Bankcard Empire Complaints & Reviews

Bankcard Empire / setting up a business in nj. blast calls and postcards. waited for computer listing

Nov 29, 2018

I had bought into a business plan and thought it was a good opportunity to be in business for myself. Bankcard Empire was sending me a computer print out for my area of businesses with credit card machines. I was to drop off a postcard explaining that they could use Bankcard Empire machine...

Bankcard Empire / scam


I originally invested in the opportunity company to earn extra money. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. This business opportunity to me wasn’t a opportunity at all. I am struggling to make my payments because of this company. It is in my hope that you can see it in your heart...

Bankcard Empire / money invested with no return


Nov. 2008, I got interested in and invested in the above company to supplement my income. I invested over $10, 000.00 with them. The Co. assured me I would make my investment back within the first year. The fact is. I never made any money at all. I recently became aware that the Co. was a scam. I would like help in getting my money back.

Bankcard Empire / got raided april 13, 14, 2010 raid

Th Bankcard Empire Davidan And many more names under these, scammed THOUSANDS! They have been the target of a raid that has left them right where they have left SO MANY CONSUMERS! Please go to my...

Bankcard Empire / fraud


OSC LLC. Posted: 2010-03-09 by oh_yeah SCAM Complaint Rating: 88 % with 8 votes Company information: OSC LLC. Phoenix, Arizona United States IF ANYONE HAS BEEN CONTACTED MY CORE PAYMENT SOLUTIONS or D.W. SCOTT FINANCIAL, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING! or anyone whos heard of them, or of...

Bankcard Empire / cease and desist practicing business


"Cease and Desist" rulings from the states of Illinois, Minnesota, and Washington are in effect. Bankcard Empire is not registered to offer business opportunities in those states, and are in violation if they contact residents of those states to participate in their program.

Bankcard Empire / disputed charges


I got hooked with the opening phone call and how quickly I could start making money. I let them charge $295 to my credit card to start and all I got for that was some dvds and 10 business cards. When "surprisingly" I was not bringing in local clients for them, then their marketing...

Bankcard Empire / promised income and services that I did not receive. high pressure sales. misrepresentation of services.


I called my credit card company for a charge back in regards to BankCard Empire. Reason code - they promised me income and services that I didn't receive. I have since learned that Merchant Referral Solutions aka Maximum Business Concepts used to be Bankcard Empire which has numerou...

Bankcard Empire / misleading recruitment


In 2/24/09 I responded to an ad in the Internet. The initial contact played a tape. My understanding was that I was to solicit businesses to install their brand of credit card machine, which would be cheaper than what they (customer) is paying now. After I was turned over to the supervisor...

Bankcard Empire / false purchase of google ad $2,000.00 paid


I Received a Call from Rep. Frank Mont0ya in August 09, concerning a purchase I made for a business opportunity with Bankcard Empire in the amount of $159.00. His call was for me to purchase an Ad spot with Google Ads Page which would be a main Ad to advertise My Business Name and Number...

Bankcard Empire / no more!


I signed up with BCE almost one year ago with lots of sweet-talk about training with high-ranked people, promises to "walk with me" in this so-called business. As fast as I signed up, the person who signed me up disappeared. Then phone calls started about investing in advertising. I wa...

Bankcard Empire / public notice of court filings


Here is the link to view our court filings regarding people putting defamatory posts on the web regarding Bankcard Empire

Bankcard Empire / fraudulent statements court action


I got involved in this business over 8 months ago and have been sold the business, some call blasts and email blasts as well as radio advertising. I have spent in excess of 15, 000 dollars and have yet to get a single merchant. I see a lot of people going through the same ordeal, some...

Bankcard Empire / complaints


Bankcard Empire strives for TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Like many fast growing organizations, it is possible that we may have missed a customer’s expectations. Therefore, we monitor comments and complaints posted on various forums on the internet to ensure that we quickly addre...

Bankcard Empire / credit card number was used


Bankcard Empire called me right after I refused an offer on the internet. It was like this Co. had given them my Phone number. I was talked into a special offer from them for $247.50. I recieved my package a few days later. My credit Card Co. called and said some one was trying to buy...

Bankcard Empire / took $10,000.00 no return as promised in 2-3 months. it's been almost 5 months


Mike Downey, who claims to be a coach at Bankcard Empire called me in late 9/2008. He told me he would do all the work, I had to do nothing but collect the money when it came in. He charged me $10, 000.00 and that was to be matched equalling 20, 000.00. He told me I would have all or most...

Bankcard Empire / scammed for 16,000


i first got phone call from them where i was on the site and started with giving them 146.00 and an hour later i got a phone call to pay them 16, 000.00 to get 2, 000 call blasts and assured me off getting my business on the road well this is febuary of 2009, i signed up for this busine...

Bankcard Empire / falsely representing themselves


Company Alleges that you pay $500.00 to get all the information and training you need to go out and talk to merchants to get them to buy or lease the credit card terminals and once these terminals are in place you recieve a commission on every transaction that the merchant does, then on...

Bankcard Empire / rip-off


I too have been ripped off by bankcard Empire. Paid them $195.00 in August 2008 for affilliate training manuel which was a joke.But I still didn't learn.Got a call from them saying if I purchased e-mail and call blasts I could make more money. So after I charged $5000 on my charge...

Bankcard Empire / ripped off


I have no site to reach anyone, phone calls don't get answered, unless their senting announcements!! I paid $200.00 before they sent me the papers to sign and the dvd. I will not sign these papers and I can't get a hold of anyone. I believe they are trying to wait until the 30...

Bankcard Empire / rip off

I signed up with bankcard empire last month and i received the training package and it looked righteous I paid $150.00 for this business that was the first phone call I was really excited. Then the second call came the director was asking for $2500.00 hundred I was taken aback I really get...