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FlexSteel Industries - Sofa and recliner

We purchase from turks store. The sofa and recliner I'd covered with a faux leather. We only have had this set for a little over 2 months, already the fabric which covers it is breaking down. It looks like something which is years older than what it is. Why would you cover furniture with some cheap fabric? We would like to get our money back on the crap that you sent to the store as our order! I've written to this complaint website and no one has answered us back with any solution as of yet. Our name Thomas and patricia cermak [protected] home ph. Store ph nu.[protected] our address 687 stone mill ct. Bourbonnais, Illinois

Desired outcome: Money back or to get store credit

Aug 18, 2021

FlexSteel Industries - Sofa flexsteel 1285

I have never been so disapointed in a furniture purchase We spent $3200 on two pieces. A sofa and loveseat supposedly leather. Within 3 months the "leather" was pealing off between the sofa seats even though I was keeping it covered. I called the furniture store and they gave me a number to call for repairs. Nice lady named Lynn came out and said there was nothing they could do because the vinyl was peeling because the oils from peoples legs were getting on it! Really! I explained that i kept it covered and where its peeling was between the cushions where people don't sit! She suggested i go buy a vinyl repair kit.

I will never ever buy flexteel again!

Desired outcome: replace sofa with better quality

Jul 29, 2021

FlexSteel Industries - Flexsteel 1659 64ph fenwick pwr rec loveseat/con

The leather is completely wearing through.. it has worn off.. also the padding in seats are collapsing and losing ability to support you. The power mechanism is growning and sounds like loveseat is 20 years old, instead of just 2 years old. I have contracted my retailer, who has told me that it could take up to six months to help resolve, some of these problems. But it seems like nobody gives a dam. I spent good money for this loveseat, and have never experienced a situation like this before. The company i bought this loveseat from has tried to help, but they say its up to flexsteel, to fix problem..MY name Hal Ledrew [protected] . bullhead city az.. concerning photos, they have been given to MattressLand & furniture. I paid 2500.00 for this piece of furniture, , please refund my money..

Desired outcome: Please refund my monies,so i can purchase a piece of furniture that is worth 2500.00. that i paid

Aug 18, 2021

Good luck trying to get a refund.


FlexSteel Industries - FlexSteel 1285 54 Gliding Recliner

The glider mechanism broke in June 2020 and I requested a new one as per the warranty . I still as of May 2021, have not received an replacement. Sent an email to the company and called. They told me due to Covid things were backed up. I do not think that it should take this long and after all if you were about customers satisfaction, you could have taken one from another recliner by this time. I will make sure as many people as possible know about your lack of upholding your warranty. Covid or not it has been too long and I have not been able to use my recliner since June 2020.

Dennis Jungman

Desired outcome: Get me my part

FlexSteel Industries - Sofa, 2 recliners

After only 7 months of use, the upholstery on my sofa and recliners is wearing to such a degree that it looks tens of years old. Upon contacting Flexsteel, the two said they won't address my complaint because then they would have to do the same for everyone. What? They have THAT many complaints? I contacted the Indiana Furniture Store where I purchased over $25, 000. of furniture, including other Flexsteel products, they came out, took photos and I was told to SHAVE my upholstery! Yep, 70 years old and I have to SHAVE my saggy, pilling Flexsteel upholstery, that isn't even a year old. Just one old lady and substandard furniture that never saw a foot, pet or child. The furniture company said Flexsteel never makes good On any consumer complaints. They must feel really proud.


FlexSteel Industries - Sofa with recliners on each end

Ordered Flexsteel sofa & matching chair in March of 2018, and had it delivered in late April (which was delayed because the USB ports in the ends of each of the recliners was defective and needed to...

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FlexSteel Industries - springs in a cushion and the handle on my lift on my sofa broke

The springs in a coushion in my love seat is sagging and the handle on the foot rest on my sofa broke off. The funiture company sent an adjuster out one time when I complained about the coushion...

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Jan 07, 2019

FlexSteel Industries - 2014 Fleetwood Bounder with Flexsteel seats, dining couch and sofa

I have a 2014 Fleetwood Bounder, four years old. The Flexsteel ultra leather starting flaking off after 2 years of light use. I even keep them covered and the shades down so it can't be from the sun...

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FlexSteel Industries - patterson sofa & parkway swivel /glider

Do Not Buy Flexsteel products!!! I special ordered this furniture which also includes a oversized chair & ottoman 3/6/14 . I received the furniture 2 months later. I was living alone when I purchased...

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Sep 13, 2018

FlexSteel Industries - latitude couch, loveseat, 2 recliners leather

In 2015 we bought a Dandridge set. Poor quality as the color was wearing off the leather color was wearing off. North Carolina Direct in San Marcos agreed to replace the whole set with whatever we...

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FlexSteel Industries - leather recliner latitudes collection by flexsteel

Purchased dual power reclining sofa/love seat latitudes collection from Flexsteel 4 yrs ago. Started noticing discoloration of leather around head rest & arm rest. Seat sinks & has no more resilience...

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FlexSteel Industries - leather sofa latitudes collection

Purchased a flexsteel-industries-latitudes-collection double recliner sofa and recliner chair from Hudson Furniture in Clearwater, Fl in August of 2014 with and extended warranty. Three years later...

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Mar 17, 2017

FlexSteel Industries - Latitudes collection.

Sides of leather seats have peeled . Purchased 1/12/13. Received 2/23/13. Noticed peeling in 10/16. The couch and loveseat is not used much!!. Never thought we would deal with this had been told the...

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Oct 28, 2015

FlexSteel Industries - Leather recliner sofa

We bought a Flexsteel leather recliner sofa in 2012. The poor quality of it became obvious almost immediately as the footrest came loose, the padding had to be replaced, and now that it is a few day...

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FlexSteel Industries - Leather Recliners

Purchased two Flexsteel Leather recliners from Hudson's Furniture 24 months ago. The pillow on the headrest of the recliners collapsed shortly after they were purchased, and veins formed in the...

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May 18, 2014

FlexSteel Industries - Only one year warranty and the quality of furniture is the worst

I bought leather sectional from the horrible company Flexsteel Industries. They gave me only one year warranty, but after 2 years the whole sectional cracked and looked like rubbish, because they...

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FlexSteel Industries - frame falls apart

One day after getting sofa the frame fell apart. The staples that hold the wood frame has not penetrated both sides of the frame. Yes. Flexsteel has wood frames and staples to hold it together. When...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

FlexSteel Industries - Flexsteel leather couch left black marks

i bought all new furiture for my new home got a flexsteel leather reclining couch and matching reclining chair had it delivered to my home had it for a year havent moved the couch since they...

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FlexSteel Industries - Fabric premature wear

Purchased a living room set from Flexsteel about two years ago and noticed before the one year warranty was up that the fabric was wearing out very quickly. We had a flexsteel representative come out...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

FlexSteel Industries - just a thank you for the warnings I almmost bought it

Just wanted to thank those that issued the warnings, I almost bought it. I am social secuirty and cannot afford this type of stuff. You can report it to cyber angels. They investigate.

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