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Avast Software Complaints & Reviews

Avast Software / avast password and cleanup protection

Sep 28, 2019

I have been a customer of Avast for 3 years and twice in those years I have had to call customer service with THE SAME COMPLAINT. Avast has emailed me notification that my licenses will be expiring and i need to renew. However, the licenses aren't about to expire but I don't know how to...

Avast Software / dri*avast software

Sep 23, 2019

I got charged by Dri*avast Software thru DigitalRiver but I did not order anything. I got no Order ID. No avast Account and did not subscribed to any avast subscription. How can I cancel whatever this is? I dont wanna be charged for something I did not want. Thanks a bunch in Advance. I...

Avast Software / I am complaining about a product I did not buy, i.e., a dr. avast software

Sep 19, 2019

Avast SoftwareDri Avast Software / refund I was charged RM 119 for a DRI.AVAST SOFTWARE in September 2019, which I did not purchase Can a company can take money from me without my permission ? And I was wondering how did you get access to my account in the first place? Please refund my RM 119. Just today...

[Resolved] Avast Software / Avast premium

Aug 30, 2019

You keep deducting payments from my credit card without authority and you have done twice in one week for a product I do not have or use therefore refund immediately before it becomes a legal matter DETAILS Order ID Order Date Creation Date Status Order Amount [protected] 8/30/2019 8/30/2019...

[Resolved] Avast / cancelling service and refunding the money. unethical behavior

Aug 23, 2019

Last month Avast automatically renewed my subscription which I wanted to cancel, and asked for a refund. The refund was deposited in my bank account shortly after that and I subscribed to a different service. Yesterday I found that Avast had taken the money from my account again, and now...

[Resolved] Avast Software / took money out of my checking account

Jul 22, 2019

i would like to know why your took 52.99 out of my checking account ending 0467 when i did not ask for it my name is maryjanerhoades my e mail is [protected] i would like your to put the money bach in my account ty maryjanerhoades why do your take money out if the people dont ask...

[Resolved] Avast Software / avast software subscription cancellation

Jul 21, 2019

Hello my name is Mamo Birhanu from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I subscribed for Avast Software in 2018. I just saw an ad for subscription of Avast Software last year.The ad said Avast would charge $21 for a year and I thought it was worth a try.I subscribed but it deducted $49 from my card...

[Resolved] Avast Software / unauthorized credit card charge

Jul 11, 2019

On 12/06/2019 my MasterCard at Beobank with the last 4 digits 2000 has been debited with the amount of 59.99 Euros. The receiver is DRI AVAST Software, and the reference of the payment is: "avast com ordIE". I have definitely NOT authorized the above transaction, as I'm not using thi...

[Resolved] Avast Software / did not get id number

Jul 06, 2019

I made a purchase on July @, 2019. I did not get ID number as promised by e-mail. I was charged $79.98 on my account, it reads VX6608 Visa purchase DRi Avast Ord MN00004968006637 I have my Avast production till July 31, 2019 all I ask is please send me Id number to protect my...

[Resolved] Avast Software / charged for dri*avast software 1184.07 refund.

Jul 05, 2019

Avast SoftwareOn 5th July 2019 at 13.07 I ve received a message from my bank stating that an amount of ₹1184 have been debited or charged towards the purchase of a spurious Dri.avast software which I do not even know what it is for and never ordered or even opted for that purchase..I request your notice...

[Resolved] Avast Software / dri avast software unauthorized credit card charges

Jul 03, 2019

Avast SoftwareUnauthorized withdrawal of money (79.99€) from my bank account 11.6.19. DRI*AVAST Software 70 Sir John Ro, IE, 03:36 AM Tuesday, 11 Jun, 2019 TRANSACTION ID [protected] I do not use their software, I do not have clien number.. I have only transaction data.. Where or how can I apply for a reimbursement of an unwanted cost from Dri*Avast?

[Resolved] Avast Software / not really a complaint. I purchased the dri*avast software

Jun 15, 2019

I purchased this in May but my PC keeps telling me my free trial is over & I need to buy it. I have my statement from my credit card that says I paid it. Could you remove the reminder that keeps popping up? I don't have an offical number of the account or I don't think I have. Could you...

[Resolved] Avast Software / unauthorized card transaction

Apr 14, 2019

Avast SoftwareHello I got charged 79, 99€ charged in 849, 5 sek (swedish kronor because i live in Sweden) from "Dublin, Dri*Avast Software". Transaction was made on 7th April and deducted on 8th April. I haven't order anything like that and I even don't have computer. I sent an email to Avast but they...

Avast Software / unsure - never ordered anything; unauthorized credit card charges

Apr 05, 2019

My credit union credit card account was charged $59.99 for something on Jan. 19 or 22, 2019. ref# 2443099902400680021814, with an I did not order anything, and whatever anti-virus item this is for, I did not authorize credit...

Avast Software / virus protection

Mar 28, 2019

I stopped my service in august of 2017. Since that time you have billed me several hundred of dollars for service that I cancelled since I no longer had a need. I am requesting that you immediately stop billing me and refund the amounts charged on my Discover card since August of...

[Resolved] Avast / not receiving a resolution to a problem and not getting the package I was told I would

Mar 18, 2019

I upgraded to a package which I was told contained the services I asked for but it did not. Also my laptop had disappeared from my devices when I viewed my account meaning that I cannot sync my Android phone with my laptop. I have been told to go through the procedure to secure another...

[Resolved] Dri Avast Software / Unauthorized credit card charge

Mar 15, 2019

Order Date March 8, 2019 Request Refund Thought I was renewing the Advanced System Care 12.2. Was charged twice of 20.88 on my bank statment for DRI AVASTSoftware. Only bought one not 2. The recipt they made me is for one Product SKU is ISE-[protected]-AR name of produict is Avast Internet...

[Resolved] Avast Software / avast premier (exp. 7 sep 2018) zpy4a5-sfc5mj-4z44fe,

Mar 11, 2019

Despite my subscription to Avast Premier (exp. 7 Sep 2018) ZPY4A5-SFC5MJ-4Z44FE, and Avast Cleanup (exp. 28 Jun 2019) ZPY4A5-SFC5MJ-4Z44FE the PC get stuck when I start it. I've installed original Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1083 (build SO 17134.590) I think that because of my very...

[Resolved] Avast Software / unauthorised payments

Mar 07, 2019

I have had one payment of £64.99 taken from my bank account on 4th March 2019 plus another payment of £39.99 taken from my bank account on 2nd March 2019 Neither of these payments were authorised and I request a full refund from you! If it was anything to do with a scam phone call to my...

[Resolved] Avast Software / dri avast software mn [protected]

Mar 04, 2019

you people have cargd my account 49.99 for n reason. I did not order this nor have i ever used yur pproducts. then whe I called you kept just anting my credit card number and saiid tthat there was no order for mr therefore you could not refund my money. you could also not tell me how you...

[Resolved] Avast / platba 27.1.740kč převodem z účtu - neznám za co!

Feb 26, 2019

27.1.2019 Po zaplacení kartou není předplatné aktivováno nevím jaké předplatné má být ativováno, na fa.neni uvedeno.jedná se o opakovanou platbu? licenční soubor programu AVAST : [protected] číslo klienta : dtto Není potvrzení o příjetí platby prodavajícího, a aktivace služby. Chci zrušit toto předplatné !!! Děkuji za odpověď. MF

[Resolved] Avast Software / some kind of software, managed by internet

Feb 26, 2019

By 19th february this year, I was charged in my account at Santander Bank, 59´99€, intended to be some kind of software to be discharged by internet at my computer. But I did not ordered any software program, corresponding to this issue. Last ordered software that I did, was on february...

[Resolved] Avast Software / avast cleanup premium (60 day trial)

Jan 31, 2019

On 1/14/2019 got a pop-up on computer from "Microsoft" saying that my computer was infected, and if I close the page I will not be able to use the computer anymore! So i call number on screen he connected to my computer and showed me the problems that he said i had? Sold me a Avast Clean up...

[Resolved] Avast Software / driver update software

Oct 02, 2018

hi i paid for a driver subscription on sep 28th £19.99 .i used the software and now my laptop no longer work it wont complete the first can to do windows updates also my wifi has dissappeared from my laptop.this is a complete scam, i contacted customer service and was then told id have to pay...

Avast Software / antivirus

Oct 02, 2018

Avast SoftwareAvast is reporting a totally spurious problem with a website that has absolutely no problems. Message is: "We've safely aborted connection on HTML:PayPal-B[Phish]" etc. This happens on a private site's login page which is more than inconvenient. It is something that affects AVG and Avast...

Avast Software / avast antivirus. i've no, idea which version but it updates itself anyway.

Oct 02, 2018

Avast SoftwareAvast is reporting a totally spurious problem with a website that has absolutely no problems. Message is: "We've safely aborted connection on HTML:PayPal-B[Phish]" etc. This happens on a private site's login page which is more than inconvenient. It is something that affects AVG and Avast...

[Resolved] Avast Software / clever bridge

Sep 08, 2018

Tammy L Gardner 195 Heaton Ridge Road Roan Mountain Tn On Sept 1, 2018 there was a charge of $21.79 on my debit card from you company Before this I had never heard of your company and I don't even know what it is I want my money put back on my card immdeatly I did not order anything from thi...

[Resolved] Avast Software / dri avast software

Jul 06, 2018

On the 5th of july 2018, an authorised sum of 19200 naira was deducted from my account, i didnt order anything and I didnt even get a receipt of payment, i need my money refunded to me asap...the bank statement says i paid for dri avast software avast c...please refund my money...what kind...

[Resolved] Avast Software / dri-avast software

Jun 28, 2018

On 7.6.18 you withdrew £39.99 from our bank account without my permission. since I have emailed you a number of times without response, like so may others I read of in your complaints columns which you boast is, so far 174. You obviously do not care about your customers to allow this to continue...

[Resolved] Avast Software / unauthorized credit card charges

May 30, 2018

I am requesting a refund of 19.95 which was unauthorized by me, Alice Haven. It was withdrawn from my account on may 30, 2018. I have bank of america account which this charge was withdrawn from, last four digits of card is 1964. Please cancel all information you have on my account. I do...

[Resolved] Avast Software / money taken out of my account and don't have an account with you

May 30, 2018

Money has been taken out of bank account on 25.5.2018 total £74.26 which has not been authorised I have not set anything up with you. It is showing up on my bank statement as dri avast software Transaction date 23.5.2018 Then it says avast com ord ie Usd 96.79, vrate 1.3328, fgn pur fee...

[Resolved] Avast Software / billed for software not ordered,

Apr 21, 2018

Avast Softwareinvoice # [protected] My PayPal account was charged $79 for this software which I've never ordered. What gives? Please refund my $79 right away. Your promptness will be appreciated. Thank You Steve Parscale [protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apr 20, 2018...

Avasti Antivirus Software / avasti professional (not free)

Apr 13, 2018

I have been double billed for years for my purchase of avasti antivirus software. Whether it is because of their billing service or something else, I don't know or care — I purchased the product online using only the product name — if avasti cares about their reputation, they should help me...

Avast Software / unauthorized credit card charges

Mar 08, 2018

My bank account has a pending charge from 3/6/18 for $109.59. I have never heard of your company and made no purchase for products. I have to invoice or client number or email from anyone at Avast. I do not own any businesses, at all! This is fraud and have reported it to my bank. Contact...

Avast Software / dri*avastsoftware

Feb 27, 2018

At 08:47:07 CET February 27 2018 a sum of 449kr was pulled from my PayPal account. An inquiry to the email listed as contact on PayPal was returned to sender by office 365. This leading me to belive that it is a scam. There is a earlier withdrawal on Mars 4 2017 on the amount of 249kr, thi...

Avast Software / dri*avast software minnetonka mn

Feb 05, 2018

Avast charged an unauthorized payment on my credit card. I had called to cancel the automated payment and asked them not to take it out. They agreed. Now I'm wondering if they scamed me to begin with because their service did not fix my computer. I have not used my computer for 2 years. I...

Dri Avast Software / unauthorized credit card charges

Jan 25, 2018

on Tuesday, January 09, 2018 my Discover card ending in 2123 was charged with a software purchase of $59.99.I have a free Avast account but have no knowledge of this transaction and would like to have this charge removed from my account. I did not order this software and would like to have...

[Resolved] Dri Avast Software / unauthorized card charge

Jan 20, 2018

On January 16th, 2018 my MasterCard at Nordea Bank Sweden with the last digits ...4124 has been debited with the amount 449 SEK. The receiver is DRI AVAST Software, and the reference of the payment is: "avast com ord". I have a valid Avast Internet Security with expiration date 10/2/2019...

[Resolved] Avast Software / avast software charges to my amex

Dec 26, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, on 11/28/17 my AMEX was charged 2 times for the amount of $53.43 under the "DRI*AVAST SOFTWARE" from "AVAST.COM/ORD" 1st. GC4322012330055343 and 2nd. GC4322732550055343. I do not recall ordering any software from you, was this charge in error ?? Please advise before I call...

Avast Software / avast-being charged twice

Dec 21, 2017

In Dec. earlier this month, my trial was running out so I opted to buy Avats on sale. I have been charged $49.91 and $41.59. I would like a refund of the $49.91 as I cannot pay both. My adapter burned out and I couldn't cancel the free trial roll over. The one Key I have is: [protected] MN...