Maytaghigh efficiency washer is not cleaning clothes

D Apr 23, 2019 Review updated:

My wife and I purchased a maytag high effeciency washer and dryer less than a year ago. From day one I said it wasnt working correctly. My clothes come out smelling as bad as they did when I put them in. Ive tried every setting and wash type. We use the correct soap and follow the instructions to a t. It was a major purchase for us and I am beside myself thinking that I will be the smelly guy at work because my washer will not do its job. Can someone please help?! Am I going to be stuck with this broken washer machine for the next ten years?! (ten years is how long the salesman told us it would last) we cannot afford to throw this one out and buy a new one, but believe me if that was an option that is exactly what I would do.

Model # mvwc465hw0
Serial # c81231272


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      Apr 23, 2019

    We apologize about the frustrations you have experienced with your Maytag Washer. We would like to inquire further about your review with you. Please respond back to this email [protected] with the name of the site you were contacted on (complaintsboard), name, phone number, street address, zip code, model & serial number, and date of purchase on the appliance. Please also include a copy of your review.

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      Apr 23, 2019

    Don't be that guy at work!

    First, let me correct something you've stated; many appliances, Maytag included, won't necessarily last 10 years. In fact, the chance of getting 10 years out of them
    If you're absolutely sure you've, "tried everything and followed directions to a T, " don't you dare just throw them out. They're a great set of products. List them locally on Craigslist, and then replace them.

    The only units that come close to anything like the older washer and dryers are produced by Speed Queen. You'll pay more for them, but you'll be more than happy with their performance.

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  •   Apr 23, 2019

    And why did you not get in touch with Maytag as soon as you possibly could? You could have just gotten a bum machine. One of our machines doesn't rinse well. It happens.

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