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Makro Online - Order no: mak3371305

I purchased a French door fridge on the 11th of December 2021 and later received an email from Makro saying my order was stale. I made a follow up on when will I get my refund and was told the finance department was closed for Christmas holidays. The first of January I then received an email saying my order was processed. This morning I called makro to find out the status of my order, the consultant said that I must wait for 40 days from the date of purchase. To say the least I'm disgusted with makro's service


Makro Online - Online Order delivery + REFUND

I ordered items on the 2nd of December, today is the 24th, still haven't received what I paid for. Makro goon Karabo Makola says they've delivered my order and they'll tell me who received it, but they've since gone quiet.

I've included
Carron Hendricks *********** (invite to Mailtrack)
Leonard van Zijl *********** (invite to Mailtrack)
Lynette Snyder *********** (invite to Mailtrack)
Mpho Moruthane mp**************** (invite to Mailtrack)

to the mail string but none of them will respond. I hope when they see their names on here they'll be inclined to tell me what happened to the order I spent my hard-earned money on. I understand how the concept of "hard-earned money" would be foreign to them seeing as how they cannot get anything done without the customer screaming, kicking, and literally causing a ruckus!

I hope that whoever looks to employ these people in the future finds this thread and treads carefully with these people.

Desired outcome: REFUND

Makro Online - No Delivery

Purchased a Fridge for R12999.00 on 25 Nov 2021 online and til today 09/12/2021 i have not yet received the PAID Fridge, when i phone and follow up i am being told that the fridge is with the courier WUM Drop which also seems to not be able to tell anyone ANYTHING!
When asking Makro for a refund i am told that it would take 7 to 14 business days to process the refund.
I have been phoning since last week and keep getting the same info but nothing is happening!

Purchased online 26 Nov, no-one can tell me when my item will be delivered. Appalling service -they even ignored my complaints


Makro Online - Online order #MAK3303253

Online order #MAK3303253
Placed the order on Thursday 25 November 2021. Delivery estimated at 3-7 working days.

Have folllowed up on NUMEROUS occassions and keep gettinge excuses like "Black Friday", limited stock, staff on strike etc.

Firstly, Black Friday should never be an issue. If you cannot handle the capacity and logistics, then don't take part in Black Friday.

The website now says "Place your order before 8 Dec 2021 for pre-Christmas delivery. " How can the company make this promise if orders placed TWO WEEKS ago are still IN PROGRESS!

Service levels are ridiculous! I want a definitive answer as to when our Stove and Hob will be received!

Desired outcome: Delivery of goods ordered, in perfect condition so we don't have to hassle with exchanges!

Makro Online - Firdge

I purchased a fridge online on 25 November 2021. It was delivered on 27 November 2021. I only opened the fridge on the 29th as I needed to get the old fridge out first. On the 29th when I opened it, it had dents on the ceiling inside the fridge. I logged a return on the same day (29/11). I have emailed and called customer services numerous times and the fridge has still not been collected. I am now without a fridge for 8 days and have given up hope.

I was also told the fridge needs to be assessed before they can decide if it can be fixed or replaced. all of this happened on day 2. the policy clearly states within 7 days it should be replaced.

Customer services keeps saying they have escalated the matter but nothing comes from it. I have wasted, time energy y, food and airtime on this nonsense.

Desired outcome: Replace the fridge

Makro Online - Delivery service

I made a purchase on the 24/11/2021 at Makro Silverlakes and paid for delivery 8km to my house. Apparently deliveries were too busy and they could only arrange it for Monday 29/11/2021. Then on...

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Makro Online - Online bicycle order. Received the wrong bike. No feedback

Order Number MAK3259920. I orderd a bicycle online for my 7 year old. A 20" bike that was on specail. Let me give some background. My girl sold her old bike and saved for the whole year, to buy an...

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Makro Online - Incomplete order

I made an order on Monday 29 November and the order was delivered to me today but the order is not complete ...only R79 worth of the R508 goods I ordered got delivered and was invoiced. I tried calling the Makro number over and over but it was not going through.

At this point it is an inconvenience to me as I needed the goods by Friday and yet I am still waiting on most of it and my money is gone.

Very disappointed.

Desired outcome: Goods to be delivered if not possible to get my money back

Makro Online - Rejected refund on recently bought product

Good Day

I am a first time Makro customer. Having just made my very first purchase of a R16000 laptop, I found the product to be unsatisfactory. I proceeded to return the product in its original packing and within two days of purchase. However I was subjected to a very unpleasant experience with the customer service of the Macro at Abour Crossing. I just bought a laptop on 30/11/2021 and brought the laptop back to the store on 02/12/2021 for a refund and the employee there stated that they don't refund laptops at all. Kindly confirm if this is Makros return policy and how I should proceed further with my complaint.

Desired outcome: Refund

Makro Online - Non delivery of online order-MAK3262773

4 November 2021: Placed an order online for an Elba gas stove. Delivery: estimate 21 days. Didn't think it would actually take 21days when most companies deliver in under 7 days. However I accepted the delivery period.

24 November 2021: I called Makro customer care to confirm delivery on the 25th, as there was no movement on the tracking. I was told someone would contact me within 24-48 hours. Received an email : Please note that your query has been escalated to the relevant department for further assistance, therefore will revert with feedback as soon as is provided.

26 November 2021: NO feedback, called customer care again. Then I'm told its 21 working days, but it will be escalated. Will take another 24-48 hours for a response.

29 November 2021: I send another email, no response. Calling the call centre is absolutely a waste of time.

30 November 2021: Receive another useless generic automated response :As per our telephone conversation, your query has been escalated to the relevant department for further assistance. I ask to be included in the correspondence to the relevant department, no response.

1 December 2021: I receive an email, my order is being packed. Will receive an sms with the courier is dispatched which means absolutely nothing. Tracking shows in progress, and I won't be suprised if there's no movement for another month. Request specific date of delivery.

2 December 2021: Receive another automated email. Still no movement on tracking.

30 November 2021:

Desired outcome: If item cannot be delivered in the next 24hours, I want a full refund.

Makro Online - Delivery

I ordered a chest freezer for Makro online on the the 22nd of November 2021. Delivery said 3-7 days. It's been 8 WORKING days! When I track it online, it says packed since the day I ordered it. I called to complain and all I got was an SMS saying that due to large numbers of orders, processing was delayed. This is a load of garbage as the order was "packed" according to the tracking. They could've just owned up and admitted fault, instead of making excuses. Honesty would've been better!

Makro Online - Online order

Ordered liquor online from makro, item missing on delivery. Contacted customer care a week ago who said the matter was escalated, however, no response has been forthcoming. The order number is 3275081. Numerous emails have been sent to customer care as well as phone calls. To date no progress of what is being done to resolve this issue. The missing item from order needs to be refunded or delivered to me.

Desired outcome: Item to be delivered immediately or full refund of the item


Makro Online - Product and service

Good day all.

I have purchased a fridge from macro begining of this month.

The delivery took over 4 days to happen.

When i finally received the fridge it was broke.

We followed all protocols to ensure that there would be a replacement made and that we would receive a new fridge that is nog broken.

I have been waiting for longer than a week for them to come and get the broken fridge from my house and replace it with a working fridge.

I have lost over R1000 worth of groceries due to me not having a fridge to store my groceries in.

I was told multiple times that all is confirmed and they will deliver the next day, but it just does not happen.

I payed someone to be at my house during the day all week last week as i am working and my husband aswell. I wanted to ensure that someone was at my home to collect the fridge. I am down R900 because it cost me R180 a day.

Yesterday I wanted to take the fridge to makro and return it myself but i was told by the manager that I should not bother as they would deliver it today before 11am

It has not been delivered and i am not geting any response from makro.

They have provided me with contact details that does not exist.

I encourage you all not to support a company that does not take their klients serious.

I am down more money than i can afford and still dont have a fridge.

Hope you all will stand with me in not supporting a company that deliveres broken products and cant even have the decency to correct their mistake.

Thank you for taking your time in reading about my review.

Makro Online - Service

Name: Selvan Govindasamy ID [protected]
Cell: [protected]


I logged a service call on 27th October for a Sinotec 55" Smart Tv at Makro, Cornubia, filled out the necessary forms, and was told I will be contacted for service technicians to make arrangements to check at my residence.

To date, after numerous calls as well as being told that techinicians will attend to on 10 November, this has still not been done.

Called again on 11th November, spoke to Priscilla and she advised that Sinotech wrote down my cell number incorrectly. Form also had an alternative landline number.

kind regards
Selvan Govindasamy

Makro Online - Cash order for collection

Makro Wonderboom.

I phoned, preordered and made an immediate eft payment in order to have my order ready for me early the next day and when I got there nothing was done. The accounts lady was EXTREAMLY rude! The sales person had no idea what to do and management was un helpful.

After I asked them to hurry up they made a point of it to be slower.

Accounts lady: Maria
Sales person: Memory


Makro Online - Product Non-Delivery

I ordered a product online and paid for it with my credit card. Transaction done and stated so on Makro site. Delivery promised 2-5 working days. Current status on Makro Site still shows in progress with no updates as to being packages or send for delivery. Ons escalation Customer services indicated that courier has the package with a waybill number. Courier company acknowledges knowledge of number but that they have not taken delivery from Makro. 5 days later and I do not have my product and nobody seem to know or care where it is.
Online order # MAK3224268

Desired outcome: Speedy delivery!

Makro Online - help to sell on makro

I applied to sell on makro as i sell cds and have over 20 000 cds now shops no longer sell them they are very collectable and people now want them and as christmas is coming they will sell. I am a pensioner lady, no pension and i rely on selling cds for a living but i need a bigger marketplace such as makro. My dad passed away three years ago with alzheimers and as such i now have no family to fall back on financially. I was assuming that they guy who was handling my application was positive as he said he just wanted to check a few details then he comes back and turns me down. Can you please forward this to someone who can assist me please i am desperate please help

Desired outcome: selling on makro

Sep 30, 2021

Makro Online - Silver lakes false advertising

on the 27th of September 2021 I drove to Makro liquor Silverlakes after receiving a pamphlet about a special on wiendhoek draught which stated 24 draught cans priced at R259 and get another 6pack free...
after picking up a few 24packs I was told at the till point that the special is a mistake I asked for the manager his name Neil he was not even interested to hear my complain about sudden price change instead he referred me to call head office.. I even pointed out hat there were still pamphlets at the entrance regarding the special but my complain fell onto deaf ears I wish to take it up with Makro... I have pics on my phone as proof of the pamphlet special and dates
name: Kim Thantsha

Sep 10, 2021

Makro Online - After sale service

Good day
My Name is Getrude Koma
Makro Card No: [protected]
I purchased Gas stove on 09th August 2021, and also paid R950.00 for installation
The installers came to my house to make installation but they told me it would cost extra R4500 to to do installation, for which it is over 50% of the cost of the stove.
Firstly, this was not mentioned to me when I purchased the stove
Secondly, they did not ask me if I have existing line
I then told the I do not have R4500 since it was never mentioned to me. I went to the store were I went to the Makro store on 21 August to seek refund, they contacted service provider, the service provider said they cannot refund.
I wanted to return the stove they told me they will charge me 10% since the stove is opened. The manager called service provider, service provide said I must pay them R650 in order for me to get refund of R350. That did not make sense for. The manager told me he will escalate the matter and instructed Aaron.Mnyakeni (Sales manager) and Palesa Thulo (Sales Manager Germiston Store) to follow up.
I have been trying to get feedback from them since without any success.
I have sent them several emails went to the store several times without any success.

Kind Regards

Desired outcome: Refund

Makro Online - Customer Service Complaint: Online order #MAK3162189

I placed an online order on the 27th August and was advised that the delivery would take 2-5 days. It's been over a week and my order has not been delivered. This is unacceptable. My Dad, recepient of the order, has been greatly inconvenienced by this as he's planned around the 2-5 delivery days. I called the Makro Call Centre, Saturday 4th September, and spoke to Gomolemo, reference number is 1814772. She said she'd speak to her Team Leader and that someone will contact me, no one got back to me.

I called the courier company, Time Freight/Dawn Wing, and spoke to Chris who said they'd only deliver on Monday or Tuesday. It seems Makro does not communicate the ETA of the order to the courier company. No one is taking responsibility for the delayed delivery. I gave my Dad's details as the contact person for the order yet the courier company still called me to confirm address, it seems Makro also failed to communicate this to the courier company?

I'm a regular customer at Makro and the service I've received is appalling.
My order status online says "order packed" and doesn't indicate that it's been collected yet by the courier company, Time Freight/Dawn Wing. The online tracking system is either inaccurate or the call centre is not being honest and shifting blame. Either way, the onus is on Makro to ensure that their suppliers deliver on time. This is poor customer service and just bad business.

Desired outcome: Compensation

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