Optimummisleading/offensive tv ad and unacceptable, rude response from corporate customer service rep

"As a longtime Suffolk County Cablevision/Optimum customer (for over 40 years) - Cable/Internet/Telephone, I was very disappointed and dismayed to be "brushed off" by Michael (Employment ID- MJ 1) in the "Customer Service" corporate office, who belittled the reason for my complaint and demonstrated not only gross ignorance, but also indifference and a hostile response to the reason for my call - an offensive/misleading TV ad currently being shown for Optimum services and products. The ad not only has zero/nada/absolutely nothing to do with Optimum, but is insulting in its' denigrating depiction of women, people of color, and caring, compassionate citizens ( ).

Michael had not viewed the ad, and therefore, was in no position to refute my assertions, but he nevertheless took it upon himself to insult my appraisal of this offensive ad, which depicts a "crazy cat lady", willy-nilly tossing food about the lawn/driveway of a stranger's house, where dozens of very patient and calm cats had assembled, while the owners, people of color, looked on puzzled and in disbelief.

Community/stray/abandoned/feral cats present a real problem in many towns and cities, where there is no animal service that will undertake remedial programs, but instead, will catch and kill these cats with no effort extended to re-home or care for them. Fortunately, there are countless dedicated citizens, both men and women all around the country who, at great personal sacrifice, will trap and get these animals spayed/neutered, vaccinated, medicated and fed, sometimes returning them to the cared-for colonies in which they live, or finding homes for those who are domesticated and accustomed to living with people. This truly stupid, insensitive and misleading ad, is a discredit to Optimum and should be removed at once. And since the subject has been raised, I would strongly urge Optimum, which has a large presence in both rural and urban communities, to "give back" to these communities by making generous donations and/or creating a fund to support "free spay/neuter" services in the communities that contribute to the wealth and success of Optimum! Now that would be something worthy of advertising!"

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