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payment issues

To whom it may concern:
I bought over a contract of a lady which expires in 2011, I did this at the Planet Fitness branch at Douglasedale branch, Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. (I paid transfer costs of about R300)
The in 2008 they started deducting money from my account, which I did not give permission for them to do, I went to see the Branch, after 3 months still I get no feedback, I go back make a scene, see the branch manager, the money is paid back into my account.
Then after a few months in 2009 the same thing happens and I go through the same trouble and I received some payments back, I do understand that I need to pay a small yearly fee.
Now a few months in a row the same thing is happening again.
Can someone please sort out this issue once and for all and pay the money back into My Account.


payment issues

Planet Fitness

african americans can not wear a scarf

I been going to planet fitness for 2 week at this time I been wearing a scarf. This day was a sat. I was told...

over booked

I used to go to Planet Fitness 4 to 6 times a week. I have been a regular member for about a year. The New Years brought on way too many new members. You have to wait on every piece of equipment now and some of the equipment that there is only one of... are broken. Planet Fitness has no way to submit complaints online. This company should be aware that the Williamsport Franchise has over booked new members by at least 40% and that I'm sure there are zoning laws or local ordinances about too many people being in this gym at the same time.

  • Cu
    Custom made22 Nov 04, 2010

    Take it up with the manager on duty, try not to make visits during peak times is my advice.

    Another note, people do not hold up to there new years resolutions for very long. They fade out.

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over crowding - dirty/filthy gym

this gym has to many people registered as members and it has caused the gym to be become filthy ...

[Resolved] scam and lies

On the 25th of Sep 2008 I accompanied my boyfriend to the Planet Fitness branch in Claremont in order for him to cancel his contract. He was asked to submit his request in writing which he then did, and handed to the person at the desk who assured him that it would be dealt with. Two months later – PF is still debiting his account.

On Saturday 8 Nov when we went to PF Claremont to inquire about why PF are still taking money out of his account the employee at the front desk handed us over to a male employee who upon questioning identified himself as the branch manager. His attitude left much to be desired from the very beginning, talking to us in a very impatient tone like we were wasting his time and interrogating us about whom the cancellation letter had been handed to and when it had been done.

Annoyed by his rude behaviour I asked for his name (Apparently they do not wear name badges at this branch) to which he replied Peter. I then asked for his last name, to which he replied “Parker”. When I laughed at him and told him that Peter Parker was Spiderman his tone became very aggressive and he insisted that his name was indeed Peter Parker. My boyfriend then wrote another letter to cancel his gym subscription, and “Peter Parker” signed it as proof of receipt on behalf of PF. My boyfriend included HIS contact details and NAME. AT NO TIME DID I GIVE THEM ANY OF MY OWN PERSONAL DETAILS!

This morning (10 Nov 08) I called the branch manager at Claremont branch (Grant) to find out if there was indeed a Peter Parker working there, he confirmed my suspicion that there was no one by that name employed at his branch. I then related the incident to him, giving him a description of the employee as well as the name of another employee that had been watching the incident. He then proceeded to try and SELL me a contract before promising to get back to me. I then gave him MY contact details. A minute later I received a call from PETER PARKER who assured me that the issue had been sent to Admin. When I questioned him as to why the manager didn’t know who he was, he spun me story about being from PF Head Office, and that he was simply “filling in” at this branch. Clearly his manager had given him my contact details and was helping him cover up his LIES!!!

I then called PF head office and was told that they have no one by that name working there. I was also told that no one from HO would be working in a branch on a Saturday as this is not standard operating procedure.

What is going to happen with membership fees that continue to be fraudulently taken out of my boyfriends account? What is going to happen to Spiderman when we eventually find out his real name? Is Planet Fitness going to deal with him or continue to let him treat clients the way currently is? Because clearly his manager at the branch has no intention of taking disciplinary action against him.


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failure to perform as advertised

I guess this complaint is less serious, but it is still annoying. Planet Fitness does a marvelous business in January due no doubt to customers New Years resolutions, and aggressive advertising of end of year special rates. Planet fitness advertises bagels on the second Tuesday of the month. Planet fitness fails to order enough bagels and runs out of bagels due to the increased business. Wouldn't it seem right to stop advertising this perk or send out for more bagels.

  • Ju
    Jurn Jun 22, 2012

    You should be going to the gym to workout, not to eat.

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credit card fraud

In August, Planet Fitness tried to charge me $10 for my monthly membership dues. However, because I recently...

poor management

First of all. This gym has glorified itself as a hassle free gym. But, they accept money just like everyother gym without educationing their membership.
They allow members to camp out on the equipment..horde the weights...and the attitudes there are a HASSLE.
I've addressed the issue with the manager and was basically apeased with a I'll get on it's not changed abit. NOW, with the newyear I made a resolution's freakin pathetic...I called to talk to the manager...she was not there..BUT, was completely blown off by an employee...sayin give it a few'll taper off.
ANSWER...get those lazy son of ### employees on the floor monitoring this crap. Thus, educating the membership

rules violations

Staff rarely enforces the 'no cell phone' rule and african american members never wipe down their equipment...

failing to cancel membership

Cancelled membership in writing in Sept 09, still was billed oct 09, hand delivered another letter in Nov 09, the manager called me with an attitude, said there was no record of me canceling my membership. therefore he was not going to cancel and said i don't care if you don't pay, then the jerk says "we will take you to small claims court and we always win". I cancelled the card. and disputed the charges. This manager has no people skills, was rude and unprofessional. instead of trying to rectify the situation, he chose to be unprofessional. has anyone else experienced this problem? if so, contact me.

also just read, that planet fitness in connecticut was charging a dead mans card for a year for membership.

  • A1
    a1b1 Dec 03, 2009

    Hey make sure to send a *certified* letter with return receipt and make copies for your reference. I have heard of people moving, dying, going to the army, etc. and after 3-4 years, they receive collection notices from Planet Fitness for thousands of dollars and they have no proof that they cancelled! It's funny that they wait so long to contact the consumer--maybe they want the bill to add up? Please make sure this isn't what happens with you.

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over charges from staff - khumbu

I started a contract with Planet Fitness in August 2008, I relocated since then and did not have any planet fitness close to my home or work. A friend of mine took over my contract so I wouldn't have to pay the outstanding amount without being able to use the facility and he had a Planet Fitness across the road from his work - Planet Fitness Village Walk, Sandton, Johannesburg. He spoke to a consultant, Khumbu and established that it would be easier for him to pay the whole gym fee at once instead of each month. Khumbu stated that he had phoned the branch where I had joined - Planet Fitness, Fourways, Johannesburg and they apparently told him that I had only joined in March 2009. Khumbu charged my friend fees for 29 outstanding months instead of just 22 outstanding months - in the beginning of October 2009 he paid for 7 months I had already paid for. To make matters worse, they even deducted the full monthly fee from me again at the end of October 2009 which means that we have now paid for 8 months twice. We laid a complaint immediatly and I still have not received a refund - its been almost a month.

tv channels

My husband and I have been members for about 2 years now, as well as my 2 college age children. We...


Planet Fitness is all about making money illegally. I joined the club and didnt get to work out a single time because of THEM not me. No one would train me on the equipment. When I asked the terainer, whose job it was to do so, I was told he hadn't the time. The classes that were supposed to be scheduiled to teacjh folks to use the equipment were cancelled in July. The club was always crowded. I sent my cancellation letter and a request for a refund on July 17th. They signed for it the 18th and they billed me the 19th. I sucked that one up because of the timing. They billed me in August, my bank took it off. They billed me in September, my bank took it off and I filed an emailed complaint with the company. I got a call that they had every intention of refunding my money but they needed an address. There's an address on my membership form so I didnt fall for it. I cancelled my card and got a different one. So when they tried to draft for October, they didnt get anything. Its November 10th and I just got a bill for $39. Membership is $10 a month and they didnt get anything August through October, that's $30. Where did the $9 come from? I couldnt find a corporate address to complain to but I found plenty of complaints on the internet voicing the same complaints I have. If Im lucky, they'll read this and cancel my membership, like they've done to other members. If I'm unlucky, I'll have to wait until they say I owe over $100 then sue them for harassment- to which I plan to invite the press so no one else on the Ms Gulf Coast will be gypped into joining this money pit.

  • Bb
    bbrossett Nov 29, 2009

    This is from the person who created this post. After discovering from other complainers that Planet Fitness boots you out for posting complaints, I posted a complaint because I couldnt get them to close my account any other way. I also complained to the state better business bureau for good measure. I sent copies of both, along with the six month old proof of certified mail delivery and all the bills for unpaid fees to the main office and the local office. Low and behold they not only FINALLY closed mty account but I got a complate refund.
    Theres your answer- humiliate them until they cant stand it any more and they will cut you loose.

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  • A1
    a1b1 Dec 03, 2009

    ^Thank you so much for actually following up! Most people here just post complaints without solutions. I already posted on /link removed/ I have never had any problem like this with any other business in my whole life!!

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  • Ok
    okay81 Feb 06, 2010

    No offense, but obviously you did not listen or read what your membership was consisting of. That $39 is your annual fee. It's a one time a year fee that you get. So don't say you had no idea about it when it's written on your contract and everything.

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  • Re
    RetroRocketWife Mar 09, 2010

    I am having to contact the owner to TRY to get my husband's billing STOPPED!!! I went INTO the Planet Fitness in Gulfport to cancel his "NO OBLIGATION" contract IN NOVEMBER, 2009!!! We MOVED to NJ!!! I did EVERYTHING the counter person (I think she was a MANAGER(!!!) ) told me to do. IE, written notice to the billing office in Biloxi...

    NOW(!!!), I just called(!) and the guy that answered the phone said I should have mailed a REGISTERED LETTER so I had PROOF!!! OMG! I am so going to contact the BBB if they don't clear this up ASAP!!!

    What a racket!

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discrimination issues

I started working for planet fitness 2years ago when the franchise when it opened in ypsilanti michigan.I...

having hard time canceling

This is suppose to be you can cancel anytime. I have been going there
for a yer and half and paid an extra 10 a month for the tanning, and
the tanning bed does not work well at all. They charge my bank acct
directly and i had a new card issued and did not know they couldnt run there payment so i ended up having to pay all these lates fees and
asked to cancel they say you have to send in certified letter. I have sent 2 letter regular mail and have gotten no where. I have been in they say i have to deal with them i asked to change my plan i have to deal with abc. Here is it about 6 mths later and still paying for something that i dont use at all. It is very hard for me to get to the
post office during the day to send certified letter, there should be other options.

  • Bb
    bbrossett Nov 18, 2009

    You absolutely have to keep paying until they receive a certified letter. First cancel your atm card (I know, you already did it once but this time, they WONT be allowed to charge on your old one and will anyway).You can have someone else send it for you, or you can go to the PO on Sat morning. Save a copy of the letter, and the little green receipt with the verification number on it, and the computer printout showing what day it was delivered. They will continue to bill you, but they cant take any more of your money because you changed your card and they wont take you to court because you formally and legally quit. If they report it to the credit agencies simply send them a copy of your proof that you do not owe the debt. When you get a bill for things after you cancelled by certified letter, contact your states Better Business Bureau immediately and file a complaint with all your proof. There are more complaints about Planet Fitness than any other chain gym. We need to complain to as many sources as will let us so that other people dont get duped into joining. Good Luck

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billing/ customer service

Much like others, Planet Fitness duped me into there membership and then started charging my card randomly. In a 5 week period I was charged $30 for a start up fee ( I agreed to that), 2 monthly charges, and today charged for a "yearly" fee. When I signed up, I was told the $30 start up fee would cover me for 1 year. Also, shouldn't a yearly fee be charged after a year? I was told at the local Planet Fitness there was nothing I could do about it and if I dropped my membership I would be out the $80 I had already paid for 1 MONTH of memebership. Beyond that, its impossible to get a hold of the corporate level to talk to anyone. To make it worse, when I walked into the gym they were running a special for $1 sign up. After asking about that, the front desk just answered "bad timing on your part." Thanks...

  • Jp
    j p curtis May 03, 2010

    I hurt my back at work in feb so i cancelled my mebership in feb in newington ct but they r still taking monthly money out of my acct . i called newington they said i would get refunded the money back to my acct still has not happened where is my mony planet fitness

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  • Jp
    j p curtis May 03, 2010

    want my monety for three months returned to my checking acct asap

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scam charges

I agreed to the 3 month program with the gym with the agreement from the very start that at the end of the program no further charges would be made to my account.At the end of the program I was overcharged $200 the cost for each month of training. The trainer in charge blames management for the overcharge to discuss the problem with him. Management claims it was Jack who wrote up the contract wrong and that he is actually saving me $200 extra dollars that I would have been charge.The training was from06/13/07 to 09/13/07. My private trainer advised me of my last session and bid me farewell but the people in charge want to force me into taking an additional 10 sessions for the mistake that they blame on one another. I have been unsuccessful to make an appointment or talk to anyone to explain what is wrong why can I not get a refund.I was happy with the training and I would've gladly rejoined in the future, but the taking of my money and been forced into something I did not agreed to is out of the question.

Gym charges are $15 per month, $200 equates to a years regular charges is this the reason their holding on to my money so tight?They won't even give me that option to keep the money for they're still collecting monthly fees from my account, I never missed a payment, I always respect the premises, I paid for my 3 month training yet I am avoided like a plague, I'm always told by Al I'll look into your problem and contact you at the end of the day, but I never hear from him.This problem has been completely ignored by Planet Fitness I have even failed to get an appointment with someone to discuss the issue.

I've never seen such as lack of customer service or rather customer neglect to a customer that has never failed on his part.but gone that extra pump.

  • Lo
    LoveyStar Oct 03, 2009

    I have an issue about my account being charged as well. When I called to get resolution I was told that the only way I would "possibly" be able to get my money reimbursed was to physically write a letter to their coorperate office and that I could get the address from their website. When I went to their website, there was no address or phone number. I was also advised that Planet Fitness's around my area are privately owned and not joined together as a chain. I was told the owner rarely comes in either. I don't know if this is why you are having no luck and I'm not sure if this was the reason why they wouldn't just tell you this, other than the fact that it is not a very good excuse and is bad for business. Do they think you are just going to forget about it over time? Also, if you read other complaints and comments on this site, people do post different phone numbers & good leads to getting resolution. I hope you get resolution since you actually go there and want to continue to do business with them.

    Please keep me posted. =)

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obnoxious/rude employee's

I was a member of this sleazy club last year. I have been a member of one health club or another for 27 year...

cancellation didnt take place and we were sent to collections

We went directly to Planet Fitness last year (2008) to cancel our membership and the cancellation paperwork was filled out and then mailed out by a Planet Fitness employee. As of May 2009 ABC Financial had placed us in collections for $394 for charges they say we owed for not canceling our account. This is absolutely untrue. I placed a call to ABC Financial which after calling I found out that they are a very tiny collection agency that is manned by two of the rudest representatives that I have EVER dealt with by the names of Ginger (who claims she is the manager) and Maria (the rudest rep. ever!). After advising Maria of the error on our credit report she advised me that she will not remove it from our credit report and that we have 30 days to pay for their mistake. I then told her I wanted her manager and she immediately hung the phone up on me! I called back and was greeted by Ginger who I then advised that I was hung up on by Maria and this smug woman advised me in return that she TOLD Maria to hang up on me! Unbelievable! So, needless to say, I was furious at this point and requested her supervisor or manager and she told me that there was noone else above her and she hung up on me as well. I furiously called her back and demanded the name of the president and the address for her company and she outright refused that information and then lied and said SHE was the president of that company. When I told her off about being so rude to me she then advised me that she is not in customer service and that they are a collection agency and proceeded to hang up on me again. I'd advise anyone who has a membership at Planet Fitness to make sure you not only keep a copy of your cancellation notice you send, but to also just go ahead and cancel altogether because eventually you WILL be dealing with these worthless losers. Also, anyone who is even THINKING of going to Planet Fitness, turn around as quick as you can and find a more suitable and more worthy gym to spend your money at. I am taking this situation completely to the top.

  • Pf
    pfhater Aug 30, 2009

    You should sue for violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA - Title 15 U.S.C. §§ 1692-1692p). Look specifically at sections 807 and 808 among others. Civil damages for violations are $1, 000 per violation. Also look into violation of your states debt collection laws. It very easy to show that Planet Fitness regularly violates debt collection laws. Ask for court costs, resonable attorneys fees as well as punative damages.

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  • Pf
    pfhater Aug 30, 2009

    Because Planet Fitness is such a deceitful and devious company, they make it very difficult to contact the corporate office to resolve customer issues. You are left dealing with a child at the front desk that states they can do nothing. Once they have your credit card number or checking account, they ‘freely’ take your money by creating charges that you are unaware of. First, make sure that you send any and all letters to PF certified mail. That will provide the proof you need in court to show that you cancelled your membership or contacted them. Second, close your checking or credit card so these shysters can no longer get at your money.

    When the debt collection calls begin, you should consider suing for violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA - Title 15 U.S.C. §§ 1692-1692p). Look specifically at sections 807 and 808 among others. Civil damages for violations are $1, 000 per violation. Also look into violations of your states debt collection laws. Keep a copy of all correspondence and phone calls. It is very easy to show that Planet Fitness regularly violates debt collection laws. In your motion be sure to ask for court costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees as well as any punitive damages the law will allow.

    Additionally you may want to sue for breach of contract. As is evident by the numerous other complaints against PF online, they will ‘fabricate’ rules infractions that supposedly you committed. Make sure that you document any such claims with dates and times as well as witness names, contact information and statements so that you can clearly refute their fabrications. PF clearly wants to avoid any responsibility they may have under your membership contract by swiftly cancelling your membership and ‘claiming’ you broke the rules.

    I have contacted an attorney and fully intend to prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law. PF needs a good thrashing in court! Good luck getting anywhere with these thugs outside of the courtroom!

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asked to leave

I was a member of the club and one day the manager approached me and told me I was no longer allowed in the club and my membership was cancelled. I asked him why and all I was told was that I had improper activities, What the heck is that. Nate told me that he didn;t have to give me any reason why I was no longer allowed in the gym and it was his decision so he could tell me nothing else.

I feel if you are asked to leave a gym you should be given a valid reason. I feel this gym is discriminative against me due to the fact that I am "a meat head" in there eyes. I am a big guy 260 and lift more then anyone else in the gym. they have pictures of animated guys like "me" in the locker room with a red slash through them.

What kind of a gym that is supposed to promote health and wellness has a free pizza night and is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. I think the judgement free part is the fresh flowers in the ladies locker room every day that is one of there "perks" alopng with the bagel tuesday.

Let's get real a gym is a gym and can;t we all just get along and workout and support each other.

I am personal trainer and I feel the gym was also intimidated by people asking me questions due to the fact that there staff is not as knowledgeable at all in the fitness industry. You cannot help your members if you are not motivated and able to be informative of there health and wellness.

Thanks and let's hope this can be explained to me


  • Sw
    sweetss Apr 10, 2010

    if that was the case, you should have filed a complaint to the atty general, better business bureau or consumer protection agency - which address was this ? There are at least 2 in york - i would want to avoid that place lol

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  • Sw
    sweetss Apr 10, 2010

    file with the atty general's office - sounds odd to me - which address so I dont go to the wrong one!

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