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fire safe cigarettes

I have been a loyal Marlboro consumer for 30 years now. I always used the same brand, until now. The new FSC (fire safe cigarette) has changed the dynamics of the product to the extent that it is no longer enjoyable. I now use KOOL by RJ Reynolds.
I understand that many states are now requiring FSC cigs. This because 700 to 900 people are killed nationwide by fires caused by CARELESS use of smoking products. The key word here folks is CARELESS. How many people die annually due to alcohol related deaths?
Or fireplace fires?
People die and will continue to die every year from making bad decisions wheather driving, walking, flying, smoking, you name it.
Lets just get to the core of the problem and outlaw stupidity.
Better dust of those resumes if you work for Philip Morris.



  • Lm
    LMantyla Nov 06, 2009

    I agree with your complaint about the cigarettes not being "enjoyable" aymore. I used to smoke Malboro lights and now I am switching, they taste like butane and made my lips swell to twice their size!!! Bad Move for sure!!

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marlboro print on cigarettes

I bought a pack of Marlboro 100's and when I smoke a cigarette, I can hardly get a hit off it. Because where they printed the marlboro on the cigarette. The o was stamped too hard creating a hole. And you don't get a full hit when you try to smoke it. I've had several packs purchased at our local gas station that had the same results.

  • Kr
    krispix318 Jun 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maybe don't smoke? Sounds like a pretty good solution to me. Imagine all the money you'll save and the damage on your body you'll reverse!

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fraudsters and cheaters

When the Attorney General cracked down on car dealers in early 2008 and hit them with huge fines, I would have thought that the deceitful advertising In Massachusetts would have been cleared up. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Marlboro Nissan.

Marlboro Nissan, located in Marlboro MA, serving the Worcester market, continues to use pressure selling. Now, however, they do not even bother to try to make you happy! All over the internet, they advertise on AutoTrader and Cars.com as well as their own website marlboronissan.com with hidden money. They advertise a low buy price designed to get unassuming customers like myself in the door, then hit you with their hidden fees and get pissed off if you do not accept it.

Where is the Massachusetts Attorney General now? I hope this report gets a good Google ranking and sticks right next to Marlboro Nissan's own website. Therefore, other consumers like me do not take a drive to a place that starts their consumer process by lying to their potential customers.

Marlboro Nissan ripped me off by wasting my time. I even called a sales rep on the phone to confirm the price and that there was no catch and they still lied and said that the price as advertised is all I would have to pay.

Deceitful & Dishonest is how I would characterize Marlboro Nissan!

  • Ni
    Nissan Regulator Jun 16, 2009

    If you do some digging on ripoffreprt.com, or you google Bertera Nissan. You will see that this was an article that was written by a consumer about Bertera Nissan. It looks Bertera Nissan has reposted the exact same content about their biggest competitor, Marlboro Nissan. Just goes to show how a dishonest dealership will attempt to cover up their dishonesty, by being...well dishonest!

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  • Ab
    A Better Way :) Jul 21, 2009

    Ever think there might be someone out there going after all dealers? It is funny how any time bad press comes against Marlboro Nissan they point the finger directly at Bertera Nissan. When if something comes against Bertera they try and handle it... But do as you must.

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  • Ni
    Nissan Dealer Aug 04, 2009

    Check out http://www.dealerrater.com/directory/Massachusetts/Nissan/ to see how dealers really stack up. Real customers have the chance to post their legitimate feedback. DealerRater checks to ensure that all testimony is from real customers who get a chance to plead their case. If dealer personnel is caught posting fraudulent reviews about themselves or competing dealers they are blacklisted!

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I have smoked Marlboro Reds soft pack for 34 years. I understand the you fought the Federal govenment about...


when I want to burn smoke I fund the cigarettes have joint a paper at middle the cigar. how can be to big company to do like this???
are the company almost bankrupt or quality was falling down to be get much income.
I only want to ask are the not good as long time because I get smoke at 1995,
or Marlboro was be a cheap cigarettes with underdog quality.
I still save the cigarettes.

please answer me
[protected]@yahoo.co. id

  • Jo
    jonett bernasconi Apr 03, 2009

    i hate these new fire safe cigaretts. they suck! i've been using marlboro reds for over thirty years now and i no longer want them.i bought 5 cartons in neighboring state due to them being cheaper.you can have them back i dont want them.they SUCK!!! I WOULD RATHER QUIT!!! Contact me with real cigaretts. i want my money back on these...

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bad taste nausea dry mouth headache

bad taste nausea dry mouth headache i buy by carton and sometimes it seems i get a bad one. then i go to another shop for awhile and those would seem ok or i would just switch brands for awhile.

  • De
    Denver.girl Mar 04, 2009

    I know a guy who works for the phillip morris company of tobaccos. he says that every so often tobacco companies add more nicotine and other chemicals in their cigarettes to make them more addictive. then as your body gets used to that level you decide to switch to lights. about that time the tobacco company will decrease the nicotine and other addictive chemicals... giving you a stronger craving. you have to buy the stronger brand again. This could be your headache, nausia... withdrawl symptoms/overdose symptoms

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bleach or chlorine

I lit a Marlboro menthol 100 cigarette and immediately tasted and smelt a strong odor of bleach or chlorine...

disgusting cigarettes

What has happened with cigarettes is completely un-acceptable. There is no reason that we should have to take this lying down. These new FSC cigarettes are supposed to make it harder to start fires. Well, it is NOT harder to start a fire when the fire falls off of your cigarette and into your lap, carpet, sofa, etc. And the taste? Disgusting! There used to be nothing better than that first cigarette in the morning or after a meal, however, that cigarette now tastes awful, makes me dizzy and causes me to feel nauseated. What is PM, USA going to do about this? Surely, they understand that they are in danger of losing so many customers that they will eventually have to close the doors? Don't they? Is there a plan to bring back cigarettes that taste good without that nasty flavor? I do understand that they are trying to do but the outcome is that cigarettes are starting more fires and customers and being alienated. Come one PM, USA- Surely this is NOT the best you can come up with...

  • Di
    Disappointed Customer Feb 28, 2009

    These are very dangerous. The red hot paper from the cig's fall off and burn holes in clothes, sofas, furniture. There will be a huge law suit someday.

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fsc cigarettes

The new "Fire Safe Cigarettes" are a violation of consumer rights. Spare the lectures about smoking. A...

fsc cigarettes

I have smoked Marlboros Blend No. 27 for a while now, as have all my friends. With this new FSC cigarette...

cigarettes won't burn

I have been smoking Marlboro cigarettes since 1972, and paid .38 a pack and have paid the increases over the...

marlbor light cigarettes

I bought a carton of Marlboro Light cigarettes and they did not burn properly. They would go out almost immediately after lighting. If I wasn't puffing constantly, it would go out. It was also hard to puff the cigarette, like it was "clogged" or something. Very bad and a waste of my money. I was very disappointed. I had to go out and buy another carton.
The UPC # on my bad carton of "Flip-Top Box" Marlboro Light Cigarettes in [protected].
It would be nice to be reimbursed.
Thank You,
A loyal Marlboro smoker for 7 years.

  • Es
    EssieMae Jan 29, 2010

    We are taking our fight to ban fsc cigarettes to all 50 Statehouses

    We Won't Be Your Fools
    STOP FSC Fire-Safety Cigarettes Sells
    Thursday, April 1, 2010
    7:00am - 10:00pm
    Statehouses In All 50 States

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cigarette burning

The last carton of cigarettes I got did have the FSC above the barcode. While I do see a purpose behind the...

cigarette sucker

wholly crap! I didn't know these cigarettes would stop burning!!! I smoke Marl. Menthol ... ran out ... bummed one from hubby. Damn thang kept going OUT! Asked my husband if he had any to do that!? He said "yep, it's a safety issue". A safety issue? How can that be if I had to light it in the first place? Now, I have to keep LIGHTING it! Hmmmmm, now I figure, if you have to relight your cigarette two more times per ciggie on average, then, that means I will NOW need EXTRA lighters. Better buy stock in lighters! Reckon Marlboro owns Bic lighters now? LOL But, if I had bought these cigarettes at say ... Walmart ...could I return them because I'm NOT satisfied??? What is this new comment on the side of the pack? Nothing reads "may cause cancer". Reads contains carbon monoxide!!! Maybe this is the key to which packs are slow burning and which are not. I am soooooo pissed! First I can rarely smoke in public, as my rights were taken away, can't ride with kids in the car if I smoke (in some states) ... (glad I do not have kids), then in Texas I pay $1.00 State Tax per pack. Now when I am in the privacy in my OWN home I can maybe take one or two puffs before it goes out. Well, why quit now? My mom smoked for 30 years, quit 12 yrs ago and died of LUNG CANCER 4 months ago. Believe it!!! But now, allow me to do drugs and I can be high anywhere in public, I can do any kind of drug in any restroom and I don't get the evil eye anywhere. I'm not taxed, (glad I'm not in Atlantic City where the italian mafia WAS charging taxes for illegal activities). The way I figure and this is just plain common sense, there are more people that are slaves to drugs that create more thefts and burglaries than people who smoke and leave a cigarette burning ...that burn down a building. Look at your local newspaper. How many fires did you read abt. that were caused by cigarettes? How many robberies? ... okay you got it!!! Here's the other part I can't figure out ... when a person is smoking ... is that person holding their cigarette or is it laying somewhere burning? In General???? BTW, has anyone noticed that you had to suck harder on these cigarettes? or is it just me? Do they still seem to satisfy the nicotine addiction? Just curious. Okay, I'm done [censor]in.

  • Fs
    fsymbol Jan 25, 2009

    here in canada when they forced companies to add chemicals (not carbon monoxide, that is a byproduct of incomplete combustion) in their ciggarettes there was an obvious change in the flavour. It has been a few years since they made that change here, but I do recall how utterly disappointed in the chemical taste that myself and my friends were experiencing. i feel your pain, but unfortunately have no solutions... though i suspect buying rolling tobacco may be a way around that, but then again they might still spray whatever chemical on that stuff too

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Why change now??? I have smoked marlboro for years-now with this (fsc) thing going on, which someone told me...

bad cigarettes

i know if u smoke cigarettes they take time off of your life. Changing the paper now to burn slower, doesnt...

bad service dirty office

The office was dirty and the office staff rude and lazy. I waited an exuberant amount of time in their nasty...

bad packs

Myself and my boyfriend have smoked (Marl reds) for a long time now. We buy them a few packs at a time each...

burning of cig

I just bought a carton of Marlboro Menthols and EVERY cigarette I have smoked has either put itself out or the cherry has fallen off. I have smoke Marlboro's for years and this is just insane. If I am paying $50.00 a carton I want the damn thing to smoke the way it is supposed to. This smoker is very upset with the quality.

  • Ek
    E. Keisling Dec 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't normally smoke MM's, but my local grocery has had them buy one get one the last week or so. I'm having the same problem, but I think I've found the culprit. I live in PA, and here (I'm sure this will be true in all states soon) the state gov'mt has decided that all cigarettes must be "fire safe." Apparently a lot of fatal fires have been caused by people falling asleep with a lit cigarette. The cigarettes snuff themselves out as to not catch fire if the smoker loses the cigarette for some reason. All I know is that these new cigarettes snuff themselves ridiculously fast, and drop ash everywhere. I could deal with that, what has me godsmacked is that the cherry falls off and I've burned myself and my carpet more in the last week or so than I have in years. It's insane!

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  • Te
    Texas Smoker Dec 31, 2008

    And Oh be careful driving !! I almost took out a mailbox putting the cherry out that fell in my lap, now how is that safer?? Burning buildings decline car accidents on the rise!! Nice going marlboro..

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  • Ro
    Ross Vender Feb 22, 2009

    same thing sorta happened to me... but i dropped my ash in my lap when i was naked.. and not only did i burn all the pubic hair on, and around my penial region.. i also burned the tip of my shaft... THANX MARLBORO!!!

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  • Tk
    tko Mar 13, 2009

    i feel sorry for you bro

    but im wondering, im smoking marlboro menthol lights and they dont do the same thing


    i live in the philippines

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  • Fr
    friskyfrisky6eig May 21, 2010

    Not only am I unhappy with the way the burn, but Ive been getting a lot of sore throats since they changes! I feel like im smoking Cat nip!!

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oozing tar from the filter

I bought a pack of marlboors today at the local Eccard pharmacy just like I do pretty much everyday. When I...