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NetSpend Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Netspend Corporation / Netspend costumer service and risk froud departments

Apr 19, 2019

I have been waiting for netspend to unlocked my account accounts do to identify fraud I received my tax refund. But was only able to use a little of my refound do to needed to verify my identity witch i went more the once to the IRS OFFICE AND INFORM THEM THAT I WAS TOLD BY NETSPEND...

Netspend Corporation / Netspend costumer services and risk Froud department

Apr 19, 2019

I received my government tax refund with I was only able to use some of my money when they locked all of my 3 accounts do to identity frund well do to that witch I have never had my identify stolen had to go to More then once to the IRS office to asked for a letter of identify...

Netspend Corporation / account locked

Apr 16, 2019

Account is locked. Your customer service is full of idiots. I just want to log in to my online account. I have my damn card, I can give the information. Look at the damn balance and tell me what exactly I'm trying to steal, when its IN THE NEGATIVE. I already have the damn SSN# to acce...

Netspend Corporation / dispute

Apr 10, 2019

I filed a dispute with netspend because someone stole my card i submitted a police report as well as dispute form waited 30 days only for them to tell me im not eligible for a credit I'm currently in the process of fighting with them over a 600$ dispute DO NOT USE NETSPEND they had...

Netspend Corporation / transaction dispute-provisional credit

Apr 6, 2019

charges fees on all transactions. company is not loyal to customers and the customer service seems inexperienced with handling alot of everyday issues. I filed a dispute because of a wrongfully charged payment on my account. I know that it was a mistake and that the merchant wrongfully...

Netspend Corporation / atm withdrawal of 60.00 dollars

Mar 23, 2019

My name is Murad Abuoun my address is 5638 Decker Rd. North Olmsted, OH, 44070. My Birthday is 10-12-1979. And my social is 111-64-7174. I am writing this because on 3/9/19 someone made a unauthorized cash withdrawal of 60.00 dollars with my Netspend debit card ending 1469. I don't know...

Netspend Corporation / netspend card

Mar 22, 2019

I need to pay my bills but netspend says I can't transfer my funds..why. I found my card and I tried to have it unlocked but I can't. My baby needs food...I need help...911. I have a netspdnd card available to transfer the funds. What kind of card do I have that will not let me transfer...

Netspend Corporation / prepaid card

Mar 22, 2019

My account was hacked when I was at work and when I received my direct deposit so I reported fraudulent activity on my account. I sent in documents and police reports that will help the investigation. They took $481 and after waiting patiently NetSpend refused to give me my money back. I...

Netspend Corporation / unauthorized transaction

Mar 21, 2019

On February 26, 2019 I was making a transaction for items at store with my card. When I got to the car my email notifications was going off. I immediately call the Aceflare Account they tell me not worry they will do a full investigation and a provisional credit will be provided in ten...

Netspend Corporation / prepaid card

Mar 10, 2019

I purchased a prepaid card to pay my light bill and guess what during activation they proceed to tell me my account is locked and I'll have my money in 24 hrs well that's 3 days ago I'm at my house now sitting in the dark bc I can't pay my light bill bc NetSpend want release me my money...

Netspend Corporation / dispute

Feb 21, 2019

I have been with Netspend for 7-8 years and this Christmas I made purchases online and never received. I tried to work it out with the site myself and was unsuccessful. Now it's February and I call Netspend to dispute. I provided them with the purchase information, the emails I sent...

Netspend Corporation / account closed due to unauthorized charges

Feb 13, 2019

After being a customer for 12 years we suddenly got hit with a series of unauthorized charges in January 2019 I filed a dispute within 3 days of being resolved my account was hit again with unauthorized charges. I contacted netspend and they opened a new dispute. The very same week they...

Netspend Corporation / no one cares.

Feb 11, 2019

Ive been waiting for over a month for a check from you guys. I was told by 3 seperate assiociates of yours . That it was mailed on the 8th of January. Two of them told me it was being mailed UPS. Then the third told me it was being sent USPS. I can understand it was a mistake. UPS/USPS...

Netspend Corporation / unauthorized charge

Feb 6, 2019

I had a recent unauthorized charge from Comcast. I have spent over 2 hours on the phone with 4 different reps who do not understand or have no customer service experience. The reps are not knowledgeable and gave several different answers. How can you allow my entire payment check to be...

Netspend Corporation / my password

Jan 30, 2019

So for the past few days I've been trying to get into my account. At first I thought I was getting my password wrong so I hit, forgot password" when I do everything it asks me to do, it's says email has been sent. NO EMAIL HAS BEEN SENT. Now here I am still unable to get into my account. I...

Netspend Corporation / account locked/cannot get money out

Jan 29, 2019

I have a netspend/metabank prepaid card that I got through an Ace Cash Express over two years ago. For over two years my checks from my job have been direct deposited onto this card. On 1/25/19 I get an email from ace flare account that there may be an issue with my card and to call...

Netspend Corporation / I need my check for my mother’s birthday

Jan 25, 2019

This will be my FINAL time emailing you all. My account got locked on Wednesday for I don't know what reason and I know the only way to get it is to send two pictures. I sent my SSN card, but I don't have an ID because I am under the age of 18. I spoke with one of the representatives and...

Netspend Corporation / prepaid account

Jan 21, 2019

I am very upset. Last week, i went to go use my card and couldn't. I called and they said, we closed your account. I said why? I just used my card and they said for your security we closed your account and you are no longer eligible for any Netspend card even though it was a Paypal Prepaid...

Netspend Corporation / account locked

Jan 15, 2019

I received a credit from a company I brought products from. Now there's a hold on my account and I can't access the funds. I called 3 times and they told me that it takes 4-6 hours to process any documents that I send them. I sent everything they asked for and yet my account is still...

Netspend Corporation / chargebacks

Jan 15, 2019

My claim 4770206 was partially denied because netspend said I didn't file within the 60 day period. I explained to brian zelim from corporate office I did file on their website. I have a video showing that by filing thru their website it doesn't work. According to reg e they cannot deny my...

Netspend / block my account for no reason and holding my funds

Jan 14, 2019

I have a bad exsi with netspend. I have about 3 active cards with them all of a sudden they ask me to sent id and ss number to them I talk to them and told them I was rob and unable to sent it at this time. So later they blocked my account s after saiding it was pending. I load $40 wish...

Netspend Corporation / prepaid card

Jan 13, 2019

I have reported this company to the better business bureau because they have let some steal over $800 from me. The fact that they would let a loyal customer walk away and they refusing to help them because the customer didn't report theft in time their allowed time frame is beyond me it...

Netspend Corporation / provisional credit

Jan 10, 2019

I had my wallet stolen I was told in 10days I would get my provisional credit so when I didnt get it I called and they said it is 20days for new accounts but I have had my account and card four years when I called with that they said now the will see if I ill get it on the 11 of january...

Netspend Corporation / netspend visa card service

Dec 27, 2018

Bought a card gave my ssn to them still couldnt activate my card took over an hour to even get ahold of someone they asked me to send a picture of my ssn card next to my drivers license and it would take around 7 hours to verify all i wanted was to order a skateboard online and now i have...

Netspend Corporation / i'm complaining about my credit card

Dec 20, 2018

To whom this may concern : 7457916069 claim# 4751209 We have came to Hartford Ct and when we came off the plain we were missing bags. We are very upset we were at 6558 habour road north Lauderdale Fl these are the trans action was made on my card 12/17 16.33 12/18 192.96 12/18 33.05 also I...

Netspend Corporation / fraud on my account.

Dec 16, 2018

Horrible customer service. They almost did not understand any of my english and could not give me an answer to anything. Someone took a large amount of money out of my account in a different state. It was all the money to my name. There is no protection with netspend as I have experienced...

Netspend Corporation / netspend premier card

Dec 16, 2018

I had a Hulu account that was not mine pull 43.25 out and Wal-Mart pulled 43.29 out this put my account in the negative. I then called netspend and they blocked my card and the next day I called again a manager came on and credited my account for both. The next thing I no they netspend...

Netspend Corporation / dispute unauthorized charges

Dec 10, 2018

Ref number #2931010000 Claim#4686815 my name is Jakeisha Williams my NetSpend card was stolen, along with other important things such as phone ID, SS card, I called it in as soon as I realized the thetf and cancelled the card but there were transactions already made, Valero gas-5$ Stater...

Netspend Corporation / unauthorized charges!!!

Nov 29, 2018

My name is Jakeisha Williams my NetSpend card was stolen, along with other important thing such as ID, Social security card my daughter ID Social security I called as Soon as I realized tha thif that was done I cancelled the card but There we're transaction already made these are the...

Netspend Corporation / replacement card not received

Nov 27, 2018

I called in to NetSpend on 11/8/18 stating that my card was lost and I needed to have another card sent out to me. I was told my card would arrive in 7 to 10 business days. I called back in on 11/19/18 stating I have not received my card. I was told it should be delivered within a couple...

Netspend Corporation / doesnt protect customers

Nov 22, 2018

First of all my phone was stolen along with my wallet. The homeless girl more than likely opened it since I do not put.a lock on my screen and she was able to get all.the information that she needed. Of course all.the transactions are going to be in the same vicinity. She's homeless and...

Netspend Corporation / dispute claims

Nov 9, 2018

I have 2 dispute claims active at this time. The first one is for $586.40. I was told to change my password and was sent a new card. That didn't help because I was hacked again and $261.75 was taken the second time only after the second time it happened was my account closed. My account...

Netspend Corporation / dispute

Nov 6, 2018

I filed for an unauthorized transaction that was done with my card and got absolutely NOWHERE. The rep I spoke to simply said "Your account is closed". So in other words, I'm loosing my money on something that I didn't do?!?! I WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDING this to anyone. I'm a single mother...

Netspend Corporation / my credit card

Nov 6, 2018

So my account is locked I tried to log in on my account this morning and it said " Account is Locked please contact customer service if you're still having trouble". Basically I want to know why my card is locked i counldnt even get gas nor food . and the last thing i want to is call the...

Netspend Corporation / disputing transactions $102.50 disputing $152.50 disputing $20.50

Nov 4, 2018

My car was stolen in the store September 18th I reported it stolen but yet my car was still able to be used once it was blocked as of the 31st according to you guys I have not received my new card that I was promised from the report on the 18th but now they're saying that the car was still...

Net Spend / pre paid card

Oct 31, 2018

I loaded my money for e emergency and was stranded at a transport lobby from 3pm tell the following day at 440pm I had no money to eat in diabetic no water no way home my pho e didn't get payed the day I was gonna pay I couldn't I lost a days work no sleep tired on a hot day no one...

[Resolved] Netspend Corporation / account login info

Oct 20, 2018

Ive been trying for a couple weeks to access my online accounting to check my balances and attempt transfers as well, but everytime i try to send my password and username to my email, my email never receives anything.. i called a yesterday to check my account and customer service...

[Resolved] Netspend Corporation / lock on account

Oct 20, 2018

I called the all access line about the lock they put on my credit card she refused to assist me i asked to speak to the supervisor she put me on hold for a while came back saying she gonna transfer me to anothet call i ask for her id number she gave me 423 her name cherio i don't think the...

[Resolved] Netspend Corporation / skylight paycard

Oct 19, 2018

I started working at Kohl's in September and for almost a month now I been locked out of my skylight account. I been basically working for free. They NEVER reply to my emails and calling customer service is useless because they told me to change my password which OF COURSE did NOT work...

Netspend Corporation / customer services

Oct 19, 2018

On October 17, 2018 I tried to purchase tickets from ticket master. The transaction didn't go through bcuz I couldn't see the 3 digit security code on the back. I called netspend customer service to see if they could help.. Then all hell broke loose when I got off the phone with customer...