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Nov 17, 2020

Snap Fitness — Staff

My name is Ashley Welling and I've been a member at Snap fitness Deception Bag for 3 months. I wake up...

Snap FitnessGym cleanliness

I'm a member of Queen Creek AZ SNAP. It opened back up a week ago after the covid shutdown. Since that day., a week ago, the gym has not been cleaned. it is a disgusting mess. trash cans overflowing. bathroom toilets and sinks filthy. And out on the gym floor there isn't a single paper towel available. all paper towel dispenser are empty. Therefore machines are not getting wiped down at all. With the virus problem going on this is unacceptable. Who's responsible if a member contracts the virus because the gym wasn't adaquately sanitized? What has happened to this gym??!! it used to be a nice clean gym when the previous owner had it. I am going to cancel and go elsewhere.

Gym cleanliness
Gym cleanliness
Gym cleanliness

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    Snap Fitnesscoronavirus

    How come you close the doors to all members then you have your staff At snap Fitness in Burntwood posting stories on Instagram with him training in the gym rubbing it in and winding all the paying members that are stuck at home and can't train due to you closing the doors 🤷🏻‍♂️ Don't think this is very good practice from your staff if doors are shut this should be for everyone 😡


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      • Updated by Garry Clarke · Mar 22, 2020

        How come you close the door to all paying members and then you have your staff posting stories on Instagram with them still training 🤷🏻‍♂️ Don't this is very good practice from your staff should be doors shut to everyone

      Mar 07, 2020

      Snap Fitness — New owners

      I was a manager at fort Payne snap fitness. I was there for a year. I was at work on time (very early every...

      Dec 05, 2019

      Snap Fitness — parking & noise problems

      I would not categorize these as complains. But they are more like inconvenience/requests and I believe it i...

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      Snap Fitnesscancellation not processed

      I went into the club in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK and completed a form to cancel my membership and it would appear that someone lost it. I am being chased and threatened with court and it is grossly unjust. I am basically being called a liar instead of the club admitting that maybe one of their staff has made an error. I have now received a letter from a solicitor to chase for money and I have emailed and complained and noone is listening to me. I have never come across such an incompetent and poor quality gym. The staff are sloppy and lazy and I do not doubt now that they mislaid or lost my form and they are covering their own backs. As it is they don't even notice when non members slip through the door for free. Am I expected to pay for them am I?

      I have correspondence which may help you gain a clearer picture but it won't allow me to add as it is PDF, I can send by email with an address.

      I would like you to help me resolve this issue, I have sent this to a complaints organisation and the local Trading Standards office.

      Many thanks
      Sarah Bowen

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        • Sb
          S_Bedore Nov 01, 2019
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I have the same problem. Did you get some help to sort it out?

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        Snap Fitnesssnap fitness bosque farms

        It's pretty unprofessional and gross to have see and heard people y'all about how they've gone in to workout and the kids that work there are caught having sex on the machines with girlfriends/ members. I'd like to go back but that is very off putting. I used to like to hit the bags in there and lift and do cardio however I am less likely to go and it was closest for me being that I live in Los Lunas and lost time because of said event. Less likely to drive to Albuquerque locations I have signed up with snap for a cheaper alternative and professional clean exercise.

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          Snap Fitnessmembership

          Snap fitness at Dandenong, he told pay $99 and free for 2 month, so I sign and after 1 week and half later I call in to cancel the membership, cause it not a no contract and I can cancel anytime I want. He told me that I can only cancel 28 days which I ask him to provide the dates which I can come in to cancel. Which he did not so I have to ring him and then come to the gym and talk to him so he provided me the dates which was 28 August. Then on the 22 August they withdraw money from my bank account without my knowledge and consent, while k told him past three or four week that I wan to cancel the membership. I come to the gym talk him, he say they will take two more payment from my account then cancel my membership, I told him you never told my that. And which company that when a customer try to cancel membership which I can't and then have to pay you two more time to cancel the membership. He won't let me cancel my membership and he withdrew money without my knowledge and my consent and lies.

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            Snap Fitnessmachines out of order. no bmi machine available

            I have dropped mail and following up since last two months for the machines and equipment in snap fitness rajajinagar bangalore but no action has been taken by the management. Also called customer care to look into the matter but again was unheard. Clearliness and management behavior specially the owner is very rude. Please let me know is the centre ready to extend my membership for the inconvenience they have caused. This has really impacted the brand snap fitness, I as a customer is not at all satisfied with the service. I do have photos of machines out of service. In case required I can provide them as well. Please provide an email for that.

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              Snap Fitnesspersonal training/safety/business issues

              Good morning. I have reached out to one of the snap fitness in hodgenville Kentucky and emailed one of the head trainers names Alyssa Bates. I was informed that she now runs the gym and I was interested in finding out more about personal training as I take my health and fitness very seriously. She advertises that she is certified but through email she confessed she has not been up to date. I asked nicely for proof of certification and she has not wrote me back as she was so eager to before I asked. I am trying to figure out why you all allow personal trainers to not be certified as that is a major safety issue. It has also been brought to my attention as I have done more digging that the business itself is not up to date on a business license. Thank you. I hope you address these issues further.

              personal training/safety/business issues
              personal training/safety/business issues
              personal training/safety/business issues
              personal training/safety/business issues
              personal training/safety/business issues
              personal training/safety/business issues

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                Snap Fitnesspaid for services and gym closed.

                I was a member of snap fitness for years, the gym closed suddenly. We were told it was suppose to reopen. That was last April. I never received any other contact from snap fitness. But heard on the news they were not reopening. I had my membership prepaid, I had purchased personal training and I have a gift certificate to snap. I have emailed and called corporate. No one responds!!!
                I would like my money back that is owed to me

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                  Snap Fitnessharassment

                  Gunjita Gupta
                  10:44 AM (7 hours ago)
                  to ceo, Info

                  Dear Team,

                  This is to inform you that today I had an extremely difficult experience in snap fitness Whitefield. I am an annual member of the gym and had given my feedback to the general manager Raghav on last week Thursday, post which one of the trainer Kishore came and harrassed me on the floor .

                  Please take out the video footage off the gym between 8:30 am till 9:30 am of the harrasment today and request you to audit the gym on the peak hours during morning and evening.

                  My concerns were:-

                  1. My PT session was not handled properly, so I asked for backup trainer from manager which went un-addressed and instead of giving solution he refunded 6k ( I paid 7000 ) saying that he is not having any spare trainer to give PT.

                  2. General manager is absent in morning

                  3. Trainer who harrassed didn't apologise today.

                  4. Dietician is not proactive.

                  5. Not enough trainers during peak hours . While giving PT session no one is wearing PT jacket.

                  6. Not enough kettlebells.

                  7. Not enough mats, and are old and stinking.

                  8. No concern of hygiene, and cleaning once people leave the equipment.

                  9. No proper ventilation in Sundays, as they save electricity by switching off AC's. No trainer on Sundays .

                  10. Please check the number of trainers and leaves they have taken to get the idea of the situation and there sincerity for customer health and money.

                  11. Too many card, duplicates of customers are lying in gym .which creates confusion and takes long time to find our card.

                  Name of the trainer who harrassed is Kishore .

                  Name of general manager :- Raghav, no -[protected]

                  I wanted to go for PT and another annual membership. Please give me solution so that I can continue gym hassle-free.

                  Gunjita Gupta

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                    Jul 11, 2019

                    Snap Fitness — customer service

                    When entering the cardio room to use the scales the club manager spoke in a rude manner to me and asked me to...

                    Jul 09, 2019

                    Snap Fitness — unauthorized credit card charges

                    Hello, my name is [removed] I am coming to you very frustrated as the owner of the Holyoke MA Snap Fitne...

                    Snap Fitnessnobody ever answers the phone

                    I have tried several times to get in touch with the club I wanted to join. Nobody ever answers the phones and I called corporate no answer either. This place sucks. I messaged them on Facebook and no answer there either. I have called several times and nobody answers or I get a voicemail system. I never get to talk to an actual person and the staff at the gym is never there to answer the phones or sign up people for memberships. It's by appointment only, supposedly. But, nobody is ever there. Terrible place.

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                      Snap Fitnesstanning beds

                      I joined snap fitness to enjoy the use of the equipment and to enjoy the tanning beds. The tanning beds were my family and I work out at are horrible, the bulbs are constantly blown and the other bed is out of order. I'm thinking about stopping my membership along with several other
                      Families that we go with. And find a fitness place that is clean and all equipment is working. I spend a lot and we deserve to be able to workout and tan with out equipment being broken. The tanning bed is dangerous it's cracked and we are scared to lay in it. Please fix the problem so that we don't leave the place that we love to work our at.

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                        Snap Fitnessquality of the gym tarnishing the image of the brand


                        I am from Bangalore, India. I am writing to you to express my concern on the quality of the gym I workout in.

                        Gym details:
                        Country: India
                        City: Bangalore
                        Branch: Electronic city phase 1

                        I would like to address each point in detail:

                        A gym resembles closely to a hygienic environment. The management seem to not be concerned with the members sweat on the benches or the floor mats. The floor mats are by members are not cleaned and the next member either uses the mat with the sweat or have to use his personal towel to clean the dirt of another member.
                        They do have cleaners but they seem to not work as they are supposed to. They sit in a corner doing nothing but fiddling with their phones.
                        The washrooms and changing rooms do carry a foul smell simply because the lavatory does not function as they are supposed to. To counter the smell there aint any room fresher.

                        Barbell rods and dumbbells are out of shape, the rods are bent and the dumbbell does not carry any print. I believe we need to use our experience to guess the weight and work out accordingly.
                        The rods being bent causes imbalance and thereby can and will cause a fatal injury.
                        Dumbbells are limited to one pair per weight and the members often spend more time in the gym than they are supposed to by sharing their workout with another member.
                        Snap boasts on conducting High intensity, zumba and other activities. None are being conducted in this branch. The gym also lacks basic equipments for a high intensity workout, battle rope, tyre and a box.

                        Working out environment:
                        The gym has 4 "non functional" air conditioners. Given the humidity and the heat in our country, such an environment causes suffocation and you experience bad odour.

                        Manager and Gym owner responses to the above grievances:
                        Neglecting the concerns.
                        Walking away from the discussion.
                        Staying away from the gym during peak hours to avoid the members.
                        False promises whenever approached.

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                          Snap Fitnesssnap fitness

                          Cody Sestito, club manager, of the SNAP Fitness on 9 Durant Ave. Bethel, CT 06801 did not allow or offer any resources for my father to activate his Silver Sneakers membership.  I explained multiple times during the course of Mr. Sestito's and I interface this am at approximately 9:45am on 4/24/2019 that I am my father's power of attorney, healthcare proxy, and caregiver, as he is currently recovering from a stroke. My father, a 76yr old elderly man, needs assistance. I had all the documentation, the silver sneakers member ID, anthem blue cross insurance, medicare ID #, as well as all of his proxy documentation in hand and explained to Mr. Sestito, that I wanted to activate my father's membership. Mr. Sestito replied, "I don't care. How do I know you're not doing this just to use the membership." He offered no other recourse for me at this point upon my inquiry for further assistance; not a regional manager, not a customer service number, not even an email address.  I am very disappointed in the level of customer service SNAP FITNESS shows towards it's prospective members, let alone the elderly in the Silver Sneakers program.

                          snap fitness

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                            Feb 07, 2019

                            Snap Fitness — constant harassment asking for money after cancellation of my membership

                            I cancelled my membership with Snap Fitness, Taunton, Somerset, UK club at the beginning of December 2018 and...

                            Jan 31, 2019

                            Snap Fitness — told I could get refund on card if I cancel and not getting a response on the 14th day cooling off period

                            Hi I joined the gym in the 7thjan due to my job of being a worker in a children's home I've not had time to...

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