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To whom it may concern,

Unfortunately we had a very unpleasant experience at The Olive Garden in Santa Maria, California.
My best friend and I were celebrating her college graduation and were looking forward to dinner at her favorite restaurant. We decided to order the unlimited (or so we thought) soup and salad. Our waitress took our order and asked which soup we wanted. We gave her our order and she brought us our salad and bread in a reasonable time. However, 20 min. Passed and all we had was salad and bread. My friend had to find our waitress who then said "Oh are you ready for your soup now?" About 10 min. Passed we received our soup and asked her for more bread. 30 min. Passed and we finished our soup and still no bread or a visit to see if we wanted more soup or salad. Long story short our waitress never came back to our table we had to ask another waitress who said she would send someone to our table. At last a waiter came by and asked how we were doing so we explained what happened and asked about our waitress. He said "Ya she left"
The waiter asked what we needed, we were already upset and irritated by then so we said it's really too late now we would like the bill. He said he would explain what happened to their manager who told him to just charge us for the drinks. We left very shocked at the whole experience and how rudely we were treated . This morning I had to voice this complaint as I woke up still in shock at how rudely we were treated and how such a special celebration was tarnished.

May 24, 2019
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  • Ba
      May 24, 2019

    So basically you were not charged for the food and you are complaining. Talk about being an ungrateful brat. You were not treated rudely at all. I feel sorry for your friend for having to put up with you. The only reason she stayed was because you were paying the bill.

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  •   May 25, 2019

    Free meal and you still complain? Bread is given when you’re seated. Unlimited salad is a bowl of salad and then more salad. Each bowl feeds four. Soup is brought out after they give you time to eat it.

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