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Avast Software reviews & complaints

Avast Software complaints 242

Avast Software - Unauthorised credit card charges

I have a debit that was taken out of my bank account 535274 XX XXXX 1650 on 16-th january 2022 without ever purchasing your software. How a company can take money from me without my permission raises the question, how did you get access to my account in the first place? Please refund my 119, 99 EUR immediately!

Fuad Muderizović, 71000 Sarajevo, ul. Grbavička 57/III,

e-mail: [protected]@bih.net.ba

Desired outcome: Refund my 119,99 EUR

Avast Software - Unauthorized charges on bank statement

Please credit the charge of $95.39 That I did not authorize. This amount was on my bank statement with the date of 1/10/022. I do not know what this is for and to my knowledge did not authorize it. The card ending in 1647 was used in this transaction. I want this taken care of immediately and I want to know that it has been taken care of

Julia Fiala

Desired outcome: Refund my Bank account

Please credit the charge of $95.39 That I did not authorize. This amount was on my bank statement with the date of 1/10/022. I do not know what this is for and to my knowledge did not authorize it. The card ending in 1647 was used in this transaction. I want this taken care of immediately and I want to know that it has been taken care of

Jan 02, 2022

Avast Software - Order ID [protected] October 25, 2021

Avast has automatically billed my credit card, $89.99 for services of computers that are no longer in existence and have not been in existence in several years.
I have requested a refund for the this charge. I have tried contacting AVAST and left on hold with music for an hour. Today I again tried to contact avast and was able to figure out through their many myriad of processes to reach someone.
They want to delay another 7 days to review my account and see if I am illegible for a refund.
I am going to the bank and request my monies returned.
Lena Beach

Desired outcome: Refund the amount charged by AVAST


Avast Software - Dri Avast Software

Olette laskuttaneet tililtäni 69, 99 euroa ilman, että olisin tilannut teiltä mitään 15.11.2021 Arkistointitunnus [protected], viesti 431871******[protected]. Muita tietoja tiliotteessani ei ollut, ei edes tilinumeroa, mihin rahani ovat menneet! Haluan rahani takaisin heti tai otan yhteyttä kuluttajansuojaan mitä pikimmiten! Olen ottanut asioista selvää ja olette tehneet tätä useammille henkilöille aikaisemminkin, joten pistäkäähän töpinäks!

Desired outcome: rahojen palautus

Oct 11, 2021

Avast Software - [protected]

Hi there
I have enquiry from your selves that I am still waiting to get a refund from a payment of £49.99 that has been taken without my consent, Someone was dealing with this but has not answered my last reply about you sending a e mail for the payment request to a misspelt e mail. If the e mail was misspelt it means I never received it and so was not aware you were going to take the payment as I would have cancelled the payment from being taken, so me this gives me the right to get my payment refunded back as I do not want the product. The enquiry number is [protected] and I would like a update on what is going on with this please other wise I will be going to trading standards as I am really not happy with Avast and how you are dealing with this for me

Liz Clarke

Desired outcome: Refund in full

Avast Software - Unauthorized Debit card charge.

On the 7/09/2021 avast has taken 69 Euro from my bank account without my permission this has happened before and keeps hapening, they will not recognise email's I have tried several times what sort of company is this ?. I had been using avast's VPN services untill two years ago then I changed to another company but avast still charged me. I contacted them asking avast to stop taking money from my account which they then refunded, but as I have said above avast still debits my account . I have included the transaction as it apears on my bank statement.

8 September 2021 POS

Debit card ending: 2214
Transaction date: 07SEP21
Organisation: DRI*AVAST SOFTWARE -
Need help with this transaction?

Other info: AVAST.COM/ORD IE

Type: Debit Card Transaction

Desired outcome: Just refund my money and stop taking from my bank account.

Avast Software - Avast Clean up Premium

I did not authorise a repeat payment of my original order. I used paypal for this very reason. I do not want to renew with you and have not installed this product. You submitted an illegal request and received payment of £49.99. (Your product was incompatible with my PC and I uninstalled Avast a long time ago.)

Order ID


Order date

9 September 2021

Authorized reseller

Digital River Ireland Ltd.

Desired outcome: Immediate refund of £49.99

Avast Software - VPN and auto-renew

Their VPN made my iphone inoperable, so I cancelled it last year during the trial period. I just got a charge for $94 on my credit card from Avast. I contacted them and they said that I cancelled the VPN program last year but I didn't cancel the auto-renew! How can you cancel a service and still have auto-renew! Absurd and fraudulent in my opinion.

Desired outcome: refund and end this policy. A cancellation should cancel all charges in the future.

Avast Software - unauthorized charge to my credit card in the amount of $54.00

Please note that I cancelled use of your software in 2020 after approximately using it for 4 or 5 months. I did this using the protocol on your website. I did not ask for credit for the balance of the year which was not used. This current charge to my account made on [protected] is unauthorized and either was made in error or (I hope not) deliberately.
Kindly issue a refund to my credit card account. I have notified my bank of this unauthorized charge.
Thank you.
Donald J Trombley

Desired outcome: Full credit to my credit card account in the amount of $54.11


Avast Software - Dri avast software

I wish to know why i am being charged every year for i dont even know how long for something i never use and don't remember signing for any recurring charges all i see is my money taken out off of my account wich i cant even stop nor cancel through my bank i do g even have ang costumer reference numbers or anything all i van give you is my name mrs merita qamili
Can someone please get in touch with me so i can claim all the refund for all the years i was unaware i was even paying and cancel any future payments please

Please contact me via email

Desired outcome: Refund


Avast Software - Renewable subscription taken from my PayPal account for software I did not purchase

Please find details of the transfer taken out of my PayPal account on the 1st July.
I have not purchased any software from you nor agreed to auto renewal.
I would like my money refunded immediately as this looks like a scam.

Billing ID


Total billed amount


Seller's details

DRI*AVAST Software order [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund my money

Avast Software - nicht autorisierte Kreditkartenbelastung von 101.10 CHF am 10.06.21

Ich habe eine Belastung von 101.10 CHF am 10.06.21, die von meinem Kreditkarte genommen wurde, ohne jemals Ihre Software zu kaufen. Wie ein Unternehmen ohne meine Erlaubnis Geld von mir nehmen kann, wirft die Frage auf, wie haben Sie überhaupt Zugang zu meinem Konto bekommen? Bitte erstatten Sie meine 101.10 CHF sofort zurück! und bitte um sofortige Stornierung!
Mit freundlichen
Sandra Hügli-Mathys

Avast Software - i was charge 190 euro for one thing twice

On Arpril 2021 my dad was charged for avast 2 times for one thing.
14.99 euro and 59.99 euro twice.
For the same avast programm.
The paper which inform him, was arrived at home two mounths later from charges. He is an 80 years old man, and he didnt understand what happened. The only thing is that avast was charged him twice for the same thing 190 euro totaly.
We want refund, as soon as possible.
His mail is [protected]@hotmail.gr
my mail, which i inform u, is [protected]@yahoo.gr
Please i want to inform me for the progress to my email address.
Thank u

Desired outcome: avast antivirus


Avast Software - Avast Browser

Hi, I have been using your Avast Browser for a year now and like it, but this month of June 2021, you have the LBGT logo on your search page, and I'm not a supporter, so I have had to go to another browser called Startpage. I find this browser does not fly in my face like yours does on this issue.
Thought you might like to hear that not everyone agrees with your desire to please everyone out there. Sorry.

Ivan Raymond

Avast Software - Renewed subscription without permission!

Woke up to a notification that AVAST deducted a fee of 69.99$ via Paypal ( the last money I have in my account )for a renewal which I DID NOT WANT OR ASKED FOR.
I am furious because this 69.99$ was now converted to VND and an extra fee added because my paypal balance was empty! IDIOTS!
I requested a refund however that is not going to help the fact that it is COVID 19 and a difficult time for me, I was suppose to use the money for an urgent medical reason!

This is not acceptable. This is a global pandemic! You cannot take peoples funds without permission!

Desired outcome: REFUND

Avast Software - Avast Secure Browsing

I have very unpleasant consequences of using a few times, on a Windows 10 computer, Avast Secure Browser for some financial transactions on the internet. WITHOUT ANY PROMPTING OR ASKING FOR PERMISSION, ASB has spread to other files on my computer and has practically taken it over, imposing Windows Security settings and changing i.a. my pictures into html files, so I have now a few thousand pictures with the Avast yellow padlock, which do present themselves as html files, In the result, if in order to open them I use My Computer, it tries to open them with browsers. Fortunately, I am still able to open them if I use image processing software rather than My Computer. Ever more serious problems have been caused with my documents. I am now investigating, how extensive it is, but I can already see that while I am able to edit access permissions on some of MY documents, in approximately 80% (!) I am unsuccessful. If I am unable to access MY OWN documents, because of the havoc created by ASB on my computer in files having absolutely nothing to do with browsing, this is not a joking matter, so I expect from Avast an effective assistance in sorting this out and preventing such malicious spread of this software, which, ostensibly, is to be used for browsing only but behaves as aggressive malware. Trust me, I will not stay limited with this message to the Avast forum only!

Incidentally, I tried to pub this message on Avast community forum but I was unable to do it, because I couldn't contact a moderator.

Mariusz Kuklinski
(Keep my personal details private, please)

Desired outcome: Technical support

May 26, 2021

Avast Software - Refund my money.I paid avast premium security of Rs.1068. But I don't get software licence

I paid Rs.1068 for avast premium security. But i don't get licence properly. I don't get active form. I waiting to get past one month, but i don't get it. So I don't like in this product in your company. I attached bill vocher details and i am not satisfied with your product and your response. Please be refund my money Rs.1068. My order id is [protected].

Desired outcome: To refund my money

Avast Software - Avast Premium Security Package on my iMac

My app package is for a small number of users. It's installed on my iMac. On my MacBook, the system says I should pay to upgrade to Premium Security. This is nonsense.
I have wasted so much time trying to get hold of someone, somewhere in Avast to speak them to sort it.
My confidence in Avast disappeared the other day when a fraudulent email appeared on the scree before the scan was complete!
Please fix it quickly, I am too busy to waste anymore time on this issue.
Mike Lancaster, [protected]@lancasterevents.co.uk
+[protected] Cell +[protected]
Thank you

Avast Software - unauthorized debit card charges

Please refund my money, I don't purchase online in your software. You charges me USD 57.49 date APRIL 10, 2021 Time 10:58:48am I did not bring my mobile phone in PETROCHEMICAL PLANT I'm working here in SAUDI ARABIA. Mobile phone not allowed inside the plant how come you charges me this amount of money. So hard to earn money here in Saudi Arabia I'm Filipino citizen oversees Filipino worker only here I hope you understand my situation the amount you charges to me is big loss for me. Please refund my money I'm begging you sir/ma'am.

Avast Software - Unauthorized credit card charges

On April 4th a debit went through on my Visa card in the amount of $79.99 and I am positive I did not authorize the payment. If it was a renewal, there should have been notice given of payment due. Regardless, I wish to discontinue whatever I have been charged for and to be refunded the amount in full asap.

Please email me at [protected]@yahoo.ca upon receipt of this email to verify the refund will happen. thank you!

Marilyn Combres

Desired outcome: full refund of charges

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