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cancelation of my account

My friend worked at retro in Paramus in 2018 and I asked her if she could get me a discount on my membership. She was able to get me a couple of months free which I was grateful for. Unfortunately I didn't use the membership as much as I would of thought. Anyways I froze my membership in June of 2019. Before I went away for college. Yet I just received a bill for a lot of money even though I have not been using my account. The people on ABC I have talked to Angel and Maria keep sending me back and forth and haven't explained even what the charge is. All I want is to fully cancel my membership and get my money back but these employees are making it impossible.

front desk

10/20/2019. One of the front desk guys, Richardo, lied about not being able to make a protein shake. When I...

retro fitness fraud contract

HI, I had a Health Club membership with Retro Fitness of Hoboken, NJ. I had moved out of the area, and also mailed the manager (Melissa Carroll's) my new leasing contract so that they can terminate my membership and personal training contract. Recently, several months after (Sep 27, 2019) I am getting a call from ABC finance stating I own 1800$ and my contract is still not terminated.
Even after emailing and sending the gym a certified mail of my new lease (for Oklahoma City), no action was taken by them. No phone call, no response to my emails.

cancellation policy drawn out and not fair to consumer.

List of Issue! * You can not cancel your Retro gym membership online or on the phone, but yet you can join...

took a cash payment from me on friday 9/6/19 and closed forever on 9/8/19

I made a cash payment for a 3 month membership that I gave t my 17 year old niece on Friday 9/6/19 because...

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I complain about rude and unprofessional behavior

I called Retro Fitness regarding an overcharging to this location and the representative who's name wa...


I followed their cancellation policy, I sent them a registered letter cancelling my membership. They...

cleanliness of facility

Retro Fitness Corporate, I am writing this letter to notify you about the deplorable conditions at one of...

cancelling my membership

I am trying to cancel my membership and retro fitness wants me to pay 75% of the remaining months. I cannot believe a gym would abuse their authority to take advantage of its customers. I will reach to the media to report this matter. I already emailed the human resources in my hospital because I do not to see anyone else waste their money with this gym.

Flor Garcia

gym free trial

My name is P. Yesterday i went to the new retro fitness on spring blvd. I am new to the area and wanted to try the one day free pass to see which gym i would love to join. I filled out the waiver online for the free one day member ship, as soon as i walked in the gym i showed the staff they said they couldnt honor it. I had to pay 10 dollars for one free guest pass... even after i showed her that online there is a free guess pass for this location as well as the others, she firat told me that the pass wouldnt go through online.. when i showed her she said sorry she cant honor the pass. This was a big inconvenience for me and a waste of time. I also felt that was very unprofessional due to the fact this was on the retro fitness site. Its hard to believe that this is policy for a free guest past. Im starting to believe this was a discrimination act. I do not belive this is /was fair at all.

Please explain this situation at your earliest so i can. Better understand what the issur was...



gym free trial

personal training sessions

Re: Personal Training Session

I am writing to your company about a problem with my personal training sessions that I've paid for over a year ago, that I'm not able to use now unless I pay for a yearly personal training session again.

On March 31, 2018 I spoke with your District Manager Kelian and Personal Trainer Jessica at your Park Slope location about the contract of personal training sessions that I did not authorize. I was charged for 8 sessions already without given consent for a yearly contract. When I spoke with Kelian, we agreed the personal training contract would be cancelled and I would be able to use my paid personal training sessions (total of 10, two additional for free) when I'm ready to use them.

On April 18, 2019 I had an assessment with a personal trainer to use my personal training sessions. After our assessment, I was informed that I would have to pay for a year of personal training sessions in order to use my 10 already paid sessions. The personal trainer stated Kelian informed her I'm not able to use it unless I pay for a year of personal training sessions.

The agreement Kelian and I made at our meeting was to use my 10 paid sessions to my discretion without additionally charges. Now our agreement is not being met. I like your gym and I like the convenient location of the gym to me. All I am asking for is your company to honor our agreement of me using my 10 paid personal training classes without having to sign up for a year of personal training sessions. I hope your company doesn't take the client's money without proving a service.

If you would like to hear the conversation of our meeting held on March 31, 2018, I would happy to send it you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Tangela Johnson

keep charging me after cancellation. thieves!

I cancelled my membership on a third day I signed a contract (May 29h 2018). Just came to the gym on Y avenue...

gym cancellation

My daughter is attempting to cancel a membership and is being told it is non-cancellable.

She joined a gym in Staten Island NY and recently moved to Brooklyn. While there is a Retro location within 25 miles of her home, she no longer has a car and the cost and hardship of getting to the gym makes it an unreasonable choice for her.

she is being told that she must continue to pay through 2019 - even if she no longer is able to attend

How do we get retro to approve this cancellation

membership cancellation issue

It takes 5 minutes to sign up but impossible to cancel. Called ABC financial to cancel said I need a...

personal training

I thought I had signed up for a 6 month personal trainer membership but after a few weeks I noticed I had...

how to get out of a 2 year contract

Hi i am complaining and asking help from you people to know how to get out of a 2 year contract with this gym, i can't stand this place its like im working out in someone's crowded basement all the time i want to leave as soon as possible but i don't know how i can get out of this contract, it's becoming a waste of my money. Please give me suggestions to help me.

retro fitness

Retro fitness (billed through abc financial) has a horrible cancellation policy. You cannot do it over the phone. You cannot do it in person. You must send a certified letter to the manager, wait for it to be acknowledged, and then the cancellation process will begin. They will continue billing for two more months. I was told, "well, you'll be able to use the gym in those two months." really? Wow. Thanks. I paid for it. It just so happened that my annual renewal fee was in the second month of cancellation. Did they charge me? You bet! Another forty bucks. They received my cancellation letter june 26th, scanned it into the system on july 3rd. I was charged for july. I was charged again on august 25th for both the membership fee and the annual fee. And this "less costly" version of getting out of this place was only possible because my contract was expired! If it was not expired, I would also have to pay for the entire year (or whatever was left on the contract). Do yourself a favor-go somewhere else. They have nothing special to offer and they will continue to charge your credit card. If you cancel your credit card you will end up with bills from a collection agency. This is going to smash your credit score to bits.

Oh, but hey, you can sell your membership to some other poor slob. Oh, but then you must pay a twenty-five dollar fee to sell your membership!!!

I am going to "join" a gym that doesn't hold my money hostage. For example, planet fitness allows you to pay month to month - no contract.

bully tactics

When i called retro fitness to question $15 on my credit card statement the person on the phone was extremely...

cancellation and contract policy

Compared with many gyms, Retro Fitness does not give their consumers physical copies of their contracts. It...

60 days cancel

Do Not join Retro Fitness. They will NOT allow you to cancel your membership and will charge you an extra two months - if they do not receive your certified letter 60 days before your membership is to renew.

That's right... every contract Automatically Renews. Plus you must send the certified letter 60 days before your renewal date, to cancel according to ABC Financial Services, Inc.

I sent my certified letter in weeks before the renewal, received the certified letter receipt before the renewal date, and they gladly allowed the account to go past due and into collections. Even though I stated in the letter NOT TO RENEW.

This is their way to get 2 more months out of you - DO NOT JOIN RetroFitness ANYWHERE. OH AND THEY ARE CALLING ME 3-5 TIMES A DAY, NOW THAT THEY PUT ME IN COLLECTIONS!