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Rental listings

Contacted this company in November informed me i would get a listing in my area for 49.00 i submitted and paid and never received the listing never received emails on how to work there website. They charged my card three times before i realized the transaction you had to call and cancel. when i called to get a refund it took 2 weeks and i still haven't received. Larry is the gentleman i was working with please don't get scammed don't use them. Good Luck

Rotten service

First Equity Business card is the absolute worst! I got this card a few years back in the hopes of buying a couple items and not going crazy with it. I made a few purchases but have always made the monthly payments on time and regularly.

Suddenly my interest rate skyrockets out of the blue. I contacted them several times, and all times of the day, and still could not get a hold of anyone. Then I received a letter in the mail telling me that my account was closed. What?? I go to their website and still have no success reaching anyone. I then try to call again and still get lost in a maze of computer voice activated people who don’t allow you to leave a message for anyone or speak with a human being.

I was extremely frustrated at this point. Then I receive a letter a few days later saying that I needed to pay off the entire amount or I would have even steeper penalties. What gives?? After weeks of diligently calling I finally got someone on the phone. They insisted that I missed payments a year ago. I said that it was not true and i could show them on my bank records since I have it automatically taken out the same day every month. I asked them to send me the record of when i missed the payment. There was a long awkward silence and they said that their records didn’t go back that far to send. I said ” Do you realize you just completely contradicted yourself?” I supposedly didn’t make a payment a year ago according to your records. Yet you don’t have access to those records because they are a year old. There is “something rotten” in First Equity Business Card.

Don't Get Scamed!!!

To all who are looking for a new place to RENT and don't know where to go!!! DO NOT... I REPEAT...DO NOT sign on with First step equity!!!
All they do is take your money!!! You can't find the people for the forclosed homes they give you! and they tell you to go in the white pages to find the home won't find them!!!
If you are looking for a home to rent, go to legitamate Real Estate firms, they will give you the current rentals on there sight, it's not only for buying homes, they also rent homes for people!
Good Luck, we had to learn the hard way!!!

Listed my house for lease / Sale

Alex Knight - at First Step Equity listed my house as for sale / lease on Friday June 18th, 2010 on Craigslist. We just purchased the home two months ago and do to a title mix up the previous owner had some lending issues to clear up. How does a company like First Step Equity think it has the right to lease it out or any rights to the property at all. We had several come by very interested and disappointed to hear the truth. This company is a scam to anyone who is interested. Go get a real service listing for foreclosures or hire a Real Estate Agent to help you buy a home. This is one more scam artist trying to take your money.

Non responsive to clients

I just received a letter that my business account was closed and sold to another company due to their inability to raise capital. I have been a customer for over six years with an outstanding payment history.

I called to inquire about the new credit card laws and their lack of compliance with the grace period and on the same day they closed my account.

I called their customer service department and was put on hold for 35 minutes before I was able to talk to their customer service representative which she was not able to provide any answers to quesstions why the account was closed without notice despite the fact that their letter gave a grace period of one week and they were going to cap the credit limit to the current credit limit or an amount that is $100 greater than the existing outstanding balance.

They simply closed the account and blocked all activity for no sound reason. Moreover, I asked where I can send my final payment because the due date is fast approching and her response was to wait until I got the notice from the new company. I asked what happens if that information arrives past the due date? She had no answer and provided the same response.

I am glad that I will no longer have to deal with them in the future. Their operation reminds me of the TV commercial showing an office run by group of out of control apes. They have no regard for their clients.

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I found a house on craiglist wich was posted by firststepequity.comit was supposed to be a "lease to own" house and I decided to speak with the owners. The owners ofthe house told me that they had never heard of and that they weren't even in foreclosure one of the owners was actually mad that I had a picture of there house from craigslist don't get tricked into paying for there service ITS A SCAM

Random denial of account

So we go along for almost 2 years without a hiccup, then all of a sudden my card is denied. Now mind you that before I left for my $16 purchase there was over 3k available to me on my card. So I get back and call to inquire what the problem is, after verifying ALL of my information they tell me that corporate has placed a hold on my account and they could not tell me but they could submit a request for the information and that they would have an answer for me in 24-48 hours. I told them that wasn't good enough, what else did they have for options, what about me calling corporate? Nope not an option they only had a fax number and mailing address. Fine give me the information, I'll submit what I need to you submit what you need to. Now who can I expect to call me back with this information in 2 ridiculous days? Mind you I cannot use my card until Corp. verifies... Oh nobody will call you, but feel free to call us back and we can get you the information once it's sent to us! WONDERFUL! So what do I do???? I fax them, I e-mail them and what do I get??? nothing!!! oh wait an e-mail back the next day saying that they would get back with me in 2 business days! FUN!
So I call back in 2 days like a good consumer and what did they say the problem was??? Well corp. placed the cards on hold because they had "old phone numbers". What are old phone numbers? My numbers have not changed since I got the card!!! Oh well that's all the computer told us and when you called in the other day and verified ALL of your information the hold was taken off. Well isn't that nice?!? the lady on the other end didn't know that! She didn't know why the hold was there! she said that the card would be on hold for 2 days! Oh and when I asked if she thought that was ridiculous, she replied, in your terms and agreements it clearly states that Corp can place a hold on your card at any time for any reason! I said I called in 6 months ago and verified all of my information. So you are telling me that in order to keep my card from being on hold randomly I need to call in once a month to verify my info??? She said she didn't know and if I wanted to do that I could. So not the point! I don't need to waste my time! So I asked to speak to a manager and the only "other" information he could give me was the phone number to corporate [protected] x 105 Steve Tirendi. Ok so I left a message for him with what I thought about his company and told him that I expect a call back!~ Let's see how far this gets me! Oh and by the way I'm closing the account! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CARD.

  • An
    AngryPregnantWoman Mar 01, 2010


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  • Ch
    charleneronquillo Jun 13, 2011

    I have been having the same issue with this company. I have been paying the account since 2007 (started with a 1200.00 balance) on a credit program. They had been getting regular payments of 25.00. My balance was down to 350.00. I now receive a letter from a collection agency telling me I still owe them 1015.00 !!! When calling the company I was told that I had incurred interest which was not supposed to happen with being on a credit program. I never received any statements from them at all until now. I am highly annoyed and regret ever having this credit card.

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Unannounced closure of account

Tried to use my card today only to find out my account had been closed because of so called credit report information. I have never been late on any payments to this card and have in fact most times paid off the balance before it was due.
Awhile back they lowered my limit and then had the gall to send me letters asking me to transfer balances from higher interest cards even though they had the highest rate of any of my cards.
No help from customer service even talking to supervisors.

Shady Business Practices

Made a payment online in the amount of $8, 000 in Feb. 2009 to these creeps and received only ONE payment...

Georgia Attorney General

Okay, we've all been taken advantage of by this sleazy, predatory, loan shark business. For everyone of us complaining, there are probably 1000's who don't. We need
to take action. Start by contacting the Georgia Attorney General's office and filing a complaint. Then, the Georgia Better Business office - where by the way- First Equity has a
"D" rating...not sure if it goes any lower than that!
If ENOUGH complaints are lodged against these crooks, the Attorney General's office will get involved...and hopefully force them to cease & desist business. Now, get to work...stop whining...and put them out of business!!!, 2094, 5426814_[protected], 00.html


Beware Beware of this, this is a total scam. All they do is post and post everyday to...

Rate hike

Apparently many others are in the same category our rate increased from 13.32% to 24.78% in October then to 30.93% in December - We have never been late and I can find no notice. Sounds like a class action if anyone is interested please contact me at peter.[protected], I have started the ball by asking for an explanation by certified letter - will keep everyone posted

Damaging Actions and Unprofessional Business Practices

As the owner of Unaethetic Landscaping of Fort Worth, Texas I was offered a credit account by First Equity Card with a limit of $10, 000. I accepted and was approved. In April 2008 I attempted an online transaction of $8, 000. The transaction bounced, and I had to pay nsf and late fees. First Equity said they had no record of any transaction being attempted, and that my $10, 000 limit was good and ready to be used. I attempted again. This transaction also bounced, and I incurred more nsf and late fees.

It took days of phone calls to find out what happened, but a First Equity Rep finally explained that the $10, 000 limit did not take effect until two billing cycles had been completed. Until that time I had a limit of just $5, 000. None of this appeared on their website or mailouts. I waited until July, checked with First Equity and got the go ahead, and I attempted the transaction again. This one also bounced. More nsf and late fees.

Finally, I received an August 20, 2008 memo saying that my account had been cancelled due to "information received from credit bureaus." My personal credit rating was in the 695-700 range according to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, with no history of late payments, so I wasn't sure what they were talking about. The only late payments I have made were the result of the First Equity fiascos of the Spring and Summer. I wrote requesting clarification, but no information ever came.

I received no more correspondence from First Equity
until I arrived at my house the evening of Sunday, November 16 to find a memo dated October 24, 2008. It had arrived in the mail on either November 14 or 15. The memo told me that I had a past due amount of $3.00, which had to be paid at once to avoid reporting to credit agencies. I called them at once, at 9:05 CST, to find a recording saying they close at 10:00 EST, and to try back in the morning.

I called in the morning to find that a $3.00 charge incurred during an August business trip had actually gone through after they had begun the action to cancel my account. This was the first I had heard of the $3.00. I paid it on line at once.

I have never heard of any bank or credit organization that has done more with less effort on their part to wreck the credit rating of a small businessman. Does First Equity actually do any good for anyone?

  • Cr
    Credit Crooks May 08, 2009

    The same thing happened to us... although the transaction amount we attempted was a little less - only $3, 000. After it bounced my lease check and my payroll, all incurring exorbitant fees, I called F.E., and was told that "you have to make two payments before you actually have that amount of credit.

    I checked. nowhere in my paperwork does it say that "x" amount of billing cycles must be observed before your credit limit is good.

    In addition, FE started raising my interest rates until my monthly payments were ridiculous. I asked for relief, only to be told "sorry, there isn't a lower interest rate available right now". So I said, "Sorry, I don't have a payment available for you right now". And I stuck to it until they lowered my interest rate from 27% to 9%.

    But honestly, this card has a basic bait and switch tactic just like so many others. You're better off with a card through your regular banking establishment.

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  • Ni
    niacey Apr 26, 2010

    And the answer is no, they do not do good for anyone. I opened an account and have never been late on any payments through the credit bureau. After just a few months with First Equity they closed the account and reduced the credit limit. I was upset because I was using them as a revolving credit to build a payment history with. Once an account is closed and reported with a balance it reflects negatively. SOOoo... I paid the amount off and requested a letterhead stating so...I have not hear anything back, and probly never will..

    From what I can collect...they only deal with people that are not able to pay therefore they can wreck their beacon and credit score and then collect lots of late, over limit fees, plus interest on top of past late interest...BEWARE! They are NO good!

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To anyone out there who has dealt with First Equity Credit Card bank, I pity you. Their practices are deceptive almost to the point of criminal. I was accepted an offer for a card from First Equity at 12% apr. When I received the card the apr was 23%. I decided to keep the card for emergencies only, and whenever I have used it I paid off the balance in full. We'll today I got a letter stating my account agreement was now being changed, that my rate was now 26% and on top of that I was to pay a annual fee of $39. Next it goes up to $49! I asked why my agreement was being changed when I have never been late or never have gone over my limit. Their totally sarcastic customer service rep said they could do whatever they wanted as long as it stayed just below the legal apr rate and that I could cancel my account but would have to make all my payments at the higher rate. I have contacted the states attorney general and have hired a legal counsel to try to get a class action against this company. In the meantime I know there are thousands of blogs about how deceptive to the point of criminal this company is, and now there is more voice to be heard.

  • Fi
    filmtv Feb 06, 2009

    I did the same thing and got a 20% interest rate and decided to keep it for emergencies as well. During a promotion from a different business credit card company for 0% interest/12 months I decided to go ahead. The credit card company made the transfer but First Equity messed up the transaction, charged me fees, put a hold on my account and now has reduced my credit limit and will not allow me to speak to the department that did this to see if they affected my credit negatively. I am, as soon as possible paying off this account and closing it.

    Buyer beware of First Equity business practices.

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  • Ke
    Keoki Apr 03, 2009

    First Equity Card is anti-business, and should be renamed "First In-Equity Card." We had an account in "excellent standing" for three years, when we first started using "convenience checks" provided by First Equity Cards, and both bounced, even with more than a sufficient balance on the account. When we inquired at their "Customer Dis-Service Department, "after having been embarrassed by their uncalled-for action, causing us great harm, we were advised that the account had been closed because of "inactivity" which is ludicrous, as the account had been active every month of the three years we used same, and payments were made in advance of their each due date.

    Calls and letters to their "Dis-Service Department, " their CEO Timothy Clarke, and the CEO of its parent, Stephen Melton of Columbus Bank and Trust, as well as to a VP by the name of Tirendy, were fruitless, the account stays closed.

    Their actions are perfidious and truly anti-business. We are in the process of filing complaints with the regulatory agencies, and the BBB, hoping to get relief for our cause, and for other customers who have been mistreated.

    First Equity Cards treats its customers with arrogance, ignorance and in an elitist manner, a very shoddy PR job, to say the least. How can they stay in business?

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Unethical credit predation

My good friend asked me to look into this company. When you read the info posted some of you will be able to...

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