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premium version of 360 security anti virus

I elected to purchase the premium version of the 360 security recently because it was offered at a significant discount by the company. It offered a $7plus per year for a 3-year license;making just over $21.i was surprised to receive an invoice for over $39. Even the corresponding offer of a 3-year license for 3 computers was offered for just less than $30 in the offer.
I have contacted the customer service desk explaining the situation and requesting a remedy and nothing was done. I am not even getting responses to my complaints any longer.

I inadvertently clicked on this site and they are holding me hostage to purchase the software

This site railroads you... - I inadvertently clicked on this site and they are holding me hostage to purchase the software. I tried everything to delete this from my office computer. They give a bogus website that doesen't exist. Please email me if you know how to contact this company.

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    pobarjenkins Oct 18, 2010
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    Verified customer

    That sounds more like a virus if keeps forcing you back to the site.

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  • Da
    Dan52 Oct 18, 2010

    Antivirus 360 is a dangerous computer parasite, A possible solution in your case could be downloading automatic removal tool. a very helpful site here at on a different PC. Then, you may save the remover to some data medium (like flash memory or CD) and thus install it onto the infected machine. The automatic removal tool is probably the most effective solution in cases of Antivirus 360 infection. One additional suggestion to the manual instructions would be to halt the A360.exe process first using the task manager/processes option. Until you halt the process, Windows will not let you delete the A360.exe executable, the core of the problem. Other than that minor addition, its easy to uninstall first go in safe mode by f 8 then uninstall it did and it is gone. my computer is new again.
    Thanks for your question!

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Resolved PAID 79.90 FOR ANTI-VIRUS 360 SOFTWARE. NEVER RECEIVED. #'s were fake

02/19/09 I was on my computer. Went online briefly. Logged off of E-mail. Closed out. Had to go on quick...

Resolved Program deleted automatically

I paid for the program Antivirus 360 to protect my computer, this program was downloaded to my computer. It was paid for through my credit card and it was paid for a year of protection.
The program only lasted for 40 days and deleted itself off of my computer.
I have called this phone number that was on my credit card which [protected], to get some support on how to correct this problem or get a refund back. I just get a busy tone, I would like to get this program back to protect my computer or get my money refunded back for the program that became unavailable to me on my computer.
Would please contact me as soon as possible with a response to my problem.
Thank you,
Michelle Chavez

  • Ta
    tadasops Mar 31, 2009

    You've been scammed big time. Antivirus 360 is a fake anti-spyware program, which uses all kinds of methods to buy it, mostly it's popups, that say you're infected, as well as fake system scans that return false results in order to scare you. Does any of this sound familliar?

    Removing it completely may be difficult (it doesn't automatically delete itself, or at least it doesn't remove everything). For more information check

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Resolved refund - I was scamed!

Today (3/16/09) while I was using my computer an alert message appeared stating that 27 virus could be...

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Resolved received nill paid $156 for software

i purchased the antivirus 360 software for $99 as a one time purchase received an email with a registration no. tried it nothing happened my computer was no different sent them an email requesting my money back got another email confirming it would be seen to told to wait 48 hours meantime checked my credit card and they had taken $156 without my knowing have heard nothing since and money has not been refunded as i am only on a pension i cannot afford to just lose money like this am very upset thought i could trust these people all i want is my money back i also suffer from depression and this is a very upsetting thing to happen to anybody could you please fix this up and they should not have taken more than they said thankyou please get back to me so i can have faith in the internet again my email address is [protected] hope to hear from you soon

  • De
    Debbie Mar 13, 2009

    unauthorized dollar amount for virus program

    Could you please give me a contact number so I could call to have this charge stopped from my account?

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  • Ry
    Ryan Apr 12, 2009

    debra.. actually.. antivirus 360 is a malware. its gave u fake scan and infected result. The main purpose maybe want to eat your money. beside that.. antivirus 360 will slow down your pc with annoying error, and stole your sensitive data like creadit card and bank account, password. beware. i just remove it with paid software. thanks god.. work perfectly.
    i have heard some people using free method, but i have no lucky with that. maybe i am not a tech savvy and skilled :p

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Resolved Misleading business practices

After the software took control of my computer and filling me full of inaccurate information pertaining to the supposed viruses my computer contained, I submitted to the pressure I was under and purchased the Antivirus 360 software. Thinking my computer would suffer irrreversible damage due to all of the viruses that this software said that I had, and because I could not get rid of the pop up windows that took control of my computer I had no choice but to pay the one time fee of $60.00. So I thought... Within one month my debit card was charged the initial $60.00, then a couple weeks later two charges appeared on the same day for $19.99. So now I am up to $99.98 and know of no way to contact the company to resolve this problem. Can they not be held liable for false advertising and/or computer kidnapping? When the pop up alerts started to appear I could no longer use my computer until I paid for the software. I was held captive!
Seriously, the software is no good and I am being swindled out of money every month.
What can I do?

Resolved Fraud/Scam

I too had been scammed on Feb. 10th. While surfing the web this Anti Virus thing poped up on my screen...

Resolved SCAM

I should have read all of the complaints on this sight first. Same thing guys, I was scamed by this AV360, and now I can't find out anything about them. One of these days.I ended up getting ParetoLogic to aid me, they not only cleaned out all of the AV360 from my computer they have given me good service with everything I have needed for my system.

  • Ca
    cathy Feb 03, 2009

    I got a message online that I had a virus and I needed to purchase this antivirus which I did and I got a bad virus which broke my computer and they charged my credit card and all numbers are disconnected.

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  • Wi
    wissy Feb 08, 2009

    go to for reimbursement --->

    explain the situation and they will pay you via paypal

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Mar 11, 2009

    I too downloaded this darn trojan to my computer. They have taken a total of $119.80 out of my bank account. Does anyone know how it get the money back?

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Resolved SCAM


Resolved fraud

I have been defrauded by antivirus 360. The company injected a fake trojan worm into my computer. I was receiving messages from this company that had the Microsoft Logo, and they held themselves out to be software affiliated with Microsoft. It stated that Microsoft recommended that I update the system with Antivirus 360, and even used Microsoft's logo! I kept trying to bypass their messages, and I finally bought the license for $59.95 because that was the only way I felt I could get the virus off of my computer! Needless to say, I was scammed. I need to get the $59.95 reversed off of my debit card. I am writing the Attorney general of my State to file a complaint. We need to get the makers of this Antivirus to quit distributing...for ever.

  • Gi
    giedrius Mar 07, 2009
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    Verified customer

    The makers of Antivirus 360 are already being sued. At least some of them!
    That are good news. Bad news are that there are still some of them remaining unknown.
    If you need help to remove Antivirus 360, here some information

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Resolved Antivirus 360 scam

Did anyone find out how to get their money back? Cause i just read all of the complaints and the same thing...