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Mediacom Cable ServiceHorrible service


I want to laugh and cry about Mediacom's cable service. I read an obvious Mediacom employee rebuttal who did nothing put bash the people who their company is supposed to service- So this is for that Mediacom employee who stands by their employer and likes Mediacom and blames the costumer;

Mediacom is the most terrible service ever! Since having Mediacom for the last 6 months my cable has gone out a total of 8 times!! My OnDemand service has NOT worked at ALL for the last 5 months!! When we have called, we have literally been told 4 times that Mediacom did not know how to fix our service! I have talked to representatives who have hung up on me because they could not help me. I have had representatives tell me that I did not live at my residence (I provided them with all my information and they repeatedly said I was lying), then that my house was out of their service area (they freaking set up my service at my house), then that they were sorry that I was having problems but it was my fault that I chose to live in the town I live in!! Are you kidding me? Are these people for real?

To you the Mediacom employee; How dare you blame the costumers who you are supposed to be helping. How dare you call your customers names. You can't even type a paragraph without having misspelled words everywhere and you are going to blame your Mediacom's problems on stupid customers? Are you serious?I am guessing you are one of those representatives who can't do your job and make people like me want to pull my hair out after speaking with you. Your comments make me hate Mediacom more and stand by my opinion that Mediacom sucks and their workers are completely incompetent. How hard is it to do your job? Is it really too much to ask for competent service since we have to pay for the damn service?
Now, I am sure they are a few actually capable workers at Mediacom ( I hope anyway) but I have never spoke to a single one!

Don't get Mediacom service unless you really don't want to watch your t.v. and you want to pull out your hair.


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    adeel raza Sep 07, 2011

    i m not agree with you because mgm chanel is closed .this chanel is very nice.when start the mgm chanel on mediacom cable network.thanks

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    adeel raza Sep 07, 2011

    aap mgm chanel start karien star cable ne b to chlaya hua hai aap ne q band kia hai

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  • Sr
    SRBrent May 31, 2011

    Most of these comments I read are focused on Mediacom's digital tv service. My complaints are focused towards their cable internet service.

    I will try to make this as brief as possible. I grew up around internet. Starting with dial-up before dsl and cable even came into residential existence. I've had the pleasure of having Charter and Verizon as my ISP. A few years back I moved from California to Alabama and in my area Mediacom is the only cable isp available. The internet service and speed is terrible. Now in my defence ...not trying to brag... but I own a small computer repair business so I do have knowledge of PCs and know my tcp is fully optimized, no viruses, no spyware of any kind. I changed my DNS around, own computers with Win XP, Vista, Win 7, and Linux.

    I currently am set up for 12Mb down, and 1Mb Up. It's safe to say that 1 - 2 hours out of every month I actually get between 10 and 11.5 Mb on speedtests. In other words, practially 99% of the time I get, if lucky, 1/10 (one-tenth) of the advertised speed. I am lucky if I ever get speed tests over 2Mb. I have been to several customer's houses whom have mediacom and out of curiosity did speedtests which show the same results.

    I understand that ISPs stated "up to the advertised speed" but lets face it, if you advertise a specific speed don't give them only 10% of the bandwidth advertised. I am about to switch back to ATT dsl 6Mb. Pretty terrible that ATT 6Mb dsl is 3 - 4 times faster then mediacom 12Mb.

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  • Aa
    Aaron_MM Jan 02, 2011

    Mediacom is the biggest scam since Bernie Madoff's ponzy scheme. I actually find the thought of tearing my eyes out of their sockets more comforting than speaking with one of their sarcastic, high school drop out, [censor] for brains, employees. I recall the moment when I walked through the doors of their oppressive, bigoted establishment and discovered that the line of customers ( or victims rather ) ahead of me had a cable box equally as useless as the employees who supposedly work for this company. I presented my dilemma to the woman at the front counter and as she was realizing I was not a newly pissed off patron, she said in a rather snide way that she was on to me and that she would not be handing me another box in the future if the "new" box ( which was an obviously a piece of garbage that another pissed off customer handed in because it was dustier than a corps's dick and it had a large scratch on the side) had not worked. I told her I might just take my next complaint to their competitor (knowledgy) instead so that it could be used against them for advertisement. I wish I could complain to the head of their faculty but I'm certain my words would fall on deaf [ and perhaps dumb ] ears. Want more proof this company sucks? I'm using my verison modem to write this complaint because I've lost internet connection with their [censor] cable. What a shocker!

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    anti-Mediacom Apr 06, 2010

    Amen! Mediacom is AWFUL to say the least about every week there is a day where the signal cuts out for a second or two almost every 30 seconds. The quality of picture is disgusting.

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  • Lo
    Lootmaster Jan 21, 2010

    The problem with Mediacoms HD is the they broadcast in 1080 I . not Full 1080p like Direct Tv. i have been with Mediacom for 5 years and i have had more service guys at my house than i can count. within the first 6 months i had a computor stop working right after the tec came to install my internet. he told my wife that he didnt know why he couldn't get it to work but he would have another guy come out later that afternoon. They never came back out. i was going to upgrade that computor anyway so i put it in the shop had it fixed and they came back out and installed my internet sience then my Modem resets it's self 4 to 8 times a day. i am out of phone and internet atleast 5 hours a day when this happens. I have spoken to maybe 5 service rep's that knew what they where doing and the rest where clueless. i was haveing soo much trouble in 2007 with my cable tileing and the modem going out i had a tecnition tell me i was being too Anal. so for the mediacom employee that says all the problems are the costomers fault. come to my house and watch me blow a gasket when i cant contact my mother after her open Heart surgury. Mediacom Sucks big time . And futher more i need to Know from Mediacom what reason i have to saty with your company? incom tax is coming soon and i do have other choices.

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  • Ja
    jazzybgood Jan 08, 2010

    I would tell you my story of woe concerning Mediacom, but I am tired of wasting my breath on such an uncaring, unprofessional and incompetent company. I am sick of calling them, sick of arguing with them and sick of seeing the repair techs. If the CEO of this company was compensated on how well the service they provide is and how well they treat customers he would make less than $1 a year. I agree...they suck.

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  • Mc
    MC SUX Nov 20, 2009

    Mediacom. Unbelievably bad. I have had the service for 2 weeks and to date: Both tech calls have been late -- one by an HOUR. That means i was waiting for FOUR hours before they did not show, and then it took them another TWO hours to set up the system. My Internet download speed is 4.5 MBS. I should just get DIAL UP. My phones are not operational, and they are not sending a tech (their techs are complete idiots, BTW) until next week.

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  • Th
    TheRaid Jul 16, 2009

    For my summary assessment of the quality of Mediacom signal, picture, service etc, see below in caps : COMPARISON SUMMARY.

    We moved into a rental house and had to go with Mediacom cable after having DirecTV 16 years. We chose the
    VIP pack with Internet, digital cable, phone, DVR and the HD package. It took 3 installs and it still doesn't work right. Also, after 2 weeks, we still have a cable on top of our grass that was supposed to be buried "in the next 2-3 business days".

    First install: guy hooks us up to channel 4 on our tv using coax. ### says it is HD. cannot get the DVR to work. Turns out he did not install a DVR box. Also did not set the remote. Runs a cable on top of the ground from house to outside box.

    Second install 2 days later: PHONE Guy comes to fix DVR and HD. Realizes the wrong box was installed. Gets us a box and HDMI cable to the tv. But, forgets to call in the MAC address to have the phone work. Said phone will work in a half hour to an hour. Leaves. I get home from work. Phone does not work all night. Wife calls next day. They say he forgot to activate the MAC address on the system. Phone works now.

    3rd install next day. Internet. Internet works ok for a while. Now, it is in and out in and out in and out. Drives me crazy.

    Further, when we called to get service, we ordered all the the items above along with sports pack. At each step, we had to educate the installer what he was there for. We did not get sports pack until we called and they had to send someone out again to activate it. They could not activate it from wherever they are. Contrast DirecTV. Call and ask for something, and 30 seconds later or less, you have it.


    I always thought satelite commercials were stretching the truth or at least overstating the difference in quality.
    I've had Mediacom for about 10 days. It really sux. The HD picture quality is extremely poor. I sometimes wonder if I am really seeing HD. It is blurry.

    Further, the picture pauses, hesitates, skips throughout shows. It is almost unwatchable. They say it is my tv. Well, I had DirecTV on the same tv with stunning HD quality, never had a skip or a pop even in the rain. The TV is beautiful HD when I hook up my antenna and watch local over the air HD signals. It aint my tv, folks. It is sucky cable.

    There just is absolutely no comparison between DirecTV and Mediacom. DirecTV is far far far far superior to cable. The audio, picture quality, closed captioning accuracy, HD signal, features, DVR features, ease of use, menus and program management are just unbelievably superior over cable. The only thing I can say good about Mediacom right now is that it is only costing me 99 bucks for digital cable, Internet, and phone. When we move at the end of our lease, we will certainly dump mediacom in a heartbeat.

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  • Ge
    gethappy Jan 30, 2009

    I could tell you my long story with Mediacom, but frankly I don't have the energy. I left them for DSL and SAT service and I am very very happy.

    It does not help to complain anyway they do not care and at this point I do not have any reason to care about them.

    don't waste the energy and frustration there are great alternatives.

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  • Ne
    Ned G. Jan 26, 2009

    Can't agree with you more and hope this post and my blog goes to help people make the right choice and pick anyone or anything that is not Mediacom. They will now shut your service down if you download a movie online or anything they find to be wrong yet perverts can download child porn and they don't do crap to the real sick people out there. How dare them to judge before they get facts.


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