediately jumped down my throat, again, in front of my son and other patrons. Unbelievable! I'm still not sure if I should cancel, letting one rotten apple spoil what has been literally years of satisfying patronage.

unathorized charge

After canceling my membership last week and making double sure I'm all set, and there is no hidden cancellation charges, today (5/17/2010) they charge my debit card full monthly membership fee!!! After calling the location I was told manager just left and will call me back, and that they can't find my cancellation form. All I can do now is call my bank and have my debit card blocked. SCAM! Avoid this gym!