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Complaints & Reviews

Unauthorized debit card charges

Deduction was made from my card on 13 July 2020 without any notification to me on VISA card [protected] for USD53.49 from dri*avg Technologies.

I did not purchase any items or have no intentions too. I would appreciate if could you please stop whatever services rendered and refund the monies to the above account.
My email address is [protected]@gmail.com. if you need to contact me.
Thank you

Mike Chua

dri*AVG Technologies [protected] Mn

My Mastercard shows a charge of $53.49 on April 27 to
dri*AVG Technologies [protected] Mn. I did not authorize this charge and would like it refunded ASAP

Last year you made a number of transactions on my bank account

Dear Sir/Madam

Back in November and December last year you made a number of transactions on my bank account namely.

25/11 34.99
27/11 74.99
2/12 49.99
9/12 66.37

Which were for items not ordered, you repaid the monies on the 16/12 after I contacted you about it.

Now you are trying again to take money from me, this time 44.99GBP.

It is currently pending and may or not be paid, if it is I want an immediate refund.

Melvyn W Todd

Tune up not working

AVG Tune Up, is not working, it appears to be frozen secondly this past Monday March 3, 2020 AVG asked to update one of their systems and I agreed, it downloaded asked to restart my computer and ever since I have had nothing but problems with the internet disconnecting and reconnecting constantly and the reconnecting is extremely slow therefore "whatever" AVG did "must" be undone. I pay good money for all of the AVG programs and will not tolerate such poor service and problems just because AVG is trying to push me to purchase upgrading out of date drivers many of which appear to be old duplicates e.g. Microsoft wheel mouse. I would appreciate these issues be remedied a.s.a.p.

Thank You, Al Mackiewicz

I canceled on 3/13/19 this subscription

my credit card account has been charged for renewal for 2020 and since I canceled on 3/31/19 i need you to cancel this renewal subscription for 2020 order#[protected] Merchant of record is Digital River Inc order date 2/12/2020. This charge to my credit card account is unaceptable. Thank you for your help.

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I recently purchased a new laptop and was looking for a simple cost effective way to transfer my data to my new computer. I came across this site online https://www.avg.com/en-us/pc-to-pc-transfer, and on 3/9 and 3/10 called the phone # provided [protected]. I found out during my 3+ hours over 2 days that this is supposed to be your premium tech service line. What a joke! I spoke with a total of 6 or 7 different heavily accented people that for the most part were very difficult to understand. I was bounced from prem tech to customer service to sales to tech service back to prem tech, and even tho the greeting at the above phone # say welcome to pc to pc transfer, nobody knew what it was, they couldn't find out anything about it, and only wanted to sell me service subscriptions. Finally I was connected to someone I could mostly understand and after I explained what I wanted, and directed him to the webpage and spending an excessive amount of time on hold was informed that your prem tech people are not informed of or trained to do this service, so he transferred me to another line which I believe was lap links line, and after being on hold for another half hour and not speaking to anyone left my name and number and still have not received a call back.... If this is the way you do business, do not expect any business from me or anyone I know.

I thought I paid for you to protect my computer

On 12-15-19 I paid $25.08 then another charge same day for $19.99. On 2-22-20 my amazon prime account got hacked. An alert popped up to fix problem, but you wanted to charge me again. So I paid for something that did nothing to help me. I want my money back!
Katherine kamps
So now my complaint is too short for you to resolve... This is another scam!
Shame on you!!!

charge for not ordered avg-vpn software

Hello, I tried solve a problem about a charge made to my VISA credit account with Jhon Layron from AVG Customer care. Because he was not able to find out the charges AVG made I wrote to AVG Jhon Layron an email (see below). Still get no reply when I will get an reply and demanded to refund the amount.
Email sent on 3.02.20 to Jhon Layron:
I refer to the conversation we had a few days ago. The invoice copy you did sent to me is correct and I did received the invoice copy before hand. Again as I informed you I didn't refer to this invoice but I did referred to a charge made by AVG of GBP 64.99 to my credit card A/c (see enclosed). I checked up the charge internal and found out that AVG offered me to use the AVG-VPN SW to protect my computer. They gave me free of charge a trial period of 60 days. I agreed to try it but within day I cancelled the use of VPN SW because I think it is too expensive for a person like me which use the Computer private. Enclosed you find a copy of the AVG offer for the 60 days trial period. I noticed that I have wrote my email address wrong; [protected]@outlokk.com on the 60 days trial offer. This may the reason you could not find the invoice in your AVG files. I haven't ordered this VPN SW therefore I do not agree that you charge me for it. I demand to refund the amount soonest possible and let me know when you do it. If I do not hear from you within a few days I will take matter further.

charge for not ordered avg-vpn software
charge for not ordered avg-vpn software

credit card charges

I was charged on my debit card the amount of $85.59, and have no idea what for, I didn't but anything from you. The transaction date was Jan 17, 2020 and I want a full refund from you and added back to my debit card, ASAP! this is the second time I have filed a complaint on this charge. The next will come from my lawyer. thank you.

William G Greer
711 Brookwood Dr
Brookhaven, MS 39601

technology online support

This FAKE company is a scammer. They took $457 via photo of my check on my laptop. Come to find out I found a list of approximately 50 people who had issues with this fake company. They logged into my laptop, closed down everything, gave me an 877 number to call to help unlock my laptop. After 8 pages of notes, phone #"a & names it was SCAM. FILE COMPLAINT WITH FTC.

  • Me
    Ömer KATIRCIOĞLU Feb 15, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AVG Internet securty subscriber. My subscription period was filling up at 15.02.22020. I renewed my subscription at 10.02.20220 by paying 181.71 TL on my credit card. However, my subscription, which is not yet finished, was not cancelled at the end of the period. 15.02.20220 hours 11.04 from my payment card was withdrawn again as 185.83 TL.I want this money back on my card.


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today on 21 January 2020, I bought your antivirus which was supposed to be paid a total of $36.36. As soon as I got charged that money, an other charge of $91.51 with the name of .dri*AVG TECHNOLOGIES minnetonka MN appeared, when I called you, you said that you don't know who took that money!However remember that this action was associated with your services.So my debit card ending by 2481 got overcharged and I need to be refunded.Otherwise this seems like robbery. my email address is: [protected]@gmail.com

I have no idea

This company charged my mother on a credit card after she was deceased. I called them and told them she could not have authorized it because she was dead, and they told me that she only had 30 days to return it. As executor of her will, I received the charge after that, and I don't even know what it was for. I told them she would not have been aware of the purchase because she was dead (and had been for many months) and they said they still would not refund the purchase. Do not buy anything from this company.


Personal credit card was charged for 106.38 twice on 12/13 and then one credit for 106.38 was run on 12/14. I have not placed any orders or purchased any service from you. Please credit my credit card immediately. Please email me if you need any additional information.
Richard M Kinler
2908 Lakeshore Ct.
Arlington, TX 76013
Card ending in 6608

stop all adds on my computer

can not get hold of you people but when i purchased your service there was no problem with you taking money from my account but damn try and got hold of you no damn way but i keep getting all these offers STOP IF I WANTED MORE I WOULD REQUEST THEM rite now you make me sorry i had anything to do with you i damn sure prefure to deal with some one that i can get hold of

unauthorized credit card

I was charged 39.99 on 12/6/2019 on my Visa I neverordered this
Dri*Avg Tech please refunded this.
Also on 11/14/19 39.99 and 35.99 I have no idea about.
Please under no circumstances do I want anymore charges.

PLEASE REFUND me the 12/6/19 of 39.99.

This all was done on line so information detail I don't have. I've even stopped using my computer cause every time Iturn it on you want me to update I simply don't understand any of this.

Thank you

dri avg technology 04

My visa card has been debited $54.00, on 9 December 2019. I know I haven't or needed to purchase anything 2019, so how can you do this, please explain and refund my money back from my account you debited. Anxiously await your response. As I certainly did not expect this, it put me in a predicaments, in which I had insufficient funds to pay my auto payments.


Hi, I had a charge from my first bank visacredit card not authorized, first charge august 18, 2019 $49.99 ...

dri*avg technologies minnetonka mn

i have a charge for $148.39 on my capitalone card for the month of october. I have no idea why i am being charged this amount. if this is a charge that renews itself, please be informed that I wish to cancel it.
i considered reporting this as fraud because i did not order it on oct. 10, 2019 but am giving you the benefit of the doubt as it may have been an automatic renewal. please contact me at [protected]@ymail.com and explain the charge within the week or i will report it as fraud. thank you.

unauthorized credit card charge

I received a charge from DRI*AVG Technologies to my credit card on September 26, 2019 for $121.99. I did not authorized DRI*AVG Technologies to credit my card.

The charge item number is [protected] and complaint number 1909280013C.

Please reverse this charge within the next 5 days.

I have reported this incorrect charge to my Credit Card company.

Marcia Boutz, [protected]@earthlink.net

debit card fraud

I did not authorize any charge on my account, I am requesting a full refund within 3 business days, if not I will be filing charges for fraudulent use of credit/debit card. I do not own or have ever purchased anything from AVG.

L Caudle

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Merchant Type
Services - Computer Network/Information
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Posted Date
Sep 16, 2019
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Sep 16, 2019