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Jul 24, 2019

Olive Garden — lies/unsanitary

I visited Olive Garden this evening and I was highly disappointed . First when I got in I saw flies by the...

Jul 24, 2019

Olive Garden — taste of food cleanliness of area

this monday i went with family to Olive garden and it took ten min for them to even seat us and it was very...

Jul 24, 2019

Olive Garden — service/food

Went to Olive Garden [protected]. Once we were seated ordered our drinks while we waited on 3 more people to...

Jul 12, 2019

Olive Garden — services

My food was GREAT! Service was horrible, my waitress was Chamere M. she first asked was we ready to order, I...

Jul 11, 2019

Olive Garden — food portion size

My husband and I went to the Olive Garden on Tuesday July 9, 2019 and ordered the buy one take one special of...

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Jul 11, 2019

Olive Garden — food service

We had take home fettuccine alferdo and Tuscan chicken. We had left overs from the dining in. We came home...

Jul 10, 2019

Olive Garden — the management and cleanliness of restaurant

I visited Olive Garden today July 10 at about 240 pm. I was greeted by host then seated immediately. I wa...

Jul 10, 2019

Olive Garden — manger

Today at 6pm i visit this Olive Garden with my mom she visiting me from overseas bc I like this restaurant...

Olive Gardenservice olive garden, 6412,3111 e colonial drive orlando fl 32803

To whom concern, i went to this olive garden july 6 2019. store number 6412 and was at table 112 at 7 pm.When i came in first they told me have wait 10 to 15 minutes for a booth, i saw there was table empty. later they call me and took me to a table.i wait for someone to serve my girlfriend and me.there was other person that came after us and got a server instant and offfer them water, wine and bread.then the server saw that i was there for a while a came to us.he said i will serve you guy but iam not your server.and i said so where is mine, because iam being here for a while and other server pass us by.so he offer us water, but did ask if we wanted bread, wine or salad or soup.i was feeling discriminated, or person come after and offter them like they had vip.after a while that i order salad, he did offer more water or more salad or wine.after i got my food was a little cold and did not had a lot of salsa on my spaghetti.after i finish with my food he did not offer if i wanted coffee, dessert or more bread.after i finish i look for a manager i told him about the problem all he said iam sorry, he should of give me a discount but the only thing was on a dessert.foe me being a new restaurant had bad service and the mananger should had taking better the problem.i hope who read this understand my position and hope can correct this.

service olive garden, 6412,3111 e colonial drive orlando fl 32803

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    Olive Gardenno service

    I went to your restaurant in State College, PA at 11:30 for lunch today. I left without eating. I sat for 15 minutes (I timed it) without any service or anyone recognizing that I was sitting there waiting. If it is that busy (there were very few diners at that time) it would have been nice for the waitress to acknowledge my presence and tell me that she would be with me shortly. After 15 minutes, I walked to the front hostess and asked to be seated with a different wait staff. She asked me to show her where I was sitting, so we walked back to the booth near the back of the restaurant and I identified the booth and she said she would find my waitress. I told her I would not return to that booth and I would like a different seat (there were more empty seats that taken seats). So I stood there for a while waiting to be seated, the hostess seemed to be confused and continued to let me stand there alone. Finally I said I would have to leave because she didn't seem to care to seat me. Her response was, "If that is really what you want to do!"  It isn't what I wanted to do but what other choice was available. I frequent your restaurant at least once or twice a week and was very disappointed today.

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      Olive Gardenwhole meal

      I took my wife, daughter and son to have dinner today. We always go early to beat the rush. And true to form we got there at about 4 pm. And before I get back not this complaint. I have been coming here since this Amazon opened 15 to 20 yrs ago and for the most part have always enjoyed my meals. We have had problems before but nothing major. I am not a big complaint person. I understand sometimes mistakes are made and as long as there is a sincere apology and a fairly quick solution, I am good. Usually I still tip the 15 to 20% that I always tip.
      But today was as bad as it gets. And after this fiasco today and the attitude of the manager Ryan and just the overall experience has left me with a whole new outlook as far as Olive Garden goes I do not think I will be able to eat at Olive Garden again.
      It was bad from the start. I asked if they could seat us at a table or a half booth, half table. This request seemed to blow the guys mind. There was maybe 25 to 30 people seated at the tables so 80% of the seats were still open. Because of the request, We had to wait for 5 to 7 minutes until the guy turned the seating part over to someone else and started walking people to their tables. After 4 or 5 tables being seated since our simple request was made we were finally seated seconds before I was going to tell the family to come on and go somewhere else. But we were seated. We ordered our drinks and they came quickly . We then ordered our meals and with the 3 chicken scampi meals ordered I specifically asked for a cup on the side of the creamy garlic scampi sauce because they usually do not put enough on the entrees. More than 10 min went by and no salad was brought yet. I thought at that time something was going on because normally our food would be almost, but really did not think anymore about it. At that time I went to the bathroom and noticed there was a bunch of people waiting to be seated when the restaurant was still 80% empty. I washed my hands and came back to the table and our salads were still not served. I then stepped out where I could flag down a manager but a minute or so later the salad came. I had the salads come late before at Olive Garden and usually when this happens, Our food is coming right behind it. But to my surprise we were able to eat our salads. Our entrees were not served for another 20 min and when they came they had No scampi sauce at all. When we asked for the sauce it was another 10 minutes and we were brought 1 small cup of sauce for 3 Chicken Scampi meals. Everything at that time was already cold and the sauce split 3 ways was maybe 3 bites a piece and waiting again. At that time I asked for a manager. A little guy with a bald head named Ryan came. He could not have been nastier. He could barely hide his disdain and could have cared less about our problem. I was very aggravated at this point and said this was [censored]. When I said this the little guy almost lost it. You could see he has a bad anger problem and should never be in a position of power. He actually argued with us and told us that there was sauce on the entrees when even the waitress admitted there was none. Unbelievable the Gaul of this person. It is like he has little man syndrome or something. He took the meals off the bill but never asked if we wanted him to have the meals remade. My family and myself left hungry. After all of the aggravation, I was unable to eat anything. My stomach was in nots having to watch my family leave hungry and having this manager argue with us try to say there was sauce on the entrees when there was none. Ryan should have comped the whole meal but I still was charged $27 and some change for something I ate 4 or 5 bites of. Olive Garden is usually very good taking care of problems. But this Ryan guy seems to have a real problem with anyone that is aggravated with their meal. He apology was empty and he looked up at the ceiling when saying it. He was more angry than we were. He should be fired for the way he acted. I will not stop until I am able to contact the owners of this place. They need to know how their managers act toward their customers. That was my last time ever at this Olive Garden. I do not need to be treated like that.

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        Olive Gardenfood taken from menu

        My husband and I's very favorite food here is OLIVE GARDEN STEAK GORGONZOLA and you removed it from the menu ??? We go to the Olive Garden in Silverdale Washington and went for my daughters 18th birthday. There was 12 of us and 10 of us couldn't wait to eat our favorite food, you guessed it Steak Gorgonzola!! If you cant put it back on the menu I dont see us returning. Our waiter said it was the most requested dish and we were not alone in demanding its return. WHY of WHY would you take something SO POPULAR off the menu? I will be calling them to see if it is returned on the menu, if no bye-bye Olive Garden !!

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          Jun 26, 2019

          Olive Garden — bad service staff

          We brought our friends who came from Philippines for lunch in time square olive garden. Since we love the...

          Olive Gardenconditions at las cruces olive garden restaurant

          I recently had dinner with a friend at Olive Garden in Las Cruces, NM. We were seated by the MD near the waiters' station. The foul smell over- powered the meal. I love the angel hair with shrimp and pesto but still remember the foul odor. I filled out a complaint on facebook but was refered to [protected]@olivegarden.com and could not find this site. Dan Steele

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            • Updated by Daniel Steele · Jun 21, 2019

              foul odor from waiters' station, Las Cruces, NM

            Jun 14, 2019

            Olive Garden — service

            Greetings: I truly do enjoy your restaurants. Your Waterford, CT location is phenomenal. Even though I live...

            Olive Gardengift cards

            I take my elderly parents to Olive Garden on a regular basis. The waiter they always ask for is wonderful he treats them with kindness and respect. I purchased a gift card a month and half ago for a business associate. I told him to watch for it he says it never came. I am assuming it looks like spam now that I pull up the offer. I sent a email and heard nothing from Olive Garden. I called this morning and they offered to resend the email. At this point NO I want you to resend the item to me and I don't want it as a stupid email that I have to activate and print out I want a plastic card (that was an option originally ) that way I can send it to him so I am sure he gets it. NOPE they cant do it only the e paper can be sent. I don't understand why they cannot send a card. They sent the bonus cards to me and they have record I have my confirmation number. If I print this out can I take it to a Olive Garden and trade it for a gift card. Response is you can try but it will be up to the local restaurant. So no I don't want to drive 30 minutes to find out they cannot or will not do this or they will only honor it in one place. I don't want to send a gift of a printed piece of paper as a gift. Wake up olive garden its a gift and for a hundred fifty dollars you could give me the little plastic card you have record of it NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY you lost my gift card business today. I guess im stuck with a crappy piece of paper next time Ill get out my crayons and paper and just give money. NO SERVICE FROM CORPORATE SHAME ON OLIVE GARDEN. Maybe a local restaurant doing this but from corporate its shameful

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              Olive Gardenno handicap courtesy

              To whom it may concern,

              I have a huge complaint with Oliver Garden at 700 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074. My family and I decided to go to Olive Garden to take our mom out for Mother's Day. My mother uses a walker and also uses an oxygen tank that is stored on the walker. Once we were seated the waiter came to our table and stated we were needing to move because my mom's walker/wheelchair was in the way and causing issues. We had informed the waiter we were just seated and we were not going to move. The waiter comes back with a manager and she stated we were being moved. So we moved to another table. The waitress informs us if we can move my mom's wheelchair because it's in the way. I informed her, we were not going to move it because it has her oxygen tank in there, If she couldn't work around it, we would just leave.

              My concern is how we were treated and how Olive Garden did not care or cater to my mother's disability. We didn't complain to the manager due to fact they are the ones that moved us. From the experience we had at Olive Garden shows no integrity or compassion for handicap people. It just seemed we were an inconvenience. I assure you, my family and I will never come back to any Olive Garden at all. This is not the way my mom should have been treated especially it being Mother's Day.  We could've gone to another restaurant that was cheaper and better service than what we received at this Olive Garden.  It was unacceptable service and I assure you, we will never be coming back to Olive Garden. Olive Garden needs to realize this is a HUGE issue and was very uncalled for.


              Former Loyal Customer 

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                • Te
                  TellMeAboutIt82 Jun 12, 2019

                  You are a rude [censored], refusing to move. They were accommodating your Mother's special needs, they just needed you to go to a different table; and you could have kept the oxygen tank on the seat next to your Mother or on the floor for the short amount of time you were in the restaurant. I'm sure they are thrilled that you won't be back.

                  3 Votes

                Olive Gardenno service at olive garden

                Waited 22 minutes after seating for a server at Dickson City, PA. (Saturday at 5:00pm), Probably still be waiting except the people at the booth opposite us, asked a waiter what was going on. Expected to here someone suddenly got sick, etc... No, someone came to the table and explained: "just a mix up on section assignments"?????

                We left and walked next door to Red Lobster. Great food, GREAT Service at RED Lobster.

                Now I have to find someone who want's my $25 Father's Day Gift card from Olive Garden (MY wife AND I will NOT be back!

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                  Jun 10, 2019

                  Olive Garden — customer service/cleanliness

                  Today (6/10/2019) we stopped at the Olive Garden around 11:30 am for Soup and Salad. The soup was fine, but...

                  Olive Gardenbring a friend day take one meal home

                  I went to Olive Garden today 08/june/2019 for bring a friend day buy a meal for $12.99 or more and take one home, the problem i experience was that i paid $4.50 extra for the shrimp scampi and $3.50 for the lasagna, when we got ready to place the order to go the same i was told that we would have to pay the extra again that means i would have paid $8.00 to take the meal out it isnt stated any where that you have to pay extra again and the way i see it is that if you paid the frist time why would i pay extra again for a buy one get one ? .This is the new location in my neighborhood 161 and mayfiled in grand prairie texas 75052.

                  Why dont they give military and senior disocunts ?

                  my ticket total was $53.54
                  check#15926 table 405

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