Disney Store Complaints & Reviews

Disney Store / disney store

Jul 15, 2019

I decided to visit the Disney store located at the Oxford Valley Mall in PA, on July 13, 2019 with my 8 year old daughter. We walked in the store no ones greets us and we proceed to look for the character T-shirts. My daughter was looking forward for the Lion King and Toy Story. She i...

Disney Store / online chat

May 09, 2019

I chatted with Chana during the last hour of the online chat about my confusion with order returns. Although I did miss the hidden shipping details, Chana was rude about pointing them out to me in her response to say that an address change due to a later shipment date was not possible. She...

Disney Store / complaining /service

May 05, 2019

I decided to bring my kids to the local Disney store in Canutillo TX. After looking around for 30 min my son finally decided what he want it. We proceeded to the register. The cashier asked if we were only taking to things and I said yes. As he was scanning he was all looking at my baby...

Disney Store / disney store #00436 langhorne pennsylvania

Apr 05, 2019

Virginia G her tag said Ginny who drove us nuts while we shopped. However when it was time to pay her and her co-worker were too busy chewing fat to notice us. When she finally came over she was like all set never even said sorry for the wait. Then she packed up my stuff so terrible that I...

Disney Store at Smithhaven Mall, NY / cast members

Nov 10, 2018

This evening I took my 15 month old daughter into the disney store at smithhaven mall, lake grove new york, so she can pick out a stuffed animal to bring home. While she was walking she tripped and fell, hitting her face on the corner of a wood colomn where there is an activity table and...

Disney Store / bags

Nov 06, 2018

Hi I was at my local mall and I have a broken leg. I am on a one leg scooter that I have to use my hands for. I went to make a purchase and was asked if I wanted to buy a bag for .99 more I didn't want the bag so turn it down. After declining the bag they then told me they didn't have any...

Disney Store / designer doll lottery

Oct 27, 2018

On October 20th and October 27th 2018 I attended the Disney store lottery for the right to buy one of 8 designer dolls. On Oct 20th approximatley 100 people entered to win the right to buy one Jasim doll. One family of 7 people showed up at the last second and won 3 of the 8 rights to buy...

Disney Store / the selection of the jasmine designer doll

Oct 20, 2018

I was just at The Disney Store in Freehold Mall, New Jersey waiting to enter to get a Princess Jasmine doll. They neglected to mix up the names and every name that was pulled were people who entered the line 10 minutes after the deadline to put in a name. Even one family who entered the...

Disney Store / nyc times square store.

Oct 04, 2018

Dear Disney Store, I am emailing you to advise you incase you are unaware of a condition outside your NYC times Square store. On Saturday 9/29/2018, My wife and I were in Times Square wiyh our two young daughters and decided to visit the Disney store since we were in Disney World in August...

Disney Store / disney mickey backpack

Sep 13, 2018

I purchased my Disney back pack at Disney World Orlando in April 2018 it is the back pack with mickey in multiple colors and it has torn on the seam where the lower strap connects to the back pack. I really love this back pack and use it often, very disappointed it has torn already. I...

Disney Store Bridgewater Commons, NJ / lack of bags

Sep 13, 2018

I bought some stuff at Disney store. When I paid for my order, I was told that the plastic bags had been ‘retired'. Would I like to buy a canvas type bag for 99 cents? I said no, I'd like a paper bag. The cashier said no, no paper bags. I replied how am I going to carry my stuff out of the...

Disney Store / wrong charges, bad customer service

Aug 27, 2018

On Monday, 8/20, I went to the Disney store located in Paramus and I wanted to purchase $75 worth of merchandise. I asked the cashier about ordering a shirt on line and she tried to help me order it but was unable to get the order to work. When she tried to put the order through my total...

Disney Store / wrong charges

Aug 18, 2018

Disney Store #00870 Woodburn, OR Transaction Date 8/17/2018 6:19P Trans: 2947 Cashier 749061 I was on my way from California to Seattle. I passed by Woodburn and purchased 6 items from the store. They are: 1 box of crayons and 5 pieces of children clothes. When arrived at Seattle, I...

Disney Store / no bags

Aug 02, 2018

I went to the Disney store to buy my granddaughters birthday present when I was checking out I was told they don't have bags anymore but I could buy a if I want one. What a joke. This is not going green this is a scam to make more money. There are plenty of paper recyclable bags that...

Disney Store / feeling discriminated

Jun 30, 2018

Hi I just want to make a complain and tell u my story Today as a surprise for my kids because for a while I could not find a job I finally did so I decided to take my 5 kids to the Disney store at the outlets in Riverhead NY I can only tell u how exited my kids were . My son touch a box...

Disney Store / disney store grafton street ireland

Jun 29, 2018

Was buying the €170 mickey snow globe at the checkouts to be told we don't have bags to fit this box but u can buy a bag for €3.50 .I didn't want the bag as I have loads but could not get the item without a bag so I left the snow globe. This is so wrong ur store should provide bags for larger...

Disney Store / scam and return

Jun 25, 2018

I contacted the shopdisney guest services and was helped by laci. I had recently placed an order online on the disney store website and the items that I was trying to return was too small (even though my kids are petite, apparently their size chart is for really small kids). I was told...

Disney Store Concord Mills / customer service

Jun 12, 2018

Today I went in to the Disney Store to grab a few things to surprise my kids. We are leaving for Disney tomorrow and this happened to be after a medical appointment and the two hours I had to make this magic happen. The two female managers treated me like a CRIMINAL with my own credit...

Disney Store / recent purchases / descendants bathing suit and jelly sandals

Jun 12, 2018

On 6/7 I went to the Disney store and purchased a descendants bathing suit and a pair of princess jelly sandals. It hasn't even been a week and the liners came out of the jelly sandals, making them too sticky to wear and the strap on the bathing suit snapped at the stitching. My daughter...

Disney Store / military service discount

May 28, 2018

Today, May 28, 2018, I stopped by the store located in the El Paso, TX outlets. Prior to entering the store, there was a sign by the door that stated they offered military discount. At the time of purchase, I asked the customer service representative about the discount and presented my...

Disney Store / disney making money on going green/forcing customers to buy their reusable bags!!

May 04, 2018

OK, so I am all for saving the planet (using paper over plastic) but you cannot try to make money off of the effort, Disney! I just bought a gift for my son that was huge and expensive from the Disney store in the mall and I was told that I had to purchase a $.99 reusable bag that didn't...

Disney Store / customers service

Mar 29, 2018

To whom It may concern, I was visiting the Disney store (Glendale location) last week, the manager mindhi was very rude. I visit the Disney store (riverside one) on a weekly basis, and never again will I go to the Disney store in the Glendale location. To add on, she was very inconceterate, and did not want to hear what I said. Thank you for your time

Disney Store / order cancellation

Mar 28, 2018

The Disney website glitches and sent an order through before I was able to add discount codes. My free shipping was $18 because of addition I had not decided on purchasing these items. Customer service says tough luck we cannot help you. I sent an email immediately since their...

Disney Store / lack of mickey's memories

Mar 18, 2018

During the recent months I have seen that you have released a Mickey's Memories collectable series, which I am very fond of. How ever I have come across some issues which I think myself and many others would like to address to you. Starting with how many can be bought. There has been a...

Disney Store / manager in staten island, ny store

Mar 17, 2018

I purchased items for my granddaughter in the Freehold, NJ store on Feb. 21st, 2018. I needed to return them since she wanted Elena of Avalor items which I ordered, coverup, towel, & flip flops. I went to Staten Island store for return. A young lady tried to help me, gave her my receipt...

The Disney Store Online / shipping, customer service, returns

Mar 08, 2018

That is it, I have had it. You are done wasting my time and money. I have begun submitting the following to all the review sites including the BBB, Consumer affiars, and will also launch a complaint with the attorney general since I am definitly not the first person who has to give you...

Disney Store / customer service complaint

Feb 22, 2018

Date of incident: Feb. 22nd 2018 Client number: 1175260 (Taylor H) Store: Guildford Town Center Surrey BC #00786 My daughter (Disney Employee) and I were shopping at the store and once we got up to the box office line, I pulled out my daughter's bank card and her Employee card from my purse...

Disney Store / service, employee (juanita) store manager

Jan 15, 2018

Disney Store #00946 (Norridge, IL 60706) 01/14/2018 Time: 6:08 pm Reg: 002 Cashier: 423040 Till: 004 CM: Julienne M Trans: 3662 Yesterday I had purchased over $200 worth of merchandise at this Disney store location. The store was closing today. Last day to be open. I return today to...

Disney Store / customer service

Jan 01, 2018

On 12/31/17 between about 12:00p and 12:30p. I went into the Disney store at the Marana Outlet Mall in Marana Arizona. I went in to see about an exchange or return from something I bought at the Tucson Mall location. While waiting in line, two of the reps (who I had never seen before) were...

Disney Store / delivery

Dec 28, 2017

Dear whom it may concern, I am writing with regrets to log a formal complaint with regards to my order. I ordered two dressing gowns from Disney online on 11/12/2017 and paid for home delivery which stated that my order would be delivered by 16/12/2017. On 14/12 I received another email to...

Disney Store / credit card harassment and piss poor customer service

Dec 27, 2017

Store #00930 Cashier:35035 12-27-17 2:50pm Round Rock, TX Tired off the ridiculous harassment each and everytime i've been to this store about not having my bank debit card or credit cards signed with a signature and always having to show my id (Drivers license). What this store really need...

Disney Store / online order

Dec 22, 2017

I have placed an order with you on the 24th November and only just now received this now which missing my sons first birthday which was at the beginning of the month now opening the gift they are not the product I order or what was shown on the screen I order the collection cases and not...

Disney Store UK / my delivery

Dec 19, 2017

I am furious, I received my parcel yesterday but as I was in work it was left in my empty outdoor bin, where I had to tip the bin upside down to retrieve the parcel resulting in the two cuddly toys inside being covered in dirty bin water the bag and toys are stinking and there's no...

Disney Store / minnie mouse silhouette money box and cars 3 product

Dec 13, 2017

I have paid nearly £100 for Christmas items and two have been delivered broken! The box the items have come in is ripped, smashed up, covered in mud and torn therefore I am not surprised the gifts inside are damaged. The Minnie mouse money box foot is broken despite being wrapped and...

Disney Store / disney store

Dec 12, 2017

I have buy 3 Star Wars figures in the first of December (Disney store Portugal) and until today 12 December I don't have revived the on line store the delivery said 5 days. My son is very sad and I don't expect to buy any more products of Disney. This year I was at Disneyland...

Disney Store / customer service and online ordering

Dec 12, 2017

Hello, back on Nov 23rd, I placed an online order for a Christmas present for my son, by Nov 25th I was informed the item had shipped and was given a tracking number, as of Dec 11th, I had not received the item and it showed service interruption/returned to sender. I called the customer...

Disney Store / animators advent calendar

Dec 07, 2017

We purchased 2 animator advent calendars this year for our daughters and we are really disappointed with the products we've received so far I think it may have been mis sold as it seems like it should have been all Disney princess do far we have 1 and a few little characters it really...

Disney Store / my items I didn't receive and the terrible customer service I received

Dec 04, 2017

My order number is 4024140512 and my case number is 171127-001041 my name is kimberley Mccaul and I placed my order on the 19th November 2017. I received an email a couple days after saying my parcels as been shipped and I was tracking it. However the tracking kept saying different thing...

Disney Store / elsa doll

Dec 01, 2017

Hell my name is Chelsea. I have bought 4 Elsa dolls and within 2 weeks the hair gets completely mated and looks like dreads. My daughter is so attached to her Elsa and I keep having to buy new ones. I am currently going through a bad divorce and cannot continue to buy these Elsa dolls. I...

Disney Store / disappointed

Nov 28, 2017

I ordered a Disney Moana Figure Play Set for my little daughter, she adores Moana. And I decided to give it to her as a present for her birthday in December. Unfortunately, it never arrived and I don't believe it will arrive until this Friday. This Monday I called the store willing to cancel...