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Complaints & Reviews

trojan removal

what a bloody joke, My comp got a trojan which norton security let in !! an they want me to pay $99.99 US to get it fixed !!
even though its there anti virus that let the virus in, in the firt place . They dont realise the exchange rate to NZ Dollars !!
I waited over 1 hour to talk to someone who didnt want to fix the problem he just wanted the money !! what a joke you pay for protection then when it lets something in you have to pay for there malfunction !

  • Bo
    bob w Feb 07, 2009

    I have used Norton products for several years. I renewed my subscription to Norton 360 Premier Edition as a two year contract on Jan. 25, 2009. After running the latest update (I have the system set for automatic updates) the program told me that the computer was infected with a virus that needed "manual assistance" to fix. The Norton website gave me detailed instructions on what to do. After following those instructions, the virus was still detected.

    I checked the Symantec website for info on the virus. The website stated that they are aware of the virus and the latest update would fix the problem. NO, IT DOES NOT.

    I contacted "Customer Support" via the website. I felt like I was in a used car lot, where the person I was chatting with had only one capability. Charge me $100.00 and then send me to a technician who might fix the problem.

    Where is the disconnect here?

    1. Norton did not detect and remove the virus
    2. Norton is aware of the virus
    3. Norton claims the latest version of the Update will detect the virus (IT DOES NOT!!!)
    4. Norton tech support is a scam to collect money to fix problems that Norton is aware of and claims that their software will protect your system from

    P.O.S. Anyone want to guess what I believe this product and company is?

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unauthorised payment after cancelling product

I sent an email to Symantec's subscription email address several weeks ago cancelling my Norton Anti Virus account and telling the company not to make a withdrawel from my Master card account.

I was horrified when I received an email from Symantec informing me that they had withdrawn $44.99 from my master card account this included $2.00 tax. I have tried emailing them at their subscription email address telling them to refund the amount taken from my account but the email seems to be blocked at the outbox level and wont go through. I have tried calling the company at their phone line but all that happened was that I listened to music awaiting an operator while the dollars rolled up on my phone bill. I am disgusted with this company as well as with my bank who let the payment go through after I blocked it. I am using the web address given on the letter to try and get my money refunded and stop this account for good. I feel utterly trapped into this Norton Anti Virus account which I am still not receiving even though they charged me again and my email number is still the same on my new computer. Please free me from Norton Anti Virus and Symantec. Yours hopefully. Helen Simpson.

  • Sa
    SANDRA KNAPP Apr 04, 2008

    I have a receipt from symantec for a total of $61.98 (1.99 down load, 49.99 subscription, 10.00 upgrade, dated 3/2/o8 and thei shows up on my astercard bill. I also have a $49.99 norton annual renewal. It appears you have charged my account 2 times for the same item. Please reply ASAP and credit my account ASAP. I will have to pay these charges or incur interest on my account.

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  • Wi
    willie Aug 26, 2008

    my account was automatically renewed on July 3, 2008 and my credit card was automatically charged $49.99, however, it says that my subscription has run out. I tried to verify the product subscription status to see if it is up to date and it will not let me view it. Please advise

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  • Li
    Lin DeTitta Sep 07, 2008

    The same thing happened to me. I also was advised that there was a 9.95 charge if I wanted to phone and talk to anyone about it. There were 60 ahead of me for online chat help. I emailed for help and, although advised that I would receive a reply in 24 hours, at 26 hours I had no response. I sent a strong follow up email, and the problem was resolved. In the meantime, the application was prompting me to renew my subscription. An attempt to double bill? I wonder how many times a subscriber does not check her/his credit card statement and follows the prompt.

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  • Na
    natures Feb 26, 2009

    This morning I renewed my annual Norton Internet Protection service. The cost to renew is $49.99

    15 minutes after renewing, I logged into my online banking & in the pending charges were 3 separate charges from Norton!

    Two fees for $49.99
    One fee for $59.99

    That's $157.97 dollars.
    That's $109.98 more than verbally discussed.

    The person that helped me was Pavankumar Munnalal Shrivastav from Symantec Support.

    I spent over an hour with someone on the phone that could not correct the situation before being transferred to his supervisor that offered the same rhetoric nonsense.

    A+ on your customer service mate!
    Now refund the money from the unauthorized charges!

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  • Co
    Colin Pond May 06, 2009

    I have been wrongly charged for a subscription renewal to Norton Antivirus. I received an email saying my renewal was due (correct) and I paid by card. I subsequently received a further charge direwctly from Symantec for the same renewal. I have been wrongly charged £44.99 and seek reimbursement

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not activated, yet renewed

I recieved a Norton Automatic Renewal Service pre- billing notification, on November 6 2008 at 4:30 am, On...

downloading norton 360 completely locked up my computer

I purchased Norton 360 subscriptionon 14 Jan, 2009. It has completely foulrd up my computer. if I am lucky enough to bring up a selected item, it is locked there.I cannot go further. the selected page is locked. Most of the time alt/ ctl/del willnot remove it, only manuall shutdown. I have uninstalled it and have my computer back in operation. I
I would like a refund of the purchase price.
Details; Order #[protected]
order date; 14 jan 2009
product name; 1 Norton 360 subscription $69.99
product serial # KKCYP7KQBMJH

no subscription key sent

I renewed my subscription for Norton Confidential on line on 24th Dec 2008, but I have not received the subscription key number by e-mail to complete the transaction. My payment went through on 25th Dec 2008. I am still being asked to renew my subscription. Please send me the subscription key number or I will stop subscribing.

Shelagh Norton.

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I purchased a Norton product with a $20 rebate and was sent the $20 rebate as a "Visa Debit" card. What a...

payment no service

I purchased the Norton Security System 360 on line on Dec.3, 2008 for $59.99 via credit card. As of this date [protected]) I hleave not received any conformation that the system was activated. I keep getting reminders (popups) that state that my free subscription has expired.I understand from other websites that this company is a fraudulant system. Iwould like to know if there is any recourse (on my part) concerning this situation ?Thanking you in advance.Please e-mail as to possible resolution in this matter.Yours truly, Michael Perrino

  • Am
    Amy Riley May 23, 2009

    I too, purchased Norton Security, on-line .They took my money with no return of a product .
    I'm really upset about this . When you go to there web page to talk to somone live about this problem there is no one to do that with . So they took my money of 59.99 as well. I think they should be sued !!!

    Amy Riley

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  • 3s
    3SYMBOLS May 23, 2009


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no product key

I dont understand how you people can take my money and dont deliver a product!!!
You send me a conformation letter with the order #[protected] .
This letter states that in order to be able to download a liscence product, you have to put in the product key#, and that number is located on the email conformation letter. Well as you guessed it, you did not put that product key # in that letter, nor can I contact you on your contact list to be able to ask someone. It sounds like you dont want to be notified to fix this problem but you have no problem taking my money.

Feel free to contack me anytime at [protected]@securespeed.us

  • Ga
    Gayel Colliver Aug 05, 2008

    Have been charged for program Norton Internet Security 2008 that won"t installe on the computer. Emailed the contact Support 2 times as of to date no answer. Would appreciate any help on problem.

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download from internet that did not work after six hours!!

Hello, Certainly hope you can help me with this, "BIG PROBLEM", since Sept.30th, 2008 when this poped up on my screen telling me I had one day to upgrade. The cost was $69.99 + $8.99 for the download that took six hours on a dial-up computer. This is no joke and I want my money back grand total of $78.98, "or for them to send me a new one to my address to download onto my computer myself. Thank You for any help, Norman&Shrley Beitz <[protected]@route24.net>i24.net> wrote:

automatic renewal

automatic renewal and charging my credit card without my approval on November 25, 2008. I sent a message asking for reimbursment ; no answer.

  • Je
    Jerry Steenson Oct 02, 2008

    They are doing automatic renewals on credit cards without letting people know. The only reason I found out, I'm pretty sure, is that my credit card had expired. So, they sent me an email to try to prod me into renewing it. I uninstalled their junk 6 months ago. And, I never signed up for this. I would never sign up for something like that. They probably hid this as some "option" in an obscure place in the ordering process when I first bought the stuff. I wonder how many millions of dollars they've stolen from people by doing this.

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  • Me
    Mel Dec 08, 2008

    Same Identical thing happened to me!! SAME!! I did call credit card company today, they resolved it immediately..but prior calls to Symantec to no AVAIL!! I am as well ALERTED and concerned! THIS IS CONSIDERED CREDIT CARD FRAUD!! I am calling my attorney and the FBI! I would love to see a mass public consumer suit over this, whatever that term is! I was advised not to call corporate HDQRTS at this point in time..don't want them to be alerted until pursued thru legal system!!

    Feel free to respond!

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  • Me
    Mel Dec 08, 2008

    SAME HAPPENED TO ME TODAY!! Called Symantec..to no avail! Called credit card company and talked with dispute person, with whom resolved it immediately! This is considered credit card FRAUD! I am contacting my attorney and FBI! I have been advised not to contact Symantec Hdqrtrs at this point in time..until persued thru legal system.

    Feel free to reply!

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  • To
    Tom Mullaney Oct 20, 2009

    There is a class action lawsuit against Symantec for these practices. The lead attorney for the class is Thomas M. Mullaney ([email protected]) if you wish to discuss your complaint

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unauthorized billing

Norton Anti-Virus billed my checking account in the amount of $49.99 on 11/24/08. I did not authorized Symantec - Norton to bill my private checking account and I demand that I be reimbursed in the full $49.99.

  • Gi
    Give em hell, Harry Jan 31, 2009

    I have seen many with same complaint as you and I both experienced.
    I contacted the Department of Justice in NH and are pursuing it, with already a letter sent to Symantec! With letter to Dept. of Justice, I included almost 20 pages of complaints from many different people! Though it maybe out of their jurisdiction to look outside of NH for complaints, I wanted them to be aware of all of these people being hit with unauthorized charges from Symantec!

    People, with same problem. contact your state's Dept of Justice, Consumer Protection Antitrust Bureau! Enough complaints sent from Dept. of Justices, Consumer Protection/Antitrust Bureau to Symantec
    Symantec will HAVE to DO SOMETHING!! They already have a few class action suits..nothing to do with this particular problem, though.

    Many Thanks..pls forward onto others!

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  • Ri
    richard_cranium Feb 07, 2009

    I had the same problem with Norton, When my wife installed the anti virus program it automaticly subscribed her to " automatic renewal" .
    Fast forward to one year later and it is renewal time . She no longer is using Norton and got an e-mail telling her that her subscription would be automaticly renewed, and asked me to cancell it.
    I loged on to thier website and found I needed an account number to cancell the renewal process.
    They then provided a number to me, which when entered into thier system stated that the number was incorrect... Long story short.. by the time that I got it straightened out we were charged the $49.00 fee
    After this my mother went through the same scenario. While the Symatec web site had beed updated to make it easier to "find" information on the renewal process it was still a shell game to actually cancell the subcription to automatic renewal..In the end she just cancelled her credit card and got a new one to avoid being charged...

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unauthorized charge

Unauthorized credit card billing from norton annual renewal [protected] ca for $54.04. I never haad norton...


In October I sent an email that i've not used Norton when my computer crashed in early spring. I...

early expiration of license

On several occassions, the application has prompted that my license has expired when it was not. The latest incident occurred on 10/25/2008. My subscription doesn't expire until March 2009. I called support twice and they were not able to resolve the issue. The first technician lied and said he would call back to continue to work with me, I had to call support again. The second technician also lied and said he would call back, never heard from him. I worked with them for several hours, leaving my computer vulnerable to viruses.

Ultimately I had to install an earlier version of the software to protect my system.

annual renewal

I was not planning to renew the Norton Security on my PC for this year. When the reminder came up that my subscription was going to expire within a month, I opted not to renew. Tried to uninstall the program using their uninstall option but program did not go away.

Received nearly hourly reminders of the renewal. After several days, I received an "upgrade now" message and wasn't sure if it was for my current subscription, so I upgraded and was charged as a renewal for the next year. There was no message regarding any fees for the upgrade or fees for the renewal until I saw it as a message AFTER the upgrade.

  • Ru
    Ruth Hoover Sep 24, 2008

    I was not planning to renew the Norton Security on my PC for this year. When the reminder came up that my subscription was going to expire within a month, I opted not to renew. Tried to uninstall the program using their uninstall option but program did not go away.

    Received nearly hourly reminders of the renewal. After several days, I received an "upgrade now" message and wasn't sure if it was for my current subscription, so I upgraded and was charged as a renewal for the next year. There was no message regarding any fees for the upgrade or fees for the renewal until I saw it as a message AFTER the upgrade.

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  • Hi
    Hilda Rivera Nov 17, 2008

    I had a problem with the program a couple of months ago where it suggested to be uninstalled and reinstalled. The program was never able to be reintalled although we tried for several days and I was unable to find a working phone number to contact customer support, so I was forced to buy a different program. I have not had Norton for several months now but I received a statement from my credit card with charges from your company. I never received notification stating I was going to be charged for a renewal. I never authorized the renewal, therefore, I never authorized the charges made to my credit card ($49.99) for the renewal of the program on 11/17/08. This was a scam, you took advantage of my credit card information and charged me without my concent. I want the money to be credited back to my account, or I will take legal action against your company. I want my credit card information to be removed from your computers and the automatic renewal. I am not interested in doing business with you. I would like someone to contact me regarding this matter as soon as possible. Hilda Rivera(407) 671-2416

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  • Hi
    Hilda Rivera Nov 17, 2008


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  • Hi
    Hilda Rivera Nov 17, 2008


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  • Ch
    cheryl jordan Dec 01, 2008

    I am not aware that I gave permission for Norton to renew my security for my computer. I broke down my computer three months ago and stored it away. I need this renewal to be credited back to me. I will not be using my home computer for approximately 18 months.

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  • Vw
    V. Wilson Dec 19, 2009

    I am a Canadian. I am trying to renew my Norton 360 which expires in one day. When I enter my phone number, which of course has a Canadian area code .Your information informs me that I must enter a valid phone number, which I of have. but it still insists that the information submitted requires to be valid. What is wrong?

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credit card charge

I had to remove the virus system the same day
because it slowed my computer down so much and
it was to hard to get into anything.
I am having a hard time getting in touch with any one to have the charge removed from my credit card.

  • De
    Delores Nov 13, 2008

    I am having the same problem

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  • Da
    Daniel Garciduenas Nov 19, 2008

    I would like to return the norton ghost 14.0 and my bank card credited back sorry to say the product did not work the way i thought it would. I took it off my pc and would like my money back my order number is
    please get back to me on this matter

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  • Ch
    CHARLES P[ETTIGREW Mar 20, 2009



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  • Ro
    rodolfo powell Apr 26, 2009


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  • Ro
    rodolfo powell Apr 26, 2009

    i dont know what you mean by comment cannot be empty. i told you my problem above. what else do you want me to say.

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  • Ch
    cheryl l billinger May 25, 2010

    already am signed up til Nov 2010 & am getting charged $ 70.00 a month the last couple months, I registered my # then I get charged again!!!

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scam and cheating

I just got off the phone with customer service from Norton.They are supposed to refund $69.99 for an order...

scam and cheating

I was charged directly from my bank account two weeks before my Norton Anti Virus subscription was due and when I called to let them know that I did not want their service and wanted a refund I was told by their representatives I would get my money within 5 to 10 days, it has already been almost two months and still no sign of my money. Every time I call to inquire about my money it is always the same story and my problem never gets resolved. I do not ever recall ever enrolling in their automatic renewal service, which they claim I did. I just feel that they are constantly lying to me and hope that I give up so they could keep my money.

  • Jo
    Joel Warner Sep 04, 2008

    I to have experienced Nortons antivirus scam. When you call the customer service number it never connects to a rep. It loops around to the beginning of the message. Does anyone know how to get a real refund. Also, the computer it was on crashed because it failed to detect a virus.

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  • Lf
    lfmorgan Nov 25, 2008

    Been using computer since 1951 and What Norton Antivirus routinely does to control people's computers shound not go unpunished or unpublisized

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billed to my capital one account and I do not have internet anymore I want a refund.

I did not purchase this item of Norton Anti Virus Renewal as a matter of fact I do not have the Internet anymore.

Beside the item on my Capital One bill was this number which I tried to reach but it would not go through [protected] CA
This was put on my bill on July 31, 2008. I want you to give me a complete credit back to my account and cancel this forever never to be put on my account again immediately.

You can reach me by e-mail [protected]@yahoo.ca I can go to the library or my son's home to retrieve my e-mails.
or call me and leave a message at my home number [protected]
I would appreciate a reply very soon as I want the $71.31 credited back to my Capital One Card which I just received and is due Sept 8. I will give you my Capital One card when you reply to this complaint.

Gail Kelly

  • Sh
    sharon Silmon Aug 24, 2008

    This renewal was charged to credit card and I didn't agree to a renewal. I don't even have that software on my computer anymore. They charged me 59.99 for this crap and I can't even get through to talk to their consultants.

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  • An
    Angelique Rabus Sep 19, 2008

    I have received my Capital one Bill and I have found a charge that I have never purchased from your company. The computer that I had original put the Norton Virus protector, has not had internet connected to it since 2006. I know I would never have bought an automatic renewal, mainly because I don't believe technology last long. I could be using something completely different next year. I would greatly appreciate a credit on my account, as soon as possible for the amount charged: $42.91.



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  • Ja
    Jacques Dec 19, 2008

    I have been victim of a theft. I have received an invoice of Norton that I have never ordered the 28 november to amount of $70. There is at least eight years that I am using more this software (too expensive for me) What do I do? Thank you for your help

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stopping 60 days free trial

I never wanted to try Norton 360, but I got a brand new computer, and it wouldn't continue if I didn't try Norton 360. I wanted to cancel my free 60 day trial. I finally found a way to cancel these services by this email. It hasn't been the full 60 days. I don't want to be charged. I did everything to try to cancel, but the cancellation would not go through. This is my email to contact me for confirmation that the cancellation went through for my own records. Your website for Norton 360 makes it hard to cancel services. On the site it does not have anything that shows that you can cancel.

  • Mo
    mohommed Nov 04, 2008

    free nothan 360

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  • Ca
    Captain Boomie Feb 18, 2010

    I agree it was very sketchy how difficult they make it. On their site once you do drill down and manage to find some text about how to cancel, instead of telling you the steps it says to follow the directions you received in your order confirmation email. Why they can't just reiterate it there is so stupid, because this is what the email says:

    1. click here to go to the order status page. (the URL is: https://shop.symantecstore.com/servlet/ControllerServlet?Action=DisplayOrderStatusPage&Env=BASE&Locale=en_US&SiteID=symnahho&ThemeID=106300)
    2. Login using either your Order Number and password or e-mail address and the last five digits of your credit card.
    3. Press the “Find Your Order” button to view the product to cancel.
    4. Go to the bottom of the page and click the “Cancel your Order” button.
    5. You will then see a Web page confirming your cancellation.

    It's really quite simple once you have the above instructions, and they could have put this on their website as well, but I think they unfairly make it difficult so it's too difficult/time consuming to cancel.

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  • Bi
    Bill_W Apr 27, 2011

    I tried Norton from http://www.norton-security-store.com/norton-free-trials.html and had no trouble. I tried Norton Internet Security first, uninstalled it, and then got Norton AntiVirus. If you have a problem with getting Norton off your computer, they offer a free removal tool that can be downloaded from Symantec: http://us.norton.com/support/kb/web_view.jsp?wv_type=public_web&docurl=20080710133834EN&ln=en_US

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