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How does Optimum work?

Optimum  are providing high-speed internet, digital TV and voice services.

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Via email :  [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]

Via phone : +1 866 200 7273 (Customer Service)
+1 973 230 6048 (New Jersey, CS)
+1 973 230 2037 (New Jersey, Sales)
+1 203 870 2583 (Connecticut, CS)
+1 203 870 2492 (Connecticut, Sales)
+1 631 393 0637 (Long Island, CS)
+1 631 393 0707 (Long Island, Sales)
+1 718 860 3514 (NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester, CS)
+1 718 975 1140 (NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester, Sales)

Where is the company located?

Optimum are located in Melville, United States (full address - Corporate Center Drive 611747 Melville, United States)

Is Optimum a legitimate business?

Optimum have very bad reviews on the internet and haven’t even tried resolving customer grievances on our portal, so we definitely advice to stay away from them!

Complaints & Reviews

took off gsn!

I can't believe that you took off one of my favorite channels and now want me to pay an additional $6.75 a month to an already too expensive bill. So I guess ... I can now deduct $6.75 from my payment each month ... since I'm no longer getting GSN.

I have always been a cablevision customers and as you added Optimum Voice and Optimun Online ... I immediately ordered it, but I never received the discounts of having 3 packages for $99 for a year which totally was unfair to me as long time customoer.

Looks live Direct TV is looking better to me! Thanks for nothing!

  • Ed
    Ed4111 Feb 25, 2013

    I agree, I'm mad about GSN also. Complain to your local cable TV advisory committee.

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reduced service increase prices

It was bad enough when they moved ESPN Classic to a charge just as the basketball world championships were on but now to transfer GSN to a premium is the final straw. They keep raising prices and reducing service.

I bill $ 300, 00 plus every month and this is getting ridiculous.

When we lost service because of the problems with Channel 5 and were unable to view much of the baseball playoffs, once again no action on Cablevisions part.

When I talk to them all I get is what a great job they are doing and how they add features at no charge therefore they can reduce services accordingly.

Time to look to Fios.

  • Ke
    Kelly Mullarney Feb 02, 2011

    I am very upset that my cable bill keeps increasing and I am watching stations that were part of the package disappear. How can Cablevision get away with this? When I called and complained that I feel I should not have to order and pay for a station GSN that I already had as part of a package, and when I complained that Cablevision keeps dropping stations that were part of a package, I was told that I was notified of this on my bill. OK Cablevision, Why didn't you replace GSN with something else? Why am I now looking at a blue screen with your telephone number on it telling me I can subscribe, and (pay) for something I was, and I am still paying for. I don't want a sports package. If your going to remove a station that was part of a package deal you offered me when I subscribed to Cablevision, then lower my bill because you took something away that was part of the deal. It's time for all the unhappy Cablevision customers to look into other carriers all at once, and drop Cablevision as we've been cheated enough.

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  • Pay up old lady - that's basically what they told my mom. Cablevision is out of touch with their viewers. The majority of viewers watching this network are elderly and on fixed income. GSN does not belong as a premium channel and certainly does not belong as part of a sports package. Family Basic is now less channels same price.

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  • Az
    Azule Feb 08, 2011

    Have you ever heard the Sesame Street song...one of these is not like the others...well of all the channels in this Sports Pak, GSN is the only non-sport channel. Why would Cablevision move it? It makes no sense. I trying to look into FIOS, but at this time its not available in my area. I would opt for DirectTV, but my building won't allow fixtures. I'm stuck for now, but if these service cuts and moves continue I'll soon rid myself of Cablevision. I'll return to Verizon for internet and telephone and watch TV on my PC.

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  • Please write a complaint and send to both addresses below. It's more effective if they see it in writing. I just sent mine and I have 6 others writing in their complaints as well.
    Cablevision Complaints
    6 Corporate Drive
    Melville NY 11747


    Cablevision Systems Corp.
    1111 Stewart Avenue
    Bethpage, NY 11714

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fox 5


pooooor service

It took 3 weeks and 7 service calls to actually get Optimum Online Cablevision out to my house for installation of internet and TV Service, when they finally did show up they showed up on the wrong day and I had to send my Father there, just so that he could drill a hole in my wall before realizing that he had to go to my basement to ground it and then he wasnt able to do that. Customer service is HORRIFIC...The Tech, barely speak English and are so unprofessional its not even funny. The worst experience EVER. This is exaclty why VERIZON can charge so much, because never had any problems with them.


the worst customer service in the universe

I have tried and tried to disconnect the phone service of my package and for months. Three different times after being on hold for 20+ minutes at a time and 3-4 attempts each time, I got an individual who would try to convince me to keep the service and then finally said they would disconnect it. Then the next month my bill would still include phone service. It is October and I have been trying since May. I stopped paying the bill for 2 months and then finally talked to a very pleasant sounding woman named Tima at ext #2257 in August who said she wanted to help me but my account needs to be current. She said if I paid that day she could credit my account back to May for the phone portion. So I did and she didn't. Two weeks ago I stormed into a local office who claimed they couldn't help me but then after I walked out they wiped out all the notes from my account. So now when I call CS, there is no history of me ever trying to disconnect or ever talking to Tima, etc. I could scream and feel like I need a lawyer to deal with these people.

  • An
    Andy Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    we have the triple package deal, tv internet and phone.
    everytime we get a call to the house the internet disconnects, why? and how can we fix this problem, its been happening for a while now. thanks. an email response would be highly recommended

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  • Ed
    ed Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Call them and they will send someone to check or replace your modem.

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  • Th
    Theresa Engel Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do not have phone service but i have tv and internet????why

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  • Au
    AustinNJNY Oct 27, 2010

    DO NOT GET Optimum Online!!!
    Just got off the phone with Optimum and they have the rudest customer service I’ve come across in a very long time. First, their internet doesn’t work on my wireless modem (Boost doesn’t get close to the promised speed!). Now 3 weeks to do a number change which they told me would take a week at best. Non of their services has lived up to expectation and my patience is running out!

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  • Ya
    Yary May 22, 2014

    I had Optimun services for a few years now and yesterday i called to down grade. I spoke to someone name shade and she was teh worse. no costumer services skills, seems to hate her job and very unfriendly. I ended my services with optimum becuase they do noy value their customer and they prices are ridiculous. I kept the internet services and come home today to find out that the internet was not working becuase this customer services person cut it off as well. overall i not recomemded Optimum to no one.

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deliquent account status

Account #-1=[protected] Ref#[protected] I received a letter yesterday from the Collection Agency...

poor customer service, poor conflict resolution

We experienced a problem with Optimum when we were misinformed by an Optimum Representative in regards to billing and payments. We were under the impression that we had an additional 2 days to make our payment of 160. (We asked for a 2 day extension) 2 days later when we called to make our payment the automated system reflected that payment was owed in the amount of 320.

We called to speak with a representative to find out what the problem was. It turns out that within the 2 days another bill had generated. The representative explained that it is not Optimum's policy to grant and extension and that first rep may not have had enough training.

At this point it wasn't feesible for us to pay the 320 we only had enough to pay the 160. We have 3 children and alot of other monthly expenses it seems like we can barely make ends meet.

We ask to speak to a supervisor so that we can try to pay the 160 and avoid having our services interupted. We were told by the supervisor that there was nothing that she could do because everything is done by the computer and there is no way they can override it. After about a half hour of my complaining about how I feel as though they are def 100% liable for any information or misinformation given by one of their employees. The supervisor speaks with her manager who tells her that Optimum will pulll the phone record and try to resolve the issue at hand. She informs me that this proceedure should take about 4-5 business days. I felt relieved because I thought that things were looking promissing. Once they pull the phone call they can see that everything is just as we said and we can go ahead pay the 160. go on wiht our service and be find. NO. :(

4-5 days come and go, still no word from Optimum. Around or about the 10th business day we contact them (at this point service had been interupted) The rep that we speak to that day has told us that they still have not pulled the record and need a little more time maybe another 4-5 business days.

From this point we get lots of calls from Optimum. LOL none of which relate to the issue at hand they want payment in the amount of 346.54, not even the 320. that they said was due when we called to make the payment for 160. Imagine how upset this made me knowing that we have been customers for about 2 yrs never missed a payment and they show such a lack of respect, they made no effort to resolve the issue what so ever because they knew that they would be responsible had they pulled that phone call.

I didn't care if it took them 3 yrs to pull the phone call they weren't getting my 320 with out informing me that they pulled that call. It's just a matter of principle. My fiance on the other hand was going through withdrawal from not seeing any ESPN. So he finally calls in to pay the 320 and get it over with. Easy right? NO

They inform us that in order to get the service restored that we would need to pay 550 in order to have our service restored. Mind you we were only interupted for 2 wks. It turns out that they sent someone out to turn disconnect the service from the poll. Why they would do something like that when there were notes in the account that it was on hold waiting for an issue to be resolved is beyond me. I could even understand them sending someone out if it had been a full month without service. It is amazing how a payment of 160 went to a paymetn of 550 within 2 -3 wks. Amazing.

Now even more infuriated than the last time. I ask to speak to a supervisior. Once she gets on the phone I give her detail for detail and explain that all we have been trying to do was make our payment. Even pointing out that fact that if the first representative would have informed us that there was no way possilbe for us to get an extension that we would have borrowed the money in order to avoid interuption. We should not be responsible for reconnection fees and additional month charges. She tells me that everything is run by computer and there is nothing that she can do. Determined to get somesort of justice I continue to talk to the supervisor until we are on the phone now for a little over an hour. She then says she will talk to her manager. When she returned to the phone she informed me that they could waive the additional month charge but that would be all. I was not thrilled but felt a little relieved instead of paying the 550 we had to pay 364.00 which is less than 550 but still more than 320 and a whole lot more than 160.

All I have to say is that they are professional rip off artist. I just recieved my new bill today. You can only imagine the BS that they are trying to charge us for. Oh boy here we go again...

Also they charge 12.25 for chanels 2-20 which are public broadcast stations and are free. They find a way to make money with every oportunity they see. They don't respect us as individuals but with enough people united they will have no choice to pay attention. If you have an issue be sure to put it in writting and send your complaints directly to the company also contact the BBS or contact your local Board of Public Utilities

  • Jo
    JoeBlack May 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry to hear about your experiences with Optimum; I have had very similar. The "Customer Service" Department isn't one per se, but more an outlet to sell products and services to new, uninformed customers. If you are an existing customer with a problem, they couldn't care less and will do everything in their power to make you go away (which is to say they will do nothing or further complicate the issue). One suggestion I have is not to call the regular customer service number, but to call Jonathan, a Customer Service Supervisor directly; his number is 406-869-5871. He won't do anything, but at least you'll feel a bit better about letting someone a little higher up know how you feel.

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customer service

On 22 Mar 10 - I responded to a message left on answering machine that came in while I was on military duty. ...

inferior hardware

About a year and a half ago, cablevision forced all subscribers to take a cable box or lose approximately 11 channels. This box didn't work properly from day one but because it was free, people didn't complain. The rental was free for a year but then the charge ($8) was added to your bill. They even charged a rental on the remote. I went to Ebay and got my own remote for 10 dollars and tried to return their remote to save 2 dollars a month. ($24 a year to rent something you can own for 10 dollars) They said I couldn't return it, I HAD to rent it as it came with the cable box ($8 a month rental fee, so the total rental fee was $10 a month). For the intermittent service from the inferior cable box to their ridiculous fees or renting equipment, it's time to go to another provider. I don't care how bad or good Verizon is, I have to get away from cablevision. I have inquired about FIOS, Dish and Direct TV. Cablevision is hands down the worst company I have ever dealt with. You can tell what kind of company it is when you deal with their staff on every level - unprofessional and ill trained. Keep your money, you earned it and find another provider- I am.

  • Ni
    nikkibop Feb 18, 2010

    Rental fee for cable box is either 6.75 or 6.95 including the remote. Check your bill

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removal of food and hgtv channels

Effective today, Jan 1, 2009 - Cablevision has removed both the Food Channel and HGTV. WHY? Their public announcement advises contract-negotiation disagreements to be the culprit.

I continuously have issues with Cablevision with regard to pixelation break up. In fact, my whole section of our condominium complex has the same issue which is a constant break up of the digital picture. When Cablevision is contacted, the solution always seems to be to send a Technician out to investigate - ultimately one would assume that some sort of wiring within our complex needs to be rectified, no?

Well, now that Cablevision has taken it upon itself to make decisions as to which channels they'll allow its customer to watch or not watch, and due to their inabilities to negotiate effectively with suppliers - they've actually even solved MY problem - I'm leaving Cablevision and choosing AT&T U-Verse.

Thank you, Cablevision for making this decision finally come to fruition. I hope to never have to do business with you again!

  • Ba
    bao64 Jan 09, 2010

    This is the first Saturday without the one channel we watch...HGTV. We are waiting a few weeks to see if this is resolved and both HGTV and Food Network are brought back. If not, we're switching cable providers. This is ridiculous especially when we pay so much!!! Stop being greedy and give us back our channels!

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  • Ly
    Lynn Reyes Jan 09, 2010

    I am at at home mom & the only thing I watch is the Food Network. I'm very disappointed & angry. I don't understand the problem it neeeds to be fixed already. I have several friends, family members, and all the moms& dads at my childs school that are willing to disconnect there service with cablevision & use another company that still has the Food Network. It's really a shame cablevision will lose alot of customers .It's ridiculous because we are spending so much ... Stop the fighting over a few cents & give us back our channels!

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removal of hgtv & foodnetwork

I live in Connecticut and am a Cablevision subscriber. As of today, Cablevision will no longer be carrying...

awful service

Once again, when I have an issue with Cablevision, they provide you with either misleading or incorrect information. I have a cable card ready LCD which Cablevision has shown an inability to support.

This is the third time in a month that I have requested their help since I am not receiving the cable signal.

First, I had to wait 30 minutes due to a unusually high call volume (which as aside has become the standard response for not having enough customer service reps). Once I had a customer service rep on the phone, they could not address my issue but said I could pick up a new cable card at their service center. Unfortunately, the service center that was not a possiblity so I made an unncessary trip to the service center. It seemed that this was not the first time this has happened.

As a result, their service is aweful and they know it but it does not appear that any one is taking actions to rectify this problem.

  • Ge
    gerry bashover Jan 02, 2010

    my favorite channels, hgtv and food channel are now gone from cablevision. for the amount they charge for their services this is unforgiveable .that they would allow this to happen makes it loud and clear it's not about the customer and only about their huge profit. this is not the first time this has happened and won't be the last. it's time to fight back and find a different service.

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cablevision is terrible

Beware of this company. I am in collections with cablevision for $300 when I actually have a credit on my...

awful company

On 2/22/08 the Cablevision company can to my house, when no one was home and they put wires that not connected to anything in my house, the wires were run to each one of the windows and tape there. And a metal box on the outside wall of my building in doing so they damages the outside wall of the my propertied without my permission no one from the Cablevision company call or notified me or any member of my family that this was being done to my house. I did not, or anyone else in my household order cable, and I never had service or an account with this cable company. Everyone in my house has DirecTV.

I called the Cablevision company many time and all I get is the run around. All I want is for Cablevision to take there wires and there box off my house and repair the damages that they did to my propertied.

fraud and scam

For over 20 years, I have subscribed to Cablevision cable TV service on Long Island. Since I am not a huge TV nut, I have only Family/Basic cable which gets all the broadcast networks and a decent variety of cable stations. I have no use for any of the premium packages and many of the channels that come with my basic subscription, I never watch. All of my TVs are older and not HD compatable. I was very happy with my set up and not interested in any of the promotions and decline all mailings and marketing calls from Cablevision to upgrade to another package.

So imagine my anger when I received a letter the other day stating that 10 of the channels that I do enjoy watching will no longer be available under my basic plan without renting digital converter boxes for each of my TV's for a monthly fee (plus remotes which will have separate monthly fee) AND I must purchase the IO Navigation package to the tune of $10.95 a month...just to be able to view these 10 stations that I have received for years. Additionally, my old, non-HD TVs probably render most of the fancy features with the IO Navigation package that I must buy, unusable.

Of course, if I do not rent the boxes or upgrade to the Navigation package, I suspect I will not receive a credit for the 10 less stations on my current package.

I feel that Cablevision is forcing people who have refused in the past to upgrade, to purchase equipment and services they do not want by moving channels from basic cable to a format that is not viewable without an upgrade. In addition, those of us who do not choose this forced upgrade are effectively then getting 10 less channels for the same monthly fee.

This is another example of corporate bullies pushing the little guy around and forcing unwanted services down our throats. I am currently looking into DISH and Verizon TV services.

  • No
    NowSatifisedWithFiOS Mar 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Pulled the same obvious bait and switch scam and fraud on us. We cut the service and got the NY AG involved.

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  • Ak
    aksenov family Mar 12, 2019

    @NowSatifisedWithFiOS I did contact Ag. He forwarded complain to optimum and again I heard their bs.

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  • St
    Stevenlugo Nov 05, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got my id from 2011 this should be the best prove i was not living in the place were actions were taken with my information plus my social to show that is me plus iam showin the original not a copy to cantact me please call me att 551-2475430

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  • St
    Stevenlugo Nov 05, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello my name is steven lugo here is a picture of mi id plus is shows i was living in 521 12 street apt 4 in the year 2011
    And was not were actions were taken with my information
    Plus a picture of my social the original not a copy
    Please call my cell 551 247 5430

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  • Ru
    Russel Peterson Sep 18, 2019

    First, I'm in no way defending how Optimum/Cablevision/Altice is handling this change. However, I can explain part of the reason for the reduction of basic cable channels. In order to provide higher bandwidth on the digital side, all cable companies are being forced to reduce their analog cable offerings. I had this happen with Spectrum/Charter years ago. Sooner than you realize, analog cable will be completely gone, and even the "standard" QAM digital cable is being retired for IP based delivery (just like you use streaming to your computer). Again, the business practices on how they move forward cannot be defended, but at the root of the change is a need to retire the old protocols in order to offer more on the newer protocols.

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  • Lu
    Lubre Mar 05, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Someone has got to do something about this company, it seems there are no regulators involved in this state. I have been subject to abuse from 2008 until present. Every year there are unexplained additional charges been applied to the cost of services. The reception gets worse day by day I have to keep rebooting because some channels seems to just disappear periodically. I am still subscribing because I have no other choice. However, with the current addition to my bill, I have desist with my subscription.

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unreliable internet connection and poor customer service

I have been a customer of CableVision (both TV and Internet) for over years, but that will soon change. A couple of weeks ago, I had no Internet connection, and the earliest a technician could come was about 4 days after my call.

Once again, I haven't had Internet connection since Wednesday night (Sept 2) and when I called yesterday (Sept 3), the earliest appointment I can get is next Tuesday (Sept 8). The thing is I telecommute and rely on my connection heavily to get my work done, or I would need to drive for 45 minutes to the closest office and stay until my projects are complete.

Other than the inconvenience, neither sales rep had taken the initiative to credit my account back until I brought up the topic. All they seem to care is to have me answer the customer satisfaction survey at the end of each call.

  • Ma
    maryinmonroe Oct 05, 2009

    Cablevision scheduled an appoinment with me between 2-5. They called at 7 to reschedule. I am livid. They offered me a 20$ fee reduction for the inconvenience. I guess my time is only worth 4$ an hour. Cable stinks.

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  • Ba
    BadServiceProviders Dec 17, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cablevision is sure a HORRIBLE company in providing service. I started having their service for over a year. I had TV and Internet, My TV service would always not work and they always send tech over, they have NO PHONE support. The only support the give you is, unplug is and plug it back in. If that does not work, they can ONLY schedule you a tech come over. that means you'll have to take a day off. Eventually they can never fix my issue, some tech say it's wires inside my walls, some teach said cuz there's a spliter. They are not trained at the same level. So I decided to terminite the TV service and hopefully the Internet will be ok. BUT IT"S NOT TRUE!!! My internet goes goes down in average of 1.5 months. And everytime they can only send a tech over to fix it, and i always end up wasting my day just so they can fix it... it's HORRIBLE and Unacceptable. I seems like they cannot determine the issues and seems like techs just want out as quick as possible and somtimes they dont' even screw the stuff back on to the wall. SADLY my area only have cablevision or optimun.. I WISH VERIZON will come into my area!!!

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invoice for defected seervice

Attn: Commercial Sales
6 Corporate Center Drive
Melville, New York11747

Re: Account number: [protected]

Dear Commercial Sales Specialist:

I am in receipt of your invoice with a due date of September 15, 2009 with an amount due of $563.90. This is incorrect and I dispute any prior “invoices” that were sent to my office for the following reasons:
1. In the middle of July, 2009, we moved our law office from Ramsey to Midland Park. “Ross” one of your sales persons contacted me about service prior to the move. I advised him that I was not pleased with Cablevision and that I was concerned that the well-established numbers we had would be available in our new location. He assured me that they could be preserved. During my discussions with Ross, he assured me that there would be no rewiring fee. Our new office was previously occupied by an engineering firm who had their workspaces wired. All that was required was to connect our office to the outside world. No internal wiring was needed. We were charged incorrectly for “rewiring” and a credit of $250.00 is due.

2. We own three numbers: [protected], [protected], and [protected]; [protected] is a dedicated fax line. To avoid a long missive, please review our file concerning phone number [protected]. This belongs to us, but it was not ported over when we moved to Cablevision. This was an omission on Cablevision’s part, and it still has not been corrected. This caused both a loss of a line and calls for over two weeks. That precipitated a loss of business to my office for dropped calls, incorrect busy signals, etc. I estimate that Cablevision’s failures and negligence caused my practice damages of over $10, 000.00 for lost clients.

3. During the “seamless” transition we were promised, we had no telephone service for over one week! Being a law office of a sole attorney, it is vital to our economic well being that we have telephone service. This loss of service has affected our business and livelihood, and is the responsibility of Cablevision to rectify and reimburse me for the lost of services.

4. While trying to correct these problems, I and my assistant spent more than 40 hours on the phone and in the office speaking with your service department and talking with the more than seven different repairmen sent to our site. This loss of productivity must be made up, and averaging the rates of myself and assistant to be $200.00/hr, it amounts to $8, 000.00 that Cablevision has cost me in lost time. I expect Cablevision to provide an appropriate credit for that lost time.

5. Because of prior problems with the Internet service, “Ross” promised to give me the Optimum Boost for free. I expect the charges for this service to be deleted from my bill and not to reappear.

I never ordered or agreed to pay for Cable TV. Therefore, a full credit must be issued.

At this time, our services are minimally working and I would like to keep it that way. Unfortunately, whenever someone attempts to make things better, new problems arise and old problems that were thought to be corrected reappear. The following is what I would like to see happen going forward:

1. We need to know the status of our number [protected]; we own this number and would like to utilize it. During this long process, we were given a “dummy” number so that we could have to outgoing lines and a second line to hunt for when our primary number (4400) is being used.

2. This alleged amount due of $563.90 has to be revisited. All of the above points should be reviewed, including the amount of time we needed to get a minimally functioning business service. In fact, it is our position that Cablevision owes my firm far in excess of that invoice.

If you would like to contact us to discuss this situation further, please do so. I trust that you are guided accordingly.


We've been customers since they first came out. We got our HD box about two years ago. The HD channels keep freezing so I have to switch the channel to non HD. I don't understand how they can say they are better than Verizon when their own service is a disaster...and it would be nice if they carried the same channels that Verizon offers

We had to get a new modem

billing switch

I received a notice from Cable Vision on August 16th dated August 7th stating that my bill was overdue. It...

tv quality

I switched from Dirctv to Cablevision because I would save money. However, the joke was on me because the...

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