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4:27 pm EST
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I just bought a brown leather sectional and to our complete dismay it just didn't fit in the room. So...Macy's charged us $610.00 to have it returned! Pleae know that before shopping there.

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Queens NYC resident
New York, US
Aug 24, 2009 3:15 am EDT

After mailing our new bill to a wrong address we complained that it was their fault so they took off the late charges. After another month, they charged us for insurance which the whole family remembers the sale rep telling us to make sure we do not press yes on the payment screen when we were purchasing out sofa. My dad asked for them to send us in paper where we signed after we were clearly instructed not to and told why. Maybe other customers complained about this before too.

Oldsmar, US
Feb 28, 2009 10:39 pm EST

I had a dining room set delivered 4 days ago. The table already has scratches on it...I also contacted them and got the same response...I am sorry but for the price I paid I expect better quality...we have used the table twice and it is only myself and my husband...I told them I would exchange it for another set...even more expensive and still was told no. I have had better customer service from much less expensive stores...the merchandise I received is inferior and they want roughly 300.00 for me to return it and pick out something else..then pay full price and delivery again! BAD BUSINESS...and by the way most furniture stores will take back merchandise if it is too big for your space, no questions asked.

Julie Kepfer
Mason, US
Feb 23, 2009 7:58 pm EST

Please read your salescheck carefully. Why should Macy's take something back just because you didn't like it and it didn't fit in your home? If Macy's takes it back then they can't sell the furniture again as new. Macy's then has to absorb the cost of your negligence. And then guess where that cost is passed? Directly back to the consumer. It's not fair for those of us that take the time to carefully measure our homes for furniture to take your hit. Grow up! Just be glad they are taking it back at all. And consider the fees to be a learning experience.

Jan 10, 2009 5:03 pm EST

Macy's charge 10% to return furniture if there is no damage to it and they keep the delverly you must have paid over 6, 000 for your itemS?
the information for returns are on the back of your bill of sales.