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I have used Optimum online email for years and was very happy with it. Recently they forced an update on me with no notification. My email was down for a day because support didn't seem to be aware of the change and that my old password did not confirm to the new standards. Help from support has been very disappointing.

Once the password issue was resolved and I could get into my email, things when down hill from there. The help button does not work. Support waisted my time having me clear cookies and such even though I made it clear the issue occurred wish different browsers on different computers.

My contact groups were gone and instead of being able to open a previously sent email performing a quick copy an paste, I had to add the contacts one by one. Once I finished that, I realized the groups were useless. I can not send an email to a group. Instead I need to add the recipients one at a time. Wow, I haven't had to do that since 1989!

You can no longer select more than a few items in a list easily. This is an issue with all lists including emails, contacts, etc. Let's say you wish to delete 100 emails. Instead of being able to easily highlight the 100 and deleting, you now need to select in small groups and perform several steps.

For me, this makes the email almost unusable. I can't believe how badly this was rolled out or how poorly it works.

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Mar 13, 2022 3:35 pm

Totally agree. I can only click 3 or 4 emails to delete. I’m not getting all my emails and I’m guessing cause either this change or have too many emails that takes forever to delete

Nov 17, 2021 10:01 am

I agree...the new format is NOT user friendly !

whoever designed it should rethink it...and go back to the previous version !


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