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Olive Gardenbad service

My husband and I went to the olive garden in queensbury, new york and I have never had such bad service before. First of all the waitress made a comment that the deal they were having was one hell of a deal with buy one take one. We decided to have soup and salad and she seemed like she was put out for us just ordering that. So when the food finally arrived she slammed the bowl of salad on the table, that's if you want to call it that. All it was in there was lettuce, two tomatoes and three olives. Then she put our soups in front of us and was never so disgusted as there was soup dripping from the bowl and there was no plate underneath it, with the spoon inside the bowl and it was submerged in the soup. She put our plates in front of us and noticed on my husbands plate there was some food stuck on it and asked him if he wanted a clean plate instead of just taking it and bringing him a clean one and said she would bring him one in a minute. And let me say it was longer. He took his bread plate and had his salad almost gone by the time she returned with one!!! Offered no refill of our beverage or salad and we said we wanted more soup and again dripping from the bowl. I couldn't wait to get out of there, made a complaint on way out and all I got was i'm sorry, should of said let me get a manager!!! I will just find another place to eat from now on.

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    • De
      Deborah Braymer Jun 04, 2019
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Omg did you really comment that after the complaining you do . As far as soup dripping that was very unprofessional, wipe it off and for heavens sake bring customers clean plates, so please mind your own business

      -2 Votes

    Olive Gardenspoiled (rotten salad) food

    On Saturday June 1st 2018, my wife and I had dinner at the following Olive Garden restaurant: Fremont, Calif.
    39145 Farwell Drive
    Fremont, Ca. 94538

    First of all, they make you wait when the restaurant is empty and our most unpleasant experience we had was that the Salad was wilted and not fresh, it contained spoiled lettuce that had black and brown pieces in it. I should have complained to the manager; how ever, I just told the waitress and she told the manager and all we got was a sorry. Now that I think about it, I should have requested an adjustment on my bill of over $40. It was not a pleasant experience to be served spoiled food! I certainly hope to hear from you about this situation.

    Mats Uyehara
    972 Cape Jessup Drive
    San Jose, Ca. 95133


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      May 31, 2019

      Olive Garden — service

      I am the bus driver for the Spotswood Office on Aging in Spotswood, NJ 08884.. on Thursday 5/30/19 at 1130AM...

      Olive Gardenservice at the bay ridge, brooklyn, ny restaurant

      I am writing to you about our experience at your Bay Parkway restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. You wrote to me and asked me to contact you by e-mail after I wrote this review on your Instagram page about this restaurant.

      I submitted this on my yahoo email address a week ago and have not heard anything, so I am trying this site to see if you will respond.

      My wife, her sister and I went on Saturday, 05/18 and were extremely disappointed, not with the food, it was great...but the service. It sucked. When we were seated, the waitress took our drink and appetizer order. She never brought over the breadsticks or the drinks and never gave us small plates for the fried mozzarella. When we asked her for the plates, she stated that we should use our fingers for them. Also, she never came around to see if we wanted refills on our drinks, more breadsticks or any grated cheese for the soup that we ordered.

      The dinners were brought over by another waitress and we mentioned to her that we were still waiting for our original drink order. The original waitress finally brought our drinks over to us and she seemed upset at us and then she disappeared again. After we finished dinner, she appeared and was piling the dirty dishes in front of my wife. We wanted to order dessert and she said that she would be right back. It took her about 18 minutes to return, by that time we told her to forget about it.

      We all felt that it was due to the fact that all of us at the table are handicapped. That's how she made all of us feel, pretty lousy . As we left, my wife spoke to the manager about what happened and he told her that he would look into it.

      We have gone to other Olive Gardens and they have been terrific, especially with the service. We will not return to this restaurant ever again. We spent a decent amount of money on this order and were deeply disappointed. We believe that no customer should be treated this way, especially people with disabilities. I hope to hear from you soon this time or I will repost this whole conversation on your Instagram and twitter page and that I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

      If you wish to discuss this further my cell number is [protected].

      Patrick Harrison

      Sent from my iPhone

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        Olive Gardenwaitress

        Did not receive breadsticks until we were given our meals. Did not ask if we wanted more soup or salad and were not asked if we wanted cheese on soup/salad. Asked 3x for drink refills, and extra sauce for pasta. Only got the sauce and refills after asking to speak to the manager. By then we were done eating and the pasta was cold. The waitress claimed another table was holding her up by taking but the restaurant was fairly empty. I noticed she would go in the kitchen area and not return for up to 10 mins at a time. I would like to receive a refund or a giftcard. Hopefully we will have a better experience next time. Thank you.

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          Olive Gardenquality of service and food

          Went to olive garden in Middletown, NY on May 24, 2019 for my birthday meal with my wife. Service was extremely slow even though restaurant was not busy. I asked for breadsticks half way through my meal. They were not brought to our table when we were done eating. My wives chicken palm was cold when served. She never told me until we left the restaurant and was on our way home. She did not want to spoil our dinner. We have eaten at this restaurant many times. This is the first time we have been disappointed.

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            • Ba
              basefistrotten May 25, 2019

              I would think that someone who is old enough to be married would be more patient. i guess I was wrong. Food takes time to cook you silly man. Ask your wife. Hopefully one day you are hurt and it slows down you body and some jerk like yourself judges you. I doubt that they would because most people have better respect than you do. Most people are more tolerant than you.

              0 Votes

            Olive Gardenservice

            To whom it may concern,

            Unfortunately we had a very unpleasant experience at The Olive Garden in Santa Maria, California.
            My best friend and I were celebrating her college graduation and were looking forward to dinner at her favorite restaurant. We decided to order the unlimited (or so we thought) soup and salad. Our waitress took our order and asked which soup we wanted. We gave her our order and she brought us our salad and bread in a reasonable time. However, 20 min. Passed and all we had was salad and bread. My friend had to find our waitress who then said "Oh are you ready for your soup now?" About 10 min. Passed we received our soup and asked her for more bread. 30 min. Passed and we finished our soup and still no bread or a visit to see if we wanted more soup or salad. Long story short our waitress never came back to our table we had to ask another waitress who said she would send someone to our table. At last a waiter came by and asked how we were doing so we explained what happened and asked about our waitress. He said "Ya she left"
            The waiter asked what we needed, we were already upset and irritated by then so we said it's really too late now we would like the bill. He said he would explain what happened to their manager who told him to just charge us for the drinks. We left very shocked at the whole experience and how rudely we were treated . This morning I had to voice this complaint as I woke up still in shock at how rudely we were treated and how such a special celebration was tarnished.

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              • Ba
                basefistrotten May 24, 2019

                So basically you were not charged for the food and you are complaining. Talk about being an ungrateful brat. You were not treated rudely at all. I feel sorry for your friend for having to put up with you. The only reason she stayed was because you were paying the bill.

                0 Votes

              Olive Gardensize of order

              I ordered lasagna for 8, jumbo salad and breadsticks. Total order with tax $71.42. The lasagna was small and I could not feed my guests as the lasagna was so small. I called the restaurant and spoke with Chris. I told him this order was too small to feed 8.
              He told me to cut it in half and them cut it again. This was totally unexceptable as my guests were here and waiting for dinner.
              I hung up on him. I will never eat at your restaurants again.

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                • Updated by italian75 · May 19, 2019

                  I hope they take my complaint seriously so others will not be embarrassed hosting a dinner and not having enough food.

                Olive Gardendisgusting nasty waitress

                To whom it may concern
                last sunday may 12th 2019 i went to the olive garden in whitehall pennsylvania on grape street. I was there to pick up a to go order for my wife as it was mothers day. I was there at around 3 to 5 pm.While i was waiting for my order to arrive. Its customary to wait near the ladies bathroom near the to go counter for your food. It was very crowded as you can imagine on mothers day. While i was waiting there for my order i witnessed a waitress walk into the bathroom with someones to go order. She stayed in the bathroom for several minutes with the customers to go order. Then she simply came out the bathroom with the patrons order like she had did nothing wrong. I mentioned that what she did was evil and unsanitary. Everyone next to me just looked at the young lady and said nothing to her. Its against the health code to bring food into the bathroom. Due to fecal matter floating in the air. She could have made someone sick. That was my last time going to olive garden. I have to admit there cheese ziti is great along with there salad dressing but its not worth dying for. The waitress was about 5 feet tall with black hair. If they check the cameras near the front door they can identify the waitress.

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                  Olive Gardenmother's day dinner

                  On May 10, 2019, my daughter and I dined at Olive Garden around 3:00 PM.
                  It was a horrible experience!!!
                  First of all it took forever for someone to wait on us once we were seated. I realize the place was busy, but it wasn't crazy busy!
                  The waitress had no time for us.
                  We ordered the Calamari first and it was disgusting! It was all fried dough. We only gathered seven pieces with the Calamari actually in the dough, plus the portion was very small from what it used to be. The waitress asked if it was okay because we didn't eat much of it. I told her it was not good at all, but nothing was said or done about it.
                  The salad wasn't good either, as it had some brown pieces of lettuce in it. Ewww!
                  The rolls were good though! My daughter and I both ordered the Double Chicken Marsala. I asked for extra gravy on the side for my mashed potatoes. Our meals came out about thirty minutes later and it too was awful! The gravy wasn't gravy. It looked like our food was sitting in brown water. They poured this water texture gravy all over our meals. No side soup / gravy as I had requested. Really! You would think that the server would reject it. I would have. I was a server for ten years. We had finally had it! We asked for to go boxes for our meals and had to get out of there. I didn't eat it at home as it was horrible. I didn't say anything else at the restaurant, as they didn't care that the Calamari was disgusting. At this point, I will never go to Olive Garden again!! We eat out at least twice a week. It used to be my daughter's favorite restaurant, but it no longer is. If we were to get a gift card for this horrible experience, I guess we would just go to a different location. Maybe, just maybe a different location would be better. Never in Snellville, GA again!!! I have the receipt at home if you'd like for me to upload it and send it. I spent almost $70.00 including the tip. My daughter's wine was good and the rolls were good, but that was it!
                  I'm not the type of person to complain, as it embarrassed my daughter just complaining about the Calamari, which nothing was done about!


                  Kathy Baker
                  559 Kirtley Ct.
                  Lawrenceville, GA 30045

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                    Olive Gardenolive garden salad

                    On May 5, 2019, I got a take-out order from Olive Garden, 2789 Miamisburg Centerville Rd., Dayton, Ohio. I was very disappointed and did complete the online survey. As of today, I have not received a response. I was traveling from Florida to Michigan and decided the soup/salad would work as I could reheat the soup in the hotel room. When I opened the salad, I found three very large chunks of lettuce which were the core of the lettuce and inedible. Needless to say, the salad was tossed. This is not like any salad I have ever had at Olive Garden.

                    I did take a picture of the salad and hope I can attach it to this comment.

                    Connie Scott, 315 Morning Mdw, Midland, MI 48640

                    olive garden salad

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                      Olive Gardenstolen cell phone while in oliver garden at gateway mall

                      On Saturday afternoon took my mom for her birthday to Oliver Garden Gateway Mall Brooklyn, went to ladies room, left my phone on table after eating and paying the waitress. I return to the table to get my phone and it was not there. I had a lot of memories in this phone all the pictures of my grand children and great grand baby my mom who is 87 year old. All my precious memories stolen and i am at a lost at who would take my phone and not return it. I think there are some dishonest employees working at Oliver Garden. I reported my phone missing to the person who take names at the front of the restaurant and also the two employees who are at the counter and another employee who is i guess a manager. She gave me a piece of paper from a register tape to write my name and phone number which i did and as of Sunday May 5, 2019 I have not receive a phone call. If this happen to me as a customer at oliver garden it can happen to anyone please be aware who are hired at the restaurant. I would appreciate it if someone have my cell phone who work at Oliver Garden its a Samsung S7 that doesn't belong to you please return it to customer service or a manager. I am lost without all my pictures and videos of my babies and mom. I also check with the waitress and the mployees that clean the tables. My name is Odessa White, Home Phone [protected].

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                        Olive Gardenravioli, service.

                        On Saturday 4/27/2019 my wife and I went to the Midrivers location in St Peters Missouri. We were celebrating our anniversary. The waiter seemed to have an attitude from the start. He took our drink order and asked if we were ready to order. We had just sat down and he seemed aggravated that we were not ready yet. After we ordered they brought our salad and soup. I was finishing my soup when the main course was served. he took my soup bowl and did not ask if I wanted another bowl. He also took my wife's salad bowl before she was done with it. My wife's ravioli was dry and did not taste fresh. The waiter kept coming to the table and grabbing dishes from the table and was reaching in front of us while we were trying to eat. He seemed like he just wanted us to finish and leave. We noticed a new dessert on the menu that we were going to order but the waiter brought us our check and said we could either pay at the table or pay him and then left quickly. At that point we were done with the whole experience. We did not order dessert instead we went somewhere else and got dessert. We eat at Olive Garden often but that maybe our last visit. What was supposed to be a pleasant evening was ruined by your waiter. The Waiters name was I think JP. The store number is 1160, we were at table 70, it was about 5:00 PM when we arrived. Our check # 828640. If you would like to contact me my phone number is [protected].

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                          Apr 21, 2019

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                          Olive Garden — service

                          March 31, 2019 Waiter Nathan never offered us complimentary wine we asked if it had been discontinued Wa...

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                          Olive Garden — restaurant atmosphere

                          We frequently visit this olive garden location... Approximately 4 to 5 times per month. The last couple of...

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