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Norton / norton 360 by symantec

mykoe on Jan 5, 2018
I purchased the norton 360 antivirus software from staples, It clearly says on the box that it is for windows 8. when you try to install the norton 360 it pops up a window saying not compatable . it also says cannot help with on line tech support. I then got on line and spoke to a tech...

Norton / automatic renewal, guru aid and constant phone calls

EmmaBeilby on Dec 10, 2017
Norton have been taking £79 from our account each year for several years now despite the service being cancelled many years ago. When we called to get a refund we were put through to guru aid. No idea who this company are but they said the only way to get a refund from Norton was to pay then...

Norton Antivirus / scammed by geek technologies for $810.00

Eleanor Wither on Dec 6, 2017
My complaint is three pages long and I would gladly forward it to an email address as an attachment Briefly this started in March of 2016 when my laptop indicated it was not protected by Norton Anti-virus although I down loaded a Norton Anti-virus disc. I phoned the Norton number listed on...

Norton / unauthorized credit card charges

wedfri on Nov 9, 2017
on 31/08/16 I've received email from Norton - automatic renewal notice. I've responded with the request to cancel my direct debit details and cancel the subscription (i have not signed up up to have services renewed). My request has been actioned, I wasn't charged for subscription in 2016...

Norton Security / norton security deluxe: item# is 1000000000293934540

Aragorn Klockars on Nov 5, 2017
email toNorton Renewals re: charge of $100 for Norton security on 170914 Complaint to Norton/Symantic site https://www.symantec.com/connect/contact On September 14, 2017 I was charged $100.79 through paypal for Norton security that I did not knowingly apply for, for a computer I no longer use...

Norton Security / unauthorized credit card charges

Anthony Gildon on Oct 12, 2017
On 1/05/17 Norton went into my Vibe account and made a premature debt of $116.59, which caused my monthly rent payment ($1094)to bounce with a $30 fee.(*AP1212188173 CA700529000454 IN1070) I had to take out a $500 loan to cover that expense. On 1/6/17 I was refunded $57.29 (CA...

Norton / unauthorised credit card charges

Suzannefuzzy on Sep 29, 2017
An automatic payment was taken from my credit card - I do not want this service please refund the money to my credit card 6th September, 2017 Order number: Ap1235539006 180-068-0026 Name: suzanne Stevens Product serial number: jxcbfrfjyrgj This has put my credit card in arrears and I am now...

Norton / unauthorized auto renewal charge from norton

Cecilia CB on Sep 20, 2017
Case no 32367080 This is a report on an Un authorized Auto Renewal charge from NORTON. I have been following up on this a number of times and I've been told that I will be contacted in 48 hours and I have never heard from anyone. This is ridiculous ! I've been charged without my consent . I...

Norton / automatic renewal

SteveJack3 on Sep 20, 2017
I have tried to resolve my issue on chat, but the Supervisor left the conversation and I gave up (text of live chat below). Perhaps if you reviewed the chat below, it would give you sufficient information to suggest a solution to my issue? In summary, a very old account with dormant email...

Norton / customer support

p shelley on Sep 18, 2017
I bought a 3 year Norton antivirus, when I had difficulty installing it onto my daughters computer I rang the support number, a gentleman got onto my computer and told me there was a problem with the computer and for a charge of $249.00 he would refer it to a technician to fix the problem...

Norton / norton antivirus

Tamsonjohn on Sep 17, 2017
Hi I paid for Norton last year bot from.argos to protect my dad's laptop so when tri to install it ask me for my email and details and my bank account details so gave it as says it was just to make sure I was Ho says was and nothing wood cume outmy acunt when to lift my child's money and...

Norton / norton antivirus protection - case #32272894

Nancy Katsudas on Sep 12, 2017
I was charged for a renewal of my Norton antivirus protection, but the email notification was sent to an address I no longer use. As a result, I wasn't aware of the charge until after the 60 day credit period. I am now covered by my employer, so I no longer need outside protection. When I...

Norton / norton renewals

1112 on Sep 12, 2017
Order Number: AP1236052790 Name: [removed] Account Ending In: 7013 I have had £49.99 debited from my account for a product I never asked to be renewed. I was not sent a reminder or any notification prior to this amount being taken out. I am at University therefore have very little money in...

Norton Symantec / unethical behavior

Anna M. Cortez on Sep 5, 2017
I don't how, but on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, I received a phone call on my land line from a man going by the name of Alex at approximately 11:30AM. It was extremely difficult to comprehend what he was saying because his English was so poor. I recognized that he appeared to be a...

Norton / refund

TB0576 on Aug 25, 2017
Dear sir/ Madam, I am writing to you to request a refund of money to my account for the taking of payment, for services that i am no longer able to access due to not having any sort of internet as i have terminated my broadband service due to high running costs. payment was taking from my...

Norton / unauthorised credit card charges, customer sales team member hanging up on me!!!

TBrodie on Aug 3, 2017
Order No: AP1232039087 I rang your customer sales team today and waited 20 minutes on the phone for someone to answer my call. The reason for ringing in the first place was to complain that Norton had taken £79.99 out of my bank account for renewal subscription without my permission and without...

Norton / helpline customer services staff

Suraya Mohmand on Aug 2, 2017
We bought a Norton antivirus from GBHI-FI Westfield Paramatta in Sydney Australia on 08/07/2017 for 5 devices for 2years. Unfortunately, We run out of time and had to return Canada where we live. We tried many times to install it, but not successful. Yesterday after several try I rang the...

Norton / unauthorised credit card charges

KMReid on Jul 17, 2017
I have dealt with the live chat support team on two occasions and they require additional information from my bank before my issue can be reviewed further. I was charged for 5 products in 2016 and 2 so far this year but only one is mine, with all charges totaling $559.93. Support have been...

Symantec - Norton / rebate not received

Richard Barton on Jul 15, 2017
I purchased Norton Deluxe for 5 devices in March at Fry's. It came with two rebates. One for the purchase $30 and one for the upgrade $20. I received the $30 rebate but have not received the $20 rebate. The rebate form told how to go to the Help/About screen and print the info...

Norton / antivirus internet protection

LeonX2016 on Jul 9, 2017
Good morning, I have five (5) Norton licenses for Windows for Antivirus Internet Protection which cover desktop and laptop computers of my family. There have been times one of the computers had to be formatted or replaced due to damage. Almost all the times there was no option to uninstall...

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