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Makro OnlineDisabled access

I have used your stores all the way through the pandemic and had no issues with being exempt from wearing a face covering. However it seems at your store in Leicester U.K. they have had a change of policy. On entry I was harassed and was told I needed to prove my exemption which is against the disabilities act. After a short conversation the security guard apologised and let me through only to be harassed 30 seconds later by another employee who again said I needed to prove my exemption or wear a lanyard again contrary to the disabilities act. I don't think harassing disabled customers is a good look for your business and any change of policy should be clearly stated and communicated. I am unable to work due to my mask exemption and it causes me a lot of distress going into shops hence why I have used your stores as your staff up to this point have been wonderful. I do not wish to get anyone into trouble but it is clearly stated in the guidance that proof of exemption is not required and would hope this is communicated to your staff and to change your policy after nearly a year seems strange.
Many thanks

Chris Bartholomew

PB Installations

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    Makro OnlineShock abs 2pk extrm sports bra

    On 24 Dec 2020 I bought a 2 pack sports bra's at Makro Centurion as a gift for someone, only to find it too small for the person I bought it for. I tried to take it back today, 30 December 2020 and the return/refund was refused due to it being underwear - even though I told the lady that it was not worn - it might have looked like it as the white bra was brown from dirt when I took it from the rack on the day I bought it - perhaps something Makro should look at - I was quite shocked when I saw it myself when I got home - I did not realise it as I was in quite a rush on the day. I can understand underwear such as panties, but sports bra's being refused to return? I have attached the invoice of the sale. If you go to any other clothing shop, none of them have an issue to return bra's - it's quite dissapointing.

    Shock abs 2pk extrm sports bra

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      Makro OnlineUnable to honor delivery promise

      on the 15th December i ordered from Makro online, order #MAK2848393. Makro Woodmead accepted the order and up till today they haven delivered the order.

      as per Makro Website and i quote "orders placed before the 16th of December 2020 will be delivered by Christmas". we already on the 29th and havent received proper communication as to when the delivery will take place. Apparently Makro Woodmead is waiting for the courier. if i may ask how many online orders are being delivered or are you still awaiting for the couriers or is it only my order.

      Last time i ordered online and i suggest rather to go directly to the store than online.

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        Makro OnlineService/ Repairs

        I bought an LG refrigerator which is on extended warranty. It stopped working in November and since then technicians that was sent from Makro have come out to repair whom did repair the unit only to stop working a few days later. They repaired the unit, it stopped working all my food went bad, makro customer care did nothing. The latest technician came out on the 24th of December only to tell me the compressor needs replacement and LG is closed for the festive season they cannot get the part. This is after they replaced the condenser on the 1st of December. The technicians are incompetent it is trial and error. What about my festive season? What about my food? What about my inconvenience. Makro refuses to acknowledge the problem and replace my food or take this problem seriously. My entire Christmas was ruined it is also a pandemic and we got to expose ourselves everyday by going out for food. 3 of my family members have chronic conditions we are at great risk. I think Makro needs to be sued for this as this is totally not acceptable for a Big group to treat customers this way. Through all my calls and emails not one of the staff will respond or supply me with the Ombudsman details.

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          Makro OnlineDeep freezer Hisense

          I ordered a fridge 0n the 13th of December 2020 and to this date have not heard anything. I called the customer center and they stated that fridge was out of stock. I then called after 5 minutes, another person told me that it is with the courier company and promised to get back to me yesterday. No one got back to me and had to call again and told the same thing. Order number is MAK2845424. Am quite disturbed by this and very disappointed. Money has been paid and was in stock when I purchased it and now am just getting stories and no solution...*very upset*

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            Makro OnlineLG Refrigerator

            Good day

            I have a LG Refrigerator that is on extended warranty on the 1st of December Mastercare was sent by Makro to repair the refrigerator the technician said the condenser was faulty and replaced it 2 days later. My food all was defrosted and damaged which Makro refuses to reimburse me for. Its policy your refrigerator stops working it is an unforseen problem, I understood and was just happy it was repaired. Yesterday I noticed the fridge was not getting so cold so I turned the temperature to the highest cooling temperature. This morning I got up and the entire contents of my fridge is defrosted all my food is gone bad and what do i do now? It cannot be used either given away or thrown out. Some food got a bad odour and cannot be consumed. I did my xmas shopping just 2 days ago. I cannot afford to replace this quantity of food i have my receipts close to R7000 worth of food from woolworths alone. This I cannot just let it go, as christmas for my family is ruined and during the pandemic I have chronic conditions that is why I buy in bulk as to not frequent malls and get infected. My food was until end of January. I have my proof pictures, receipts, witnesses etc. My problem is what is Makro going to do regarding my losses as this is highly now the fault of Makro as you sent out repair people that is obviously incompetent. 2 big losses in one month is absolutely devastating as its the pandemic and finances is tight. I did contact Makro to resolve this issue promply as Christmas is in 5 days. Besides repairing my refrigerator I want my food replaced if not I need to consult my attorney. Nobody will assist me. I am now in a situation and I do not know what to do. I cannot afford to replace my food. I contacted the store manager, head office, makro online all to no avail.

            Repair Ref num: 1194834
            Name: Sarah Naidoo

            PS. From the first time I bought this fridge i noticed it used to heat up and get very hot at the back of the fridge which was hot i could not touch it. After 5 days I went back to the store and asked the salesman why this is happening he said and I quote 'This is normal these new refrigerators are very high powered and its normal'. I am starting to think this was a faulty unit to begin with. I think Makro needs to take this unit back. After your repair guy came out on the 1st of December I used to walk pass and get a burning smell from the fridge, I am not sure if that is even normal I will contact a technician to enquire about this.

            LG Refrigerator
            LG Refrigerator
            LG Refrigerator
            LG Refrigerator
            LG Refrigerator
            LG Refrigerator

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              Makro OnlineDouble deduction on my bank account when paying for product purchased

              I purchased a PS4 at MAKRO Roodepoort on the 9th of December 2020 for my son's birthday. The cost of the product amounted to R8 999.99.

              Card number [protected]

              Upon arrival at home that evening, only to discovered that my brother in law already bought one.

              He took it upon himself having one bought from MAKRO returned the next day for a refund, that would be the 10th of December 2020.

              A return transaction was processed but since the purchase was through the debit card, MAKRO could not refund the money back into my account.

              Instead they gave cash back to my brother in law.

              To my surprise the same amount of R8 999.99 was again debited twice against my account on the 12th and the 13th of December 2020.

              I discovered this mayhem when I tried to swipe my card for petrol at Orlando petrol station next to VW Maponya outlet. It reflected insufficient

              I went to MAKRO on the 16th Of December 2020, I was direct to returns office and from returns office to a gentlemen called August, a tills manager.

              He confirmed that Standard deducted the payments more than once on customers who transacted with MAKRO on the 9thof December 2020.

              Furthermore the error will take with 72hrs to be rectified.

              He gave me his contact number and that of his colleague. I called him on Saturday the 19th Of December 2020 telling him my money is not yet back into my account.

              He ask for my email address to send me the correspondence from Standard about double deduction, perhaps I could take it to whatever office it came from.

              It's Monday the 21st of December 2020 there's no sign or indication as to when am I getting my money back


              C Kheswa

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                Makro OnlineGazebo

                Hi, I purchased a camp master gazebo order no-MAK2758783. It was for camping trips. When I opened it had a small hole in the top. I phoned the call centre who said I can return it but I was on holiday in the bush and couldn't do that until I get back. She also I advised that I couldn't use it, but what must I do leave my kids in the sun and then we had a storm. I needed to use it.
                Please advise a way forward.

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                  Makro OnlineEmbarrassed by your own boss!

                  [protected]@Centurion, Cannot shop here again. Went here for black Friday specials which were not existent. The sales lady did a stellar job of convincing me to buy the more expensive options. I then asked her about the BF specials as I was now spending way more than intended. She spoke to the floor manager who blatantly refused to even acknowledge me, let alone greet me, he literally ran away from us. It was such an embarrassment for the sales lady who bowed her head in shame. Typically these store managers think they are above all else.

                  I am just a drop in their ocean, however will not shop there again, it kuk!

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                    Makro OnlineNot allowed in with baby

                    Absolutely shocked to hear of your disgusting treatment of Kat Bailey and her child. How can a young mother with a child in a sling be considered in the children under 16 category? How removed your company is from logical reasoning and treating individual cases with some rationale seems beyond belief. I fully support changing corporate dinosaur mentality and will support a boycott of your company #shame on you Makro!

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                      Nov 30, 2020

                      Makro Online — Ryobi 2000w electric lawnmower [protected]

                      The above-mentioned machine was bought on 21 November 2018 during the Black Friday specials at the Makro...

                      Nov 28, 2020

                      Makro Online — LG refrigerator

                      I submitted a claim on 25th of november 2020 regarding the repair of my refrigerator the freezer unit is not...

                      Makro OnlineSinotec television

                      Purchased a sinotec television 6 months ago and lines appeared all across the screen I called makro and they advised me not to bring the television back that a technician would come and access within 4 to 7 days and if not repairable on site they would replace with a new television. 7 days later no technician came or called. I called makro again they then advised that I should bring the television in. I took the television in and they did not want to replace it. I'm very disappointed with makro's after sales service! I will not ever purchase from makro again!!!

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                        Nov 19, 2020

                        Makro Online — In box damage

                        I purchased a Skyworth 65inch TV from Makro Centurion, the TV seemed completed normal and new when we removed...

                        Nov 13, 2020

                        Makro Online — Makro Vanderbijlpark - errors on skyworth android tv box

                        Between 08/05/2020 and 09/05/2020 I bought 3 of these android boxes. All 3 started to give errors when I...

                        Makro OnlineMakro online no delivery?

                        MAK2753837 is the order number.
                        I have no idea what to do anymore with Makro I have called them over 15 times. Chatted online over 7 times enquiring about my order. Called the store. All I want is someone to help me deliver my oven. It's all form of income that I have, and without my oven I am unable to bake and sell my goodies. My story is too long to type all I want to know is when will my order be delivered.
                        That's it and that is all I want help with. No one at makro cares no cares about the money spent on phone calls on emails. Makro I paid you the money for my oven all I ask is that you do the decent thing and deliver the oven to me. I am not a rich person and I have no other way now that's why I purchased the item from the store. I beg of you please just deliver my order.. Will someone just have a heart this is my bread and butter and I have a family to see.
                        Zenobia de Kock

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                          Makro OnlineSwopping of faulty fridge

                          Good morning,

                          Samsung confirmed that the fridge that we purchased on the 2nd October 2020 has to be swopped with a new unit.
                          I have spoken to Makro on Friday regarding this issue.
                          We purchased ove R61 000.00 of goods on the same day and need this fridge as a matter of urgency.
                          Our Ref. number is [protected]
                          This is really not good service

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                            MakroClaims department

                            I submitted a claim form for debt relief due to covid 19 on 28 May 2020. Since then I received numerous threats regarding my account. I phoned claims department several times. Every time I was told they still need forms which I immediately resubmit to their email address.
                            Natascha Heinlein
                            Id [protected]
                            Please help!

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                              Makro OnlineBad customer service on return of hisense tv

                              Months ago I reported that my 49" HiSense TV had stopped working. I bought it from Makro in PE. The technitions have written it off and confirmed that it needs to be replaced. However, we live in George and Makro will not collect the TV anywhere near here or deliver the replacement. We have to replace it with some other TV as it is no longer in stock. This is already costing us money as we have to pay in to get the equivalent type. Now we are told we have to go to the PE store to deliver the broken TV. But it is far for us to go and expensive. This problem is not our fault but Makro is making us fix it and not being supportive. We have had to phone and email numerous people to even get this far as no body calls back with an answer. But today we have been told that Makro cannot help us. Your product was faulty and now bad service too. Even a pick-up/delivery point in George was denied. I am bitterly disappointed and will not trust Marko again if this is not resolved.

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                                Makro OnlineMakro online fraud

                                I bought two watches online in May 2020. I returned one watch, I eventually received a refund invoice in July 2020. I was supposed to get a refund of R699. To this date I have not received a refund. I have repeatedly phoned and told it will be escalated, just passing the buck. When I ask to speak to someone in finance or a supervisor, they drop the call. Eventually last week I spoke to a supervisor, who promised he would look into it and email us a response within 24 hours, of course days later still nothing. This is fraud and I will be taking my complaint to the Consumer goods and services Ombud.

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