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I have had a subscription fee forced out of my account which left me overdrawn as I had no money in there at the time. I phoned on the 12th September to request a refund. The subscription was cancelled and a refund was confirmed. I was told a time frame of 24/48 hours for the money to hit my account. After 48 hours I had nothing so left it a few more days and called back. I was told that the money should be in my account and to call my bank. I called my bank and there was no pending refunds due to go in. I called back a few days later to then be told it was actually a 10 working day wait for a refund. I waited until this date passed which was the 27th of September. I called yesterday (30th September) to find out where my money was. I was once again told the refund has gone through and to contact my bank. I contacted my bank and once again still nothing pending. They told me to get an email confirmation of a refund so they can look into it. I called back to request an email confirmation of the refund or a transcript of the first call I made, which my bank informed me I had a right to request. I was denied both of these and have now been told that I have a cheque coming in the post that will take 4/6 weeks to arrive. But because it's a cheque I cannot receive any confirmation that a refund is being processed. Now if that cheque doesn't turn up like this money should have done in my account over the past 2 and a half weeks I am then out of my 60 day money back guarantee and then have no proof that any refund was confirmed. This is beyond anything I have ever had with any company in regards to a refund. You promise a refund and yet I still have no refund, and no evidence for my own record that's refund has been agreed apart from a few telephone calls which I have been told I have no access to. Thanks.

  • Norton Customer Care's Response, Oct 04, 2019

    Really sorry about the trouble. Could you let us know your case reference number? We can check this for you.

    Norton Support

Oct 01, 2019

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