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Complaints & Reviews

bad service to go with poorly made products

People listen to me. Never, Never, Never, and ONE Big never ! buy anything from this store. The quality is horrible and you will spend
a lifetime waiting for someone to call you back. Not to mention that your furniture is not worth the nails used to hold it together. This store is a joke.

My family purchased furniture from here. They delivered all the pieces over a two and half month period. We had to pick up some of the
bedroom furnitue ourself. Because we didn't want to pay an additional delivery fee. It wasn't our fault that the furniture didn't come in time for our delivery date. But most important we were given the run a round about our arrival date. This company takes your money then treats you like cow poo !

The only thing I like about this company is the Popcorn on the way out. I should have had the popcorn and exited the store before purchasing anything. This is the bottom of dumpster when it comes to service and furniture. Bad experience all around, and time wasted with phone calls.

changing financing price

On 3.16.2009 my fiance and myself went into mor furniture to possibley purchase a sofa, long story short we...

Resolved bad service

I recently bought a leather sectional from Mor Furniture about a week after I got it the recliners broke so they brought out another one and the recliners broke on it.

They had me pick out another stlye which we chose a cloth sectional with a chaise a week after we got it the chaise springs broke they sent out a tech and he worked on it a few days after it did the samething.

I bought a unconditional 5 year warranty when I called back again they refused to fix it and offered me my money back I agreed.

The catch they had to pick up the furniture first and I could go to the store and get a refund they picked it up but now they say they have to go through their corporate office so now I have no living room furniture and am at there mercy.

  • Gu
    guia buenaventura May 10, 2009

    Mor Furniture is the worst furniture company out there. THey scam you into going into some credit financing called TRS and in the end you'll end up paying triple the price of the original product. First they tell you its a one yr. plan and then all of a sudden 6 mo. after I've been paying monthly...they tell me it's actually a 2 yr. plan. I am not going to pay monthly for a bed and frame anymore...I was paying $110.o0 per mo. After 2yrs...that bed and frame would've cost out to be $2, 400. That doesn't sound like a price an average middle class american can afford to pay. Plus the frame was horrible...after only 1mo. of using the bed for just myself, the wood panels supporting the bed underneath started cracking. The wood itself was weak and poorly made. In the end, I canceled my contract with TRS...had to return my furniture and was not allowed to get any refund. I had nothing...even after paying out already $600. I hate Mor Furniture!!! Ohh yeah...and the customer service at the TRS financing(mor furniture's own financing agency) sucks too. The girl I had to deal with, Nina, was inconsiderate, liar, and worst customer service agent I've ever encountered!

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  • Kr
    Kristal May 26, 2009

    At least they offered you your money back. I bought a sofa package and HATE the fabric. When I called them they said they have no return policy and I'm stuck with furniture I HATE! I even asked if I could exchange it, but no such luck. All the representative told me was that there was a service warranty. Doesn't help me any. I will never shop there again and will even talk people out of going there if at all possible. I can't stand this store!!!

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  • Be
    Beaverton family Jan 07, 2011

    I would never use Mor furniture again, and I highly advise against purchasing from Mor. NO RETURNS/Exchanges - no business from the consumer.

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  • To
    TomOfSanDiego May 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was planning to purchase a wall unit for my TV setup and when I saw their ad yesterday morning, I decided to check them out. When I asked about the advertised "No Sales Tax" and "Free Delivery" promised in the ad, I was told that it only applied to purchases over $999 (mine was $400). When I said that the exclusion was not mentioned in the ad, the salesman said that I neglected to read the fine print. To my mind this is very misleading. I haven't seen the ad since so I can't say whether the disclaimer is there or not - but I can say that it is not easily seen.

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Resolved great company!

I bought from them a year ago and they sell the same brands as other stores - including Ashley furniture. They were great with customer service and the low prices you could not beat. My family has also bought from them in Arizona and Seattle. The problems people feel with the financing is if you do not pay the financing on the due date two times in a row then you will get interest. As long as you pay your bill you will be fine. It is a great company - do not listen to the things others are saying because it is not true.

  • Ho
    hotcakebunny713 Mar 23, 2009

    I didn't need any financing when I bought my furniture. I paid with my bank debit card since the bank was closed and I dint have $2000.00 cash on me. Yet I still got horrible customer service every time I called and my delivery date has been changed twice already when I was promised I would have my furniture in 3 weeks or sooner. Its been a month and I still have no furniture. I'm extremely disappointed and will never shop at mor again or recommend them.

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Resolved horribly made furniture

My Husband and I purchased an entire bedroom set from Mor Furniture in Feb 2008. The bed was cheaply made and...

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Resolved poor customer service / defective merchandise

My purchase from Mor Furniture has been an extremely unsatisfactory experience. When I walked into the store...

poor quality mattress

I bought a Therapedic Ultimate Sleep mattress from Mor Furniture few months back. The mattress felt good for a couple of nights. Subsequently both my wife and I started getting upper-back/neck pains. We contacted Mor Furniture within 10 days to return and/or replace the mattress. Their response was that it is a comfort issue and hence will do nothing about it. But the mattress was crippling our backs. It is defective plain and simple.

The sales associate at Mor was very sympathetic, but alas couldn't do anything to help our situation. On the other hand, the store manager was extremely rude and treated our complaint as a lie. I'd strongly recommend everyone to stay away from the store. They are selling poor quality products. And it's outrageous how they can still have such anti-consumer policies in this day and age.

  • Pi
    Pierre B. Jun 26, 2009

    I strongly agree that MOR Furniture for less has horrible quality stuff. I purchased a bedroom set that includes a Mirror, Dresser drawer, and a bed set with a $400 Air Spring Mattress. With in the a few months, one of the door handles disassembled and an the Mattress dipped in the middle. Mattress was extremely uncomfortable, so I recently had a service guy check the bed and drawer because it was still under warrenty. He fixed the drawer and I received a reselection for the Mattress. Problem is the mattress I purchased went out of business and am not able to reselect same brand. All the other comparable mattress are all higher price so I would have to pay the difference to reselect another mattress. The only option is to pay MOR furniture for more money to to reselect a mattress. The manager only gave me 30 days to do it. My 30s will by July 4th weekend, I may be forced to stick with same mattress if I dont want to shed extra. Don't be fooled by the looks of these furniture. They are poorly built.

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bad customer service/no delivery date

We ordered a bed from Mor and the delivery date was delayed at least four times until I finally gave up and disputed the charge on my credit card. They would set a delivery date, then call (sometimes the day before) to delay the delivery date by a week. My theory is this: When you buy furniture from this scam company the salesperson gets you all excited about the delivery date which is the next week, knowing full well that it won't be delivered for another 6 to 8 weeks, like most other furniture stores. They then turn it over to their rude "customer service" rep who calls every week to delay the delivery. One other thing: We got a series of hang up calls which I think were the "customer service" people who were waiting for the machine to pick up because they knew I would get mad. One time I picked up and she said she was just "confirming the delivery date", then she called back a couple hours later to leave a message delaying delivery. THE SAME GIRL.

I assume that most people have so much emotional time and money invested to give up and just take the delays. This is what they hope for. I cancelled the order after the fourth delay and found EXACTLY what I was looking for on and internet site, ordered it and RECEIVED it before the last delay date of the bed from Mor.


poor service!

I wish I had read reviews on Mor Furniture before I tried to buy furniture. I placed an order for a leather...

terrible experience!

Don't ever use HSBC Retail services if you want to apply for credit at MOR Furniture. You will absolutely regret it. The customer services is as poor as it can get. Don't expect them to be able to answer your questions and don't expect any return letters or phone calls. When you ask them a simple question, they all acted like robots and spit out the same ridiculous answers. They claim they can't access your account past one year. They claim they have not made any mistakes. Don't believe me... go to /link removed/ or householdwatch.com or complaintboard.com and type in HSBC Retail Services. Once my account is paid off I will never ever purchase from MOR Furniture. I even went through them to try to resolve my problems with HSBC and they told me just to pay my bill and shut up.

  • Wh
    whatever Jun 01, 2009

    see, I have never had a problem... then again I always paid my bill on time every time. Maybe this is the real issue?

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  • Tw
    Twashy Sep 19, 2009

    If you just paid your bill like you're SUPPOSED TO, you wouldn't be having issues. It's funny how it's THIER fault you can't pay YOUR bills!!

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lies about finance charges!

Hello my wife and myself f went to longs back in March of 07 to buy furniture and one of the sales rep informed me of the mors credit. So i applied and was given a credit of $1600 and i saw a nice sectional for $1999. I was only going to get one side of the sectional and pay the other side with cash, but the sales rep talk me into getting the entire sectional once we filled out the paper work everthing came to $2068, but the catch was the sales people that were there lied to us bout what the store credit was. There store credit is a lease program and there lease fees are over the top when we tried to complain about the misinfo to the Manager he stated that he was sorry but we are still obligated to the contract...

Just want everyone to know. Don't do the mors credit its a rip off!!!

  • Sa
    Sarah Jul 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is exactly the scam they pulled on me, something needs to be done about this. I am Furious, I've been paying 160+ a month for a mattress and sleigh bed, when I purchased it the total would have been 2000, well if I continue paying TRS, in Total it will cost me DOUBLE. I was never told it was a lease aggrement. This has to be stopped!

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  • Tw
    Twashy Sep 19, 2009

    HAHAHA stupid poor people.

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poor service!

I purchased a sofa, reclining loveseat and matching recliner from Avondale showroom in July of 2007 on August 11, 2007, one month later, one of the boards on the back of the sofa broke so I immediately called for service. I was told they would send a tech to inspect the sofa, take pictures and determine what needed to be done. One week later the tech arrived, took pictures and said someone would call that day. When they called I was told that they would be out a week later to pick up the sofa for repair. I called and asked for a loaner and was told they don't do that. So I would have to be inconvenienced while my sofa was in for repair. However long that would take. I was told that it should only be one day, however when I called after pick up I was told it might be 3 to 4 days before I would get my sofa back. I expressed my concern with a repair when it was obvious that this was a case of poor workmanship and defective materials. I told the service center the a replacement would have been a better choice. When I called the service center prior to pickup and ask for a loaner, I was told they could not do that. I asked to speak with a supervisor and told that a supervisor would call me that day. That was on Friday, I never heard from the supervisor until I called back on Monday after pickup and no loaner. After speaking with her for a few minutes, she hang up on me. While trying to call back, I got another call from the service center to see if the sofa was picked up. I explained to this person that I was speaking with the supervisor and she hang up on me. She apologized, however it was not her place to apologize for her supervisor. I asked for the supervisor's supervisor and was given his name. A few minutes later the supervisor that hang up on me called back to say she did not hang up, however I explained to her that the phone went dead in my hand and I sure didn't hang up. She told me that I was yelling at her, I told her I was not yelling, merely expressing my dissatisfaction with the way this whole matter was being handled. I asked her how she would feel if she purchased something and felt the quality was less than perfect. She told me that I agreed to have the sofa picked up and repaired. I asked her if I had another choice, she said no. So I asked her what I was suppose to do. She told me there was no real estimate as to when I could expect my sofa returned. So I'm inconvenienced for however long they decide to take to make the repair. I sent three emails to corporate and after sending received confirmation and a message that someone would contact me within 2 business days. I have not heard one word from corporate. Some customer service. I purchased the extended warranty and wonder if I will go through the same hassle if I have a claim with them. I don't feel having to accept a repaired sofa is a fair exchange for broken merchandise within a month of purchase. If this had been a TV, etc you could return it and receive a new one without this hassle.

  • Ju
    Julie Richmann Apr 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a sectional and coffee table on Feb 29, 2008. I did get the couch the next day, but I am still waiting on my coffee table. First I was told it would be March10th, and here it is April 1st and I still haven't got it. When I call I am told they don't know, tried calling again was told it's on backorder. This is ridicilous. If I wasn't so busy I would ask for my money back and go somewhere else. I do know I will NEVER shop here again!!!

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  • Mo
    mor hassle Mar 29, 2009

    NOt surprising at all to see all those complaints. I feel better in a way that it was just me being paranoid or something. Their service center people are the rudest persons and they totally lost my trust and money. I moved to a new place and I can tell you I bougth sets of brand new furnitures every where else but from them. I will make sure I share my terrible experience with everyone. They do not deserve customers as people do not deserve to be treated this way.

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  • Jo
    Josephine Kappitz Mar 31, 2009

    I too am a victim of MOR FOR LESS (service/quality). I bought a recliner that was suppose to be delivered in a week; 18 days later, it arrived. Although it looked nice, it was lopsided; the right seat was higher than the left. I called and it took weeks for a technician to come out. He took pics because the chair "looked" good, he deemed it was just "normal wear". He did not inspect the chair. He assured us that Customer Service would call the next day. They did not, so the following day I called them. The assistor said it was "normal wear" and no correction was warrented. Again I explained, and was assured the manager would call me back. And again, no call back. I've heard stories about MOR, and am kicking myself for trusting them. If you read this, DO NOT go to MOR.

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horrible quality - warranty scam!

August of last year I purchased a couch, loveseat and sofa chaise at the Tempe, AZ Showroom. In June, I...

poor quality products no customer service

Mor Furniture is horrible! Never buy from them unless you are willing to accept inferior quality with no warranty and absolutely no customer service. My mom bought a couch and loveseat from them and the day after it was delivered she called them and told them it was falling apart. Nails popping out of the back and the fabric did not cover the reclining ends properly, they said they would send someone out to look at it exactly a week later. That person shows up and says they will replace the backs of the couch and loveseat and that if she sat on the couch long enough the fabric would stretch to cover the recliners properly...this is their solution for a 1 week old brand new $2000 couch and loveseat. We called and told them this was not good enough. They NEVER call you back and will not let you speak to a manager. Now they are saying that all of their recliners are like this and that they only cover manufactures defects and they do not believe this is a manufactures defect. I guess 235 BBB complains should tell you something. Mor Furniture means Mor BS.

  • Be
    Bella Sep 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a $1800 leather sofa with Insurance coverage was told that no matter what happens the sofa is covered, within 6weeks the leather buckled. Service came out took a photo called me later and said too bad we are not replacing, or repairing it. IT IS NORMAL FOR LEATHER TO BUCKLE..I called Henry my sales person, in the Glendale store, he said the same thing, I hope you can live with yourself, you mislead me. I never would have bought something that wore like a salvation army sofa and cost Robb & Stucky prices.

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  • Ti
    tish Oct 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mor furniture is horrible. I purchased a bedroom set from them 7 months ago. Last night I went to sit on my bed and the screws that held the side board and foot board together ripped out!!

    I contacted their service center in Fresno and was first told that they were not going to repair it because it was NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR!!! AND IT WAS NOT A MANUFACTURER DEFECT!!! And I was at fault because, I SAT ON MY BED!!!

    I contacted the customer service center and the gal over there tried to help me the best that she could, she even had the service center manager call me.

    The service center manager then had a SLIGHT change of heart. She said that if I brought the damaged part of my bed to them, they would try to fix it there. QUESTION: WHY WOULD I TAKE MY BED APART TO BRING YOU THE PART THAT WAS DAMAGED??? DOES THIS MAKE SINCE??!!
    I'm still very upset and call the customer service center again. The customer service gal speaks with her manager who then contacts the service center manager, who then calls me again.

    Now she's willing to send a technician out to my house, but I'll have to wait 5 DAYS!!! (Ya I'll just sleep on my NEW couches or the floor, I guess it's a better alternative to a bed frame falling apart!))
    Or just do the alternative BRING IN THE DAMAGE PART OF THE BED!!
    Oh ya another alternative.. have my boyfriend repair it. (Those nails should have never been holding the bed frame together anyways!!! They were ripped out there is no tread. But hey I can make new holes and my bed will not be aligned! )

    I should not have to make lot's of phone calls just to have something repaired. I spent a lot of money at that store! I'm still stuck on what I am going to do. Should I just wait and have them repair it?? Or should I just do it myself?? I'll be making this decision soon.
    They weren't lying when they said "MOR Furniture" for LESS!!!

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furniture never recived!

When my family first visited MOR furniture we totally fell in love with a bedroom set but an aggressive salesman chased us out with his quick double talk and price changes. After looking around we returned and asked for a different sales person, we got the Manager who helped us fine.

We put down $1500 on a credit card and financed the rest for one year no interest plan. Our furniture was not in but the manager promised that it would be in within the next three weeks as it was being delivered from CA.

The next day I paid off the credit card and waited excitedly for a call to pick up the bedroom set. That was February 15 its now April 16 and still no furniture. We finally decided to just get our money back but of course the MOR people are going to credit the card!!! This is infuriating since they already have my money and I will have to wait until the credit comes back on my card then request the credit card company to cut me a check a process that could take weeks.

I tried to ask if there was someone else to call and got a 1-800 number that when to a voice mail account and the manager of the Reno location claimed that she had no access to anyone higher then herself.

Basically, this process was a nightmare and unless your furniture is in stock don't buy anything from MOR.

  • Je
    J Everett Jun 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We ordered a couch back in feb of 07 and it is now June. It has come in 3 times damaged. It takes about 5 weeks to get another one every time you refuse a shipment. They claim it comes from China in a container.

    We requested a full refund today. We did get one only after I went to the sales location and explained to the manager that we just wanted to return the product and that she was doing a poor job.

    She responded that she would issue a credit because I was giving her a migraine and I would become someone else's problem.

    They are more than happy to take your money, but when it comes to Customer Service, they slept through that course.

    Dont Buy In Tempe, AZ.

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scam offer!

Here is a scam that More Furniture is pulling... I bought a couch and loveseat combination on 1/17/06 using...

cheap price absolutely not worth the hassle!

I couldn't resist the great financing and semi-quality couches when I walked into Mor furniture two...