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billing switch

I received a notice from Cable Vision on August 16th dated August 7th stating that my bill was overdue. It...

tv quality

I switched from Dirctv to Cablevision because I would save money. However, the joke was on me because the...

cut in service-not price

Cablevision found another way of their customers paying more. Instead of increasing their already high rates, they now have removed access to approximately 20 formerly inclusive channges (such as Lifetime, BET, MTV, AMC, AMC, etc).

Now they are requiring "monthly rental fees" for digital cable boxes, HD digital cable boxes or CableCARDs on each TV. So, I am paying for Family Cable is $55/month, with almost half the channels - - will their be a price adjustment?????

I find it quite funny that they cut these channels in the midst of the Didital switch so consumers think that buying the TV converter boxes would work.

I would like to find out who we need to contact for these unfair consumer practices.

  • No
    NowSatifisedWithFiOS Mar 13, 2011

    Pulled the same obvious bait and switch scam and fraud on us. We cut the service and got the NY AG involved.

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rude and illinformed customer service reps

I have been a customer of Cablevision for nine years (tv only). I was
having problems with my present phone and internet service. They
both had been not working. I would not be able to make outgoing calls
and the internet went completely off. I decided to change my whole
package to Optimum. We worked a package for $123.00 plus tax,
by the way the rep made an appointment for us without us asking
him to. We were checking prices. At the end we kept the appointment,
the installers came to hook us up. They told there would be a $20.00
for installation which the rep never told us. We were willing to do
that since it was for the first month only. Then the installer told us we
were getting a new phone number, which was never discussed. I said I
wanted to keep mine so I call cust service and told them I wanted to
keep my phone she said no problem it will cost me $40.00. I told
her I didn't want the service anymore. If they had told me at the
start all the fees I would'nt have ordered it. Wasted my time and a
a days pay. They tell you nothing and expect you to agree with their terms. You think after nine years they would give me a break. I am
now looking for another provider.

  • No
    NowSatifisedWithFiOS Mar 13, 2011

    Their corporate "service" reps are even worse! Pulled the same obvious bait and switch scam and fraud on us. We cut the service and got the NY AG involved.

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terrible company

I paid my bill of 45.98 to cablevision for the month of Feb. 2009. In error I sent a payment of 125.81 to cablevision two days later that was supposed to go towards my con ed bill. I contacted cablevison regarding obtaining a refund. The customer service rep. gave me a confirmation number stating that they would either mail a refund check or wire the money back into my account. The stated someone in the refund department will be in contact with me within 24 hours to verify the account information. 24 hours passed and I didn't not receive a call back from anyone at cablevison.

I called again the next morning and the rep. confirmed all the information in the computer. She then put me on hold and after 5 minutes another lady picked up who stated she was the supervisor. She stated how unfortunate the situation was blah blah. I cut her off and asked when is the refund going to be done?. She said it takes a couple of days, then said oh you have to fax proof of payment to a place called Connecticut support who does there refunds. I stated why do I need to show proof when you stated receiving the amount in the system and that you have it as a credit? She stated it was just policy. I am still waiting for the refund.

Unfortunately my bank JP morgan chase can't do anything. I still wonder why I bank with them. I can't wait for verizon Fios to get to my neighborhood.

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bad billing system

Today Cablevision shut off my cable service. Their story was that the bank "charged back" the last 3 month...

charges for another person bill

Hi, I was living in the same apt as another person during 12/14/05-9/28/06. the person living in same apt...

customer abuse

I get a bill that instead of being $100 is instead $300. WHY ? I called and asked them and their answer wa...

rude and ill informed customer service reps

As an investor and customer in Cablevision I was thoroughly disappointed with the service I have received from Cable Vision. Today I contacted cablevision in regards to a letter I received in the mail stating my monthly service premiums were going to increase. When I contacted your customer service department I was first greeted by a representative that was uninterested in my concerns and immediately shuffled me off to your cancellation department, which was unprompted by me. After waiting a few minutes I was horrified by both the lack of respect and rudeness that was exhibited to me by your representative in the cancellation department (akmid?). Among other insults, it was implied by your associate that I was "stupid" for complaining about the price increase and was an idiot to leave cablevision. I did not devote 10 years of my life to higher eduation to be called an idiot. To say he was unprofessional would be a complement. I enjoyed the services cablevision offered me but was given no other choice but to cancel my services with cablevision.

poor billing practices

Recently after speaking with a neighbor I decided to check my Cablevision bill. All of my neighbors who had the Cablevision internet service and the Cablevision TV cable service had started adding their "phone service". Cablevision had been advertising their triple play for over a year - 3 services, phone, internet and cable service for $100 a month. I have had all 3 since April of 2007 but I was never offered the "triple play deal" when I signed up. I called Cablevision to inquire if I signed up before this deal was in effect and if that was the case why I wasn't offered it when it went into effect. The representative wouldn't tell me the start date for triple play but said I didn't qualify for it because I already had two Cablevision services. I know this is not true because all of the neighbors I knew had both Cablevision TV cable service and Cablevision internet service. I told the representative that I felt this was a very unfair practice for existing customers. I asked why Cablevision had never revieiwed my account. She then said account review was a random intermittant practice because Cablevision has too many customers. I agreed with that statement as they have a monopoly in my area in NJ. Fios is not available where I live as this representative was quick to tell me. She then decided to review my account and discovered I was paying $20 a month too much for family cable services (TV). My complaint is that I was not offered this triple play deal - I am still not sure when it was first offered as the representative wouldn't tell me. But I know it was falsely advertised on the TV and that is illegal. The TV ads never said the "deal" was not available to existing customers who had 2 services and I know many people who has 2 services and got this deal. In my mind Cablevision owes me $540 for overcharging me for 18 months and still owes me $10 a month as they refused to give me this triple play deal and credit me retroactively for their mistake. I could not even talk to a supervisor or manager. I have to wait 48 hours for one to call me back. This just shows because Cablevision has a monoply and does not care about taking care of their existing customers or about fair billing practices.

  • Bl
    BLITZCLIK Mar 14, 2009

    I must tell you that the majority of judges have stock in the cable network industry. Don't expect justice from them.
    Oh by the way, the Digital TV change we all now recieve was put foward to charge us for channel reception in the years to come.
    Another scam the cable companies deploy is the fact that we are all paying for product comercials. Which occupies thirty eight percent of you subscription time.

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  • Mn
    M Navarro Jul 01, 2009

    I got Cable 3 years ago with their offer of $99.00 per Internet/phone/TV services. After the fiots year, the prices have been sky rocketting. Charges for everything. The worst is moving from one address to another one. On March 8th I got a bill for 146.83 and on March 22nd I got another one for $184.16. Tired of all these, I changed to Fios. When I called cable to cancel, they talked about how Fios charges for boxes, so do they!. Also they tell ex-costumers that your electricity bill will go up $12.00 because of the battery. Be careful with all their tricks! It's funny that now that I am out, the reperesentative offered me a price of $99.00 everything included, charges, taxes, etc. LIERS!

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bad service

I have been having broadcast t.v. problems with Cablevision since 12/11/07. They have not fixed the problem, they have totally lied to me as a consumer and have not compensated me for the loss of service. They are having technical problems with their t.v. broadcast signal on many channels, but when I call their customer service department, they claim no one else is having the problem. This is totally false, since I have verified it with other Cablevision customers that they are having the problem.They sent a technician to my home, and he had the audacity to put in a report that the problem was fixed. Meanwhile he wrote on the receipt I got for the service that there are sound problems and to quote exactly in his hand-written notes, "there is nothing-can do about it." These people are not only incompetent when it comes to fixing their broadcast problems, they lie to their customers and continually to bill me for bad service!I would like to see consumers in the area band together and make some kind of class-action lawsuit against them, but I don't know who to contact for help in fighting them.

loss of service

Several channels were recently removed from regular programming and placed on "available via cable box rental". Cablevision explains that the channels in question were no longer being transmitted analog and only digital transmission was available. My response: " I purchased Digital TVs with digital receivers". Cablevision comes back with: "we do not support digital TVs!" What was that? The country is going digital and a major cable company does not support Digital TV.
Is the possible explanation that Cablevision wants to rent "cable boxes' and not offer digital transmission to customers that own Digital TV receivers. Does anyone have a logical explanation for this?

poor customer service

Tonight was the second time this week that I had to contact the customer service department of the Long Island cable company, Cablevision. I am so very tired of having to wait for the next representative...tonight it was 19 minutes. The other evening it was 29 minutes. Both times, I was helped by one department, but then had to wait again to speak with someone else in another department to solve my second problem. After waiting some time, I finally gave up and hung up; which is probably what they want you to do! I do not understand why they cannot hire more people. Certainly, they charge enough for their service. Last month I paid $205. for the month. I am so disgusted with their customer service procedures that I am very tempted to leave and go to Verizon! Doesn't the customer have any importance anymore? I would never deal with people the way this big conglomerate does. It's disgraceful!

  • Sa
    Sam Shimokian Oct 18, 2008

    This company sucks! The only reason they make so much money is there is a sucker born every minute, and if they sign up enough dopes who don't know any better, or who won't cancel if something goes wrong, they don't give a ###ing ### if you call up and complain about the lousy service and billing fraud! It's almost impossible to work through their complicated phone menu to get someone to listen to your complaint. If you do get a live person, they say that's not their department, so they say they will connect you to someone who will help, but all you get is unlimited cheesy music until you get so pissed off you hang up.

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  • Fu
    furious in wariwck Jul 08, 2009

    I am so mad at this company I am spitting nails. After my husbands company decided to stop paying for his telephone charges (he works from home and accrues high phone bills) we choose to try a VOIP. However, our DSL line is not fast enough to support the usage he needs and decided to switch to Optimum. I called and explained to customer service that we were interested in swithcing and we needed someone to come and run a line from the main connection to where our computer resides - they then scheduled an appt. However, upon arrival the tech informed us that they do NOT run lines anymore (why didn't the person from cablvision tell me that???), however, they tested the line coming in to the house and realized it was not working and that they needed a bucket truck to correct that problem at the tap. So we went ahead and ran a new line, and I called to reschedule and explained that a bucket truck was also required as per the previous tech. Again, I take off from work and the tech shows up at 9 am with NO bucket truck and says that there is a problem with the line and a bucket truck is necessary. He proceeds to call someone else to come with a bucket truck and 2 hrs later, someone else shows up with NO bucket truck. Looks at the situation and says we need a bucket truck and they have no access to one. It is now 11:30, I have 2 techs here and still cannot get the internet hooked up. They call in a request for a bucket truck, explain that IF the bucket truck shows up taht day the tech will come back before 7 pm to finish job. At 12:10 pm I run out to a lunch appt previously scheduled just as the bucket truck shows up. I explain to the guy that Ihave a prev appt and I will return around 1:30 pm - assumed he didn't need me home. He agrees and states he will notify tech that I will not be back till 1:30 so he doesn't show up earlier. But guess what ??? I arrive home to a message that the tech showed up at 1:07 pm and no one was there so I would need to reschedule. I called Cablevision, explained situation and she said she would call tech to see if he could come back as they are out working till 8pm. Mind you, during our 2 1/2 hr "visit" with tech earlier as we were making "small talk" he told me he only had 4 calls that day ... kind of a slow day. So I figured I was good to go. Needless to say, I get a call back from Cablevision saying tech could not come back out so I would need to recschedule. After I express my frustration, she says ... "well, you have to understand, he was out there twice already today"!!! As if that was MY problem. Perhaps if Cablevision LISTENED to the customers when schduleing, crap like this wouldn't happen! Now I will have to take a THIRD day off from work to stay home just in an attempt to get internet hookup. And they are surprised that I dont want to change over my phone & tv to their service! Go Figure. Also, could this be why companies go under ?? ... cannot imagine how much it cost to have 5 techs (hopefully it will only be 5 IF everything goes ok on next appt) scheduled to hook up one SIMPLE internet service ... Unfortunately they got me between a rock and a hard place. Nobody else offers this service in the area and the telephone line is sooooooooo slow I might as well not have internet service! I really really really hope once I have it its worth it!

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  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with service companies in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    Yes, on paper, sent via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or your favorite flavor.

    You MUST deal with service companies in WRITING.

    Follow EACH phone conversation with a snail-mail summary of your conversation to the place you send your bills. Include your name, address, and account number.

    If you continue to be defrauded by service companies file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"


    remember you CAN also sue them in small claims court. In most jurisdictions the filing fee is about $60. WHEN you win your case you will recoup this investment.

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  • Al
    also frustrated customer Sep 27, 2013

    Just came back from vacation at the shore in ct.
    The house had ATT dvr and cable service. It was great.Easy to navigate and most impressive...the fastforward worked excellent. Very sensitive and stopped where you wanted it, unlike optimum which is very frustrating to use. I swear they've gone backward in technology. We liked our old boxes better.

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  • Vi
    Violet Kauffman RN Mar 09, 2018

    Optimum is taking advantage of the public. If you have their services and move or cancel your cable, phone, internet services one day into your billing period they charge you for the entire month even though you are not going to continue to use the services. They will not pro-rate your services so you only pay for what you use. This is the only company who will not pro-rate. How are they getting away with this rip off. The attorney General should be made aware of this scam. Do not use Optimum please pick another carrier.

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contract break

I signed up for the triple play. Converted my internet and phone service. It was a couple hundred dollars to...

fraudulent sales

When the salesman came to sign us up for their service, we made he tell us specifically the cost we would incur. We had it written down on our service order. This also included 3 free boxes. We had the impression this service order would be binding. After getting the initial bill which was incorrect and took several months to correct, the very next month the bill went from $132 to $151 - when I called they told me we had to pay for the 3 boxes. The CSR told me that they would never give the boxes for free. I then asked to speak with a supervisor who told me the same. I said you aren't going to honor your contract - which she says to me that there is no contract so I rephrased it by saying honoring the agreement we had with their sales rep. She said he was wrong. I tried to call him to get the corrected but he never called back. As was their probably intention, I stopped pursuing it thinking $19 was not that much more. Well, I've had the service for a year and the sales rep told us after the first year our fees would go up $23 dollars. We went from $152 to $224! Now I have to start all over! We have the choice of Cablevision or Verizon which I switched from because they gave me a price but every month I had to call and get the bill changed to the corrected price - we can we do?!

useless customer service!

I have had so many problems from day one with Cablevision, whether it be with the service or the customer service. For months I have had problems with the picture on my screen looking digitalized, sometimes it lasted 2 days and I would not be able to watch any tv. They supposedly ran diagnostics, sent someone out(after 4days from my initial phone call) and said everything looked fine. Thanx!

Then I wanted to lower my cable bill so I got rid of my voip phone and lowered my cable from the silver package to the family. I saved myself a whole $15 but it was a win for me not to have to give them an extra penny of my money. Sooo, I get my cable bill and it seems a little higher than it should be. I ask the first of 4 customer serv reps to run down my bill, and nothing seemed different. It was finally the 4th rep I spoke to that says, you are paying an extra $10 a month for a box I didn't have, that had to be added when I dropped my package cause it was never there and then says you have IO Navigation. So I say whats that?? He says I don't know please hold. He comes back and says its for digital music stations and a channel lineup channel. This is free when you have the Silver package but not free when you have the Family package. Sooo... when I lowered my bill 3 people supposedly didn't see this charge for the last few months. So I asked to take it off, I called back a few days later it was still on there... Now I let them turn my cable off cause I will never give them another penny... I am going with Verizon...

  • Ga
    Gary the Mailman Sep 13, 2008

    Recently lost my internet service with cablevision. Called Technical support, they said problem was with ethernet card or cable, they insisted problem was with my equipment, and cable modem as working fine. I go out and spend $700 for new computer, only to have this one not be able to connect also. Call support, guess what?? Modem is not working properly. I tell themhow unhappy I am with their service, if they value my business, make it worth my while to stay. Throw me a friggin bone, Free HBO or anthing. Best they could do is give me a one time credit for $20. They don't value my business and I will change my service first chance I get.

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  • Re
    Reviewer84975 Jan 05, 2016

    They mess up billing very often and charge you more than promised. When you call they claim not to know what was promised and are downright rude. Worst customer service reps. Company obviously doesn't care. You can waste so much time on cablevision and pay sky prices for very little product.

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Cablevision has been charging their customers an additional charge if you have more that two boxes.in my case...

scam billing!

I've had cablevision... From the very beginning... I've had trouble with them... 1) when I sign up... The...