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Good afternoon.

I am a regularly customer of the 34th street pizza hut. My entire family uses the branch and we love the people that work there. Mike and Jen and Krueasha always deliveries the best customer service on the phone and in person.

Yesterday I call to place and order and I lady Amanda answered the phone. I told her what I wanted to order, asked to do the half beef and half chicken on a 2 topping pizza deal- I was not no which I normal get. I said ok i will do the entire pizza with beef. I ordered wings and was asked to wait. Amanda came back on the phone and said please can i have your order again my computer has issues.

Gave the all the information again and at checkout was told i needed to pay full price for the beef pizza. I explained its a $7.99 deal. She was so rude stated that's the price..After explaining this is a deal i normally get she removed the extra charge. I asked to speak to the manager or Mike who I saw at the store on the 10/31/17. She said he has not been there in a very long time and she was the manager.

I was not going to continue talk to a rude person and i was so disappointed with her. My order was placed at 5:40pm, my husband went to pick it up at 6:15 and it was not ready. He was asked to wait. When he came home which is 5 mins for my house the pizza was cold.

This is not the service customers should be getting. I am so upset. Please can someone look into this and not allow this kind to behavior to continue.

Thank you in advance for taking time to read in concerns.


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      Nov 16, 2017

    You will want to contact Pizza Hut directly for assistance. You may want to ask for the store manager or one of the people you mentioned above.

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