Optimumoptimum customer service and services

My name is griseele mirabal i have had services in my unit for for two months the. It took them two attempts to install services due to an address issue in tge system . once my service was installed tge first month. My services got disconnected four times due to the same address issue on tge companies end . in between each service disconnection my service woul be lacking i had no channells and my wifi internet did not work . i went to the company on executive boulevard. At that time they told me they would delete that account . and begin a new one in which that bill would be void . they gave me new boxes . service still did not i had to change boxes. Now for tge second time .. At this point i have continued to call due to issues with my service still that has not been fixed . and. The bill that was supposed to be expunge. Was sent to my house . and is now past due at this point i need to speake to some higher up or i will .
have to take this matter into other hands

Oct 07, 2019

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