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Avast Software Complaints & Reviews

Avast Software / pending - avast - nexway 415 449-4713 fra

bralph on May 23, 2017
This charge has not been authorised - cancel it asap  Open transaction details Pending - avast - nexway 415 449-4713 fra -$69.99 Purchased on monday 22 may 2017 Time purchased 11.32am (sydney/melbourne time) Card used mastercard Listed as computer software Cancel this - we did authorise...

Avast Software / unauthorized credit card charges

barbarap on May 16, 2017
On 30 03 2017 you charged my credit card with out of my knowledge the sum of £89.99 I dont know why you take my money I dont get any bill for that, and I dont want someone to use my money with out authorization . Barbara Peciak Master card ...1290 Looks like the system want me to put more...

Avast Software / avast secureline vpn

hanafi rusli on May 15, 2017
I want to ask why my credit card charged Rp. 1.400.000 at digital river ireland, shanon ? Below I attach the order letter & product in my order Order ID: 24748888862 Order Date: May 14, 2017 Name: hanafi rusli Address: 15000 Email: pau.serpong@gmail.com Product SKU...

Avast Software / Internet Security

Claire Paterson on May 10, 2017
I purchased a new laptop in November 2016 and received 6 month free Internet security I purchased clean up and then on 27th April 2017 I purchased 2 year subscription to Internet security as soon ands his was and scripted I lost all use of my laptop lost Google, access to Windows and had...

Avast Software / (no subject) refund stolen from my bank account without permi

Lavonne Reaves on May 4, 2017
The response for money taken from my account illegally. I have over 2, 000 emails in my account your statement is that I was notified about my auto renewal in my email account. I checked my email from March 1st thru March 31st. There was no email from Avast asking for renewal. I checked my...

Avast Software / Money withdrawn for my bank account illegally

Lavonne Reaves on Apr 29, 2017
I was looking at my bank account online I noticed I had a charge of $59.99 which was made on April 21, 2017 from Dri Avast software Minnetonka Min. I D #9551558006 ticket # 796278 . I haven't renewed nor have I made a mistake in ordering anything from Avast software this year. I called to...

Avast / unauthorised credit card charges

Arthur Mitchell on Apr 27, 2017
Our Avast ID# 14123248400 On 30/03/ 2017 we were charged $120.74 on our credit card . Ref 990104. On 5/03/2017 we were charged $63.24. Ref 990703 As we are showing we have cover until September 2017 this is obviously the correct 6mths fee paid on 5th March. The $120.74 charged 25 days later...

Avast / Unauthorized credit card transaction

linda navarro on Apr 5, 2017
On my last credit card statement, I have a charge of $49.99 from DRI Avast Software and I did not ordered anything. I want you to reimburse me as you have charge this without my consent. I want you to credit my credit card account within 24 hours. This charge appears to have been charged...

Avast Software / Dri avast software for $49.99

Judith Sims on Mar 22, 2017
This amount of $49.99 was charged to me and I did not authorized you to do this charge. It said this was on order id 17435243000.. I expect this charge to be taken off of my bank account.. In the future, your company should contact me by phone, and ask me if I wany this virus protection...

Avast / Avast antivirus money taken.

Gillian Ogden on Mar 8, 2017
I paid £59.94 to Avast on 15/02/2017 and this product has never worked. I rang the Avast technical department who through a company called guruaid.uk.com, at first I thought they were being very helpful, the tried remotely to fix the problem (I now feel very uncomfortable that they have been...

DRI Avast Software Shannon Co. Ireland / Dri avast software unauthorised charge on credit card

Sue Owen on Feb 14, 2017
Until now have been unable to locate a site to complain re above. On 16.10.2016 my HSBC credit card was debited with £Sterling 29.99 and paid on 18.10.16. To my knowlege I received no advice about this charge and do not know what it covers. I would like this matter investigated and refunded to my...

Avast / Overcharged me

DebiEK on Feb 10, 2017
As you can see I paid for a new service from you, and this morning I received an email saying I was renewed, why and charged 49.99. I work to hard to be over charged for the same thing, I would like my 49.99 back. I am advising my bank of the overcharging you have done! Alos that you all...

Avast / Avast internet security

Carole Brooker on Feb 10, 2017
I purchased an avast subscription for my pc. My pc hasn't been working for a while so I wanted to transfer it to my iPad. I couldn't work out how to do this so I tried to find a customer support number to speak to someone. The number I found was unobtainable. I finally got through to...

Dri*avast / I have been charged

HABIB shaikh on Jan 29, 2017
I have been debited 2 times on my credit card : 2017-01-27 Dri*avast softw shannon, co. Ie R 429.00 Please with intimidate cancel and refund my money as I never said any amount to be debited, as I am going to cancel all future amount to be canceled with immediate effect. My number is ...

Avast / Money deduction

Vivek Dwivedi on Jan 17, 2017
Sir, Money is deducted from my account while buying online antivirus but antivirus key is not given. 7 days passed since money deduction but i have not received my money back. Money deducted on 10.01.2017. pl help to recover the money. tried a lot to contact avast but not received any...

Avast / Qptimizer software

Narvis Thompson on Jan 13, 2017
1/12/2017 purchased a software program to optimize my computer for 29.88 with 30 day money back guarantee. I used the service once and it was not anything like what I thought I was purchasing; so I attempted to get my money back. Since then when I could get a phone line to answer they...

Avast Software / Anti virus program upgrade

Nanasmiles2me on Jan 9, 2017
On September I purchased this software on my Capital One Credit card. I thought it had downloaded and I had protection since it did come up on my screen as Avast and kept telling me I was Protected! I did not realize it was still on Free Virus program since I paid for the UPGRADE and it...

Avast / Unauthorized billing from avast dri software shannon co. To my mastercard

Joanne Kippax on Jan 3, 2017
I noticed that I was billed $89.99 on my MasterCard on December 1, 2016 which I did not authorize. Can someone please contact me to discuss as soon as possible? my contact # is: 1-226 224 9042 Joanne L Kippax My email address used to be: joank@transact.bm but NOW...

Avast / Unauthorized credit card charge

Jeanne-d'Arc Mallet on Dec 27, 2016
On my last credit card statement, I have a charge of $49.99 from DRI Avast Software and I did not ordered anything. I want you to reimburse me as you have charge this without my consent. I want you to credit my credit card account within 24 hours. This charge appears to have been charged...

Avast / Avast antivirus online setup worth rs-999 (Indian currency

sreyan kumar biswas on Dec 24, 2016
I am not able to install the avast internet security -1 PC, 1 year(of Rs-999(Indian currency) I bought from the official website of Avast .My email id is sreyan.biswas919@gmail.com.My product code is B697JC-2XJNVJ-5Z44GW.When I run the set up there appears a bold circle type thing which keep...

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