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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Afrihost Complaints & Reviews

Afrihost / releasing our line

Oct 10, 2019

AFrihost really has the worst customer service and don't deliver at all. We had a fiber line with them. Firstly we did not get service in terms of internet as they advertised. We have decided to cancel our line with them and continue with a new provider. However in order for this Afrihost...

Afrihost / fiber

Oct 06, 2019

We have tried to cancel my Afrihost account since 1Jule with big promises to have a time to help us offered month free just to experience the same poor connection with being forced to pay for a another month. After paying and waiting for another month to cancel now we can't move to a new...

Afrihost / fiber

Sep 02, 2019

I switched from ADSL to Fiber with Afrihost as my ISP in both instances. Since changing, they now tell me after the fact that my email was cancelled through this process. Now I am unable to receive emails on my original email address any more. I asked them before I switched to fiber and wa...

Afrihost / website transfer hosting how afrihost just does not care to sort the problem losing data

Aug 05, 2019

I have reported afrihost to Central Domains Authority as well as ICANN i see i am not the only one with numerous complaints, they are incompetent they don't even read the letters sent with instructions from clients in email and then they would answer they did not read the letter ? why i...

Afrihost / customer service

Jul 23, 2019

Afrihost has rude staff members- if they don't drop the phone on your ear---they send you to do the run around. Upon cancelling my order I went to the office to drop off the router and one of their staff members Unathi Memela was arrogantly shouting at me instead of trying to assist- she...

Afrihost / hosting

Jul 11, 2019

So this company is hosting our email services for the last 3 years, over the past week all our emails from June 2018 up until now (11 July 2019) has simply just disappeared, for the life of me i do not know what they are doing on their side, We have sent more than 20 emails as well as more...

Afrihost / afrihost lack of service

Jun 26, 2019

Netflix is our thing and has been since getting Fibre a year ago. However, its been around 2 weeks now that our TV wont play via WiFi for longer than a few minutes. Ive checked the WiFi on my PC as well as phones and laptops, rebooted all incl. the router etc and all are intermittent but the...

Afrihost / mobile data service

Jun 01, 2019

I cancelled my mobile account and it showed no other packages so that was fine then 2 months ago i started getting debited for the +plus add on and get told that they might or might not refund me. I cant get my one time pin to get in to see it cos im in the uk and no1 wants to help me...

Afrihost / fibre products and services

May 13, 2019

Since joining Afrihost, it has been an uphill battle starting with hanging on a phone call for 30 min plus then line cut took me three days to finally get help the first time. You can get no help at all after 5pm or on weekends, my fibre has been hacked since Thursday they have no idea how...

Afrihost / vibre installation

Feb 26, 2019

I applied for uncapped fibre with Afrihost on 28/01/2019. 1. When entering my address showed that I have 2 option for the installation of the fibre to our home. Octotel and Vumatel. After waiting more or less 2 weeks I had to contact Octotel as nobody contacted me. I was informed that only...

Afrihost / intended fibre installation over 2 year period not done, left with a fibre router r1100 c/c deduction and no fibre

Feb 12, 2019

Afrihost amounts to nothing on any scale When the promise of fibre came to our area I started looking at a service provider and found Afrihost to have what I wanted. This was around mid 2017. Did they meet my expectations. LOL. In the 2 years since then they were able to deliver a router a...

[Resolved] Afrihost / fibre

Feb 09, 2019

To Whom it may concern at Afrihost My Husband took out the Fibre special in January 2019 for R 649 incl installation that expired on the 31 January 2019. this is for the 10mbp. upon deciding to go with Afrihost, we have been getting quote on Fibre, for some odd reason a service provider...

Afrihost / internet

Feb 07, 2019

It has been two weeks without internet my router that had been working for over 5 months suddenly stop working on 26 of January have sent email to Afrihost only thing they are good at Is that they blame another service provider for their problem and every time I get a response on the...

Afrihost / I just wanted to get connected

Feb 02, 2019

I have called, used Whatsapp and the online options I struggled to get to the point where I was connected... Or rather the point where I am now looking at all the parts but can't get connected. 1. My first enquiry I explained that I had bought a new house and the previous owner was with...

Afrihost / customer service shocking

Jan 31, 2019

I've emailed, phoned, I even tried live chat your service is shocking. I've been with you for years and was always happy! What's happened to your customer service? Have 2 issues that need to be resolved but there's no one answering me! SHOCKING!!! I have a credit note which you choose to...

Afrihost / non delivery, fixed wireless internet

Jan 15, 2019

I ordered a fix wireless Router with Afihost on the 4th of January, The CellC 50GB deal, it now the 15th of Jan money is off my account and I have no delivery of the package. I recited a message on the 11th stating it at the couriers and will be delivered in 1 to 2 working days which...

Afrihost / fibre

Jan 15, 2019

Client number: A19718961 I registered on the 2019-01-08 at 17:04. All was going well TTconnect came to install in the next few days but I had still not received the modem and technicians even said that it usually arrives before. I went onto the online portal (client zone) and there status did...

Afrihost / no fibre connection and lied to me that vuma takes 24/48 hours to respond.

Dec 28, 2018

Blue flashing light on CPE reported 9am 26th Dec 2018. Was told vumatel takes 24/48 hours to respond. Decided to Whataspp Afrihost client support today and wanted a ref/ticket number for the 1st complaint and was told that I must have received via SMS, and while I was typing to say that i...

Afrihost / no service for fibre that i've paid for

Dec 21, 2018

I have paid for a full month of fibre provided proof of payment to afrihost and they suspended my service and refuse to reactivate me. I then cancelled and wanted to move to a new provider they have locked my ip and refusing to release it. They dont respond to emails dont return my call...

Afrihost / fiber been out for 2 weeks

Dec 18, 2018

I have been without fiber for nearly 2 weeks ! After spending a fortune in telephone calls and complaining and after promise after promise from afrihost I still have no service . Whilst the staff are pleasant they have no teeth. This is the second time I have stayed home in order for my...

Afrihost / internet access

Nov 25, 2018

Looking at my previous posts, it is very clear that Afrihost is giving me very poor service. I received an invoice for December. Today I received a notification that I have used just over 22Gb of my allocated 25Gb. That is while I do not have full access on internet. When I attempt to log...

Afrihost / internet

Nov 15, 2018

It is a whole week now since my account was closed by Afrihost. They gave me credit but I still have no internet access. Critical Care is busy with the story since Wednesday but nobody can give real solutions. They sent a new sim which I refused to accept as they wanted me to pay for...

Afrihost / bad, extremely bad service.

Nov 08, 2018

I signed up for a 25Gb service and after 2 months I stopped the debit order at my bank they debited on dates that I did not had funds in my account. It was after I informed them of the action and got the banking details from them. My account is now suspended as they have banking cost...

Afrihost / free vumatel fibre installation then 4 months later _ afrihost wants me to pay the installation

Oct 25, 2018

I have gotten Free VUMA tel installation via AfrihostSee invoice below- Now 4 months after installation, Afrihost said I must pay Vumatel- how do you do business like that if I have give proof that you have given me the installation for free- I have singed a deal with Afrihost- nothing...

Afrihost / internet speed is not what was promised

Sep 25, 2018

Since inception 2018-09-04 my download speeds have been between 9.7mbs - 4.2mbs even though I was promised up to 30 mbs and never less than 10mbps download speeds. I have sent emails to this effect and been told they would reset the system as well as telephone calls. No blame has been taken...

Afrihost / client services and product not living up to expectations

Sep 18, 2018

We contacted Afrihost to get and LTE and we received our router and were promised speeds of minimum 15-20 mbps. At our home, we struggled to get 6mbps. When we contacted them to cancel our contract, I had to send two emails to get a single response. And in the response, they barely answered...

Afrihost / fixed wireless internet - cancellation - no cell c coverage in my area

Sep 17, 2018

AfrihostWhen I was looking into getting on board with Afrihost I phoned to speak to a sales consultant about the best package for me. The consultant said there was Cell C coverage in my area so that would be the best option. I received the SIM card as I have the LTE device, but when I had set it up...

Afrihost / fibre - no service provided but we will bill you for cancellation

Sep 04, 2018

Account Number: A18683604 I placed a Fiber Service order with Afrihost early in early July 2018 after confirming that Openserve have completed installations of the infrastructure in our complex. I received my hardware and Afrihost' confirmation of order (11 July 2018) with Afrihost...

Afrihost / fibre

Sep 01, 2018

I have always made use of Telkom LTE. I have switched over to Afrihost fibre. 20 MPs line with the expectation that I will get what I pay for... my telkom LTE has never ever buffered before. My afrihost activated yesterday, 31 August 2018, and sofar its been terrible. I have made use of the...

Afrihost / fixed wireless

Aug 26, 2018

I signed up for fixed wireless with afrihost on the 12 Aug and I received my router on the 13th and got home and connect it worked perfectly until they run a debit Oder for prorata data ofR147 on the 14th without informing me my account did not have funds so the debit Oder bounced and I...

Afrihost / new fibre installation

Aug 25, 2018

Good day, i'm very disappointed in the service we as new clients of Afrihost received. Firstly we as new clients were promised fast efficient service. We were going to be connected within an hour of moving service providers. Two days later no internet to run our businesses on extra cost...

Afrihost / incorrectly billed, accused of receiving router

Aug 16, 2018

After numerous back and forth with Afrihost I am livid by the service received being a longstanding client. I have cancelled all my deals with them. Firstly, I will not pay for a service incomplete and especially when I specifically included in the commentary when application was made that I have...

Afrihost / fibre installation fee false advertisement

Aug 07, 2018

Afrihost advertise they offer a up to R4000 for new Fibre installation covering hardware, installation and router. I applied in January but Fibre was not yet life in our area. In March I gladly received the router. Still Fibre was not life. When we received notification Fibre is life in...

Afrihost / adsl slow speed

Jun 16, 2018

I have logged calls and did the whatsapp communications where I have a problem my linespeed is very slow. The problem is between my line and the exchanged and Afrihost keep testing the exchanged to their server. I use my line for work and about everything. With a slow line I'm completely...

Afrihost / fibre/internet

Jun 15, 2018

i have never experienced such poor service in my life. i signed up for fibre and vumatel were never advised that they needed to do an installation. Eventually they came and they were amazing. however i still have no internet. i have spent hours in the phone, send many emails and i still...

Afrihost / internet provider

Jun 05, 2018

I have never in my life gotten such bad service from anyone. I moved to Afrihost after being by Mweb for year. To my biggest regret. Its true what they say the grass isnt always greener on the other side. And better the devil you know than the devil you dont. No one ever calls back. No one...

Afrihost / clientzone transfer issues

Jun 03, 2018

I am a business owner and had 2 clients fixed wireless internet packages registered on the company clientzone, so the clients would pay me and I would pay afrihost. So one of these clients became a slow payer which caused my company domain as well as my paying clients subscribtions to be...

Afrihost / afrihost cannot get my fibre working and billing me for 4 months

May 24, 2018

I signed up with Afrihost as my ISP beginning of Feb 2018 . After weeks of delays my router finally arrived. But we cannot get the router to communicate with the Vumatel line. I have sent in excess of 120 emails since Feb. I have no working internet and yet they keep charging me!!! It...

Afrihost / wifi

May 22, 2018

After two weeks back and forth with Afrihost and Telkom my WiFi is still not working. Telkom has been to my place twice already and done their test but all I get from your call center is ; automated responses . Even when I send an email the response is delayed and ineffective. Afrihost...

Afrihost / cancellation of service

May 15, 2018

Afrihost sent me a modem after a 2 week delay, knowingly that there is no service in my area. More than 80 emails later I returned the modem in person. They refunded me. The debit order is still not cancelled and its an issue every month. They dont answer emails or respond to queries. Just a...