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Avast Software Complaints & Reviews

Avast Software / Software accidently billed.

Ellen Kroeger Yurco on Sep 21, 2017
Pending Transactions Date Description Debits Credits 09/21/2017 ATM DEBIT DRI*AVAST SOFTWARE 4816 092117 4029445188882423 I found this charge on bank account this am after conducting other business. An Avast popup screen showing your available services came up just as I was finishing my...

Avast Software / antivirus protection

Lou Reinstra on Sep 20, 2017
I ordered a one year subscription on 9/19/2017 and paid for it with my visa credit card. The payment was approved by my VISA card. The receipt and activation instructions were sent to an old E-Mail account I no longer use. The account is in the name of Lou Reinstra, The old account you...

Avast Software / unauthorized charge

James Ormond on Sep 19, 2017
My Discover Card is showing a payment removed by DRI*AVAST on 8/31/17. The amount is $49.99. This is an unauthorized payment as I have not purchased any software. Don't know how they got the account number. Tried calling avast and was directed to their website. Doesn't seem to be any way...

Avast / avast privacy software

Abiodun Ade Olusanya on Sep 16, 2017
I was given a 30day trial offer for privacy online to hide me from hackers. At trial bill was given indicating Total of 0.00 Pounds. That I would be charged 1.99 Pounds monthly for 12 months. On trying the product I discovered that I am unable to browse the internet whenever the privacy...

Avast / unauthorized credit card charges.

Adrian Johnson on Sep 9, 2017
my visa debt credit charge today on 9-9-17 for the amount of 64.11 transaction # 119532660 (2) for 1pc 1 year service protection.I never ordered this renewal .I told Avast a long time ago I did not want to charge my card again for new services.Please refund back my money to my account that...

Avast Software / renewal of software with an unauthorized credit card charge

richard taffuri on Sep 6, 2017
charge of $64.11 was charged 8/25/2017 # 24692167237100330292916 -transaction number refund the full amount of unauthorized charge and to discontinue and cancel any service you may be offering or providing. Your client, SOFTWARE S.R, through your service, has charged my credit card after I...

Dri avast / dri avast software

Francois1234 on Sep 6, 2017
I did not ask for your product and do not want to be billed. I should not get billed unless I agree to it or asked. This is very corrupt. I need to know what credit card is being used. I also only agree to the one month free trial. How do I make sure that I don't get billed again? Please...

Avast Software / unauthorized credit card charges

Sheila Peyters on Sep 5, 2017
On 26 August 2017 DRI*Avast Software 9523922584 U S charged my credit card an unauthorized amount of R815.00. I did not receive or install any product from them. I also never agreed to any membership fees been taken. I have disputed this payment with my bank but they have informed me that...

Avast / avast antivirus

susan and graham on Sep 4, 2017
On 28th August I was notified by Avast that our licence was to expire soon and advised to extend it. I did this and submitted my name - the selection of years - and gave full credit card details. This was registered on my credit card immediately and the money of R649.00 transferred. The...

Avast Software / unauthorized credit card charges.

אסתה יערן on Sep 1, 2017
On 2/8/2017 DRI AVAST SOFTW SHANNON CO. charged my personal MasterCard (ending 8085) the sum of 149.00 NIS without my prior permission. No, but NO ONE is entitled to use my bank account for any reason without my permission. Why is my card number still on Avast files? I used the service a...

Avast Software / double payment taken from my bank account..joancolton@hotmail.co.uk

Joan Colton on Aug 29, 2017
Dear sir/madam... Having checked my nationwide bank account... I find that you have taken my renewal payment twice. On 01/08/2017 you took £39.99 from my account via my credit card. On 10/08/2017 you took £39.99 from my account via my debit card. This is not the first time you have taken...

Avast Software / avast internet security.

Good morning I note from my bank account that during August I was been charged twice for my internet security package. Details as follows: 14 August 2017 CBA Avastsoftware £49.99 25 August 2017 Avast Nexway £49.99 Can I ask that you investigate and refund as you see fit? My email address i...

Avast Software / avast internet security software

Bethel Bates on Aug 23, 2017
My name is Bethel Bates, Phila PA and I purchased internet security from AVAST in 2015. Ten months later (2016) I was auto billed for two subscriptions. They had double billed me. I contacted AVAST and told them that I did not sign up for auto billing and that they had double billed me and...

Avast Software / dri*avast software

Soto Mayra on Aug 21, 2017
On February 19, 2017 I purchased the above referenced software under Invoice ID 36841579800, Transaction ID 2EB85300A4546310K, for $49.99 USD. As of today August 21, 2017 I have not used this software due to a conflict created by the software with other software in my computer. I would...

Avast Software / unauthorized credit card charge

Kayla Uribe on Aug 16, 2017
This company is stealing your money!!! I have made no updates whatsoever. I've been using the free trial which I still have 19 days remaining. My card was charged $43.69!!! Give me m money back or I am filing for a lawsuit for unauthorized charges. I am so angry that a company would...

Avast Software / unauthorized paypal account charged $43.69 dri*avast

Mr. Guzman on Aug 7, 2017
On july 31, I showed a pre-approved payment withdrawals from my PayPal credit that I never authorized in the amount of $43.69. Please refund the amount and send receipt/conformation of completion. The charge came from dri*avast software from merchant DigitalRiver US inc. Attempted to email...

Avast Software / avast billing

Mirth on Aug 7, 2017
I have had too much trouble with your software and your billing process. First.- I ordered AVAST Premier for 3 computers got a good deal. Shortly thereafter you refunded my money without permission. Your Customer Support couldn't solve the problem, then offered to sell it to me for 3 time...

Avast Software / billing without my knowledge

Kristikola on Aug 6, 2017
Greetings! I'm one of your clients who used Avast free trial. By doing so I added my paypal account through your website to get those services that costed 0, 0$. It's been a month that I have been using the free trials and the free services and i really liked how Avast worked, especially the...

Avast Software / avast internet security

Natalie Couzzi Amoia on Aug 4, 2017
My Avast account was auto renewed for $30 more than last year. $49.99 to $79.99 I was told that there was a price increase from last year but I was never notified of that increase. If I was I surely would have to renewed for that price. Especially since on the website the cost for that...

Avast Software / avast antivirus

Bob Dean51 on Aug 2, 2017
My order No: 18297720762 I am trying to discover why you are billing me again for Avast Antivirus when you have already taken the money from my account on 15th July 2017. When I noticed this and after already paying I cancelled the automatic renewal for the second payment request sent in...

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