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Norton Customer Service

278 Reviews

Symantec Corporation

350 Ellis Street
Mountain View
United States - 94043

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 680 026(Australia)
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1800 720 7898(Singapore)
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1800 441 7077(Thailand)
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1800 944 0586(Colombia)
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+1 855 815 2726(United States)
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+64 800 174 089(New Zealand)
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+44 207 616 5600(United Kingdom)
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+420 239 016 463(Czech Republic)
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+352 298 479 5023(Luxembourg)
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+31 205 040 539(Netherlands)
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+41 442 120 032(Switzerland)
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+852 25 981 234(Hong Kong)
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+60 377 124 612(Malaysia)
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+27 218 192 830(South Africa)
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+82 220 971 401(South Korea)
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+54 115 354 0370(Argentina)
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Norton Complaints & Reviews

Norton / customer service

Joanna Stephenson on Jun 13, 2018

Rang today for VPN support. I was asked numerous personal questions by your service person such as my address my marital status how many children i have and how many family members i have and where they live. I explained politely i did not wish to answer personal questions the man verbally...

Norton / uploading of norton security deluxe subscription

NormsD on Jun 11, 2018

Purchased norton security deluxe subscription card 26 may 18 as my subscription was to run out on 28 may 18. I proceeded to download & install as directed but code was not accepted so phoned 08081891055 as directed. The lady spoke good english but she couldn't download it either. She asked...

Norton / norton security premium

Nat Love on Jun 10, 2018

I had $164.99 taken from my bank account without my Authorisation for payment of the abovenamed product. This is not due until 1st July 2018 and I pay this manually. Upon checking your website not only was I charged this amount you also have a special for $84.99 which you did not apply. I...

Norton / fraudulent email

Chelsea 70 on Jun 6, 2018

Dear sir, I received an email which asked for money on your behalf for something I have never had, I was not happy on receiving this email they did give a reference Norto 221794 which I have given to you. The only thing I ever get from norton is computer security and have always paid for thi...

Norton / norton antivirus

Nabila294 on May 18, 2018

$219 withdrawn from my account by Norton, I contacted Norton, they told me, it was automatic renewal and I cannot get refund because it past 60 days, I told them it is overcharge and it should be $119 not $219. They told me they will extend the renewals for two years instead of one year. I...

Norton / unauthorised payments

Felv123 on May 3, 2018

Have not had a norton subscription for over 2 years. All of a sudden had a random debit from my account for £84.99. Phoned bank and claimed it as fraud. 2 days later my parents visited and bought with them a norton renewal card that had been delivered to their address. I have not lived at thi...

Norton / overcharged norton antivirus

Nabila294 on May 1, 2018

Hi, I bought Norton anti virus 3 years ago for three years, Afew days go I find out it was renewed and money withdrawn from my account without my permission, $219.99 was withdrawn and renewed for one year which is over charge, I contact Oline customers service 1/05/2018 around 4.30 pm...

Norton / unauthorised credit card transactions, complaints team rudeness & unethical behaviour

mrs irritated on Apr 27, 2018

I was told to phone Norton to query a charge which I hadn't authorised. I installed Norton over a year ago on a computer that broke down within a month. I had no need of this product since then. When I phoned the 1st male hang up on me abruptly so I called again & the same thing happened...

Norton / norton 360

Michael Phillip KENNY on Apr 26, 2018

I am asking you to stop this product. I already asked you to stop: norton internet security. And you reimbursed me, 26th march 2018: 49.99£ on my paypal account. Could you do he same thing with the 64.99£ you just charged my paypal account. Could you do please the same thing with the...

Norton / norton security deluxe

koomen on Apr 2, 2018

I have tried downloading your security system ( Order No.: N252914540 ) £29.99. So many times now and it will not work. I have chatted with Rakesh Soni (Case No. 34683226 ) I used to have Kaspersky and had no trouble so I am going back to them. I have tried your download over 5 times and I...

Norton / unexpected bill

Doghank01 on Mar 28, 2018

05 Mar Norton *Ap1250965007 2076165600 GBR on 03 Mar 79.99 I received the above bill on my credit card (£79.99) MasterCard Account No. **** **** **** 8556 I do not use Norton software and I do not recognise this bill. Could you please reimburse me for this amount and cancel me on your...

Norton / norton antivirus update does not allow me to connect to my cisco vpn.

mwj1 on Mar 27, 2018

I have had to go back one version of Norton to get my VPN (Cisco any connect) to work. Spent a great deal of time with the tech people at Norton and all they could suggest is that I go through the same nonsense with Cisco. Norton is garbage, and the tech people are worthless. Also, I wa...

Norton Symantec / a2a payment

Eileen Davey on Mar 20, 2018

3/19/18 Debit 6516187 *AP1252553758 Mountain View CA 2018-03-19 08.28.02 $84.99 was taken from my account but I never ordered Norton Symantec. I was never sent an email informing me and I do not choose automatic renewal ever. I tried to make a purchase today but was rejected because $84.99...

Norton / renewal

carmenjimmy on Mar 20, 2018

I am very dissatisfied with the lack of customer service I have received trying to redeem a $25 amazon certificate I received from you in Oct 2017. I am including the original email The original link did not redirect me to the correct page. I contact via telephone the Customer support...

Norton / credit card charges

Daniel Ruggeri on Mar 9, 2018

Today I find out that I have paid for years a Norton subscription, that was in automatic renewal. The email where they send the auto renewal information, was not in service since 2009. Revising my American Express I find out that in December 2017 I was charged again, so I called Norton in...

Norton / billed and no longer use norton

KazLovell on Jan 31, 2018

Hi I notice I have had a prepay scheme set up on Paypal and you have billed me Bill Term Initiated Date 18 Sep 2016 Total Billed Amount £69.99 GBP Billing ID B-4SS58982RW368481P Status Cancelled on 31 Jan 2018 Description Norton by Symantec - renewal service can you refund my money, this i...

Norton / anti=virus software

Jabberwocky on Jan 23, 2018

I noticed from a recent bank statement that Norton took £59.99 out of my account on 5th December. I didn't authorise this payment to Norton and have no idea of what it is for. Secondly, I'm surprised that Norton charged me an exorbitant £129.00 in Jan 2018 for renewal of my subscription. I believe my...

Norton / norton antivirus/automatic renewal

Dee1210 on Jan 22, 2018

I purchased a 1-year subscription of anti-virus on 7 February 2013 for £32.16. After 1 year I no longer needed the service and cancelled it. Soon after, I changed my email address and have replaced my associated bank card twice. Recently I checked my bank charges and noticed I had been...

Norton / norton 360 by symantec

mykoe on Jan 5, 2018

I purchased the norton 360 antivirus software from staples, It clearly says on the box that it is for windows 8. when you try to install the norton 360 it pops up a window saying not compatable . it also says cannot help with on line tech support. I then got on line and spoke to a tech...

Norton / automatic renewal, guru aid and constant phone calls

EmmaBeilby on Dec 10, 2017

Norton have been taking £79 from our account each year for several years now despite the service being cancelled many years ago. When we called to get a refund we were put through to guru aid. No idea who this company are but they said the only way to get a refund from Norton was to pay then...