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My husband and I are RV transporters. We eat at McDonalds all the time. Never have we had an experience like we had at your 30894 Marion IN. I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich and my husband ordered the deluxe crispy chicken sandwich. You could tell the chicken had been reheated in grease because it was very greasy and soggy. Not McDonalds standard. My husband took his sandwich back to the cashier. The cashier was at the register so my husband put it on the counter and explained to him it was not good. The young man was very disrespectful. If you have video in that store I wish you would look at it. I was sitting in the dinning area while this was happening. Another customer came over and told Randy he should tell the manager. Randy went up and asked for the manager and she was very rude to him. She told him the young man said Randy had thrown the sandwich at him and she could charge him with assault. My husband is a retired 30 year police officer. He did get upset but he told her he had laid the sandwich on the counter and the young man was over at the register. I was at the counter now and could not believe how they were acting. Never had we been treated with such disrespect. I took my husband arm and told him we needed to go because these kids were trying to get him mad. Over a chicken sandwich. So sad. He was not out of the way to them at all. If you would check the film you will see. I know help is hard to find but it's sad that these kids don't understand the customer is who pays their bills. We will still eat at McDonalds just not this one. You do need to check on this before something does happen. Your standards are much higher than the way these kids treating your business. This happened on 12-08-2021 at 7:25pm
Mer# 638734
Cindy Gaskins
104 Sandy Shore Lane
Swansboro NC 28584

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