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Norton antivirus / they keep charging me for the software even after I called them

Patricia Schurr on May 17, 2017
I talked with a gentleman a Norton Antivirus when I saw the first charge and told him I did not want it as I had something else on my machine. He insisted that I had nothing on it and he could give me the software for half price. He also said that they had taken the automatic charge off of...

Norton / norton staff dint follow all the procedures to help me, my problem is not yet fixed

naitik810 on May 17, 2017
Hello, I am writing to let you know that I am a regular customer of Norton Product based in Auckland New Zealand. I have purchased more than 100 licenses for Anti-Virus, Internet Security & Norton 360 under my two email addresses naitik810@gmail.com & lotus_subA@hotmail.co.nz I recently...

Norton / Norton

Cheryl A. Dotson on Apr 7, 2017
I have paid for a service to protect my computer and was repeatedly knocked off and that my subscription had expired. It has not and I still have no security. I want it fixed now - I have reported this four times and still no fix. My firewall was wide open and still is. I wish to have thi...

Symantec "Norton" / Virus

shelbygt on Mar 28, 2017
I tried to down load norton, security deluxe. 5 device version. Shortly after starting it i was flagged with an issue. A screen came up with phone numbers prompting me to call norton tech support.After tech support had control of my computer for an hour i was passed off to another tech. After...

Norton / Incompetent technical support survey

Norton Crash on Feb 15, 2017
I apologize for the delay in responding to your survey. I have been away from home since December 29th and will not be returning until mid-April. Upon my return I will began shopping for a new computer. I will start by saying that I have Norton Security and Norton Utilities on 2 desktop and...

Norton / Unauthorized credit card charges

Oscar Altavilla on Jan 4, 2017
I have used norton security for the last 12 months ant the expiry date is january 19/ 2017. However, on december 30/ 2016, symantec charged me $149.99 on my paypal account for a renewal never authorized by me. I did not intended to pay that amount and started a dispute through paypal. At the...

Norton / I am complaining about the huge increase of price

karim kerkor on Dec 20, 2016
I am a faithful user of Norton internet security. I have been automatically subscribed for the last 3 years. This year I was surprised by the huge increase of price of the same product from about $40 to about $70. Comparing the prices of the different antiviral program (comodo for example...

Norton / Unethical behaviour

carpeneb on Dec 5, 2016
on 12-5-16 I called Norton Tech Support to get help with a Explorer issue. I called Norton because I have their Internet Security software and I couldn't access some security settings. The Tech looked at my computer and said there was nothing wrong with their software and told me that I...

Norton / Ad being removed from site

Monica Norton on Nov 10, 2016
I would like to make a complaint about the gumtree service I have received, it has been very poor indeed. I have been trying to advertise puppies for sale for the last couple weeks. when I first put the advert it was fine. it was left it on there for a few days . when I changed the date...

Norton Security / Nuisance calls

Wikkit on Oct 22, 2016
I used to use Norton Security but cancelled at least a year ago and I now have another form of security. I have had continual calls from 'ERIC' on an 'out of area' number concerning Norton Security, I have told him on numerous occasions that I do not have and do not...

Norton - Symantec / Unauthorised paypal payment

Paul**!! on Oct 18, 2016
Was notified by Paypal of an automatic payment to Symantec - for Norton Antivirus. I called paypal and also placed a complaint to paypal to retrieve as this was unauthorised. I have not used the Norton product on any devices for over 10 months. On deleting my Norton I also noted on the...

Norton / Product key

Kits on Aug 30, 2016
I decided to change my antivirus software and decided to try Norton. I bought Norton antivirus and installed it on my PC. Everything seemed fine and it was working as it should do. I was very satisfied with the product. Used it for two weeks. One day when I turned on my PC I saw that for...

Norton / Security software has been removed and you have removed fees from my bank

conniespie on Aug 17, 2016
Last year I paid for 1 year subscription for Norton security on my laptop, the year has past you have removed the software and taken a charge of £39.99 from my account on the 11th August 2016. I would understand if this was an automatic renewal but you removed the security and now I have taken...

Norton Products / Symantec / Unauthorized charge to my credit card for product I do not use

Peg Gleman on Aug 17, 2016
Norton charged $96.29, account transaction ap1197255184, on aug. 13, 2016. This charge was not authorized by me and i feel this is fraud. I would like the full amount credited back to my account. I called the number listed 877 294-5265 and spoke with virgil, located in the phillipines. How can...

Norton / Service

Hussein H. Hussein on Jul 19, 2016
On case # 27833738, I asked Norton to help me checking out my computer to see why since I have bought an anti virus product I no longer to get certain program. The name of the representative was "Aman" who remotes my computer. But instead to help me with what I asked him to, he worked...

Norton / Your employee Bryan Morgan #687859

Pdeej on Jun 21, 2016
Today, 6/21/16, I used the internet chat for help to install a Norton antivirus product. Bryan took control of my computer remotely and helped me with my issue but then used the notepad to start writing about and trying to "NSA" anti-hacking software for $389.00 I told him I would have...

Norton / Norton 360

Kevin Connolly on Jun 12, 2016
My name is Kevin Connolly when purchased in early 2013 I had bought it for 3 years. Since then my credit card expired and I got new no. In Oct. 2013. And when I did originally bought I did check box for one time only deal, I would never leave an open credit card with any company. This year...

Norton / Antivirus Auto Renew

Reviewer18721 on Dec 11, 2015
Have not used this product in over two years. Saw charge on my credit card. Called Norton to remove the charge. Customer Service rep verified no activity on my account since 9/2013 (today is 12/11/2015), stated sent auto renew notice to an email that I shut down well over a year ago, yet...

Norton / Damages

Patricia Hope on Dec 6, 2015
I can not give a photo of the damage that has been done since my computer technicians down loaded the Norton 360. I had micro soft essentials on my computer & never had any major problems. After being told by my technician that there were viruses that the micro soft essential...

Norton / 360 Premier Edition Software

Honest Man Too on Nov 15, 2015
Firstly, having registered with you, I'd like to comment on your name "Complaints Board" and ask who you represent. However, my reason for doing so, was that 'somehow' I found that you have Systweak listed as having been complained about, and I happen to have their main...

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