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disrespectful staff/poor service/billing problems

To cancel a membership is excruciatingly difficult. If you can't go there personally they ask to mail a...

try avoiding upper-level staff at all times

I joined this gym primarily for the rates, location, and overall friendly staff (the person who showed me around when I was thinking about joining, for example, was a very informative, polite individual, eloquent and well-versed in answering all of my questions thoroughly). While I have no qualms about the actual facility or slightly ludicrous codes of conduct, I have on more than one occasion run into some unpleasant experiences with the owner of my location.

Illegally parked outside the gym almost every day, this individual has often left me feeling...rubbed the wrong way. On one occasion, for example, I signed up with him for a session in the tanning booth. As they were all full, I sat down and waited, and was the only one in line. 2 minutes later, one opens up and I get up and make eye contact in hopes he'll give me the heads-up. Instead, I was asked, "Are you waiting to tan? OK, did you sign in?" Yes. With you. 2 minutes prior. I guess the attractive woman he was chatting with after registering me took his mind elsewhere.

A couple weeks later, I underwent a change in credit cards. 2 days later, unfortunately one of those days being the monthly billing day, I arrived, and tried to sign in when he very rudely asked me if I "got a new card." Temporarily confused with this vague questioning, I thought he was telling me new membership cards were released. Then it hit me. I tried to apologize several times for forgetting to inform them of the switch, trying to explain that I had just received my new card only two days earlier, but all I got in return was, "Next time tell us when something like this happens." He then had the audacity to ask me if this new card "had enough on it to make the payment." If he was doubting that he probably should have asked me before he filled out the paperwork. At least my frustration at this boorish behavior gave me some good energy for my workout that day.

Despite the fact my job as a restaurant server has my income relying 90% on tips (smiles, extreme politeness, et al), I do not think my standards for general courtesy are too high.

For their prices and large amount of equipment, they cannot be beat. But try avoiding upper-level staff at all times.

  • Cu
    Custom made22 Nov 04, 2010

    You tend to make blanket statements as far as "staying away from upper level staff" Not all upper level staff are like this at all locations.

    For every chain there is a corporate location that has an email. If you can get that, try and deal with it properly. Good luck.

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billing processes

A couple fo months ago bank of america contacted me with notice they believed my credit card had been...

false advertising

I have heard many horror stories about how people are treated at Planet Fitness locations, but I never thought it would happen to me. Well, it did. I became a member of Planet Fitness located at 840 North Apollo Boulevard, Melbourne, FL in May 2009. Since March 2010 I have brought up some maintenance issues to the gym staff. The light bulbs throughout the gym kept going out one by one over the last couple on months, until only about 50% of the lights were still functioning in May 2010. During the same period, the AC was broken and lots of members were unhappy about the situation. The gym felt like a semi dark green house, not an environment conductive to working out. I complained almost weekly to the front desk and the answer I would receive was that there was a maintenance guy who was supposed to take care of the burned out light bulbs and the AC, but nobody knew when he was going to be around. There were some other problems as well, such as the soap in the restrooms running out, and a case of what I believe is false advertising. In the contract and on the website they claim that the black card members can buy drinks from the cooler at half price. However, when I went to the gym the sticker on the cooler said that only a few of those drinks, mainly Gatorade and water were qualifying for the half off discount. Since that was not stated in the contract or on their website I see this as false advertising. After several weeks, the issues were still not corrected so I complained directly on their website, and from what I know copies of the complaints made on their website are sent to the owner and to thePlanet Fitness Main Office. Days later, on June 11, 2010 when I went to the gym, the manager Erica Russo rudely informed me that I was no longer welcome in the gym and I had to leave the premises, due to my complaints about the gym. I was beyond shocked to see that instead of apologizing for the inconvenience and fixing the broken lights, AC and so on, they just cancelled my membership. Unbelievable and deeply shocking, I have never been treated like this although I have worked out at many gyms, such as Las Vegas Athletic Club, LA Fitness, World Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, Bally’s, Gold’s Gym and others. I have heard before that Planet Fitness stuff is generally rude and abusive, they don’t try to fix the issues at the gym and they abusively just cancel the memberships of those daring to complain. From my experience, this negative perception ofPlanet Fitness is real. It is shameful that Planet Fitness is allowed to do this to people. In am still in shock and disbelief that an American business is which is so customer unfriendly is allowed to function. It feels like Twilight Zone.

  • Le
    leogirl152 Jun 21, 2010

    So true!!! Planet Fitness makes FALSE ADVERTISING! They tell you one thing (that is not accurate) and then blame the customer for not getting all the information before signing up. They go over the "agreeement" but don't mention anything about monthly payments, making it sound too good to be true, telling customers its a "one-time payment of $__, and one more one-time payment of $__... Thats it!" They don't tell you that you have two payments come out in a single month and then every month then after. They don't tell you you have three days to cancel without problem, they say once you sign its done or you have to pay $58+tax to cancel. What ever happened to the customer is always right, not will standby our lying employees (which I tend to think the managers tell them to to get people to sign up) and call the customer a liar. This is the worst gym I've ever had the displeasure or being associated with.

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billing issues

Cancelled my membershipp before I moved out of state and kept recieving bills. Called asked to speak to the...

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parked car on sidwalks

One day my husband and I went to the club to excerise and we used the motorcyle and parked the bike on the...

won't allow me to cancel!

Okay so here's my dilemma.

I joined Planet Fitness on Jan 29, 2009. I paid everything up until Jan 17th, 2010. My contract expired on Jan 29 and I assumed I no longer had to continue paying so I never went to the gym again. I take 100% blame for that because in the contract it does state that the monthly fees will continue until I cancel my account.

Right now my account has a balance of almost $200. I am actually willing to pay that amount, but since I have not been using the gym for 6 months, I requested that they freeze my account-- stop attempting to charge me-- and that I will pay the due balance when I am able to.

The guy told me NO. I have to pay what I owe in order to cancel. So basically they will continue attempting to charge my old invalid debit card plus late fees every month until I pay. I think it is unfair, because if I can't pay that amount right now, what makes them think I will be able to pay the due balance when it doubles... or when it triples?

I was wondering if any one here has any advice? No where in the contract does it state that i can't cancel my account unless I pay upfront. What should I do? HELP PLEASE!!!

  • Pf
    pfguru Jun 26, 2010

    If your card has a NYC logo on the front, here's what you do. You go into the gym and ask to speak to the manager about your billing issue. Explain to the manager that 1. you are willing to pay off the balance, 2. you are willing to pay a fair portion upfront, and 3. (and you need to repeat this word for word) That you are fully aware of what a "bad standing cancellation" is, so you are aware time is on your side. if you give me the location I can help out more.

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  • Ne
    nettie282001 Jan 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They women who activated my daughters account at planet fitness January 2011 put in my debit account number incorrectly. When my daughters went to use the gym they were told they had to pay 29.99 each. I spoke with the daytime manage he assured me he would fix this, and did not for months my daughters were harassed, mind you at this time my account was being debited. I went to close all accounts yesterday and was told By an arrogant man that he would not let me cancel until I paid the 29.99 each. I told him i was not going to pay it was an error on the clubs fault. He then said then don't pay it i wont cancel it and you will have to pay the cancellation charge after 17th of the month 39.99 each. i EXPLAINED TO HIM I HAD SPOKEN TO THE MANAGER AND HE SAID IT WAS TAKEN CARE OF HE RESPONDED WELL IM HIS BOSS AND HE HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT. AS I WENT TO LEAVE, HE SAID WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES i RESPONDED "WELL YES WE DO BUT IT WAS NOT MY MISTAKE TO BE PAYING FOR. AFTER SEARCHING COMPLAINTS i WILL BE CONTACTING MY BANK TO BLOCK THEM FROM CHARGING MY ACCOUNT AS THEY HAVE DOER THAT OVER AND OVER TO OTHERS.

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  • Ne
    nettie282001 Jan 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This Planet Fitness is in Queensbury New York.

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rude, unprofessional, deceiving advertising, low quality gym

I have heard many horror stories about how people are treated at Planet Fitness locations, but I never...

unathorized charge

After canceling my membership last week and making double sure I'm all set, and there is no hidden...

avoid them like a plague

Much like others, Planet Fitness duped me into there membership and then started charging my card randomly. In a 5 week period I was charged $30 for a start up fee (I agreed to that), 2 monthly charges, and today charged for a "yearly" fee. When I signed up, I was told the $30 start up fee would cover me for 1 year. Also, shouldn't a yearly fee be charged after a year? I was told at the local Planet Fitness there was nothing I could do about it and if I dropped my membership I would be out the $80 I had already paid for 1 MONTH of membership. Beyond that, it’s impossible to get a hold of the corporate level to talk to anyone. To make it worse, when I walked into the gym they were running a special for $1 sign up. After asking about that, the front desk just answered "bad timing on your part." Thanks...

  • Iv
    Ivemovedon May 28, 2011

    If you cancel your membership with PF before one year is up, you will be charged a fee.
    I was a member of PF for 2 years.
    I cancelled my membership with a certified letter and was not charged any additional fees.
    I find PF is very affordable, only 10-20 dollars per month ( 120-240 dollars annually) and a one time annual fee of 29 -39$.
    I never paid more than 250$ annually at PF, just as a comparison I was a member of Crunch Fitness and paid 80 dollars PER MONTH for my membership!
    My problem with PF is the staff is unprofessional and the other members possess poor gym etiquette both of which are a distraction.

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incompetent employee's

Livid doesn't even begin to express my feelings tonight. I work two jobs and money doesn't come easy, so when I pay for something I expect to receive those services. Well tonight takes the cake for this black card member...

On several occassions I have gone to tan before working out and have been unable to do so. A few weeks ago I was barged in on by another member who asked if I was tanning - I was standing there nearly naked, what do you think! She promptly went to an employee who knocked of the door and informed me that I needed to get out, that I was using the 5:20 sesion (it was 5:30) and my session was 5:40. I got dressed and left without working out!

Tonights incident is what brings me here... I had my best friend sign me up for the 5:20 tanning session. I get to the gym at 5:15 and let the person checking members in, that I was ready for my session. I gave him my card number and desired amount of time. I go to the booth and its in session - okay, so the person is getting dressed. 15 minutes later at 5:25 the person STILL has not come out of the booth. I look at the time, say a few choice words under my breath and start to pace. The member finally comes out at 5:30 and I go in. I get undressed and stand their naked patiently waiting for the time to come up on the bed. 10 minutes later 1 minute shows up on the timer. I getted dressed and go to let an employee know that they messed up and I need the correct amount of time, when another member goes into MY BOOTH!!

At this point I am so highly infuriated that had I talked to the manager about their piss-poor management and general lack of monitoring, I have yet again missed out on another tanning session. I am seriously considering cancelling my membership and just paying the $40.00 to join Gold's Gym. I suppose the old saying is true, you get what you pay for!

~Highly Displeased Black Card Member

  • Do
    DoraS Oct 20, 2011

    Was the person by themself in the tanning room? In Watertown, NY the employees has sex with the cops in the area in the tanning rooms.


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misleading information

My brother in law paid $39 ($29 start-up fee + $10 for the month) so he could work out while he visited. I chose to sign up with him because I was told I could continue the membership at $10 per month when the first month expired . When I inquired about setting up the month-to-month automatic payments, I was then told I'd have to repay the $29 start-up fee to start a membership. And here I thought I had already been a valued member for one month.

  • Le
    leogirl152 Jun 21, 2010

    So true!!! Planet Fitness makes FALSE ADVERTISING! They tell you one thing (that is not accurate) and then blame the customer for not getting all the information before signing up. They go over the "agreeement" but don't mention anything about monthly payments, making it sound too good to be true, telling customers its a "one-time payment of $__, and one more one-time payment of $__... Thats it!" They don't tell you that you have two payments come out in a single month and then every month then after. They don't tell you you have three days to cancel without problem, they say once you sign its done or you have to pay $58+tax to cancel. What ever happened to the customer is always right, not will standby our lying employees (which I tend to think the managers tell them to to get people to sign up) and call the customer a liar. This is the worst gym I've ever had the displeasure or being associated with.

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rude manager

Rude Manager. Every time i walk into this gym i notice the upbeat staff behind the counter...than always get a glance of the manager either behind his desk or walking around the gym shrugging and in a bad mood.

I mentioned something to the girl working behind the counter "its a shame you work here with him, doesnt he bring you down?" He always seems so angry when i come in taking the happy environment away.

Worst at furthermore... when walking by the front desk i constantly hear the manager making rude and inapropriate jokes and remarks to his staff. The staff of young gentlemen seem around his age and go along with his jokes, that are vulgar and embarassing, this man seems sad, disturbed, and certainly not acting his age. I would hate to have my daughter around this man especially at a fitness center.

It is a shame this man manages this place because i used to reccomened this particular gym to many friends and family, but now i sway them otherwise.

  • Ic
    I can't Jul 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My friend has the Black Card membership.We have been goign strong almost everyday for 2 months. Our first day at the the manager request that i fill out the guest membership book completely.My friend and the manager then get in an agruement. She made it known that if he is requesting this of me, then he should do it on a consistant basis.

    My friend and the manager have a second arguement.But before this the manger would say things to my friend like"Are you still mad with me", or when we would leave the gym after our workout he would make an extra effort to say "bye ladies". My friend ignored him.

    My Friend was showing someone how to use the 30 minute circuit training..hmm then who comes along yes..MR MANAGER. He proceeds to harass my friend and she holds it together and ignores him.

    The third and final time we are stretching in "A NO STRETCHING ZONE" and the manager ask us to go upstairs. I say ok and my friend says lets go upstairs to stretch. The manager comes back and ask my firned what was the comment that she made. My friend told him what she said. The manager assumed she was talking about him. He then says that he is tired of her and cancels her

    She has sent two emails to planet fitness with no response. This happened 7/8/08.
    I called the yonkers New York planet fitness manager for the coporate number, and didn't receive any assistance from them.

    My friend and I are two strong individuals, with that said "to be continued"

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  • Mi
    Miss Fitness Sep 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Planet Fitness in Walpole mA

    Owner Bill Whelan
    Cell Phone Number: 508-472-6691

    Very unstable manager - does not like women!!!


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  • Ed
    edrew Mar 16, 2009

    i completely agree, nothing but rude to me.
    the past manager, jason, was far worse however

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  • Br
    brad79 Aug 02, 2009

    i recently signed up to workout at Planet Fitness in york pa. so 1 day i was going in to workout and seen a help wanted sign, so i filled out an application. mind you you dont need to be a rocket scientist to work there, so after a few days i asked the manager(ashley) about what they are hiring for. i have a f/t job and looking for p/t work.she proceeded to tell me they werent hiring ( i no its because: 1) she thinks she is better then everyone else with her tight ### jeans on. 2) i have some professional tattoos done and i dont look like i just came off of GQ magazine.) so a few days past and i went to workout and there she is with 5 new "kids" at a table going over how to work there.. she hired them and now i feel discriminated against! i want to call her boss but dont know where to get the phone # from. i plan on changing gyms all because they have a manager who thinks she is better than everyone!! brad in york pa

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  • Ta
    takethat2 Sep 05, 2009

    I agree that PF has a LOT to learn about customer satisfaction, gratitude and professionalism. I experienced a situation where I wore a bandana folded up as a headband. Rather than advising me, one employee told another who told me. When I challenged her, she referred me to her mgr. Destiny (who really, really sucks by the way). I posed the same questions to Destiny about her interpretation of "how" I was wearing my headband. She decided that because it had the same PATTERN as a regular bandana that is worn either over the head completely (like bikers or street kids) that I was in violation of this weak policy and she went further by threatening to cancel my membership if I wore it again.

    Destiny - you are a ### and you know you are. After all, wouldn't you be working a real job (behind the scenes where no contact with humans is possible) if you could? Anyone can manage a gym, hence your employment.

    I continue to use the gym, located in Fremont, California but am always amused when I see many people talking on their cell phones non-stop, people sweating all over the equipment and not cleaning up after themselves and loitering. This is in addition to people wearing sandals, khaki shorts and socks instead of the gym gear they so highly publicize as being very important. Destiny, get a life and grow up. Geez, what are you 30 or so? You should find work digging ditches or handing out flyers. This is all you are obviously qualified to do. Of course, not to insult those who do those jobs to earn a living for the right reasons.


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  • De
    Dedgar Apr 12, 2010

    Iknow that the rules of planet fitness are strange (bandannas, grunting, etc). But, why does everyone keep complaining about it on forums? You know those are the rules when you join. It is written on the walls, in the contracts, and even in the slogans. You are the dumbasses if you pay money to join a gym with these rules and then make the management single you out for not following them.

    Obviously there are quite a few people happy to pay for the$10 a month membership and follow the rules they signed up for at this place.

    If you don't like it, go to Ballys, LA fitness, Golds, or YMCA and pay $45 a month and wear your gang attire and grunt all you want to.

    D. Edgar in York, PA

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  • Tammy Weyler Jul 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • Be
    bebe1028 Apr 15, 2011

    This company's so-called dress code is discriminative against African American Women and Men. I have been a member for almost two years. And have worn a silk scarf on several occasions with no issues. However, on April 13th I was denied access at 8:30 pm. As of today April 14th I cancelled my membership and have encourage co-workers and friends to do the same. I had never been informed of this rule and I believe this is only because of the increase in African-American Customers that this particular branch has decided to enforce this so-called corporate sponsored rule. I will also be filing complaints with several agencies regarding this disrespect. I have been a member of several gyms and have never been told I could not wear a silk scarf. The Manager did not care and was not sympathetic at all. He was very rude and disrespectful. And to think I recommended this gym. From this day forward I will tell everyone I know and all on Facebook to stay away from Planet Fitness. Additionally, I am requesting a refund for my membership. Since, I was not aware that I was patronizing a gym that is racist.

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  • Pa
    Paul Hernandez Jun 24, 2011

    Planet Fitness Administration
    Who may to concern:

    I want to complain from Planet Fitness on 500 Neponset St, Dorchester MA. I had so bad experience as a customer with the service, especially with the manager on this location. This guy disrespect customers with imposing rules, Making customers do not feel this place comfortable. The manager has to be more friendly and flexible with the customers where the members understand the rules of a better way. Most people do not feel happy about the behavior of this manager because he likes to be imposed taking the members outside of gym what he’s recidivist doing it. Please try to do something to the change it. I can't recommend more people if customers are treated on this way. This manager feels that he is making a favor or charity works having us in this gym. I do not want to get upset anymore about the service of this manager because this is not the first time going to be treated on this way. Otherwise I will be in the position of looking other place where I feel welcome.

    Planet Fitness’s Members:

    Paul Hernandez Eric Burgos Jovan Saldana

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beware of hidden fees, and unprofessional customer service

Beware of hidden fees, and unprofessional customer service! The annual June fee is a good example of hidden costs. Read the fine print!!!

  • Cu
    Custom made22 Nov 04, 2010

    Not hidden, its written in, and in much bigger writing than the rest. Explained and given a copy to you. You deserve for being careless.

    -4 Votes
  • Ma
    Marsha Pietrasz Mar 10, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with above comment; it was told to me upon registering and written on the (contract). It's not a "hidden" fee. And I've had nothing but pleasant and helpful interactions with the whole staff.

    -1 Votes
  • Ch
    Charms22 Jan 13, 2018

    I knew about the annual fee, however I was unaware that when I had knee surgery and didn't use my membership for 3 months it would cost $120.00 for NOT going. When I called to talk about it, employees were rude and very nasty.
    I've been a member for 2 years, and it doesn't matter that I've purchased all kinds of their products or never had a problem before...

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I really Love going to your facility so when I seen you put a paper for hiring I thought this would be a great job and I seen what they do there so I know I could handle this cause they can't keep up with the essentials there paper towels bottles of spray cleaners, I have had to go the whole way around to the other side to get towels to wipe off machine.
I was a little disappointed when I seen who they hired more young, young people I don't see any older people in your staff is it just for the younger generation.
This why I left Golds gym to much socializing and not enough helping the customers.
I have worked most of my life and I have learned that customer service should come first.
I just feel be fair in your hiring not just the young especially in these hard times.
I mean I am capable of wiping down windows, filling paper towels, emtping garbage, working the computer, wiping down tanning beds etc.
It was very upsetting seeing this I'm not sure I will keep up my membership.

racial profiling

Planet Fitness does not honor their so-called mission statement. I am going to file a law suit against them...


I've been a member of planet fitness for five years. And have never had a problem. I have no complaints about the club. If you follow the simple rules and terms that you sign for in the first place there shouldn't be an issue. Billing is easy, it's drafted the 17 of each month( keep money in there), change your billing if you get a new card by the 10 of the month ( which is the members responsibility and states so on the agreement. If your draft doesn't go through there's a 10.00 service fee, and thats cheap compared to gyms like golds. There's an annual fee once a year. It also states monthly drafts aren't based on usage and you need to give thirty days notice for cx with a certified letter or come in and sign a cx form. I just don't get how anyone could
have such problems if they read what they sign... All that i am saying is it's a cheap gym. It's simple and basic and if you want more training and better equiptment you have to shell out
the money and find a health club that offers what you need. Cancel your membership and move on.

  • Ly
    lynaub Jun 12, 2010

    seems pretty easy unless the representative at the gym tells you something else. I called to see what i had to do to cancel a membership. I was told to come in before the 10th of the month so not to get charged for the next month. My son went in to cancel on the 26th of may way before the june 10th cut off and was told he had to pay the annual fee because he had to give notice of cancelation by the 25th of may, mind you one day...but he wasn't told that when he called to find out about canceling in the first place. i have sent two emails to corporate regarding this charge and have not gotten a response, now that is bad customer now we have paid the annual fee and don't have a membership.. so planet fitness has gotten $41.72 of my money for nothing...

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  • Fu
    Furious at Franklin MA Jul 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I absolutely agree with the fact you read the contract and you do your part. What I didnt like is I went in sometime in april to cancell the 39.00 fee. it stated in the contract you needed to do that before the 25 of the month. The 39.00 fee was applied in June. They told me i needed to make 12 payments before i could cancel the fee. I told them all i wanted to do was just cancel the fee and i will continue my term. THEY REFUSED. I went in 30 something days prior to the end of my contract (like it says) to make sure my membership would be canceled. They said you need to make 12 payments or its 58.00 cancelation fee. So I came in right after my last payment and canceled my membership. Asked to speak to a manager and only an assistant was there. There is no email to contact ownership or management. There is really no way to communicate with these people except to call or just come in and hope you dont have to deal with a dopey girl behind the counter. I did everything by the contract and they will not accomodate me with the fee. This is only the start of my rampage to get my money back. Its not worth small claims court so the power of the pen (or fingers) is my way for now. Franklin MA

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account - they steal money

They insisted I pay my contract ahead of time in fill!!!,. I did this and now for the last 2 months they have been debiting my account. The amounts don't even make sense, they keep on changing the amount as I have had to block them via my bank...

I cant get hold of anyone who can help me with this and refund my money, their contract procedures are a joke... Legally I can literally take them to the cleaners and am strongly considering it.

I wish that we could all stand together and force them to fire the monkey that is obviously in charge of their admin departments.. They * money from you, they refused to amend my contract when I payed up front, and just as I feared they are now able to debit my account whenever the please.

This is scary, I can believe nothing has been done about this yet..

ladies locker room

The gym was a supermarket before. After opening the sink area had outlets nearby which we used for haridryers and putting on our makeup as the lighting is much better in that part of the gym. They covered over the outlets so now you can only put your make up on here. They only reason we use this area is because the lighting is better. The power outages started if more than two people dry their hair at the same time. several times it was days before we could dry our hair. Instead of fixing the problem, they have now covered over all but two outlets. Four people can shower, only two can dry their hair! Instead of encouraging people to come, it hampers going in the morning. THe area is also not getting cleaned as well. If you go after work there are times when you have to wait for machines. Keep the free bagels once a month a give us some electric! THe place is a joke, nobody can help you. They say they don't know who managers are or how to contact them.

very poor service

Went to Planet Fitness because of there low cost. What a mistake!! I sure am glad that here in Clearwater, Fl. there are alot of BETTER places.

The equipment is low end and the staff is even lower. When they could not put my membership dues thru it was always my fault or the banks.

Yet every month I would prove to them that the money was there and gave them the number of the bank to verify everything, but of course they wouldn't. Then on top of all this they want to charge you a late fee!!!

The staff there are nothing but clerks that are of no help at all on anything.

All I can say is every time something goes wrong it is always your fault and they want to charge you a fee. Now I know why they can charge $10.00 per month. If you don't mind dealing with a bunch of kids at the front desk that don't have a clue!!! go ahead, as for me NO THANKS!!!

  • Ju
    Just Sayin' Jan 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Indeed, one should not join a gym just because of the cost. Is the gym clean? Is the staf friendly? Do the trainers actually know anything about health and fitness?? (I have a masters in health & wellness.) $10 per month sounds good, but, don't they make you sign a one year contract and pay an "annual maintenance" fee??? Anyway, before you join a gym, find out from otheres where they go and what they like, and tour them all. I work at a Snap Fitness and although we don't have all the equipment or space of a mega-gym, I have to say ours is one of the cleanest gyms around.

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