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I don't know the girls name..She did not tell me when she answered the phone. I tried to order pizza and all I could here were her and her coworkers laughing and cursing. Every time I said something to try and poo rder she said what or what was that and was laughing the whole time.. She was rude and when she ask where I lived I told her and I hears her ask one of the guys I could hear he said that dump behind wholesale.. The store was in Morehead, KY. I do not think that cursing, laughing, being rude, and calling where I live, better yet my home a dump.. I will never order product from pizza Hut again. I was a very good customer, always tipped $5.00 or more to each delivery driver because I know they are trying to make a living. I called at 8:24 pm on October 13, 2017. I think something should be done about this incident.

Robert Stevens
134 N. Blair St. Trlr#2 Morehead, KY 40351

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