Pizza Hutpizza hut is ripping-off millions of consumers!

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Pizza hut is ripping-off millions of consumers-myself included! What they do with pizza is exactly like a car dealer charging you $10, 000 for a car, except that you want the deluxe stereo added, so they add $1, 000 to the price and cut the engine size in half!

If you order (As I did on feb. 4), a large sausage (Only) pizza, you get a lot of sausage. The same would be true with pepperoni. The manager told me 1-1/2 cups. Then for each ingredient you add (Even onions which are very cheap) they add $1.50 to the price. But they cut the meat by 67%! The manager told me, down to 1/2 cup, and the second pizza I bought verified this.

The manager said he'd had complaints before, but this was the directive of the national company and was justified because the pizza wouldn't cook properly with too many ingredients on it. This is untrue! This same pizza was loaded with onions, green peppers, and jalapenas (Too many) and could easily have had normal meat and fewer peppers. And surely these thin-crust pizzas (Not deep-dish!) could have cooked fine with a little more meat!

This same thing has happened to me at pizza huts in florida, tennessee, indiana, and michigan, as well as here in montana, so i'm sure the manager was being honest when he said this rip-off is company policy. What a con game!!! Let's get a class action lawsuit going! I'm sure pizza hut has ripped us off to the tune of $millions!


  • Sh
    Sheri Norred May 17, 2007

    A friend and I arrived at the local Pizza Hut in Jonesboro, LA at 7:30 tonight. There were about 8 other people in the restaurant. We were seated promptly by a waitress who has served us many times and has always been very nice (and she was tonight also).

    She gave us menus and plates and said she would be right back to take our order. We waited... and waited. We finally got up and fixed us a glass of tea. We waited several more minutes and never saw that waitress again. There were 3 other people behind the counter, but no one ever waited on us.
    At 7:55, I went to the cashier and asked how much the tea was. She asked if we had our ticket and I told her we never got to order. She said, "Don't worry about the tea". We left.

    I have been going to Pizza Hut as long as it has been in Jonesboro, but I don't think I will be going back for a while.

    If they had been really busy, I may could have understood the long wait, but that was NOT the case.

    Sheri Norred

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  • Di
    diana Oct 28, 2007

    I went last night for diner with my family, the waitress was very rude, after 20 to 30 min. we left b/c she was complaining that she was suppose to work only until 8pm. but yet she was talking to her friends which she got them a table before us even though we got there way earlier than they did, I talk to the manager and told her what was going on, but she didn't care. I work as a dj @ a radio station and i'm thinking about having this as my topic for tomorrows show. that waitress really needs stop working there, its giving bad reputation to the restaurant...

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  • Da
    Dayananda Nov 04, 2007

    The pizza-hut people also have an internal policy, where when they have a peak demand, they avoid customers of less order-value. for example, if you call on a week-end, and your history says you ordered only a single pizza, which would come to an order value of rs 400 to 500, which is less that a 1000 rupees, they try to say that there is some technical issue in the center serving the concerned area, so they can not deliver to the customer, but alternatively, we can go there and pick the pizza. this technical issues does not pose any threat if the customer can pickup from the shop, but it is an issue when the customer wants a delivery.

    They do not have a sense of commitment, they are not fit to be in the hotel / catering industry. making money is not a big achievement, but they should have some values / ethics, commitment, to the society.

    Down down pizza-hut. [ at least the bangalore centers ]
    - daya

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  • Pa
    pat hogeland Nov 30, 2007

    My husband and I went to pizza hut in cullman alabama for the lunch buffet. there was two employees working the whole restaurant, one was making making the pizza and also working the cash register, the other was serving drinks. I know this because this is what they told us. when we walked in there was not any pizza on the buffet, just empty pans. of course I was expecting pizza out any minute. we sat down got a small salad and waited on the pizza. well come to find out, everyone else was also waiting on the pizza. I ask when more pizza was to come out and that was when I was told there was only two people working today and didnt know when the pizza was coming. we waited approx 20 min and still no pizza. my husband and I decided to pay for our drinks and side salad and go somewhere else. got to the register and we were charged $10.48. we will not be back to pizza hut.

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  • Ms
    MS Jan 02, 2008

    Yes I agree. The size of their pizzas keeps shrinking as well. I got what was supposed to be a large pizza today and it looked barely like a medium. I actually remarked that it looked like a medium in the store (I always open the box now because my order has been wrong so many times) and was assured that it was a large. I brought it home and was asked by my family members why I got a medium instead of a large.

    For a bit of background, this is a local carry out/delivery store where I have spent thousands of dollars over the past 10+ years of patronage. In the past when my order has been wrong, either the wrong crust, wrong toppings, no toppings when we've paid for toppings, missing products, or even a completely disgusting product that looked like it had been dropped on the floor and put back in the box before being handed off as food, I have generally bit my tongue and said nothing.

    Today I decided to return the product and question its accuracy. I was met not only with a rude sales person, but also a customer in the store who harassed me for deciding to return the product and ask for the charges on my credit card to be reversed. The sales person said she could not reverse the charges but that her supervisor could. When I asked to speak with the supervisor she said that she wasn't available until tomorrow. Then the customer got in my face and said that I had to take the money instead of getting a return on my credit card. She wouldn't let up saying that she was an attorney and that I was harassing the employee. I actually didn't want cash, I just wanted the charges reversed. I've since called my credit card company and found out that if they have a credit card machine, they can reverse the charges. But no, I was bullied by that rude customer and the sales associate which resulted in me just taking cash and leaving the restaurant.

    I am horrified over the treatment I received. I will never patronize another Pizza Hut again. EVER. Even if it's the last restaurant on the planet. I will be relating this story to all of my friends in the area.

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  • Bo
    Bonfyr Feb 26, 2008

    You people are all idiots.
    Onions are not cheap. none of the products on a pizza are. the more you add the more it costs labor wise as well. the more toppings you have on a pizza the harder it is to cook correctly. you want extra sausage, order it #.
    Do you know why there were only tow people in that pizza hut? becouse they cared enough about their job to stay. there are very few willing to work for what this business pays. maybe they were the idiots?
    So... you never returned a bad product until now? not even the worst looking pizza imaginable? why did you continue going there? you seem like a liar to me.

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  • Sa
    Savvy Surveyer Feb 23, 2020

    @Bonfyr You must be related to the rude person who got in her face customer. Have you never put up with something until you could alas take no more? I have because I'm soft hearted.
    How does labour go up the more you add? Do they add more to your paycheck when you make pizzas with more toppings? No, you can tell them to add a car on top of it and the wage of the employee(s) will still remain the same. The only one who gets more money is pizza hut because they are cutting corners by cheating customers and operating with a skeleton crew on each shift. A lot of companies do this on purpose. You call people idiots but should check into changing your first middle and last name to it. Onions are quite cheap...and that is just for us reg consumers. They're even cheaper for a large corp like pizza hut with buying power who's buying in bulk and using every trick in the book to cheat the vendor. Plus using subpar ingredients costs much less too. She was right to ask for a refund if she wasn't happy. And if I'd been there as a customer I would have told the loud mouth customer to mind her business as she was the one being harassing and it had nothing to do with her. MS should have proceeded to call her card company right there on the spot to dispute the charge. And called the police on the loud mouth nut job that was in her face violating her personal space

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  • Bo
    Bonfyr Feb 26, 2008

    Sherri: Did you ask what happened? Maybe she took ill, or maybe her shift ended. The other employees obviously weren't wait staff. They don't get commission or tips so why should they care? Was there another wait staff around that you could have informed about your situation? Maybe since you were just sitting quietly, the wait staff thought you were done.

    Diana: Who do you suggest works there instead? Obviously they have no one. Are you a ###, or just play one on the radio?

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  • Sa
    Savvy Surveyer Feb 23, 2020

    @Bonfyr When I go to a place to eat I'm going there for just that, to eat. I'm not going to play snoops the master spy and ask questions about who's on shift, where'd he/she it go and who's gonna take my order. I expect to be served without my having to ask to be served. Whenever you go out do you go with the expectation of having to chase down service and go over staffing schedules? Please! I've also worked for companies that either purposefully worked each shift on a skeleton crew because they were too greedy to fully staff or who were so God awful that they chased off good staff. I've also experienced co-workers calling in. In these cases I would take up the slack and serve the client because the client is not at fault. Most companies train employees to do more than just one job. It's more cost effective to have a person that can do more than one task. So I know that whomever was there could have easily taken an order. It might have been an inconvenience for them as it would have required them to do a little more work. But I'm sure writing down an order would not cause them to have too much exhaustion. I've never seen on pass out and need medical treatment from over exhaustion due to writing . Trust me they saw her sitting there, but were to lazy and sorry to say or do anything. Besides, that would have caused them to actually have to make the food for the order. Heaven's forbid. They figured they were on the clock and making money and if they could just slide by doing as little as possible or even nothing until closing, then so be it. In there eyes there was no incentive to take an order. That's the problem with society today. They take no pride in their work and are just there for a paycheck while putting in as little work as possible, if any at all!

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  • Ra
    RANDY BRILEY May 08, 2008

    They got my orderwrong I paid for a toscana pasta, they delivered me
    A marinara pasta, I called to complain and they had a very bad attitude,
    I asked for the 1800 number and they told me they dont have a complaint number,
    So I asked for the general manager and they gave me her cell # I called the cell and
    The gm hung up on me, I called back and she said what do you want, she yelled at me
    For using her min on her personal phone which I was not aware of. I called the store
    She treated me very badly and told me if we ate any of the bread sticks that she would not replace them my bread sticks are all cold now because they refused to make me new bread sticks while I wait for my right order to arrive. then I said thank you for your time and she saidthank you for nothing, the name that the gm gave us is patty ward, her cell is (323) 767-4844, I am asking if this really is a gm!? what happened to customers alwaysright? remind the gm and all the employees that the customer feeds and pays your bills! thank you for your time and I hope you do get back with me.
    A very dissapointed customer

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  • Ma
    Mandi May 09, 2008

    My husband and I have been very disappointed in the service we have received the past several orders, our pizza has arrived with the wrong toppings. I called our area chain (birmingham, al) with a complaint, and they told me that they delivered the pizza that I ordered. I would normally except the explanation, but this is not the first time it has happened. I am very disappointed that I was not even given an appology for what had taken place. I will not give pizza hut any further business in the future

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  • Valerie May 16, 2008

    My sister and I and my grandson went for pizza about 7:00 pm. Put in our order about 7:10. My sister ordered spaghetti and meatballs and my grandson and I ordered each a personal pan pizza. After about 30 mins. We asked how much longer it would be. The waitress replied the pizzas were in the oven and should be out soon. We got the pizzas about 15 mins. Later. They were cold. My sister asked about her spaghetti, the waitress replied it was almost ready. My sister went to the counter about 10 mins later and talked to the manager. She said that the order was for a child's spaghetti and it wasn't ready yet. My sister told her it was a regular spaghetti. The manager replied, oh it hasn't been fixed yet. I'll put it on right away. They gave us a small discount but we still were not satisfied, the service was lousy. We're hoping pizza hut could rectify this dilemma. It's like that every time we go in there. It's easier and less stressful just to order the pizza and have it delivered or just go pick it up ourselves.

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  • Ro
    ROBERT R.DELANE May 23, 2008


    I have a friend who works for your corporation (pizza hutz) in harford county.2 weeks ago on a thur. may 8th, 08 around 10:30pm. a woman who is the boss to my friend made the statement to him...

    Are you going to grow up to be a child molester? this is a very, highly unusual thing to say to an employee. my friend is afraid to come forth at this point because of losing his job. the county is harford county in the state of md. it is locked down by at least 95%republican. the law here is very money oriented and crooked..

    When he told me that he was afraid of losing his job, I thought about the most recent case of the republican judge don thompson (anothere republican) who the state of oklahoma allowed him to masturbate in a courtroom for a period of 6-years and when his court reporter-lisa foster told on him, she was immediately fired. although irrelevent to my friend who works at your corporation, it still expresses why he does not want to complain..

    I told him to file a civil litigation against pizza hut (pursuant to uscs 1983-42 action.

    He is thinking about this.
    do you have any suggestions and do you take these emails serious


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  • Ja
    JASMINE May 26, 2008

    My husban and I went to a pizza hut on monday. may 26.2008 around about 1:15 pm... we walked in the lady didnt even say hi or anything. she just told us to take a seat and somebody will be right with us... so then a young girl came and asked us what can we get to drink with out saying hello or anything so we told her what drinks we wanted. she came back 2 minutes later and didnt even give us time to think about what we wanted she didnt ask if we needed time or anything she just asked. so we ordered a large pepporoni pizza. while we was waiting for our food we were sitting down and talking then my husban and I noticed his cup being dirty with stuff on it. also our pepsi tasted flat and not to good like it suppost to so we told 1 of the ladys who works their and she fixed the problem. so then our food came like 5 minutes later. the server not even talking to my husban and not even checking up on us and makeing sure if we need refills or anything. we had to get her to come to us. when we were done she didnt even give us a bill or anything. not to mention 2 boys she new came in their to eat and she let them eat for free. I think she should get fired.. they should get cought.

    This happend at the pizza hut in greenacers I can say. next to the plaza right next to the mc. donalds.

    Thanks you have a nice day

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  • Ka
    Kayleigh May 27, 2008

    Ok... so I went to pizza hut today.

    The waiters were soo rude and aragent it was unbelievable.

    I got overcharged by about £7 and when I confronted them about this they denied it without even taking it further.

    I am totally disgusted and will not be going to the pizza hut in sutton, surrey again.

    The meal was also cold and tastless.

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  • Valerie Jun 02, 2008

    The pizza hut in york hired a new manager that should not have been hired, when they had a very good one in jeanne who has been there for a long time, I refuse to go there once the new manager gets there, also why is jeanne doing his job, yet she is not good enough for management. I am letting all of my friends and family know that they should boycott pizza hut for their unfair labour standards. the new manager is currently being trained to that he can manage for pizza hut yet there was someone who did not need to be trained right at their fingertips, maybe it is because she is a woman, hmm, do you think.

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  • Gr
    Grace Jun 02, 2008

    I was willing to pay amt. for my pizza, I and my friend got a salad, thinking it came with the pizza. the salad bar was a joke to begin with, a sad selection, mainly pitiful. the 6.58 price times two blew my mind, for real. I quietly told the register girl, I would not be back, she thought I was kidding! nooo wonder there were no other customers there, early evening. I used to go there in past years, it was wonderful, that is why I went there! the pizza was quite horrible and tasteless. I don't make a practice of complaining. I feel it would be half fair, just to be reimbursed the salad at least.

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  • As
    ashley Jun 10, 2008

    The pizza hut on abercorn across the street from staples in savannah, ga is awful. the customer service was pitful. there was no straws in the building and they ran out of personnal pan pizzas after we ordered two and they brought the one. I believe they are short of help because there was only two individuals in the restuarant during lunch hours. awful experience today 6-10-2008!

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  • Ji
    jim rousseau Jul 09, 2008

    I stopped at pizza hut to order pizza to take home. I asked cara if the medium pizzas with 3 toppings was still on sale for $9.99. she said the only special a p'zone, she told me and charged me $13.50, when matt the afternoon man brought my pizza out hold and behold there taped to the box was the pizza with the price I asked for. he just laughed like a fool not realizing the damage he was doing to pizza hut relation with customers. I don't know what happened to cara. she either went out the back door or stayed in back till I left. believe me word of mouth from unsatisfied people takes it toll on a good customer. the price of that pizza should have been $9.99 plus tax not $12.74 plus tax or $13.50.

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  • Jo
    Joshua E Rakestraw Jul 18, 2008

    I ordered pizza hut over the phone today 7-18-08. the young lady who took my order said it would be 15-20 min before my order was ready, so I arrived to pick my pizza's up 30 minutes later. when I arrived to pick the pizza's up they told me, "your pizza's will be right up." yeah right! I ended up waiting an extra 30 minutes! when I finally got my pizza's the order was definitely not what I expected. my thin crust pizza tasted like over cooked cracker crust with very stingy cheese, when I ordered extra cheese. my mild wings were not cooked to order and ran through twice like I asked, but they did offer to run them back through again but it would take another 20 minutes! ive been doing business with pizza hut for years and im sorry to say for the last few times ive ordered from you all, business is just getting very sad! the pizza hut with the worse service is here in dayton, oh 1023 gettysburg ave. its a sadd story!!!

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  • Ka
    Katrina Jul 23, 2008

    The manager at this particular restaurant told me that you guys charge additional 3.49 for a second child. but its kids nite and every child supposed to eat free. you didn't say you had to have a second adult there just to receive that service. and to be charge 15.50 for the meal. the manger charge me a 1.89 for a drink I did not order and told they still have to charge regardless if I got it or not. thats very wrong and i'm very, very pissed off. I should not have to pay all that money for nothing. they should have told before I ordered they didn't. I won't be going back I might as well order from the menu. and she was nonchalant about it and obnoxious and a real #. I will never go back just to pay all that money for nothing.

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  • Ba
    Barbecue Jew Jul 28, 2008


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  • Fr
    Fran Jul 29, 2008

    Exactly! I am so sick of no service and hidden charges and I can never get the pizza I want. Enough, I've had enough.

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  • Ch
    Charmaine Jones Aug 05, 2008

    I am writing this complaint with the regret to inform your corp. that my family and I have been cheated out of money on several different and mistreated in a very unprofessional manner. On 5/30/08 I placed an order for 3 medium pizzas and when I receieved them they were black and burnt. I called them immediately to come back and issue me a full refund. I was then informed by an employee, who said her name was Cathy, that all of the drivers were out and unable to return but assured me that she would credit me for the full amount of $19.71. She also informed me that I was to speak to her manager Jeraldo, to verify that the credit was put into the computer. When I called him, there was no record of the credit to be found. The next incident occurred on 7/31/08, aound noontime. This time I ordered 3 medium pizzas and some chicked alfredo with my credit card. Now, the order was cancelled when i misplaced my credit card, but yet the $30 was stilled chatged to my credit card, and I have yet to be reimbursed for any of the charges. I am a disabled, low income family of 6, 5 bieng children, and I cannot afford to take these kinds of losses. i felt like I was treated so rude and disrespectful by yourr employees and their manager. Therefore, I did not wish to no longer conduct any kind of business with your company and would like a full refund. Thank you for your time and patience.

    An unsatisfied customer,

    Charmaine Jones

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Brandes Aug 07, 2008

    When we ordered our food, the cheesy breadsticks, and two medium pan pizzas, our waitress was more interested in picking things out of her nose than customer service. Our breadsticks came to the table black. As we watched the people in the back making our pizza, we noticed that the sausage came out of a bulky sized bag, all pre-made and looked like a bag of rabbit droppings. Then when it came time for the cheese, they used some type of cardboard box to use as a scoop into a type of large bin full of cheese. He measured it and realized he had too much, and put it back into this bin, after fondling it with his hands. Our waitress was on her cell phone outside, while the dishwasher delivered our pizza to our table with his wet nasty plastic apron.

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  • Th
    The checkyouself Checker Dec 21, 2017

    @Tiffany Brandes You have a real gift for exaggeration, to the point of outright lying:

    No matter HOW bad is not going to serve, "Black, " breadsticks. Unless you have pics to post, please don't exaggerate when posting complaints.

    No one takes you seriously... And, you sound like an ex employee with an axe to grind.

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  • Sh
    shirley burks Sep 01, 2008

    Saturday morning my mom wanted her meal for the holiday at pizza hut.i ordered the alferdo pasta with bread sticks and b-que wings they gave me spicy wings and my mom can"t eat spicy food. Traffic was very heavy in order to return the food, so i had too pay for her meal and she was not happy. This was her meal for 2-days.

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  • Ru
    russell Sep 01, 2008

    I am a long time customer of pizza hut and I have to say after this ordeal that I am about to devuldge I may never give this company my business again.

    My wife and I have been anxiouslly awaiting the opening of a new local pizza hut in our little town. Well when it finally opened we could not wait to order the new "natrual" pepperoni pizza. Well when we went to order the said pizza, We were rudely informed by the presiding manager (if that is what you can call her). That since the commercial was released before the opening of this particular location, that they were not obligated to carry the "natrual pepperoni" that was being advertised on our television. Not only was her rude behavior not appreciated, my wife and I are now somewhat put off by this food chains false advertisement, and their lack of customer service policies. Then when we asked for the corparate phone numbers to rectify the situation we were given a bogus contact number. Isn't that illegal?

    Now we realize that we are we are merely individuals in some hick town in Texas. But is this the image that Pizza Hut wants to reveal to their customers. I mean seriously, without individuals such as ourselves who will buy your product.

    An extremly upset customer.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Sep 09, 2008

    My faimliy went for dinner at Pizza Hut in Providence.. We ordered two pizzas which we were never asked what kind of crust we wanted. When my dad asked for a pan pizza the waitress told us they only had one pan left (like they don't do dishes or something). So we were forced to order a thin crust pizza that was hard as a rock and tasted like a cracker. It was disgusting!! It took forever to get a refill of soda when there wasn't even anyone else in the place!! Here's the best part.. after eating my salad I started to feel sick so I got up to take one more look at the salad bar and guess what.. THE CHEESE I HAD JUST EATEN HAD MOLD IN IT!!!

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  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Sep 11, 2008

    As long as people are willing to pay for ### food, they will keep taking your money.

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  • Ma
    Marlene Sep 11, 2008

    My family and I went to Pizza Hut Sunday, Sept 7, 2008 and we ordered pizza, bread sticks and drinks. The pizza was very over cooked and my daugther found 2 long strans of hair in her piece of pizza. We called the waitress to the table and she took the piece back in the kitchen and came out and told me they would give me 3.00 dollars off the order . The whole order was awful. I will never go back to that pizza hut again. And I think there should be changes made when around food in the kitchen.
    Thank you,
    Marlene burrows
    1337 Barnum Rd,
    Eldred, Pa 16731
    e-mail address [email protected]

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  • Na
    nANCY Sep 13, 2008

    I used to work for pizza hut and to the person who implied that the ph location was out of pan b/c "they dont wash dishes", thats the dumbest thing I have ever read!!! your server was referring to the dough that they were out of... not a stinking a pan!!!... and just a little fyi... it takes 24 hours for something you have eaten to make you ill!!! it does not happen instantly.

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  • Jo
    johnny Sep 25, 2008

    i recently went to Dinuba CA pizza hut employees were smoking pot in the parking lot drinking on the job and the service was absolutly ###. my pizza was not only wrong but it also had very little cheese and looked like a mess. the tables in the restaurant were all dirty and were only cleaned just before a party was seated. i highly recomened not eating there

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  • Ha
    happy guy Oct 03, 2008

    Get a life dude...just go over to Wendy's and relax. Life is too short.

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  • Di
    Dissatisfied customer Oct 18, 2008

    Consumer's original complaint :
    10-18-08, 7:00pm, made pizza order via pizza hut web page, paying via american express card, amount $23.59, servicing restaurant the indian ripple, dayton ohio location. estimated delivery time provided by website was approx 7:58pm. at 8:25pm my wife called restaurant to ascertain where our order was. she was informed, after a significant hold time, that the delivery man had left at 8:00pm with four orders and should be there "any minute". pizza was delivered at approx 8:35pm, and was cold. delivery man did not even have a credit card receipt for me to sign, and I signed the back of the invoice, after he had written the amount on the back thereof. delivery person was surly and obviously not happy when I expressed my displeasure at the lateness of delivery. bad customer service yet again. upon opening order and discovering it was cold, I called the indian ripple location and spoke to "dave" about the situation and expressed my desire for a refund. "dave" did not offer a refund as one of the two options he was allowed to provide. he only offered to re-provide the food, or to provide a credit for future orders. I expressed my desire for a refund and assured him it was within his authority as the merchant to credit back the amount, and I also told him it was either that, or I was going to dispute the charge with american express, and then pizza hut could duke it out with them. either way I was not going to pay for pizza I had waited over and hour and a half to be delivered, and which was cold upon arrival. "dave" at this point became disrespectful and rude, saying things such as, "are we going to get our food back?", to which I asked if he was going to refund my money or not. he said that he was pulling up our order, and said that he was going to do something. he then said in a snotty and condescending tone "have a great evening. thank you for being so understanding" and then hanging up on me. I do not know if he actually did anything towards refunding my money at all, because he hung up on me, and in my opinion this was a tremendously abysmal example of customer service. not only was my order late and cold, with no receipt for my purchase, I had to deal with a surly delivery person, and rude, inappropriate conversation with a barely pubescent, customer service challenged individual that gave me the name "dave". I have put in a complaint to their corporate headquarters via their website, and have assured them that I will tell everyone I come into contact with what a poor experience I had with them, and that I will definitely try to persuade anyone I come into contact with not to do business with them.

    Consumer's desired resolution:
    It is my considered opinion that this business owes me — at a minimum — a refund of my money (if they did not actually refund my money, I will pursue my rights through american express to the fullest extent of the law), and if they have any shred of aspiration towards customer service, they should apologize to me for their poor service. they should also provide me with a receipt for my purchase since they obviously could not be bothered to provide one at the time of their poor service. this was an all around failure on their part to make an extremely poor customer service situation right. they are squarely in the wrong, and they know it. "dave" should not be dealing with the public in this fashion. ever. he has no business working there if he can do no better than this. I have been in the customer service business in the past, and this was a textbook example of how not to do business. this needs to be fixed by them immediately.

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  • Th
    The checkyouself Checker Dec 21, 2017

    @Dissatisfied customer Just microwave the [censor] pizza, already. i'll bet that you ate it, regardless, and 'pursuing your rights through am ex, ' only proves that you are a scam artist too. you ordered it. you pay for it. if you want the pizza hot, and fresh out of the oven, go to pizza hut, and pick it up yourself!

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  • Th
    The checkyouself Checker Dec 21, 2017

    @The checkyouself Checker Oh, yeah... did you tip the driver? that's his car, and his gas... pizza hut was busy, but you got your pizza. how was he acting, "surly?" you are a crybaby liar, and you have exposed your, "something-for-nothing," scam for millions to see. get therapy!

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  • Em
    Employee Oct 20, 2008

    She told you the specials, you were asking for the coupon price. she is not allowed to give you coupon price without a coupon.

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  • Em
    Employee Oct 20, 2008

    Just by reading this i'm assuming you are exaggerating everything to the limit. of course the stuff comes from bags, are you so ignorant that you thing they make hundreds of pizzas totally from scratch. and as for the cook putting some of the cheese back... his hands are clean, they are required to wash their hands several times including every time they touch something none food related.

    I totally agree with you on the dishwasher bring you your food, that sounds gross... but the way you have responded over-dramatically to everything else lets me think you are exaggerating this also.

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  • Al
    ALPESH DAIAGAR Nov 06, 2008

    pizzahut i expensive, nd their service day by day is geting worse, seems like they dont care about customre or they dont know meaning about customer service, i would never go to pizzahut, people go their to recieve customer service but they reciee cold food and crap service

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  • Ni
    Niki Nov 06, 2008

    Try working there. it's hard. most of you who complain, chew out the servers when it's the kitchen's fault vise versa. if you don't like it simply don't eat there and find something better to do with your time instead of complain. everyone has rough days, let's talk about the days you guys mess up at work and something doesn't go right.. if some one was there to put you down everytime you turned around would you want to do better? no. so, point blank get over it.

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  • El
    E'lia Nov 08, 2008

    The General Manager is rude and disrespectful. She is never there to acknowledge or solve any complaints. The employees say she is at the back while the employees are the ones to cash out the tickets rather than her. If asked to talk to her she rudely will not look at you or apologize for the wait. This has happened to me and my family many times.
    It is a shame that pizza hut is loosing its regulars to papa johns because of lack of customer service, management, late orders, no drivers and a disgusting restaurant. Maybe your waiting for someone to die because they ate there for you to really clean up that store in and out.

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  • Je
    Jeff Nov 13, 2008

    The delivery charge keeps going up, even as the price of gas is dropping. if I decide to order again, the delivery guy will have to suffer. then, i'll worry about what he might do to my next order, so I won't ever order from pizzahut again.

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  • Ne
    Neil Meislin Nov 15, 2008

    I don't know what happened to Pizza Hut, but there food is terrible. (I have tried several times). Soggy pasta, tasteless pizza, lousy service. They need to completely revamp the menu, upgrade the quality, and get a handle on the management. I will not go back!

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  • La
    lashawna neal Nov 23, 2008

    i order 4 spreme pizzas and all of them was wrong

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