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Complaints & Reviews

kent white

Good day,

I purchased a carton of Kent White on Sunday the 9th of February 2020 from Pick n Pay Douglasdale, South Africa and two boxes so far have defected cigarettes. The filter paper has not been stuck properly and the filters are loose. When you try and smoke them it is virtually impossible as the smoke escapes from the loose paper. Smoking is a very expensive habit and I would like a replacement if possible otherwise I will switch to something else.

My email address for contact is michy.[protected]

kent white
kent white

platinum disguised as menthol in my box!

Good Day,

On Saturday the 1st Feb 2020 I bought two packs of B&H blue switch from Pick n Pay Gordon's Bay. Multiple cigarettes from both packs taste like platinum. I cannot smoke flavoured cigarettes because the taste makes me nauseous. Which means most of my smokes I either nipped or had to give away. Then yesterday (4 Feb 2020) I bought another pack from the same Pick n Pay and so far I have not had one menthol... ALL PLATINUM! The outside of the cigarette looks like a menthol so there is no way of knowing. It's like having a pack of smarties.

I wasn't going to bother complaining but after my third pack from a completely different day of purchase and so far not ONE menthol I am now laying a complaint as it has become a waste of money.

batch number 13319J49

Please contact me at [protected]


l&b blue ice crushball superkings

Hiya I brought 20 l&b blue ice crushball super Kings today from coop in Burtonwood Warrington I buy these as I like normal [censored] and my partner smokes menthol I'm very unhappy as they all seem to be menthol with out clicking them which is no good for me. The number on the bottom of the pack is QCGDLRmajj4TUx79K308P8 0020 and barcode [protected]. As I'm very unhappy at my purchase today I'm hoping that someone will look into this and get back to me ASAP about compensation my name is Hayley Jones 117 Grange way Runcorn wa7 5hz my mobile number is [protected]

l&b blue ice crushball superkings

pall mall blue

I have changed from Winston XS Blue to Pall Mall Blue about a month ago, I am very dissapointed in thi...

British American Tobacco

benson & hedges blue switch

Good day.

For the last year i have been smoking Benson & Hedges and i buy a carton each week but for the last 2 to 3 weeks in each pack i get up to 3 sigarets with no menthol taste it is almost more the taste of the kamel purple than on menthol. At first i thought i was crazy but then i asked some of my colleagues to taste and tell me of im wrong but they also agreed with me

rothman blue tobacco 25g

I live in Cairns and I bought a pouch of Rothmans Blue tobacco 25g at 1:30pm today, Tuesday 8th October, and...

British American Tobacco

menthol cigarettes

I have been Smoking Benson and Hedges Mentol Cigarettes for couple of years now and lately I have noticed that when I buy from certain places like spar which was the last place I bought from I am finding it very hard to pull am not sure why but it just doesn't feel right before this issue I bought a pack that was the same which was from checkers I had emailed Benson & Hedges directly regarding issues I have been having like the filter paper coming out the pull of the cigarette that is hard to pull and a completely damaged pack of cigarettes I would like for someone to respond as to how I can be compensated for the issues that I had experienced with Benson & Hedges Fresh Menthol it is the only brand I smoke so would like this issue to be resolved

cigarettes broken in two

Buying cigarettes that come broken is upsetting. It has happened more than twice and I feel let down by such a big well branded company. What are benson and hedges going to do to rectify this issue. I have emailed before but had no response. I look forward to your response this time round.
Thank you
Unhappy with your quality of product.
Considering to change brand.

[Resolved] quality of product

Good day me and my husband smokes paul mall recently known as princeton daily, issue I have is that the quality of your product is horrible, the paper and filter quality is even worst than the cheapest brand on the market. Some of them even has small holes in it, at this stage it is better to switch brands and rather pay a few bucks extra for something that is actually worth the money, kind regards Elene [protected], [protected]

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benson cigarettes

Hi i bought a packet of benson and hedges blue and the packet was all ok and intact but when i pulled a cigerette out some was ripped and most of them had all this prints over them they are expensive enough without buying a box and it being damaged. I was wary about smoking them also as didnt no if they would be harmful in anyway i have alot of health issues and takes me atleast twenty minuites to walk to a shop whe its only five minuites away.

benson cigarettes

ryo tobacco

I have been buying windfeild gold for years and this continues to happen with every pouch I buy. There are big pieces of cardboard like tobacco that are completely unusable and I bet are used to add "weight" to the bag. There is constantly quite large peices of bark also and it it just so frustrating after spending so much money on a brand that is meant to be "superior" to the others.
It is disappointing that the only way I can contact the company is by writing to them instead of emailing.

winfield max blue 32

Afternoon, I'm writing to you to advise that I have come across this cigarette in my packet, we pay big...

British American Tobacco

service inquiry

Dear Sir, I have sit for the online exam step 2 and passed as Operations Communication Officer, 3245 in...


Last night I purchased a packet of Benson and Hedges cigarettes 25 as stated by the staff member only to...


I have been a long time buyer of your tobacco and spend about $160 a fortnight on rothmans red tobacco.But my...

winfield red rolling tobacco 50 gramme

Hello, i recently purchased a 50 gramme pouch of Winfield Red as I regularly do. However on this particular...

pall mall

Good Day This morning at 10am (South African Time) i took out a cigarette from my box of Pall Mall bought at...

British American Tobacco

kent menthol cigarettes - broken cigarette in sealed packet

Good day I brought a packet of Kent Menthol Cigarettes yesterday, 28 August 2017 at a local Bottle store...

British American Tobacco South Africa

pall mall

Good day As a smoker I had a bad incident with one of your products/cigarettes. The front part of the...

British American Tobacco

pall mall cigarette

I Have opened 3 packages in the carton of cigs. of Red Box Pall Mall. So far after opening 3 of them, there...