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McAfee / taking money without permission for 8 years

Gemibean on Jan 18, 2018
I phoned customer service today as you had taken a payment out of my bank account today, which I thought was strange as I cancelled the antivirus twice back in 2009/2010. After checking previous years statements it showed you have carried on charging me even though I cancelled TWICE!!! Once...

McAfee / mcafee has said my website is not valid. which is untrue and causing me unfair problems

Juleshipp on Jan 13, 2018
I have recently bought a simple but good website. kegofwisdom.com For some reason McAfee has said the site is not valid. The description says: URL entered is not valid or has no data    https://www.mcafee.com/threat-intelligence/site/error.aspx?url=kegofwisdom.com This is not true. It is a...

McAfee / antivirus package

lhstout on Jan 3, 2018
Apparently, opening a Service Request does not mean that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible. I currently have NO protection; however, I do repeatedly get boxes popping up requesting I pay for upgrade as it states that my current protection is free. IT IS NOT FREE I PAID FOR...

McAfee / refund not received

Simon Warner on Dec 24, 2017
I made a payment on the 5th Dec 2017 of £22.31, i have emailed Mcafee previously (1 week ago) that i have spent hours & hours of waisted time trying to install with no response from Mcafee, my computer does not allow it to install, now i have tried to log in to my account & the Mcafee website...

McAfee / cashback on livesafe subscription

mjhughes on Dec 18, 2017
M.J.Hughes cs2174200931 I have just rang uk customer services about my £40 cashback on renewing my livesafe subscription to be told the 14 day offer was finished. I was not aware of this limit and to the best of my knowledge have not received any emails to point this out. Customer service...

McAfee / unauthorized payment

shanicecoombes1 on Nov 18, 2017
Mcafee have taken £89.99 out of my account and I did not authorise this. Apparently I clicked auto renewal, which I didn't. I had a free trial with my laptop and clearly they just pre selected the automatic renewal. I don't use mcAfee and I didn't when I had the free trial a year ago. I've...

McAfee / auto renewal

Carla Gee on Oct 30, 2017
On the 30th October 2017, the sum of £89.99 was withdrawn from my account without my authorization. This "auto renewal" was not authorized and was not turned on in my preferences for my account. The withdrawn amount has put my account into debt. Your customer service department is sorting out...

McAfee / security program unauthorized subscription charges.

Douglas M on Oct 27, 2017
It has been almost two years ago that I stopped using your security program and had it cancelled, on this October you once more charged my credit card after i had cancelled the subscription on line. I have contacted Walmart Master Card about the charges and I will dispute them. My name i...

McAfee / their renewal procedures and customer service

Jmaes on Sep 13, 2017
I recently tried to renew my subscription with McAfee. I live at a new address and my cards are all tied to my new address. I entered my new address at the McAfee site along with my card information and I got back that they could not confirm my new address, so I tried their chat service...

McAfee / protection program fee charged twice

complainuser on Sep 6, 2017
Reference number: [removed] Name: [removed] Email address: xxxxxx@gmail.com (new email) xxxxxxx@hotmail.com (old email) Phone number: [removed] (new phone number) [removed] (old phone number) I paid the anti virus program fee twice last year and I would like to have one of the payments to be...

McAfee / live safe

9wood on Sep 1, 2017
you do not treat your customers/users with any respect or courtesy get no help at all constant hang ups and disconnects seems you will find any excuse to hang up and avoid any type of help nothing is ever your fault will not even answer any valid question(s) do not even keep your...

McAfee / true key

mcharles9 on Aug 11, 2017
My True Key was constantly signing out each time I exited any website instead of staying on for 7 days per my profile. This is the second time this happened in the short time I have had the service. I got a tech outside the US on 8/10/17 and he said I had to delete and install and I would...

McAfee / mcafee *intel secur 866-622-3911

Jouni Rikkinen on Aug 9, 2017
Hello, I recently found out that you have been charging me for McAfee Intel security software(?). I've never used it and don't even remember ordering the soft. So can you let me know - what is this? -79, 95 MCAFEE *INTEL SECUR 866-622-3911 Viesti 492057******8834 OSTOPVM 170706 MF NRO...

McAfee / mcafee livesafe

TSC HOtels on Jul 24, 2017
24/07/17 Trying to install product key for McAfee Livesafe. We purchsed 3 x 1 year product keys, each for 5 users. 2 were istalled in January. McAfee Livesafe 3 x 1 year subscriptions 1 - D7SMW-5RWC7-2M5F7-4GFGT-APHP4 2 - D7NEV-G2H6L-9JP7M-9WNPF-APMFP 3 - D7TW2-C2WN2-LRT35-9547D-AP6HD However we have...

McAfee / internet security suite.. 2 year offer

Barry Vincent Rose on Jul 15, 2017
Hi, Yesterday, I bought a 2 yr subscription, believing it to cost your special offer price of under 60 pounds .. you then charged me nearly 90 pounds. I feel cheated and will never buy from you again, unless I get a refund. I presume this has happened because I pressed the wrong button...

McAfee / service

clive sturgess on Jul 7, 2017
I purchased a new computer from PCworld together with Mcafee Livesafe. I took it straight to my office and tried to activate my Livesafe with the activation code. I got a message telling me there was an error and one of Mcafee chat guys said he would get somebody to call me. I few minute...

McAfee / desktop windows 7

Rose Alcorn on Jul 4, 2017
I have repeated several time on the time I want my scan done. they do it at the times I am playing games, which makes them stop working ! my time is set for 4am, central time, every other week. this does not work, please fix the problem, very annoying ! Seems to me McAfee does not want to...

McAffee / Antivirus total protection

Gloria Jennings on Apr 6, 2017
I am trying arrange refund of the automatic renewal subscription order no CS1876708869 which was an automatic renewal which duplicated a purchase I had already made on line I rang your service no today 0800 028 7581. Only to be told you could not do the refund call Ref 2217201124 Reason give...

McAfee / Mcafee antivirus

dazzled_2 on Mar 3, 2017
After 11 months of a paid subscription to McAfee Antivirus I got the Zeus virus! I asked for help because it wiped my hard drive clean.. They said not their fault, that they could not catch all viruses and told me I would have to take it somewhere for repair out of my pocket!!! And they...

McAfee / Antivirus

MassManjunath on Feb 17, 2017
Hi, This is regards with the complaint with macafee product, I have mcafee antivirus plus installed on my laptop, but since 1 month my computer as virus and not able to use it, When I run the macfee scan virus is not getting deducted, and I had many number of calls but the issue is not...

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