Mr Price Group / MRPrude security

P Nov 26, 2017

I had the misfortune of shopping at your Ghana branch. Got to the shop at 7:50pm with my kids to pick winter wear for our UK trip. My husband got to the door at 8:00pm and even after explaining that he's coming to pay for our purchase, he wasn't allowed in. I equally implored this door guard but he refused so we left the purchase and shop.
Every other attendant in the shop just looked on as we walked out without purchasing. No sense of customer care. There was another security man who came to tell his colleague to desist from his attitude and let my husband in but the defiant one was insistent that we could leave and that I was rude in my submission to him. This experience was very appalling and don't believe I'll be stepping in any MRP shop in Ghana again.

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