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C Nov 16, 2018

I have this washing machine that is just over a year old it has never ever worked properly every time we put a load of laundry in it gets to the spin cycle and tells me that my load is off balance. We have tried the washer absolutely full, tried it only a quarter full, tried it with only 10 socks in it and we've tried it empty it's the same thing regardless of how heavy the load is. We had the glass lid explode and the service man in town had that repaired on warranty but they absolutely cannot make my washing machine work. These washing machines are not cheap and Maytag does not seem to care that I am stuck with a year old machine that absolutely will not work. I will never buy a Maytag appliance again.

  • Updated by Wp2008 · Dec 03, 2018

    Dear Crystal Douglas Janz:
    We're sorry to hear that. We recommend contacting our Canada Team for assistance at 1 (800) 807-6777 between 8 a.m.–8 p.m. EST Mon-Fri.
    Maytag Social Care

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