Macy's Department Storesforcing employees to quit vs. pay unemployment


We have disturbing testimony that macys wrongfully, perhaps, criminally committed in order to” force us to quit ”. "if they wanted to fire me, why didn’t they just do it asap? Instead, they told me to resign, harrassed me to quit, falsified misconduct records twice, misrepresented / defrauded my schedule, shortened my drawer by $10 (Enough to be written up) on my last day, lied, and threatened me with a hostile, unsuitable, therefore unsafe work environment. I made my complaint the following week with the regional human resources manager, then attempted to speak directly with them however they against their own policy handbook, wilfully & wrongfully avoided me, then removed me from schedule, wrongly discharged me that same week, and now wrongly disqualified me from any unemployment benefits. Please note this all occurred within a 1 ½ week span. . . . Where do we draw the line between taking class action lawsuit and not; maybe jailtime can make a difference for the greedy ceos, maybe not. However, please pass this on to loved ones & always carry a handy taperecorder.


  • Al
    Alyson Wish Feb 09, 2008

    I purchased 100% cotton sheets sheets that Macys sells as their top brand and the sheets have piles all over them (tiny bumps of fabric) i don't know who to complain to or how to reach Charter Club sheet company! Plz advise smb!

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  • Th
    The Dawg Feb 27, 2008

    You need to talk to someone from MMG (Macy's Merchandizing Group). They produce Charter Club.

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  • Gr
    Growling white teeth May 01, 2010

    I went into a job knowing of the problem with one worker; tried to fix it myself; then to HR, thenI was set up to get fired. Only my first 'violation of policy', never mind the daily violations of certain worker. I speak up and am causing trouble. I see now they condone the hostile environment. Good luck to whoever replaced me.

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  • Pa
    Patty Romansky May 04, 2010

    Your story sounds just like mine. Good luck in fighting Macy's and be prepared to go through hell. I'm there myself, and I have no intent on backing down now! If I can offer you any support, contact me at [email protected] My situation deals with Lowe's Home Center and Home Depot. I am going to try to destroy their reputation the same way they destroyed mine.

    God Bless,

    A better question - what didn't they do?
    Lowes Complaint by Patricia Romansky
    Violation of Policy, Retaliation, violation of Civil Rights, Loss Prevention, Stock Market, etc.

    1. How many Lowe's employee's are directed to call the AlertLine with a complaint? Do you know that the AlertLine is actually Lowe's AlertLine?

    2. From everyone's understanding of the Employee Manual, is it acceptable for a RTM Clerk to date a vendor?

    3. Is it acceptable for the HR Manger to work at Lowe's when her father works for Home Depot?

    4. Does the manual also state a zero tolerance for safety and harassment?

    5. Are there not "Whistleblower" laws protecting the employee?

    That's just a start. Comments from other employee's would be most appreciated. I'm being to feel like I don't understand the English language.

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    Name: Patricia Romansky

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  • Pa
    Patty Romansky May 04, 2010

    To every employee, not just Lowe's employee's:

    As you can see, I am not hiding like most people who file a complaint through the AlertLine. Why? Because I am proud of myself knowing that I am taking a stand against Corporate Greed.

    President Obama, are you out there?

    I am fighting for every worker in this country in order to eliminate the Company traps that are out there!

    Yes, the AlertLine is a trap. File a complaint with the AlertLine and the information that you provide will be waiting for you the next time you go to work.

    Enough said. I'm coming because I have been @@@@@@over by Lowe's and I am not going to take it anymore.

    Wish me luck. I know ahead of time what I am in for and I am not afraid.

    My e-mail address is [email protected]

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  • Ro
    roseabc123 Jun 19, 2010

    They made you quit because of unemployment law. If you are fired you can file for unemployment from them, which they dont want to pay.The Company would be liable for one year of unemployment pay if they let you go . But if you quit they are not liable for it.

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  • Jo
    jomay74 Jul 03, 2010

    i have exactly the same thing with Macys! I am hired as a part timer, then after 1 1/2 yrs with them, I filed for a vacation but my former boss told me that since I am not making my hours, he will put me as an on-call associate so I won't get any benefits anymore. They told me that I need to reapply which I did many times on the same department that I am in. But they said their not getting my online application until finally I decided to apply to a diff department then they called me for an interview. I went there, very eager to get the job back. After how many mins of waiting, they said that the position that I applied for was a mistake and that they're not hiring?????!!! And so I decided to file for unemployment, I got approved and Macys appealed bec of course they don't wanna pay UI. I went through hell during the hearing bec they (HR Manager and my manager) turned everything upside down. THey claimed that my vacation wasn't approved and that the HR manager explained to me about the LOA which didn't happen since I only met the HR manager once during my interview a yr and a half ago. ANd that they claimed that I quit my job????!!! I know in my heart, I did everything legal and now I got the decision that I need to pay UI everything back! I will fight for this til my last breath, I will file for an appeal and is looking for a pro-bono lawyer to back me up on this case. I am still unemployed, how can I repay that back America?

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  • Fe
    Fed-upNow Jul 14, 2010

    I believe you are all correct about MaCY'S. I was set-up and fired as well. I told H.R. that Macy's was the worst job I had ever had, that this was the most hostile and inhumane working environment I had ever experienced. Moreover, that by telling H.R., was futile because the tone of the organization was set-up by the executive leadership, CEO's and high paying administation in NY. Two weeks later, I was fired!

    IF YOU ARE EVER INVITED TO A MEETING WITH H.R., LOSS PREVENTION, ETC., NEVER SIGN ANY OF THEIR DOCUMENTS. IF YOU DO, IT DOES COUNT IN COURT AND VERY EXPENSIVE TO OVERTURN. I WAS DRILLED for 3 hours, accused of B.S., and they do tamper with all documents. The really are illegal and they believe we are too stupied and poor to defend ourselves! I believe a class action is a satisfactory consideration.

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  • Bo
    BoycottMacysforChristmas Oct 15, 2010

    Are you aware extra marital affairs are not a violation of policy and having sexual relations in the workplace is also not reasons for termination at Macys. A manager and salesperson in my store were found in a fitting room engaging in sexual activities. A sales person alerted security because she heard noises in the fitting room after closing. Sales person was in fitting room when security found the couple. The sales person was fired for MISCONDUCT because they said she lied about what she witnessed. Security guard was promoted and transferred. Sales person involved in the sex act was promoted and now works directly for her paramour. Sales person, a single mother with two school age children, decided to use Solutions in Store which was even more a waste of time then HR. They upheld the ruling that she was wrong, sex on the job with your married lover is not actionable, and told her if she continued to complain they would stop her unemployment. When she told them she was sole support of her two children, she was told she should have thought of them before entering fitting room or calling security. Frankly, suing Macys will not help, they are too big and will tie everything up for years. You must convince people to boycott Macys. American's store allows sexual harrassment and actually encourages it by promoting employees who engage in sexual shenegians. If you believe in extra marital relationships and sex acts freely engaged in work, and in the fitting rooms where you try on clothing, then shop at Macys, if not boycott Macys. Forget class action suits, organize boycotts.

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  • Ma
    mac713 Oct 29, 2010

    i grossly agree with all of the above about Macys.

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  • Ca
    carl place Nov 07, 2010

    The Macy's I work in just last week "asked" the security manager to resign, (not fire him, ) because he was found having sex with one of his security staff. The gal he was having sex with, in a vacant stock room, was fired immediately. (No meeting, no options nothing!)
    I am working for a manager who took over a staff that was a well oiled machine, with people working in that department on an average of ten years. Being the insecure control freak this manager is, we are not even allowed to refer to our former manager in any way. You mention the word "he" and she goes into a tizzy. She wants everything her way, whether it's right or wrong. She and her assistant "pit bull, " who when not up the manager's ###, is sent on attack mode, leaving us and the store in one big hot mess. Here's an example; "to save the department money" the two purchased a table saw so that we can cut our own signage, instead of ordering it with outside vendors, which is the norm for all stores. I clearly expressed that I was not comfortable using this electric saw and was told "you have to! This miserable duo are determined to make us all quit so they can "rule the world" and they will look like heros, for unemployment benefits would not have to be paid out once we quit.
    I have left numerous messages for our horrible HR person, with no return calls. Only when I battered the secreatary did I finally get to meet with HR and I have been getting the run around, for the requested tranfer to open positions to other stores, ever since.
    PS. the "rumor" is that come January, after abusing us for the holidays and inventory, the rest of us full timers will be cut to part time, just as they did earlier this year.

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  • Qu
    "only @ MACY'S Nov 08, 2010

    what kind of message is corporate america sending allowing this to happen.this is very unprofessional.when macy's east changed over to macy's west policies, i don't think this is how they treated their employees on the west coast.shame on one of the largest retail stores in the country. all across the country macy employees are all saying similar is hardly a co-incidence. you can't make this stuff sounds more like corporate policy.employees are lied to, spoken to rudely, managers very uncomplimentary, two-faced, you're expected to do your job regardless of safety issues because it's all about time management, not to mention the oath of double standard that they must take when putting on that RED badge. this treatment does NOT give incentive to work harder. this complaint board is not only therapeutic, but for anyone contemplating a "job" at macy's, because it is no longer a "career" opportunity, they don't want you to stay long enough, it will open your eyes not to be naive to their brainwashing (reinforced at every morn rally) as to what they WANT you to believe.i often wonder if they actually believe their own words, because it is somewhat robotic at times..all they care about, their first priorities is the almighty$$$, making goals, pressuring the sales assoc.and opening credit so Mrs.Public will have more debt.i truly believe that there are locations where macy's stores are not run this way and people still do have great work ethics and they have not sucked the life out of you and you look forward to going to work, however it is not the case where i work.i would like to know if the head CEO will be getting that 7 million dollar bonus AGAIN this year. perhaps he will fill out a "note to santa" asking for that and will put it in the "BELIEVE SHOP MAILBOX" aah, the magic of macy's

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  • Jb
    Jboy Dec 15, 2010

    We have a Macys here in Greensboro, NC at Friendly shopping center, that has done the same thing to several of it's long-time employees. My partner was one of them. After 10 years and an excellent record, he was forced out through harassment and bullying mainly by the store manager and and one of his regional managers who will go un-named. These two women ( MP, TG) made his life hell for over a year with constant harassment, bogus write-ups, false claims and general sabotage of his work and spirit. He finally resigned and is so much better off for it! As far as I am concerned their behavior borders on criminal. We spoke to an attorney and unless he had something on tape to prove the harassment there was not much we could do. We have, however reported them ( both the company and the individuals) to the state labor board and the Attorney General so at least there is something on file. From what we have been told they are being closely monitored. But who knows...personally speaking, I don't know how those people sleep at night. I do find peace in knowing that someday ( someday soon, I hope) their Karma will return to them slap both of these women right in the mouth.

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  • Si
    sickntiredofbeingsickntired Feb 09, 2011

    I am currently working for Macy's or at least I think I am. I worked for Macy's as a seasonal visual associate in late 2009. In April of 2010 I tried to work for Bloomingdale's but was told by HR that I was coming up in their system as a transfer so I could get a job there until I was out of Macy's system. Apparently Macy's keeps you in their system for 6 months so that you wont be able to file for unemployment. I tried again to work for Macy's at a different store that July and got the position as permanent part-time sales associate . In September I was called by that last store I was in and was personally asked by the Visual Supervisor if I would like to do visual but still on a seasonal basis and then HR would find a permanent spot for me once the visual position is over. So I agreed and after getting the run around for a few weeks, I finally was able to go to the old store. In late November they transfered me from visual to a new department and than to another one. In January 2011 HR was giving me the run around about giving me hours and how I have to wait two weeks for budgets to come in in order to see which department they would transfer me to. Then a couple weeks later they said they still didn't have any hours to give me and that i have to wait until February but that I am permanently in the last department i was in. I spoke to the manager of that department and she said she had no knowledge of it and that I would have to wait until budgets are in. So now its February and I'm still waiting to see if I have any kind of hours. I called today and I was transfered to "someone that can help me" and got a general voicemail message. Now I have to actually go there to talk to someone to see whats going on. And dont let me get into the bs they put me through when I was there. When I was in the visual department they didnt pay me for the hours I worked for weeks due to "technology" error and when I did get paid half of what was owed to me went to taxes. I know I wont be able to file for unemployment because they'll keep me in their system for 6 more months even though I havent worked for weeks now. And even if I quit or get laid off it will still me the same unemployment. The only solution for me is getting a new job and that has been very difficult, especially in NY where experience trumps the 120k education I have during a recession.

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  • Fe
    Fed-upNow Feb 11, 2011

    Dont be a victim! Apply for unemployment! We have in Chicago! Macy's cuts our hours to retailiate against us when we are late, or whenever they feel like it, we get unemployment for having our hours reduced, cut, laid-off, you have to be bold!! Dont let them push you around! Go to Macys needs to be reported for who they really are!

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  • Bi
    bigsis Feb 15, 2011

    I was hired as a Seasonal Temp in Sept 2010 in a central MA store. I worked the early shifts as a Support Associate. I got along fine with my co-workers. My manager was a bit strange... hardly spoke to you while on the floor. Things were good so far. The first Saturday of November, a fellow co-worker (20 yo female) comes to work yelling she's drunk as she walks down towards the receiving stock room. If this weren't enough, she's working with a knife...the same knife she worked with the day before and cut herself with 3x resulting in first aid treatment. Then, she whips out her I-phone (slurring words as she does this), and shows the male member of the stockroom something. Judging by his bulging eyes I could only imagine. She then showed the rest of us females and it was pictures of her modeling topless with her hands barely covering her boobies. She continued to be loud, stupid, etc. I decided I didn't, couldn't be my most productive. I went to HR and mentioned the situation. All they did was send a manager to the stockroom twice throughout the 6hr shift to "pretend" to be there for other reasons. This employee never was sent home, drug tested, written up...she was there for the duration of the seasonal hire time frame.
    Another incident occured when I noticed my schedule for the week ending1/8/11 had disappeared from the In-Site schedule. It was posted on Dec 24th. I had a full schedule that week. I asked my manager on New Year's Day why that happened. He said I didn't come in on Dec 27th. Yeah...we had the worst of all the snow storms...a blinding blizzard with 18" snow drifts and the governor declared a state of emergency. My driveway and backyard were totally impassable. The snow was up to the start of the wheel wells of my car. The plow was scheduled to come, but who knows when. It was close to noon before he got there. I told my manager this and even offered to show him pictures from my cell phone that I took. He then went to talk to HR. Lo and behold, I got 3 shifts. He then told me in a mean, harsh tone that this would be my last week (Jan 8). Other employees got to stay on til the end of the month. All because of a horrible snow storm. Others didn't make it in either.
    I talked to a sales associate about this and she said that mgmt keeps "score cards" on the employees. If you miss a day, your screwed. This associate had been sick with bronchitis and still had it when talking to me. They told her if she didn't come in the next day of having called in, she would be gone. She has been there 3 years and everyone loves her. Another told me that mgmt won't talk to you if you call in or for whatever the reason is you can't make it in. What a bunch of losers. Glad I'm not there and will never work there again.

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  • Fe
    Fed-upNow Feb 17, 2011

    Macys is a hard care organization! When I worked there in 2010, I overheard a customer comparing the work environment to that of plantation workers in the south. It is so brutal and the management has such a "mobbing" attitude that is praised on the VP level, that one would wonder if the majority stakeholders were either mobsters or business men from communist countries? They have this reputation for being the country's favorite shopping store, but underneath it all and have the truth be told, Macys treats their employees like dirt. Everyone should read that book, "Web of Power" it discusses Macys in it and is about the manipulation, lies, and mistreatment! They say in business, all goodness, or in this case severe dysfunction begins at the top...Hello, Terry Lundgren!

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  • Sa
    saphireblue May 09, 2011

    I worked at Macy's for almost 2 years. I moved up to signing lead in 8 monthes. I was the lewest paid lead. I didn't get alot of weekends off. They gave me 4 hours to break down a one day sale and put up a Super Sunday sale at the same time. I only had two girls to help and a huge store to sign. I always felt like I was defeated before I walked in the doors. They worked me like a work horse. We would get to work a 5 or 6 in the morning and it would be so hot. The air conditioner didn't come on until 8:30 or 9am. By then we were sweating and our faces red. They had water but no cups ever. You had very little lighting. They didn't turn on the lights until 10am when the store opens so they can save money. But it hurt my eyes instead. You couldn't see the scanners very well. When I complained about the problems I was having with not enough time to change a sale and the working enviroment there, they told me it was my fault, made me work nine striaght days and said I should resign because I couldn't handle the job. They also told me because I was a signer I couldn't take more then two personal days off in a week but that all the other leads could take all their paid time off at once getting 10 days at time. Because I was in broke down mode I finally had a melt down at work and walked out. Now I am considered job abandenment. They wanted me to come back and work the one day sale again and resign and then I could apply for a part-time position but I wasn't garenteed it. I felt it was a way to use me one more time for the oneday sale and get a paper that said I resign. I wasn't willing to do that. So I did have a lot of panick attacks because I felt like I was under the gun alot with the time aloud to get the sale set. In the end I thought I was going to have a heart attack so I walked out. The sales managers do nothing but eat and talk about everyone else there. When they changed everything around last febuary, with their magic training, they messed up. Support people are the work horses and the sales managers are lazy. They know nothing about their area's. They don't do markdowns, or merchindise clothes, or do recovery. I would tell everyone who is considering employment with them to reconsider. It is like a sweat shop. And this is in America and At Macy's.

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  • No
    not advailable Jun 16, 2011

    macys is now tellling it's employee to use PTO (paid time off ) for all personal days, so I am to use this time when I am sick. I do not know when I will get sick in advance! Macys also has a new point system we are given 8 point and if you loose those 8 point you are fired. You can loose a point for being sick on a saturday or sunday. I have never planed when I will get sick and believe this is so wrong. Half points are taken if you are sick on weekdays, late for work what is this company thinking? I have to find a fellow employee to get a day off that is not on my schedual that comes out two weeks in advance, and there are time when everyone has to change days off due to life. What do you think of Macy's?

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  • VetoForBRs Jul 19, 2011

    Interesting.. in our store, we lose 2 points for weekend call offs and 1 point for weekday call offs. We lose 1/2 a point if we are late and one point if you are more than half your shift late (which, at that point.. don't bother coming in because you lose a full point regardless). I wonder if you are mistaken on the number of points you lose, or if our Macy's store is hustling us. Everything they do is scandalous, so I wouldn't put it passed them. I suggest using up a bunch of points in one month, so that throughout the year, you can accrue more points. If you have perfect attendence in 1 month, you gain 1/2 of a point.. but you can only reach a maximum of 12 points at a time. Oh! And also.. If you call off 2 days in a row, it only counts as 1 point (or if you call off Saturday and Sunday, it would count as 2 points because it's a weekend, but because it's two days in a row, it only counts as one call off). If you're sick, call off two days in a row. Always. Take advantage of this because you know they would (will, it's only a matter of time) take advantage of you in a heartbeat. I also think it's ###, as a 12 hour employee (it's my "extra money", part time "fun" job), they force you to use PTO if you request to have a day off. 12 hour employees don't get PTO unless they average 20 hours a week, so it's not like I have a bunch of it. If I request, lets say, a Tuesday off, I would have to use my PTO (if I have any banked), even though I could still get my 12 hours in on different days during that week. I've even been force paid PTO, and my manager will just not schedule me for a week and use 12 hours of my PTO. I'm not sure if it's a "catch" of being a 12 hour employee, but it doesn't seem like they should be able to do that. Macy's is a joke.

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  • Bu
    burned-out Jul 26, 2011

    I agree with all of the comments! So what happens if you get fired for using up all of your attendance points? Do you get unemployment or not? Or are they going to make resign for that too?

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  • Ti
    Tigres Jul 27, 2011

    Is there any way to check how many points you have left?

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  • VetoForBRs Jul 27, 2011

    I have no idea what happens if you use up all of your attendance points. I assume they would fire you. Prior to this points system, you could have 8 call off's in the fiscal year. If you went over those 8 call off's, you were just terminated..which is why I think you would get fired in the same way as before. I'd guess that you would still qualify for unemployment..but those are pretty merky waters because there are so many contingencies with employment when it comes to Macy's. I've only seen one person terminated for attendance, and she had a "medical condition" so she fought it and won.

    I don't know of any way to check how many points you have left, on your own. I've searched In-site everywhere and still haven't found any place that just has a list of dates. They (your managers) should have a record of every time you call off. I know you can ask your manager and they can check for you.. but any time I ask these type of questions, they immediately get defensive and it seems like they don't want to give me that information. The time-intensive, on-your-own way to check would be to go on In-site and just look at every week you were scheduled and compare it to your hours-worked schedule. If there's a day that you didn't work.. but you were scheduled.. you lost a point (or 2 on weekends) that day. I think this new point system went in to effect the beginning of May 2011 and any call offs before that were just canceled out.

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  • Br
    brei4486 Jul 28, 2011

    i have tried everything to find out my points and cant! in our store in pgh, they tell us that even though the macys points guideline paper says you can clock out up to 9 mins early, its wrong and its only 4 mins which is bull. and to the person who said they told you to use pto when ur sick, our store did the same thing before we had the points system. i think it comes from corporate and the management and hr is programmed to tell you that whether they agree or not.

    also, does anyone know when part time people start getting paid time off. i started in dec as seasonal, went to oncall in feb, and a part time position in march. please help. noone in my store has a clue.

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  • VetoForBRs Jul 28, 2011

    Haha it better be 9 minutes early or I'm going to be losing a lot of points.. I get the ### out of there exactly 9 minutes early every time my shift's done. Part time people will start accruing PTO 90 days after they've been hired but you have to average 20 hours a week to start getting it. I think it's like 6 hours PTO every 20 hours worked... somewhere around there. If you have been averaging 20 hours for a "season" or 13 weeks, then you should be getting PTO. Log in to In-Site and go like you're going to request time off. Go through all of the motions until you get to the point where you choose PTO and it should tell you how much you have to use.'ll have to call the dreaded 800 number and talk to a recording for 20 minutes before you actually get a live person. They HAVE to tell you your PTO balance. If you end up calling, ask about how many attendance points you have too just to see if they can even check it.

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  • Ma
    macyssucksandneedstostop Jul 29, 2011

    The way Macy's is treating their employees is nothing less than awful. Is this at all legal? Why hasn't this made the news? I am related to a Macy's employee who was terrified of calling in sick when she had major stomach flu lest she lose a point. That is just plain awful and should not be allowed in the United States of America!

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  • Sc
    scootb Jul 29, 2011

    watch this former Macys employees!!!
    class action is in order

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  • VetoForBRs Jul 29, 2011

    They definitely instill fear in their employees to make them comply (think Germany 1934). I understand what you're saying. The last time I called in, the manager that I have to constantly remind that we're selling make up, not doing brain surgery, called me back and left me a message, yelling, "HOW AM I GOING TO FIND COVERAGE FOR COSMETICS NOW THAT YOU'RE TOO SICK TO COME IN TONIGHT?" Needless to say, I don't respond to stupid blonde girls screaming on my voicemail, and didn't call her back. I never heard about it again either. Just ignore the managers and stare at them blankly and they eventually walk away from you.

    I believe it. I'm going to check our doors on the fitting rooms at our store tonight, just to see. You also wouldn't BELIEVE how high quality the cameras are. One of the cameras posted on the roof outside can see into these hotel rooms across the highway 300 yards away. I also *think* (I've been told this by long time employees that hate the store as much as I do, so I'm not 100%) Macy's can have cameras inside the fitting rooms, as long as they're monitored by a loss prevention person of the same sex as department. I don't know HOW/if it could possibly be true.. but if it is.. there has to be something illegal about that. And people thought the TSA was intrusive...

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  • Bu
    burned-out Aug 01, 2011


    Log in to insite.
    Click on My Schedule Plus
    Click on Time/Attendance
    Click on Time Review
    Click on Launch Timekeeping
    You will see two tabs: the current one which is My Timecard (reviews all your clock ins/outs)
    Click on the other tab that says My Attendance and you will find the ending balance to your attendance credits.

    I hope you can find it!!!

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  • Re
    RetailSlave Aug 05, 2011

    I hate Macys. I've been working my guts out for nearly 2 years there. They recently fired me and another coworker because of this stupid point system noone has a darn clue about. I can see many of you dont know where to locate it either on the insite, and that's exactly my point! How dare they even fire us about something we don't even know about? Macys has gone too far!!!

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  • Sk
    SKWM Aug 25, 2011

    I was a seasonal employee at Macy's and at the end of the season they gave me a letter thanking me for all of my work during the holiday season and that they would no longer need me after January 11th. I didn't keep the letter thinking that it was the end of my employment and I didn't need to. I was also receiving UI benefits during my employment from being laid off of a previous job, and continued to claim them after my job ended with Macy's.
    Macy's called me 2 1/2 months later and asked where I have been and I told them that I received a letter stating that I was no longer needed. They acted as if they had no idea what I was talking about and they would have to look into it. Now Macy's is claiming that I resigned during that phone conversation and that they have no record of a letter. The unemployment insurance is now telling me Macy's wrote that I quit my job, and that I need to submit proof that I was seasonal. Basically it's my word against theirs and I have to try and find someone who knows something about the letter I received. I can't believe that no one in HR knows anything. Has anyone one out there worked seasonal for Macy's and received a letter stating that the season was over and they were no longer needed after a certain date? Now I need to try and find other people who worked this past season to see if they still have their letters. I can't believe this is happening! Any advice?

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  • Jw
    JWhy Aug 31, 2011

    I'm sorry I can't offer any advice, but from my personal experience with MACY'S Corporate Human Resources I believe your every word. There is a real heinous taint to the way they "do business". You really get the impression that they make themselves so isolated because it makes it much easier to screw employees. I can't believe that they can get away with such colossal conceit. Corporate evil like that needs to be stopped. Not that it will help, but I'm writing politicians and I hope you will do the same.
    Best of luck

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  • Ne
    newgirl Jun 29, 2012

    Macy's fool:
    Hey, I just started working at macy's almost a month ago. I work in shoes, My first day working commission was two days ago. Goal 545 (sold 522). Yesterdays goal was 767.(sold 560) Both working just 4 hours. Will the goal keep increasing?
    What happens if you have a low sales volume?
    How can I get outta the hole if they keep increasing my goal?

    What are ways I could possibly be fired? (not opening credit, not meeting 100% goal or low Items per transaction [1-2 shoes] )

    I'm already dealing with other employees stealing my sales btw; would have made my goal if they hadn't.

    One employee took the sale that I put on hold for a lady because SHE didn't actually buy them, the friend she was with did[who I also helped!!]. They were still the shoes I FOUND and waited on her for. He came up to me and told me what he did like it was a favor to me to explain why HE took the sale!!! He's worked there 5 years and is full time. I didn't realize how pissed I should be until later... I tried to just brush it off at first. I've put 5 items on hold for customers, doubt I'll get credit for any of them unless I work 24/7 and work with them again.

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  • Ni
    Nikki11119 Aug 10, 2012

    OMG... you guys have the same story as me... anybody taken any actions??

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  • Ja
    jackiehdz Oct 01, 2012

    I'm an on call for Macy's and had been told by the manager who hired me that the first 6 months I shouldn't be worried about my sales score card because I was also picking up recovery shifts (which were the only available). I'm a full time college student, trying to work part time for some money on the side, but macy's makes it seem as if that business should be my FOCUS. I understand anything you do should be done right and work is also important, but macy's gives you impossbile sales goals to reach. Once I had $3480 of sales and there was nooo one to sale to I only reached 37% so how is that my fault? Also with opening credit cards, how am I suppose to open macys cards when about 80% of the people already have some! Plus the rest 20% doesn't want to burry their noses in debt. Now I wouldn't mind ringing up, go backs, helping customers...but I do mind being pressured to pressure people to buy stuff they don't want to. I mind it when I'm being forced for literally "f*** over" other's people's life with debt. That's not why I applied there. I applied there to work with honesty. My new manager talked to me recently telling me she "loved me and I did a wonderful job" but then said I haven't worked much nor was I making my sales goal or opening credits. Yet, the only available shifts this past month have been from 10-7 or 930-6 when I have school. She said I need to "work" more to higher my points up but how am I going to do that? Does she expect me to give up my college career for a ### job like macys just to keep my "on call" position. Its BS and she told me either I take those morning shifts to get my points up or "look for other options" in other words get another job or quit -_- Macys is no good at all! All they want is for YOU to make their $$

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  • I need some help. I have worked for macys for l yr. During this I was asked to do all the interviewing...hiring..magic classes for the I have been put on suspension because there have been times that when I have clocked out for lunch...i mzy answer a question from either another associate or even a customer. They are saying that I am working off the clock...they want me go figure out all the days that I have done that...they are saying that I broke policy.. do I have a chance or should I look for another job.

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  • Bu
    bunnyXablaze Nov 09, 2012

    I was dealing with a co worker who wasn't doing her job. Just sitting behind the cash register all day, not checking fitting rooms, not putting clothes away, and always leaving the department to go talk to other people. I complained 4 times in 7 months, and was almost fired because the store manager said I complained too much and I was never satisfied and I would NEVER have a full time job EVER because it wasn't right of me to throw my co worker under the bus. I contacted corporate and threatened a lawsuit. One for wrongful termination (if I was fired) and one against my store manager for retaliation. I had proof to back up my claims. I would take pictures of the department before I clocked in, and after I clocked out (with a time stamp). They couldn't argue with those. They had the name of my lawyer so they knew I was serious. HR came to talk to me. Wasn't fired, but they did, pretty much, still take the store managers side. However, they are finally making people actually do their jobs, so I guess I succeeded at something. Still keeping my attorney handy because I know my fight is long from over. I've been at Macy's for 6 years, and it has gone downhill more and more every year.

    Also... I don't THINK they could terminate you for answering questions off the clock. Answering questions is second nature after working in retail for so long. I do it on my days off. Even if you did break policy, an "offense" like that would only warrant a write up, at most.

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  • Ms
    Ms.HaIo Nov 09, 2012

    It has been two years since I wrote this letter perhaps there. I can't believe people are still replying. To be honest this whole thing was made up because I was told to resign because I often was short on the till. I now have a new job. Get a life people. This letter is two years old.

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  • Sa
    sabrina_ahmed79 Nov 14, 2012

    i was fired from macys last week. LP called me in his room and told me that i did lots of price adjustment which was out of date.when any customer came for price adjustment we always returned and did price adjustment for the customers. no one ever followd 14 days price adjustment policy.i used to buy a lot from price adjustment did other associates. i never had a shred of guilt when i was doing price adjustment.cause that was a regular practice. anyway lp called me and took lots of sign on the paper. and obviously i wanted to save my job so i wrote down that i made a mistake please give me one more chance. they didn't. they fired me. my question is can i re-apply ? will they hire me gain? how long they will have my documents? i started getting $ 14. thats why i want to go back. any advice?

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  • An
    anon451 Dec 14, 2012

    Nice try OP, looks like HR got hold of your complaintsboard account. Man, I believe every word here, based on my own experience with this rotten company. Clerical errors kept me from getting paid for my first MONTH of work, and continue to keep me from using insite to pick up or release shifts. Or view my paystubs, which has become a problem because I only got paid for TWO HOURS of last week's work. Two hours. And I get almost minimum wage. Moreover, I walked in the first day and no one had record of my employment at all. Nasty rumours circulate like wildfire constantly, which I learned the first day when a nice manager offered to put me on her schedule for the day (since no one else had and I was told to be there) but on my lunch break four people told me what a horrible ### that manager is and how she's this and that and... I refuse to repeat it, she's been nothing but helpful and respectful to me.
    That word is the thing Macy's demonstrably lacks. Respect. There is NO respect here. I'm getting out as soon as I can, may I advise all other plaintiffs to do the same?

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