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McAfee / Unethical behaviour by guruaid rajkapoor yodav in india

carole spradlin on Dec 29, 2016
I was renewing my McAfee Protection online. I started the download and it said it had to remove old McAfee, I agreed. Then it tells me need to restart computer. When I did, I couldn't get back to point of download. Called the 855 # and was connected to Rajkapoor Yodav in India. He said he...

McAfee / Subscription renewal without authorisation.

Claire Jouvenat on Dec 20, 2016
My Mcafee anti virus software was renewed on 13th December, without my authorisation. A payment of £89.99 was taken from my credit card and when I called to ask for a refund, as I did not wish to renew, the man on the phone said that they couldn't uninstall the software because there were some...

McAfee / Mcafee total protection

Norma Karter on Dec 19, 2016
On 12/18 my McAfee Protection was downloading and installing the latest update. It got hung up at 2% installation and never continued. I had to turn the computer off by hand. When I rebooted the computer would not work properly. It would take 5 minutes just to open a program. I couldn't...

McAfee / Online support thru chat

kfmone on Oct 17, 2016
I was having problems trying to download my Anti Virus I had purchased. It wouldn't give me the page I needed to enter my 25 code, to download the Antivirus I had purchased. So I went on the support chat. Rather then help the person tried to convince me that my registration was bad and I...

McAfee / Mcafee antivirus plus

TTyyg on Aug 3, 2016
Dear sir, mam While activating of the mcafee antivirus plus, during scratching off the code panel, 2 digit out of 25 digit code wears out and i am able to activate it properly. So, please help me regarding this. Hope i get a positive response. THANKS.

McAfee / McAfee Livesafe Virus Protection

Robin Godwin-Chamberlain on Jul 12, 2016
In early 2016 I purchased an HP Computer from Best Buy which came pre-loaded with a trial McAfee subscription. Upon a prompt that the subscription had expired on the evening of July 12th I clicked on the buy prompt to renew, entered my credit card information and purchased the product. The...

McAfee / Unauthorized charges

Anti-McAfee on Apr 1, 2016
This is a warning about trial McAfee subscriptions that are included in the purchase of any laptop or other device. I bought a laptop in December, which included a trial subscription to McAfee that I declined before the trial period expired, but even so I found an unauthorized charge on my...

McAfee / Internet security

Esme Brendon on Mar 2, 2016
I discovered that for some reason I had 4 security plans running at once. I have made numerous call to Mcafee and have had 2 refunds. I am still trying to process a refund from January 2015, for £49.99 I was sent the bank transfer forms on 16/1/16. SRH 4845-1916180582 (#6356-508554873-5869) I...

McAfee / Antivirus Plus

Reviewer42998 on Feb 20, 2016
In last 8 years, I have purchased many anti-virus software, but no one had such worst customer service to complaints. My antivirus pauses when it reached 33% and I have to manually unpause it. when I contacted the service center, I was told they cannot help me. Then I downloaded a software...

McAfee / Livesafe

Reviewer93373 on Feb 12, 2016
This product is the worst, I cannot even download the anti virus protection. The activation code is not being accepted. I bought it at wal-mart and I have been trying to activate it with no luck. Why do I have to call a number and talk to an overseas third country national to get something so simple done.

McAfee / Anti virus protection

Reviewer13137 on Feb 4, 2016
Macabre on the 7th Jan 2016 illegallyremoved the money from my account 79.99pounds for antivirus protection. I emailed 4 times and phoned for the money to be returned, I was told refund would be paid within 5 working days after I spoke to staff member on 20/1/16 I still have not received...

McAfee / not returned the money

Aivars on Dec 31, 2015
12/24/2015 illegallyremoved the money from my account 89.99 pounds for antivirus protection. I wrote and phoned for the money to be returned, but on the phone tells me that it can be done online, but actually it can not be done because it is not working. Please help me to return my money...

McAfee / Unauthorized credit card charges

Reviewer85596 on Nov 16, 2015
10/31/15 received an email from McAfee that they renewed my service in the amount of $53.99, and charged my credit card. I contacted them the same day, received a reply that my card would be refunded in 5 bus. days. That refund has still NOT been completed. I contacted them again today...

McAfee Security / Charging people with them knowing for service they dont have

upsetgrarndma1 on Oct 9, 2015
I purchased a computer in 2011 and it came with McAfee but you needed call and have it installed FOR SOME REASON IT WAS NERVER INSTALLED. My kids set it up for me. We'll when I got the credit card bill and there was a charge on it from them I called and the person said that they had...

McAfee / Antivirus software - will never use it again

Reviewer69078 on Sep 9, 2015
I bought a Multi Access McAfee program from Tiger Direct along with my laptop...When I attempted to access the McAfee website I ended up in India and was held hostage for 3 hours...they demanded 150.00 and told me I wouldn't NEED McAfee as my problem was adware...I refused, and they...

McAfee full protection / Fraudlent IT Support

Maximaphily on May 16, 2015
Have been using McAfee for about 5 years. Installed a new workstation computer. New computer also came with a free trial of McAfee LiveSafe. When this expired, my new computer was not protected. I still have 11 months to go on my fully paid for licence. Phone McAfee support to transfer my...

McAfee / terrible product

LBroon on May 3, 2015
I purchase 3 years subscription to mcafee live safe when I purchased my laptop last year, the past two months my computer has been running progressively slower and slower and frequently stalling. I also had my bank account hacked by spyware installed on my computer, My mcafee picked up...

McAfee / Unauthorized credit card charge

Willyum on Mar 25, 2015
Same as a lot of other people here, a charge of $104 showed up on my credit card without being authorized. Two possibilities, I had downloaded a trial version last year in the spring, but cancelled it because I didn't like it, the other instance was an update for Adobe that carried a...

McAfee / missed up my computer

crystal d lewis on Feb 2, 2015
I brought some virus protection from mcafee and wasnt sure it was downloaded right on my computer. I called mcafee for help. The guy named dave said he would help me download it. He said he wasnt able to cause i had an hacker and would cost me 245.00 to get rid of it. He said if i wouldnt...

McAfee Anti Virus Software / Subscription/Product Capability

B Patterson on Jan 19, 2015
I have had nothing but problems since I became a client of McAfee Anti -Virus Computer Software. I have had my subscription premature cancelled, I have had virus and Trojan attacks on my computer while having McAfee software protection or I thought I was protrected by the software that I...

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