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My complaint is from a consumer point of view. I recently purchased a pack of Marlboro mediums and over half of the cigarettes in it were short on tobacco. One was over a quarter of the way empty. I have been a Marlboro smoker for 12 years and don't want to smoke anything else but this has happened a couple of times to me now. Is there anything that can be done about this to make it right? Thank you.

  • Updated by Marcy Annskinner · Nov 26, 2016

    Marlboro red label. In my last carton of cigarettes When I get to the filter the cherry falls off. Burnt my carpet burnt my shirt and burnt my fingers

  • Updated by Yehia Adlouni · Dec 11, 2016

    I forgot to attach the defected cigarette picture

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  • Updated by Joliver27 · Apr 06, 2019

    Also what happened tp the mark10?

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  • Updated by michael capone · Oct 15, 2019

    rewards not received yet?


  • Sd
    Sdalton912 May 05, 2009

    Last 2 weeks... my marlboro cigarettes... not as much tobacco, they burn funny, don't taste right, dry... terrible! What is going on?

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  • Do
    doctorwho May 05, 2009

    When there is an overstock of unsold cigarettes they will re-process them and re-sell them. Usually this is noticed with the 'buy 1 get one free' special, but sometimes with standalone packs as well. they are just old and stale. try switching stores for a bit. i find drugstores to have the freshest cigs for some reason.

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  • Ra
    Rachelll Jul 17, 2013

    I smoke a pack a day and there not cheap so I'm very upset to find that's this is the third time I've bought a pack and a few of the cigarettes are missing the filters :(

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  • Re
    Reviewer14302 Feb 03, 2016

    I recently bought a carton of full flavor menthols I am on pack 8 of 10 and ever pack has been very stall I've smoked marlboros for 15 years and I'm highly disappointed because they are not cheap and to have every lack satle

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  • Sp
    Spin04 Aug 14, 2018

    I have purchased a couple of boxes sigarretes and more than once I have found hard pieces of tabacco in my sigarette when I light it. I believe that it is poor quality that is being sold. Please can you fix it.

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  • Cr
    CraigV Aug 15, 2018

    I recently bought three packs of Marlboro Special Blend full flavor 100s. The first pack i opened was in good condition. There was no damage to the pack itself, but inside after opening, i find that half my cigarettes in the pack are wrinkled and torn. I have never had problem with your product and i figure these things happen. Please contact me

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  • We
    Wesley Chandler Aug 15, 2018

    This is not a complaint it's more like a question my Marlboro Special Blend lights box black on the inside did I win something I don't know just thought it was weird

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  • V0
    v0razm3nt3 Aug 20, 2018

    Hi Marlboro can u introduce 10 stick packs for those casual smokers so we don't have to feel obligated to smoke the entire 20stick packs

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  • Sh
    Sheila Harjo-White Apr 14, 2019

    @v0razm3nt3 Buy a pack, divide in half and put half in freezer save money. 10pk may cost the same or not any cheaper.

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  • Ke
    Keri Beck Aug 20, 2018

    The cigarettes were all torn at the bottom as though they were stuck to the bottom of the box. I would also like to reset my information on their website. I had joined years ago and don't have the same info and it will not let me create a new one.

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  • Ri
    Ricoweldsitall Aug 20, 2018

    Well I was just wondering if everybody goes out and urinates on the tobbacco leaves that are designated for the Marlboro Reds kings packs. I spend $8 on 1 pack everyday. Is there anyway that some of the billions of dollars that are spent with your company yearly can be used to prevent people from urinating on those tobacco leaves?

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  • Ha
    Hanna Saunders Aug 20, 2018

    Hi Marlboro Gold,

    Your advertisement suggests that women can not be complete without a child.

    I am severely effected by this decision.

    Woman should not be discriminated by the fact they can have children and their fertility will be effected. Men are also effected by this choice and not just women.

    Hanna Saunders

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  • De
    Dean9863 Aug 20, 2018

    Been smoking these for 39 years never had a bad smoke until not only have you changed the packet colour to brown.. but the cigarette does not taste the same. And it even has a201 on the cigarette and not Marlboro.
    Why the change in taste? Why the change in packet colour? And why the a201 written on the cigarette?

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  • Vz
    vzouski Aug 20, 2018

    I bought a pack of Marlboro Reds 100's, and everyone that I have smoked has a burning glue taste. I have never had a problem before with Marlboro, but I should not have to buy a pack of cigarettes for $8 and not even be able to smoke them because they taste like a glue.

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  • Ma
    Magdalena Golden Aug 20, 2018

    I don't know why you just continued blue 72s. But all of your other menthol cigarettes taste like shit... Bring them back.

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  • Aa
    Aaa17 Aug 20, 2018

    He refuse to sell segirates for 3 monthes now, becouse he want to rise the price, althouth he rise the price 4 times in 2 years. Please help this can not be happing.

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  • Mi
    Misty mclain Aug 20, 2018

    Task like the pack of Marlboro reds had perform in the cigarette

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  • Ma
    Marceeg85 Aug 20, 2018

    The baccer was falling out of some of the cigarettes. I had recently bought a carton. While I was smoking the fire would fall out and almost burnt me. Really was an inconvenience when I was driving and almost wrecked trying to contain the 🔥

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  • Jo
    Jonathon Smith01 Aug 20, 2018

    I purchased 2 cartons and thhe tobacco was so dried up it just fell out of the cigarettes

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  • Ar
    Artt0315 Aug 20, 2018

    The cigs have changed for the worse. The cig goes out while smoking it, runs down the side. And the after taste tastes horrible leaves a horrible stale taste. Use to be the best flavor pulling a new pack from the freezer the first drag would be so smooth with great flavor now just tastes like a stale cheap cig changing brands

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  • Co
    Cody Arndt Aug 21, 2018

    I got a Marlboro menthol pack and it does not look up to standards at look my cigarettes won't hold in there right. I don't smoke that many cigarettes at a time and having a pack like this isn't pleasant at all. I really think you guy need to fix this issue and make sure each pack is right and up to standards.

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  • Dr
    Dragonistica Aug 21, 2018

    I found four ripped cigarettes in my pack after already smoking one not happy they r 9 to 10 dollars a pack would like to be compisated for this or I'm switching brands that acknowledge there flaws

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  • Bd
    Bdmiller Aug 28, 2018

    I bought a carton of Marlboro menthol100s and there were very old tasting and honestly worst I've ever bought!
    Old tasting and honestly I couldn't taste Menthol at all

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  • Sc
    scooty hotty Sep 01, 2018

    Something like a bone in my cigarette I am tempted to test. Will wait for reply

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  • Ni
    Ni09 Sep 01, 2018

    I have been a marlboro smoker for almost 20 years. Why have marlboro lights changed? I'm sure you're aware of it, but why? They burn unevenly, they taste different and now I'm finding pieces of tobacco lodged in the filter. Is the paper differnent? Are the filters different? I'm going to try camel lights for a week and see if I like them better.

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  • Br
    Brookeelizabeth Sep 01, 2018

    I have been a smoker for a long time now, and recently switched from Camels to Marlboro. I've been recently experiencing my brand new NXT packs, have holes through the filter. When I inhale I'm not getting the full flavor. If I keep experiencing this I'm afraid I'll have to switch back to Camels.

    Thank you,


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  • Je
    Jeremy Anders Sep 01, 2018

    The cigarettes where not even fully rolled and partial apart . I have pictures of the product and the bar code and safety information on the side I tried to find a email to write them but was unsuccessful .

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  • Lo
    Louise Rorich Sep 01, 2018

    Good day

    I am finding out of every box of Malboro Red Beyond - there is a minimum of 2 cigarettes that either have no popper or the popper has been popped - this is getting a bit ridiculous as these are very expensive

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  • Sa
    Sarah422 Sep 01, 2018

    To whoever is distributed stale, disgusting cigarettes thanks to you I have quit and switched to vape I do not like spending my hard earned money on CRAP! FIX THE FUCKING PROBLEM YOU RICH FUCKS WHO DON'T GIVE A DAMN. So of us do not have a lot of money and actually love smoking so thanks for taking away my only vice ill vape from now on.

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  • Ma
    Mary2jane Sep 01, 2018

    Really !? Discontinued!? This can't be real ! If so f**k Marlboro been smoking 72's blue for 10+yrs guess it's a sign to stop smoking bc there isn't another cigarette that does it for me everything else makes me sick to my stomach! Please bring them back !!

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  • Be
    Bee8106 Sep 01, 2018

    Bought a packet of Marlboro Blue Ice. And out of the 20 cigarettes 5 of the cigarettes ice balls where already broken.
    And those cigarettes tasted awful.

    I can't smoke any other cigarettes. Love this brand. And this isn't the first time it happened.

    And as you know it isn't one of the cheapest brands.

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  • Ch
    Chané Sep 01, 2018

    Good day. I seriously don't know why you changed the packs. Marlboro Beyond Gold was amazing it was the only cigarettes I smoked it was my favorite. PLEASE BRING BACK MARLBORO BEYOND GOLD. I can give you names of hundreds of people who smoked Marlboro Beyond Gold and Quit smoking when the pack changed. IT IS NOT THE SAME TASTE AT ALL.

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  • Ka
    Kate Silvas Sep 01, 2018

    I have been smoke 72's since they came out and the Blues are my FAVORITE, super disappointed they are gone. BRING THEM BACK

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  • Ms
    Msimpson Sep 01, 2018

    I am deeply saddened that the 72 blues have been discontinued. Please bring them back.

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  • Gl
    Gloria Francesca Dean Sep 01, 2018

    Hi my name is Gloria Kimble I went and bought 4 cartons of Marlboro blacks for my family that smokes for christmas and the obes I bought was bad like they tasted funny and the tobacco was dry I was wondering what u could do or if I could get my money back I love Marlboro I smoke them all the time and enjoy ur coupons thanks

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  • St
    Steve Wight Sep 01, 2018


    Over the last few months I've been getting cigarettes that have the ice balls either missing or broken.

    It is really disappointing because yours is a superior product and while I don't mind paying for the quality it is disappointing when it is not there, especially when the fault is at the manufacturing level.

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  • Jj
    Jjonez1219 Sep 01, 2018

    I have tried numerous times to register to receive coupons as well as the free zippo. Used 3 different browsers and am told every time unable to verify my information...very aggravating. I would appreciate my new gift as well as coupons delivered. Thank you very much

    Jennifer north
    1301 brookdale dr
    Carpentersville IL 60110
    [email protected]

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  • Cl
    Clucie101 Sep 01, 2018

    The pack I bought that came out of a carton, that I bought had several holes in the cigarette which was un smokeable. Can I get a replacement.

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  • Mr
    mrd john Sep 01, 2018

    the local 7/11 stores are not honoring the .50 discount on the labels
    13990 Metrotech Dr, Chantilly, VA
    14533 Lee Rd, Chantilly, VA
    why they are doing this is a mystery to me

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  • Ru
    rupertknight Sep 02, 2018

    I am tired of the ball being non existent. i understand this happening once but it happens all the time.

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  • Du
    Dustin Micah Couch Sep 02, 2018

    I bought a carton of menthol cigarettes, and almost every pack had at least four to six cigarettes with little holes in them. I love your products and will continue to buy them but I'm very unhappy I paid a lot for the carton of cigarettes.

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