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It is 11:40 am, sent my daughter to restaurant 13169 to get lunch. The French fries are old and cold. I usually don't complain I just eat it and go on. It is a little ridiculous that this time of the day that that is the quality of food we got for the price. 10/28/2017, order # 14, seq # 048153, ks# 13, time 11:17 am. I have been to this same McDonald's and have experienced numerous times a bad experience with cold food and old fries. I am a member of this community and would like to keep my business in my home town. I feel like my time and money is as good as anyone and I deserve to receive good food for what I pay for.



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      Oct 28, 2017

    If this happens in the future, you should consider taking the fries along with your receipt back to the location for a refund or replacement.

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