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On April 05, 2007, I called our local Pizza Hut, located on Tusculum Blvd Greeenville TN at 7:25pm. I ordered a large thin crust pepperoni and cheese pizza for "carry-out". The Pizza Hut representative told me that it would be around 25-30 minutes. At 8:05pm, I went to pick up my family's dinner. The cashier attendant found the order in the computer, but explained there was no pizza, that my pizza had been taken possibly by the delivery "guy". He {Mr. Simspson}went on to explain, as if this made my situation better, that it had happened to several other customers. He told me that I could wait another 30 minutes and he would charge me half price. Who wants to wait another 30 minutes after just getting off work for food that was ordered over 30 minutes earlier?

I asked what the problem was. He responded to me that the store had been busy all day and that he himself had worked all day. First and foremost, that is why he gets paid and without business the store would close and he would have no job. Did I need to hear these poor excuses for lack of service? I then requested the number of the district manager. As soon as I lgot into my car, I called the number he gave me for his district manager, Mike Edwards. Believe it or not, he gave me the wrong telephone number! I walked back into the store to get the correct number. After getting the correct number, I called Mark Edward, District Manager to advise him of what was going on at the Pizza Hut store in Greeneville TN. He never returned my call, he apparently does not care either, but if it was my store, I would want to know if there was a problem. As an added note, if you eat at this store during lunch, you have to check each and every plate, most plates are not clean. My co-workers and I addressed this with the manager. She advised us that they had a new delivery boy, now does that make sense? Needless to say, if we choose to eat there during lunch, we carry-out! I wonder what the health regulations are on keeping clean plates and a clean eating area? This is the only Pizza Hut in our town, surely this is someone in management that is bright enough to address these issues!


  • So
    some pizzaguy Sep 26, 2007

    These things happen in the pizza business, unfortuneatly it seems to happen a lot. Too often if you ask me. Speaking as a pizza manager, you should have gotten an apology and your problem should have ended with your phone call. As far as the pizza Mia goes, it's a rip off. You are getting medium pizzas with small pizza topping portions. That is how they are charging only five bucks.

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  • Ma
    maher Oct 07, 2007

    it was the worset experinec i ever had with any resturant,i ordered around 4 - 4.15 afetr noon asking for delevery at 5.45 pm
    but he didnot show up i called twice the resturant but there was no help at all only sorry and at the end i recived the pizza at 6.25 where i was alreday eat some cheese and my kidds was realy not happy at all..
    i would like realy to tell me if your brand name is important even internationaly or not/ if yes so please you have realy to check on the abu dhabi services to be sure they deserv

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  • Ma
    maher Oct 09, 2007

    First I would like to thank you for answering this fast for my complain, but I would like to explain more details about the problem. I live in United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, so I tried to order for pizza for my family on the time exactly 4.10 pm Abu Dhabi time, and I asked to have it sure 5.45 pm beacuse ( and this is for your knowledge we are fasting and we eat at 6 exactly.So at 5.50 I called the location 9 by the way the order telephone
    number for Abu Dhabi is : (600569999 )

    I called 2-3 times and the answering computer put me on hold and then disconnected then third time it was excalty 6 pm the man asnwerd and said I will call the driver and check, I told him you know we have to eat at 6 and thats why I asked for 5.45 delivery he said I will see and call you back, which not done.
    I called at 6.10 and again afterr long time waiting on hold the man asnwerd and said same answering I will call the driver and check and call you back, I was realy angery beacuse time of break fast already finsihed and I told him give me any manager so I can complain he said i dont knwo any name. i will tel complain dept and they will call you, which not done til now and today is 8 october time here 9.45 morning..

    So i told him you dont know any nombure for your manager or theire name , he said I know only my supervisore name which he mentiond something like ( othman ). I was really upset beacuse I didnot eat since 5 am to 6 pm as our fasting rule..and he is very cold in his answer. I said thanks, then closed the phone and we eat with my wife and three little kidds cheese and water from our home.

    At 6.25 pm the man ring the door bell. I told my daughter you answerd beacuse maybe I will fight with this guy and also same time my daughter 7 years was insist to take the pizza while I was realy want not to. So i came to net and tried to find any main office complaints center to tell realy this bad experience as its not only for Abu Dhabi brance but for pizza hut over all. I swear with this experince with me and any more other costumers sure we will move to another brand name, but we like pizza hut since years and we dont want to change our test beacuse of unskilful services or unqulified ppl working here or there.

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  • An
    andy brewster Dec 21, 2007

    The pizza we ordered 12/21/2007 was delivered cold. The crust was burnt, also meat was very dark brown. Tasted to us like eating cardboard. Called store and got no results. They did say we could receive another pizza tonight, but we ate the other one. We eat from Pizza hut quite often, but we are considering changing our brand of pizza's.

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  • Af
    Aftab Ahmed Dec 22, 2007

    I have a motorcycle, I told the cashier while i was paying that i need a plastic bag to take the salad cause i have a motorcycle and they rudely said we don't have bags..

    I am an old customer of Pizza huts and it's sad that instead of increasing the efficiency and service its going down in Karachi - Pakistan!!!

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  • Mrs Bean Feb 10, 2019

    @Aftab Ahmed Who drives a motorcycle to pick up a pizza??? That's your fault for not thinking ahead.

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  • Ed
    edwin buenafe Jan 02, 2008

    First I would like to thank you for posting my complain, my family and I is a regular customer on your restaurant, but I would like to explain more details about the problem. I live in United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, so I tried to order for pizza for my family on the time exactly 02.00 pm 3rd of January 2008, Abu Dhabi time, the other line answered and confirm that the delivery time will be 45 minutes it is a equivalent of cooking a dinner food for a big family, but it is okey, but when I asked a little favor, where possible to make little bit early, the order is cancelled, when I did verify the location of the other end of line, it is in sharjah where they told me that they are the incharge of the delivery
    for your information, I been patronizing your product and services since 15 years ago in different countries that I worked for and lately this was we got.

    it's sad that instead of increasing the efficiency and service its going down. it is a teribble services.

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  • Bo
    Bonfyr Feb 26, 2008

    "Did I need to hear these poor excuses for lack of service?"

    You ###, you asked what the problem was. Why did you ask if you didn't want to know?

    As for the plates, drivers wash dishes.

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  • Na
    nasir ali khan Apr 24, 2008

    i am an employ at pizza hut F/10 branch, Islamabad, Pakistan..
    i have been working for the past 8 months as a cashier..
    i was forced to resign by the managment. they have no respect for their employes.
    the management at pizza hut F/10 branch, Islamabad, Pakistan has no respect and dignity for their employes. they use bad language and threathen they employees. i was told to wash dishes and when i refused i was forced to resign.
    the manager takes undue advantage of the company. they get wrong refunds and do not payfor the food they eat, which is against the company rules.

    I would like some concerned person to take a look into this... my name is nasir ali khan and my # is 923005598532.

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  • To
    Toni Witherspoon May 05, 2008

    I have always wanted to work for Pizza Hut part-time, but it is rather discouraging to hear such comments about the employees behavior with customers.My complaint is that I can never get an application to apply, because the managers, and team members are to lazy to go to the back of the store to get them.

    My impression is that district managers are not doing their job when it comes to managing their stores and employees.

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  • Ti
    Tigermagpie May 09, 2008

    Delivery service is so poor I have now been waiting over two hours to get my order.
    Pizza Hut should promote Breakfast, because that is probably when I will get it, but then again which Day? We have rung twice and heard a lot of rubbish.

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  • Ti
    Tigermagpie May 09, 2008

    They say Pizza Tastes better the next day. Only works if it was delivered the day before.
    Signed still waiting for my delivery.

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  • Do
    doctor salman khan Jun 04, 2008

    a want the name list of all piza hut manager in karachi if any body now abt hashim so plz tell me in wich brach he works my id is [email protected]

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  • St
    Starla Jun 04, 2008

    On May 26, 2008 I phoned in my order using a coupon for a large pizza and a 2-liter of Pepsi for $14.99. Upon arriving to pick up my order they gave me a medium size one, I said that it would be ok, here is my coupon. Here is were it got ugly. The shift manager "Richard" said I cannot use your coupon for this size pizza it will be $17.99 "give or take a few pennies". I said you are kidding? I was willing to accept the smaller size, but I was not going to pay more than my coupon amount. Why should it cost me more for less? When it was their mistake. Then to top it off "Richard said, "well do you want it or not? I said, "You know, I don't think I do." Then I drove across the street to Sonic.

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  • Sh
    shailesh patel Jun 28, 2008

    Went to collect pizza from west wickham which we ordered at the counter.we got the wrong pizza .asked is very importantfor one deep pan and it was not.this we realized when we came home.when we rang the pizza hut delivery place the manager said to me it must be the communication problem.the pizza also was not cooked properly as the cheese looked cold and pressed. moreover your manager at that branch said to go back to them to get another one.i would not trust them as instead of apology, he tried to find excuses for his this economic climate customer service and satisfaction is very important.if it is communication problem then your companies training has to be looked at.i hope this complaint be taken as a spur for imrovement and not be discarded.

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  • Do
    Don Jul 27, 2008

    Why would you people go to Pizza Hut? Seriously their pizza is nothing but greeze! Managers have no right to threating employees, But if your told to wash dishes then you wash the dishes. That just way it goes.

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  • Ba
    Barbecue Jew Jul 28, 2008

    Around where u live there's a great pizza place called Deez. Everyday, I just can't wait to have Deez in my mouf. They are brilliant pizza engineers, and they have such low prices.

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  • Ma
    Mark keyworth Aug 24, 2008

    Posted: 2008-08-24 by Mark Keyworth [send email]

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  • Ki
    kimberly Sep 21, 2008

    i order a pizza on 9-21-08 from batavia pizzahut. it took 75 min for the pizza to come. when i called them she acted like she didnt even care about me or my order. i was so disapointed in them. it really sucks when they redue your zone and u have to order from another hut and they dont even care asout u. yes my pizza was free. thats not the point. the point is u need to take care of customers or we will order some where else and tell people not to order from u. i am so angry thios is not the first time for all this mess. it really sucks. so dont order from batavia they are only interested in the people from theryre town only i would hope they will give us some coupons fro all the troubles we have had, its not fair to me as a comsumer.

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  • Ni
    Niki Nov 06, 2008

    If you guys want to complain and think you can do any better than do it.

    It is hard especially when they can't have more help because of labor going high and the economy being bad. Accidents happen so get over it. Stop ### about it and go somewhere else!!

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  • Gi
    Gina Nov 23, 2008

    I ordered 1 large pizza and 10 cheese breadsticks to be delivered to my home around 5:00 pm yesterday. My pizza and breadsticks were said to be delivered within 45 minutes and it came in 25 minutes, I gave a nice tip to the courteous driver. I proceeded to eat three pieces of my half of the pizza and my son ate breadsticks. When he went in to get some pizza he found tiny baby cockroaches crawling all over the box, they were hard to see because they were the color of the inside of the box. I was so disgusted that I threw the pizza out. I called and tried to get in contact with the manager and was disconnected or hung up on twice. I love their pizza and wish to remain a customer but I don't think I can ever eat there again.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Jan 10, 2009

    On Friday, January 9th, 2009 at approximately 10:30 p.m. I tried to place an order with Pizza Hut through the phone.

    I was asked by the call centre, can I help you. My response was yes, I want to know about the 3 pizza deal. The representative then told me she did not know about the deal. She proceded to ask me for my phone number, address, name etc. I explained to her that I wanted to ask her about the deal and I did not want to go through all the questions prior to me making a decision about placing an order.

    She then put me through to a manager "Angela" who also did not about the special. This special was on the internet under Pizza Hut. She was very rude and she told me to hold on, this lasted approximately 15 minutes. She never came back she disconected me on the phone.

    I called back again and spoke with a manager "Syed" who then after a while took my order, he was also not very nice.

    This kind of service is unacceptable, very poor customer service skills.

    I would like to be compensated for this.

    My email address is [email protected]

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  • Na
    naugh31 Feb 24, 2009

    I want to tell you all that pizza hut is becoming a complete rip off. I ordered 2 medium pizzas that were supreme. When I got them 1 was ok the other looked like a small plate. I called pizza hut talked to the manager I guess. She said, that she would make them over but I had to sendthem back. Everyone had started eating. I told her that I could'nt return them. The only thing that she said was I'm sorry. I paid &21.00 for this? Pizza hut was once a great place, but I'm not pleased at all anymore. If i had seen them before they came I would have told them forget itttttt. From a displeased customer in London, Ky. Thank You

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  • Gl
    Glenda Baker Apr 24, 2009

    I would just like to say that I applied for a part time job at Pizza Hut a few weeks back.

    I rang and spoke to the manager and he said he would look at my application and ring me a couple of days later.

    I have never recieved a phone call, letter or any acknowledgement of my application at all.

    I appreciate that the company must get hundreds of applications and they are not in a position to reply to applicants but what did annoy me was the fact the manager said he would get back to me and he didn't.

    I just feel if thats the way they treat someone who has taken the trouble to apply and followed it up with a phone call, I really wouldn't want to work for them anyway.

    Has anyone else been treated in this offhand way when applying for a job with them?

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  • Ra
    Rachael Spann Jul 04, 2009

    On the afternoon of the 4th July 2009 I order the three Pizza Mia pizzas for $15 from the Aitkenvale Pizza Hut store. On the Pizza Hut order line, it clearly states that the pizza mia pizzas are topped to the edge. My pizzas were not topped to the edge and as none of my family ear the crusts on the pizza, alot of the pizza was wasted.

    I rang the store at 8:00 that night to complain that the pizzas were not as advertised on the order line. I spoke to two managers.
    The managers were quite rude and treated me like an incompetant idiot. They then said that they were making their pizzas according to specifications and were correct in saying that their pizzas did not have to be topped to the edge.

    They then expected me to go through my bins and retrieve the left over crusts from my rubbish bin and take them into the store, along with getting my 5 year old and 1 year old children out of bed to do this task.

    I am completely disgusted with this treatment and I would appreciate it if this complaint could be taken further.

    The store later disconnected my call after 1/2 hour of being on the phone to them without talking to me at all.

    I then contacted the pizza hut ordering line again and the gentleman on the line advised me that the pizzas are supposed to be topped to the edge.

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  • Ho
    Holly_32 Oct 22, 2009

    Pizza Hut is awful. After waiting 10minutes to be seated in an almost empty restaurant, we then waited over 25 minutes without even being asked what drink we wanted; catching the waiters and waitresses eye nothing was happening; getting up to complain i saw our waitress wiping her nose with her hands so i left that very moment.
    Very appauled and dissapointed. It was not even busy, no attention was paid to us whatsoever, the staff were ungracious and rude and the table was not even cleaned.

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  • Pi
    pizza eater Nov 20, 2009

    I ordered a large super supreme pizza, the special for $10.99 last night (11/19/09). I picked it up myself. When I returned home and started eating the pizza, I found that it was the hand-tossed crust instead of the pan crust that I had ordered. Also the center was gooey (cheese) and the dough was very soft and poorly cooked in the middle. The pizza had not been cooked long enough I felt, as even the toppings (onions and green peppers) were too crunchy. Also, I ordered wings and was told that ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce was extra. I was very disappointed in this order. Pizza Hut has always been my favorite pizza, but this last order was very unsatisfactory. What are you going to do about this? The Pizza Hut location nearest my home is on Old Fort Pkwy. in Murfreesboro, TN.

    Brenda Clem
    713 Cason Lane
    Murfreesboro, TN 37128

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  • Wo
    WOODYS Dec 12, 2009

    One night my friends and I decided to order pizza hut. Here there is a call center that you place your order with. We were hung up on more times than I want to admit because I just should have called Domino's because I have never had a problem with them plus you do not have to call a call center, you talk to the actual store. Well, the first time the order was late. So, we called them and were told to call back when the driver actually got there that it had to be 20 minutes late. So, we did just that and we waited another 20 on top of 45 minutes to start with. And they said we would get the discount on our next order. The delivery guy told us the call center did not put the order in. So, about a week later if we called them once again to order pizza. Thought maybe we just a bad call center rep but keep on reading the call center is a joke.

    My friends are here working in town and with a big company with lot of other workers. We call not even a week later to give it a shot again thinking maybe the call center was just over loaded. Well, I called told the lady I wanted to place an order. And that we were told we would get a discount on our next order because our pizza was later a few days ago. The lady said Mam, being very rude, that is not the way we do it. We give the discount the night it is delivered. I told her how was that when we were told to call when the pizza gets here and our order was already processed. I said I would like to speak with a manager. She then said, I do not think that is necessary. But hold on.

    She came back and no manager. She said do you got the receipt. I said hold on. She said I do not have time to hold on I have orders to place. And she hung up on me. Well, I called back and just placed the order and never mentioned the discount cause we were just hungry. And that was that. But I called back to check on the order and they said it would be 30 minutes.

    So, being nice when the order was not here in 45 minutes I gave them another 30 minutes to be well over their 20 minute late dead line. I called and they said it was on the way. I waited another 30 minutes. And they then said the delivery driver had been there but no one was there. But that was far from the truth cause I work at a hotel and I work at the front desk and there is always some one at the front desk. So, they lied. So, they said they would resend it. Well, long story short the pizza never got here. This was at midnight and had been calling since 8:30 p.m. The call center just gave us one big run around. We dealt with all that until midnight and went to be hungry.

    I later called a store out of curiosity to see what they had to say about the call center. And they told me they have had complaints with the call center for a long time. And even the worker was surprised to see it keep happening and nothing being done about it. I guess Pizza Hut makes enough money they do not have to care anymore about the customers.

    I also called to complain. And it is hard to get a number to reach anyone. Someone was suppose to call me with in three business and with out saying I am sure you see where this is going... I never heard from anyone.

    So my suggestion to anyone if you are hungry and expect to get pizza delivered to you by Pizza Hut prepare to go to bed hungry. Call Domino's or some local pizza place because the call center's are very rude and it obvious the company alone does not care cause they feel like you will call back and order again like I did. But I will never send another dime at a pizza hut.

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  • Gi
    ginger Feb 24, 2010

    The next time you order from them let them know up front that the pizzas need to be as advertised or you will refuse the order. Or, you can take a look at them before paying and see if they are to your liking. If not, send them back, but don't expect them to do business with you in the future.
    I agree that they should honor their advertising. I don't like being cheated either. However, a lack of continued business will hurt them more than anything. If you believe it to be a matter of false advertising there are other things you can do to make them compliant. Reporting them to the proper authorities may be your best bet.

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  • Wi
    william_1 May 02, 2010

    on friday april30 i got honney rosted bone out wings they said mild they burned my mouth wife tooik them back msnager refused to replace them said to my wife tossthem i dont care. this is the second time she has been disrespectful tous, iwillnot eat any thing from there until she is set go

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  • Am
    amanmanit Aug 25, 2010

    today i wanted to order some pizzas and they told me they don't have service for this location (C.V.raman Nagar), same thing happened with my friend also who is staying in AECS Layout.

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  • An
    Angela Stephens Sep 15, 2010

    My family and I went to Pizza Hut last night for dinner. There were eight of us all together. My sister ordered some pzones. When the waiter came to deliver the order, he spilled the hot pizza sauce on my arm and my lap. It was so hot it burned my arm and leg. The waiter apologized by saying "I'm sorry. I have spilled sauce on me before and it is hot." He was not very sincere. He took his time getting something to help clean it up. I had to hold my pant leg up away from my leg while my sister wiped it up. Afterwards, he just acted like nothing happened. I had red marks on my arm and leg. When we went to checkout, my sister told the manager what happened. He said she wouldn't have to pay for the bill.she explained we had separate bills. When he saw my bill, he changed his mind and only took 50 percent off. I think it should have been free.

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  • Mi
    Mike c Ross Dec 28, 2010

    My family an I went to pizza hut tonight at around 830pm in clarksummit pa on 900 state street there was no one in the place at all we were the only customers there we had the worst customer service we have ever had my wife and myself decided to get the salad bar badd idea everything was terrible I myself got sick as a dog because of the ranch dressing it must have been out all day long it was about a 1/4 full so we asked the waitress if she can refill it she used the same pan therefore cross contamination bigg bigg issue well I got very sick from it the dressing that is at least who knows the pizza was terrible breadstick way overcooked I asked for the corporate office ## the manager says he don't know it now what kind of manager doesn't know that number come on really they must hire the stupiest managers that have no experience at all instead of professionals WOW what an experience I will never go back there again 3 strikes your out ...

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  • De
    dedemc Feb 02, 2011

    So, my husband is in the military. We used to live in Tucson, AZ and stayed on base, he also had (and still has) a Tuscon cell phone number. Fast forward... We moved to Louisiana and called the stupid call center to place an order, we give them our address & zip code here in LOUISIANA and pay by credit card, but somewhere, somehow, some way, the order gets sent to a Pizza Hut in Tucson. Well, you know, its a Tucson area code, a little mistake. The delivery guy in Tucson calls my husbands phone to ask him where is our house. We tell him that we live in Louisiana and a brief version of what probably happened. Ok, no big deal, we'll just call the call center back and ask for a refund. Yeah... right. My husband ends up calling about four or five different phone numbers trying to find out where to get his refund and who's going to give him his money back!!! Really?!?!...Seriously? So, the call center that placed the order, took our credit card info cannot issue a refund? The call center transfers us to two other departments, then gives us a different number to call. Then WE have to call three other numbers before we actually find someone who MIGHT be able to get us our $45 be continued.

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  • Cl
    Clarissa Solis Feb 06, 2011

    Well I worked in Texas pizza hut and they treat employees ugly there. This waitress was always pushing me calling me ugly words that I can put down. So I finally quit cuz I am a mother who was trying to support my child. I am a single mom so I took my job seriously. Other employees would have sex at the store and do drugs. They don't know how to run the store. It'd just sad.

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  • Ah
    A Hot Mess Feb 26, 2011

    The pizza hut on Guadalaupe St in Austin, TX is absolutely terrible and unprofessional. I am appalled by the fact that after trying to order pizza, they hung up in my face four times. I will be calling the district manager and filing a formal complaint as well as with the Better Business Bureau. I am thoroughly disgusted by their low-level of customer service.

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  • Sh
    shamaoon Mar 06, 2011

    remove all cheaters in barking pizza hut like mr naeem mr farooq and ali from sialkot

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  • Sh
    shamaoon Mar 06, 2011

    remove all cheaters in barking pizza hut like mr. naeem mr farooq mr ali from sialkot pakistan

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  • An
    anna_alain Jul 24, 2011

    yestarday we went for a dinner at pizza hut in (uae al ain city) i asked the weitress for a bottle of pepsi instead of the mashine she asked the manager and the manager refused and i said i will pay for it but she said its not about the money its about if other customers will see the bottle then they all want the same but i insisted i wanted a bottle so she went and she came back and she said that they dont even have bottle for deliverys anyhow it was not nice from them at all and then my kid wanted a bigger plate for her salad just for the space cz the salad plate she found it small so the waitress said that its extra charges but the point that we always go to pizza hut and eat there but its the first time they deal with us this way and we were very upset and from now we will not go to that pizza place cz of their service though the waitress was nice to us but the management is bad :(((.

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  • Ly
    Lynnie Thodsen Oct 29, 2011

    I reside in Mt. Isa North Qld Australia - I have ordred pizza at arount 6.20pm tonight = the time is now 8.35pm after calls to the twilight zone of pizza that told me the order had not even gone through ever though I have the call and time on my mobile = andI told me that there was no thin base or anything else plus I wanted little fish on the supreme only the ordinary base ...bah bah bah bah bah and then theywould take of cost of delivery - but low and behold when I said that I was a very regular customer and I should get the pizza's for free THEY WERE AT ME DOOR WITHIN S MINUTES = DON'T KNOW HOW


    Lynette Thodsen
    156 Camooweal Street
    Mt.Isa Qld 4825

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  • Mr
    Mrs. C Brown Dec 07, 2011

    I usually do not have a problem with Pizza Hut Pizza or service but the crust had a sweet taste last time I bought one for $10, which is a great deal by the way, however, that sweet taste has got to go! YUK

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