Macy'slancome on pre sell

I purchased Lancome products on Sept 06 . They supposed to send me on Sept 13.
But they didn't I talk to customer service associate to give me tracking # but refused.
After a week, I called them to send me or picked up in nearest location. They refused.
They told me they send to another person with the same name as my wife. I talk to beauty dept manager and store manager and send them email of my receipt on Sept 25 and Sept 30 respectively. I forced to dispute the credit card transactions. I spend my time, energy and my money for their mistakes. Even they don't take their responsibilities and send me a sorry notice. I don't want anybody to have a bad customer service like this again. Here is my time line:
1. Day of purchase: Sept 6 @ 1: 43 Receipt # [protected]
2. First Call Sept 2nd week for tracking number: refused to give me
3. Lenox square customer service: Sept 24 @5:20 PM(EST) 10 minutes
4. Macys Customer service :Sept 24 @ 5 :47(EST) for 25 minutes
5. Email to Cosmetics dept on Sept [email protected] 1:18 (EST) after Talking to her (30 minutes)
6. Talk to Macys Credit Card customer number : Sept 27 @ 12: 26 for 12 minutes
7. Email to Lenox manger on Sept 30 1: 52 Pm (EST)

Oct 08, 2019

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