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Mor Furniture reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 13, 2006. The latest review Bedroom set was posted on Apr 16, 2021. The latest complaint just plain broken was resolved on Sep 09, 2014. Mor Furniture has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 82 reviews. Mor Furniture has resolved 26 complaints.

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Mor Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Apr 16, 2021

Mor Furniture — Bedroom set

I purchased a bedroom set on 1/16/21, after my purchase they said it could be up to 47 days but, most likely...

Mar 23, 2021

Mor Furniture — Mattress

I was given the wrong information by sales person Karen Rocha about a mattress I purchased at your San Marco...

Mor FurnitureAbout my s:9990vega pf blk 2 pwr sofa

Order date was 08-sep-2020 the delivery date was october 20th-2020 the delivery date has been changed many times, the last one was 2 hours before the delivery time. I had loaded up the sofa I bought from mor about 5 years ago to donate to good will, now I don't have help me when my sofa does come. Please give me the tracking number so I can track my shipment. Also give me the location were it is at and when it arrived. I am 80 yrs. Old, now you see why I need help,

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    • Updated by S:9990 VEGA PF BLK 2PWR SOFA · Dec 29, 2020

      Their is a sofa on the show room floor, I will take that one and you can replace it with the one I ordered. If I do not receive a response by tomorrow I'm contacting our state ATTY: General. Thank You James Wade

    Dec 27, 2020

    Mor Furniture — Couch purchase

    I ordered a couch in July, 2020 and they delivered part of the sectional. We have received notices of delay...

    Dec 10, 2020

    Mor Furniture — Furniture delivery

    We purchased a leather sofa and 2 matching chairs. We scheduled a delivery for thursday. We received a call...

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    Mor FurnitureReclining chairs

    Name William Plummer, purchased less than 6 mos. ago, for Nampa Showroom in Nampa, Id. One recliner won't recline and is stuck in a relax position, checked all connections, it's getting power but is froze in position..

    2nd. chair we purchased just like the first one same time, the material is desterating on foot rest area.

    Very displeased about these chairs,

    my email is [protected]@msn. com and phone number [protected], I would appreciate you righting this bad situation, this does not help your company reputation.

    William Plummer 06/02/2020 custmer # PLUMW11824

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      Mar 11, 2020

      Mor Furniture — Sectional Couch/Loveseat

      In December 2019 or early January 2020 we picked out a Sectional at MOR in Bakersfield. We were told that it...

      Nov 27, 2019

      Mor Furniture — Delivery of a dining room set

      Your company has misrepresented several times for a delivery of a Dinning room set. My set was purchased in...

      Nov 23, 2019

      Mor Furniture — customer service

      I went to Mor furniture to purchase bedroom furniture, sales associate David was pleasant and professional a...

      Mor Furniture For Lessmor furniture

      I like MOR Furniture and have enjoyed my 2018 purchase of a classy dining room table and a fun "house bed" for my daughter. I do not like, however, where they extend their line (TD Bank) of credit and I had to post to help get the word out to prevent future customers from also being taken advantage of, stolen from, lied to and potentially have their credit score affected.
      We made our purchase in the Spring of 2018. When talking with the sales rep, we were informed of the 0% financing for six months. We figured, why not, and paid all but $1200 of the bill. I then set up through Bank of America six payments of $1200 to TD Bank, starting in April of 2018 to September of 2018. All payments were completed and after getting the six monthly account statements from MOR/TD Bank, I did not receive any correspondence from either company following the processing of the final payment.
      Fast forward to July 2, 2019. An awful human being called me from something called "Admin Recovery, " called me delinquent and said that I do not pay my bills, asked for my social security number and demanded that I pay him $350 after "multiple attempts" have been made to collect. Knowing that I have a sterling credit score and have never missed a payment on anything in my life, I knew it was a mistake and/or scam. This person was VERY RUDE, very insulting, very loud and would not give me any information - just demanded money that I allegedly owed - but then did mention MOR Furniture. Finally, something I can look into. I ended my "conversation" with this rude gentleman whom continued to yell at me and demand money. I then called MOR, had them look up my information...and they transferred me to, wait for it, Admin Recovery and the same gentleman. I again ended my call. Called MOR again, transferred to TD Bank and was about to be transferred to Admin Recovery when I asked to speak to the agent's supervisor. I was transferred over and was about to be transferred to Admin Recovery when I again, asked to speak to that agent's supervisor.
      We looked into the situation (finally after 45 minutes to an hour on the line) and discovered that my final payment arrived late. They sent one final bill in October (allegedly) and had it returned to them with the verbiage "moved, return to sender on it, " which they notated on my account and never sent another statement. Never called...never emailed...never texted...all of which they have as they collected ALL of my contact information when agreeing to this deal. I have not moved and have lived in the same location for half a decade. All the while, they were charging interest and late fees on the remaining balance until it got to $356.54 and they decided to send it to a collections agency. Realizing the egregious error by the bank, they said I would be placed in a manager's queue and contacted on July 4. I mentioned that that is a holiday, and they said you should be called by July 4, the fifth at the latest. No such call ever was made.
      I gave it time and waited a week until July 11. Called again...same thing, attempt to transfer to Admin Recovery...the request to speak to a supervisor...the second request until finally talking to someone that could help. Another hour plus on the phone and telling the same story over and over again and asking for assistance in fixing this error. Once again, "we see the problem and will place you in a manager queue. Please give it a week or two before we contact you." Same thing, two weeks pass and I call back...same thing, threaten to transfer to Admin Recovery...request to speak to supervisor etc...This time, and I finally got upset, was informed that I was left a voicemail on July 25. This never occurred. No voicemail, no missed call...nothing. Just more lies. I confirmed the number they had on the account was correct. They just lied. I was once again put in the manager's queue and told to expect a call in the next 1-2 weeks. Once again...no call and we are in August now. Meanwhile, Admin Recovery is continuing their threatening and harassing phone calls.
      Finally, in late August, I once again called (after not receiving ANY call back, any email, any text, not even messenger pigeons) from MOR/TD Bank since our last bill in Sept. of 2018. Same thing, threatened to transfer to Admin Recovery, I have to ask to speak to a supervisor, then a second supervisor before finally getting someone to help. And guess what? They actually tried something. They were getting the account BACK from the Collection Agency - so that I can pay TD Bank the outstanding balance. Over Labor Day weekend, I got a letter I had to sign for, it was the letter from Admin Recovery and ALL OF THE STATEMENTS from Oct. 2018 to present that I had never seen, never been sent (via US Mail, email, text, anything!). Not wanting to deal with this any longer, I simply paid TD Bank the $356.54. There was never an apology. This was one of the most unprofessional encounters I have ever had. Beware!

      mor furniture
      mor furniture
      mor furniture

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        Mor Furniture For Lesspoor service and not honoring warranty

        DO NOT BUY FROM MOR FURNITURE!!! We have been dealing with a customer service nightmare for months. We bought a 2 piece leather sofa set. When it was delivered, it was not installed properly. They did not put on a supporting leg that we didn't know existed. When the couch started to sag a few months later, we turned the couch over and we figured out what was wrong, they told us we should have noticed within three days of installation and we were out of luck. We bought the extended warranty and the couches were supposed to be covered for a year anyway without it. After days of being told about three different "policies" that would absolve them of taking responsibility, they finally sent someone out to look at it. This meant having to take a day off work so they could come during a 4 hour service window. When they came, the person confirmed that the couch would have to be replaced. There was no follow up phone call, we had to do that to see when they would be delivering the new couch. When the day finally arrived, they changed the service window on us with two hours notice. We could not be home since we already worked around the first window that was confirmed the day before. They told us we would have reschedule for another day if we weren't home at 10 instead of 11. After more back and forth the truck pulled up at 11:20. The man tried to talk me into not switching the couches and said he could fix it because he didn't want to have to carry the couches in and out of the house. I told him I wanted the new couch and asked him to put it in a different place and he told me no because he was already doing me a favor by switching the couches. Once the sofa was installed, I noticed they installed pieces that were not installed on the loveseat. When I mentioned it, the man said, "the other people didn't do their job correctly". So I had to call customer service yet again to ask for the missing pieces. Now we are at it again. This company is sketchy and does not stick to their policies. Their customer service will do anything to not help you and all of the supervisors are "unavailable". I think they are trained to run you in circles until you give up. I will never buy from them again.

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          Mor Furniture For Lessdining set and kids bed

          I purchased a lot of stuff from ur kent store but i received poor quality of kid bed and deck and dinning table.You gave me the replacement of the product which came today but this time quality was so bed thats why didn't accept the furniture not sure how you guys deliver such a bed quality of the products.I want my money back.i know you guys don't have return policy but i don't have other choice.I can't accept poor quality product.

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            Mor Furniture For Lesskids bed

            I bought a kids bed and when I was assembling it one of the part was broken and other part the screws didn't tie so, I call them and emailed them to get exchange and they said no no body told me that the sales were final. The financial department was taking money from all my banks accounts that I didn't provide I just gave them one. If they want money they need to work hard and earn it not stealing money from customers.

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              Mor Furniture For Lessback order dresser

              My name is Faby Lopez my customer #LOPEF18336. I purchased furniture in Jan 27, 2019 and I have not received my dresser that I originally knew was in back order but has since then been 6 months. I have called customer service numerous times and I have been told different dates and I have also been told I was going to get calls back from the showroom which I have not. I would like to speak to someone from corporate who can give me better information about my dresser for which I've been getting the run around about. 6 months is too long to not know any information about my product that I paid in full. Today I have left voicemails to Antony Matlok which was my original sales rep as well as another voicemail to a customer service manager. This is not how you treat paying customers with little to no communication. To say the least very disappointed to pay for a product that is not even available. Please contact me ASAP [protected]@live.com

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                Apr 11, 2019

                Mor Furniture For Less — not return money owed back to me.

                2/21/19 I purchased a table and chair set and was told it could not be returned, but had 3 days to cancel the...

                Mor Furniture For Less — service warranty

                We purchased two power recliners from the Tempe Mor Furniture location. A warranty was purchased at that...

                Mor Furniture For Less — bill

                My husband and I purchased a couch from Mor. We never received a bill of our first payment. The only thing we...

                Mor Furniture For Less — mattress cover

                I just got a new mattress and then bought a Mattress protector that was 249.99 after thinking about it I...

                Mor Furniture For Less — zz savant everfeel plausible queen

                I'm having trouble with getting my mattress looked at and hopefully replaced. So I bought this mattress back...

                Mor Furniture For Less — product and customer service

                On 12 January 2018 at 15:36 hours I purchased home furnishings from MOR Furniture Bakersfield. The Sale...

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