Macy'semployee harassment


I was hired as a Loss Prevention Supervisor however my manager constantly bullied and harassed me in numerous ways then after three months of me working there he terminated me right before my 90 day probation was over. Macy's did not even reprimand this man. In fact Macy's is supporting his harassment by stating that he did not fire me and I resigned. SERIOUSLY? I am a single mother with two children, why would I quit a job in this economy? This man bullied and harassed me for three months straight!!! Forcing me to sit in an office with him alone numerous times while he badgered and belittled me over and over I was always in tears before he would stop for the day. When I reported it to Macy's they did nothing!!! They are now fighting my unemployment as well!!!


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    Sallyvictim Feb 08, 2010

    I know the feeling, I was employeed for 7 years at Sally Beauty Supply, the last two years as store manager, and have been harrassed, discriminated and belittled everyday by the territory manager. I have seen so many unethical things he has done and nothing has been done to get rid of him. Nevertheless, I get fired for allegedly intimidating two employees to sign "fraudulent" payouts for deliveries made by me. The sum $ 6.72. I was put through a humilliating interrogation where my son, my boyfriend and me were accused of taking merchandise from the store in boxes. When I confronted the guy from Loss Prevention about seeing the allegedly accusatory "video" he said no. He threatened to call the cops and if I did not write a statement and signed I would get fired. Either way I got fired. When I complainted about the DM's attitude towards me he said that if this man retaliated he would help me. Well, thanks for the help, I got fired! This is what women at Sally's has to put up with these biased and racist people.

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  • Sa
    Sallyvictim Feb 08, 2010

    I meant to say that it was the district manager who mistreated and nothing was done by the territory manager to solve this situation.

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    notluv Mar 08, 2010

    I recently went through interrogation at a Macys east location that lasted 4 hrs for a mistake I was not aware of or believed occurred. They kept me in there because I did not want to sign a statement that stated I made a mistake, and prior to that they said I gave a whole transaction to a customer I knew, when I really did not know him and was not aware that I did not ring one item; they could not even give me proof as in video that I gave something away for free. In order to get out I finally signed the papers. However, I'm still employed there and will like some advice. I really do not want to work for a company that treats their employees and common criminals, especially when they knew I made a mistake and still am not aware of where or what that mistake was. However, I was told by the loss prevention interrogator and my manager that this will make it appear as if I did something wrong. So since you were in the loss prevention position and have that experience, I will like to know if I appear guilty by quitting. I am currently a college student and I have a future to look forward to, and I don't think an 8 dollar an hour job is worth all this trouble.

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    JamesDeanFan11 Apr 23, 2010

    this comment is for notluv. I also work for Macys and today was harassed for 2 hours in an office by LP in which I also felt forced to sign papers saying statements of my wrong doing. I will find out tomorrow if HR decides to keep me. I as well am afraid to quit if they do allow me stay. I was one of the many, that was laid off last month, but miraculously they realized they still needed someone in my dept full-time so I reapplied for the position and was all honesty, since my notification of being laid I never stopped working full-time hours, my manager loves me enough as an employee that him and other executives fought to rehire me. My issue was not ringing a customer. It was about my employee discount, and giving my boyfriend Macys Money I earned to shop with, while I was aware he was charging it on my Macys Card. So I was accused of stealing from Macys in the manner of my employee discount, in which my boyfriend saved money, and he does not work for the company, and the Macys money clearly states, Associate Use Only. Before LP told me that this was the issue, they sat me down, and said to me, Now tell me why we are here today...Well I had no clue...I started saying little things, procedural that I know some co-workers do wrong, but I didn't think of anything I was doing wrong. At this point i'm crying frustrated because I have no clue, why I am being questioned, and thats when she asks me if I am married, and I soon later find out, that even though I requested a authorized user form over the phone with Macys Customer and stated I was employee and it was for my boyfriend, they still sent it out. LP tells me, that the paper would not of been valid anyway if I had turned it in to HR, since he is not my husband or child. And I also found out that LP thinks the people at 877 number are stupid to of told me that...well it's not my doesn't tell the employees policies. If someone comes to me to buy something I don't realize their name until the end of the transaction, policy says we do not have to ask for id...well they weren't asking my boyfriend for his Id. and if he used my card like I said was okay, I thought this would be okay enough...well it wasn't...they tracked him on video and myself...making me feel like a criminal...telling me well I think you know why your I certaintly did not...and when I found out why...I thought it was ridiculous...but who am I to defend myself and say I didn't know or think it was wrong...they made me say yes I knew it was wrong...I cried saying no I didn't realize it for 20 minutes...then finally she twisted my words so many times...that I decided I would word it as yes I knew the policy but I didn't think it was wrong at the time. I am one of the top performers, I open many macys accounts and was invited to the Star Academy Luncheon in my district which is next week...and now I won't be going...I have worked for this company for 3 years...and just embarassing and ridiculous. I was not letting my boyfriend use my card to get backoffice discounts in a decietful way...and they may ask me to pay Macys back the money I had caused Macy's to lose from these transactions...again 8 dollars an hour like you...I do enough for that 8 and above and beyond for that 8, I am the one that gets customer complaints when they can't find help around the corner, when things are on the wrong rack, when signs are wrong, when bills issues arrive, when my store is stolen from I'm one of the first people to make phone calls and fill out known theft reports...but I get treated like this...I read an article that said Macy's Executives now get bonuses for firing people...well if this is the case...maybe thats why they are making such a big deal about it..but again tomorrow I will find out If I still have my job...and now I don't even feel at home there...5 days a week 9 or 8 hour days...I should be treated better...and all other employees that have been harrassed...and I don't think you will look guilty to quit...because your life should not have to revolve around Macy's you can do better, someplace you will make more and be better appreciated.

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  • Ja
    JamesDeanFan11 Apr 23, 2010

    so its official...I was terminated...I truly will miss the customers...and some co-workers...but thats about it

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    Rolojr17 Oct 23, 2010

    I too was accused of "fraudulent exchanges" where they said i had come to the store and grabbed an item, returned it, and bought it again. So it was like i just grab an item without buying it and walking out. Best part was that i did this myself, under my employee number and pin. When i asked to watch video they didn't let me. I have never stolen from the store, when i was in there with LP it felt like i did wrong and that was the only correct answer. Even when i tried to think of what it could have been, LP got the impression that i was nervous and not being honest. i eventually just agreed with everything because i was so sick and tired of being there. Of course ive used the discount for family members, who hasnt?
    I just don't want it looking bad on my resume or if it goes on my record. i am going to fight this but i dont know what much i can do since it seems they have their answers already.

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    nothappywithmacys Apr 28, 2011

    I am also a former Macy's employee who was terminated 04-26-11 for abusing my employee's discount. I worked for them PT from 10-31-09 through 04-26-11. I rarely missed a day. I sometimes worked 7 days a week between them and my FT job. I was the top seller in my department ( women shoes) and often the weekly extreme seller in the store. I have never stolen anything from them and never would. On 04-25-11 I reported to work for my scheduled shift 6 pm - 9:15 pm and around 7:10 pm my manager came to my department looking rather nervous and asked me to come with her. I was confused and asked her was everything ok?. She never answered me just walked me back to the LP office. Once in the office with the 2 LP officers I was asked had I ever been in the office before I replied no. The female officer"Sarah" who was doing all of the talking was trying to make a lot of small talk asking how long I had been married, how many children I had and their ages. At this point I am pissed because I had seen this person many times in the store and never had a conversation with her before so I wanted her to stop beating around the bush and get to the point of why I was being questioned. Once she realized I was not one for small talk with strangers she then went into this long 10 minutes spill about the different forms of theft. While she is talking I am raking my brain on what they think I have stolen from the store. I am a shopper and I BOUGHT something almost every night I worked. I was always picking up something for me or my children from the clearance racks. Plus I almost always had Macy's Money to use with my purchases since I was often the extreme seller or from opening new credit accounts. I was baffled at what they thought I had stolen because every time you leave the building with a bag LP would asked to see your receipt and check your items against the receipt to make sure you were leaving with purchased items and not stolen goods.Well she finally tells me that my pre-paid Macy's credit card had 4 payments made by 3 people other than me with their debt cards over the past 6 months and then for purchases. I informed her that those where my relatives and that they never used my card I always made the purchases. She tells me well your employee discount is only for you, your spouse, and children. I told her I didn't think I was doing anything wrong since I always made the purchases myself and signed my name on the credit card pad. She then said that it was only like $175.00 that was discounted over the past 6 months so Macy's won't asked me to pay it back since it was such a small amount. She then wrote up the report and asked me to read over it sign it and write a statement saying i wasn't threaten or treated unfairly during the interview. Before signing I asked will I get copies of their report and my statement. She looked shocked that I would ask that and said I'll have to call "Tim"her manager and asked him if that was possible. So she left the room and left me with "Matt" who said absolutely nothing the whole time she was in the room. I had seen him around the store before and had spoken a couple of times in the past. I asked him so is this a warning or termination. He looked away and said they just do the reports they don't make the decision to terminated or keep. i knew then what my outcome was going to be because of his refusal to make eye contact with me. A few minutes later "Sarah" came back and said that "Tim" said that I could have copies. After i signed the forms she told me I was put on suspension and would have to call "Nicole" the HR person the next day 04-26-11 and she would tell me what Macys decision would be regarding my employment status. The next morning as informed I called "Nicole" and asked my employment status. She then asked didn't I know it was wrong to let some use my card. I told her I made the purchases my card was never out of my possession. So I was under the impression that was Ok. She then said I went against the company policy so she would have to terminate my employment with the company. I was not surprise but hopeful that the outcome would have been different since this was my first and only offense but i was sadly mistaken. I tried to find the policy for the use of the employee discount but cannot find it. I feel there should have been some kind of written/verbal warning first then if it continued termination. I guess that would be the right thing to do in the real world but not in Macys world.

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    idahohottie May 06, 2011

    Macys tells you when you get it that you and anyone you claim on your taxes as a dependent are the only people who can use your card. If you are buying other people things they have to be gifts and they can not pay you back or give you any money for them. Hence them paying on your card is a violation of this because you just bought them for them not as a gift because they paid you back.

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    horatiopoe May 09, 2011

    @idahohottie: That's not true at all. They don't mention this anywhere, whether in the training pamphlets or videos, on the employee policy documents, or even online (where a truly transparent company would publish their own policies, right?). In fact, whenever they mention the employee discount, they claim only the employee may use the card to make purchases; nowhere are payments to said account mentioned. Anyone with a basic idea of how cards work would know that purchases of items, and card payments are two wholly separate things - the two can't be proven to be directly co-related. Also, if this is such an established policy of the card that one must agree to prior to getting this card - where is this mentioned in the card agreement?

    Moreover, treating employees in this manner - bringing them into dungeon rooms for interrogations based on a policy they haven't even written down in stone themselves or which they haven't even agreed upon and which they therefore have no legal right of enforcing - that raises serious questions regarding the company's conduct. If you were terminated for something like this, I would certainly suggest you take your case to a lawyer and begin legal proceedings. These are absolutely no grounds to fire someone over, and you have every right to be aggrieved.

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    Justicea Jun 08, 2011

    I was just in the same situation. I was told to come in to the LP room. I was sat there with one asking questions and the other taking notes. I was wondering what was going on but since my conscience is clear I thought it was part of their LP regulations so I sat there, the Lp manager asked me a million questions about the macys policies, I was answering about the ones I knew and the ones I didnt know about I said I did not know about. At the end of being questioned about policies the manager from Lp said, you have failed to follow one of the procedures, you abused one of the coupon rules. I asked what rule, and thought to myself it was probably with one the customers managers let us give discounts to if the forget their coupon or for whatever reason as long as approved by a manager. Well, when he said because I had purchased something a while back and returned it a few days later to get my friends and family coupon. OKAY???? Really, I did not know we could not do this, apperantly now I know why is because we do it for customers all the time and i thought it was ok for me to do it too. and the co worker who did the return repurchase for me did it as well, meaning she had no clue it was wrong either, becuse why would i want to her in trouble or her get in trouble herself. I was angry and annoyed beyond belief when I was asked to write a statement. when I wrote the statement and the LP guy read it he said not writte it again you contradict yourself. so I began to cry and wrote it again becuse he kept ripping my statement. well I was upset said I WILL NOT WRITE WHAT YOU WANT ME TO WRITE. and after three times of re writting my statement and him ripping it and almost two hours of being there and crying I wanted to leave and I wrote the little line he dictated to me and signed and left. when I got home my husband was upset I signed it but understood the preassure and harrasment I felt. also I have proof on my paper that my original statement was two pages long and the lp mangaer made me cross two off and write one over it and initial it. I feel harrased and I can't believe this happened to me!! I was just promoted and suddenly they try to pull some dirt on me, I called the HR lady i have now been suspended almost seven days because now they have to further investigate. But I did contact a lawyer for advice. I meet with the HR lady tomorrow and hope that this is all resolved, either way I am way upset with this company who is treating me like this. I am their top loyaltie performer, an extreme seller as well, always look for suspicious customers too and they pull this on me. oh and get this, I only saved 30 dollars on my coupon abuse.. I shop there all the time. I figured if I were a criminal my abuse of couopons would be greater would it not? they are so unfair and heartless.

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  • No
    nothappywithmacys Jun 19, 2011

    @ Justicea Well I went through the appeal process regarding my term and just got word back almost 2 months later that they (Corp office) will stand by the decision to term me. Good luck with your suit if I can be any help please let me know.

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  • Ar
    a_real_manager Nov 23, 2011

    Macys is the BIGGEST COMMUNIST COMPANY I HAVE EVER WORKED FOR!!! Coming from management, there management is the biggest joke I have ever see!!! They all should be hung from a tree.. Make that connection and get me another credit, they are never satisified!!! F*** Macys!!!

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    anomyous Nov 22, 2012

    As I read harassment, bullying complaints, I had same experience at macys pgh pa, I was pushed and poked in the back by a cosmetic coordinator, who is very arrogant, never talks, but will actually push you or walk over you.I've seen many unethical things there, counter manager was a bully, no people skills, poor role model, all about her.very insecure person. Who runs to her managers criticizing everyone, that's wrong, she mistreats people, I've seen and heard, the short, macys doesn't care, even if you go to h r. Its talk sessions, no results or solution. Dept . Mgr. Is a bully, hates women, very disrespectful, poor role model for store. No one should ever be mid treated. But it happens, that's why they can't keep good people.cosmetic people aren't educated in skin and diseases, they'll sell anything, me I'm honest, plus a licensed prof. Who after tried working in cosmetics discovered, no ethics, manners, professionalism, respect. Its not where I belonged, I resigned, happily and am moving on. Its like a factory sweat shop, and they don't care about you as a person. They do nothing .

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    alhenry Dec 17, 2012

    Macy’s Department Store, better don’t get any job at Macy’s
    Macy’s Department Store, better don’t get any job at Macy’s unless you want to ruin your life. Macy’s Department Store is the most abusive company you can work for

    MACY’S forced my wife to resign for her disability by Undue Influence
    Macy’s located at Westfield Mall, 14000 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

    Please not replies by people having a conflict of interest or rookies lawyers working for Macy’s using a fake name
    I keep some facts aside to protect people privacy, but as things evolve, I will provide more facts and all the names of the people involved

    After the 1994 big Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles, my wife was transferred to work for years from Macy’s at 14000 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 to Macy's West at Culver City Mall, Culver City, CA
    Then, after years when the Macy's Department Store and the Sherman Oaks Mall was 100% rebuilt, my wife came back to work over again for Macy's at Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

    In 2008, the manager forced and coerced my wife to sign papers to quit her job (to resign)
    Macy’s did discriminatory discharge on my wife
    It was wrongful-termination / age-discrimination
    Because of her disability, my wife had not idea on the papers signed
    Macy's never placed my wife in a different job for her disability, a violation of ADA and EEOC, when an employee become disabled

    From 1985 until 2002, my wife was having not problem and always working hard at Macy’s

    In 2002, my wife doctor informed Macy's of my wife early disability, not having good balance, not walking straight, not speaking much, but she was able to do a different type of work with accommodation

    In 2003, my wife asked for accommodation, filled forms at the office, but the request was ignored, because my wife was making more money than others co-workers and Macy's will not allow my wife to do office work or any type of different work, receiving the same pay check

    My wife position: a specialist selling expensive women apparel
    Never promoted, but had a superb reputation, having tops reviews and many Macy’s certificates as well as many customer excellent reviews.
    My wife received only one salary increase in 25 years, never before and never after that
    Macy’s squeezed its employees like a lemon until the lemon will go dry
    Macy’s greed is very well known by its employees. You are robot not a human being
    Many years ago, and only for 4 days, Macy’s told my wife to do paper work during working hours, but soon after that, Macy’s told my wife not do it no more because it wasn’t productive neither profitable for Macy’s
    The Store Manager told my wife to do overtime at home

    My wife asked the Store Manager if she will get paid for the overtime and the manager answer was: not problem, you will get pay overtime
    Over the years, the following department managers told my wife to keep doing home overtime for as long my wife had a job at Macy's
    MACY’S OWES MY WIFE MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN UNPAID OVERTIME from 1985 through 2008, based on thousands of unpaid overtime hours
    I'm talking about my wife, a 40 hours weekly full time employee since she was hired in 1985

    Macy’s used forced resignation instead of firing my wife to rip off her, to bypass the law and not to pay a dime to my wife, including not severance payment, not overtime paid in 25 years (3.3 hours daily) for work done at home for MACY’S on an hourly employee working 40 hours a week
    Because of Macy's actions, my wife never got any unemployment or workers compensation, neither severance payment

    Year 1998-1999-2000-2001-2002 at Macy’s Culver City Mall:
    My wife was receiving orders from the store manager to replace the department manager and doing it for 5 years, on and off for months at Macy's Culver City Mall
    The Store Manager told my wife that my wife will receive an increase in her hourly pay. My wife never received a dime for doing the manager job
    Several complaints to the office went nowhere

    My wife never was laid off in 25 years, having a superb reputation at Macy's, but never promoted by Macy’s, doing many times, for months, the manager work,
    without getting the manager salary or any increased on my wife hourly paid
    The resignation was fraudulent, obtained under intimidation, harassment, discrimination and pressure
    The department manager used coercion on my wife to gain compliance
    The manager purposely did on my wife intentional infliction of emotional distress
    While my wife still working at Macy's, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, the department manager was nagging my wife for 6 months, in order to forced my wife to sign papers to resign
    The forced resignation in 2008 was UNDUE INFLUENCE done by the manager on a person with mental disability (my wife) unable to defend her rights and to protect from predatory practices with tendency to control her mind for Macy’s own gain

    In 5-2010, when my wife was hospitalized, $500, 000 paid by Medicare, the doctors at the Hospital wrote on the medical report: that my wife was having a history of slowly deteriorating mental status, difficulties to keep her balance, not walking straight, not speaking much, memory lapses and these symptoms have been going on for the last 2 years, starting on 2008. Macy’s used Undue Influence on my wife to resign
    Macy's forced my wife to resign on 10-3-2008. The Doctors finding will cover 10-3-2008 the date of the forced resignation.
    Macy’s abused on a person having disability by manipulation, harassment and coercion

    In 2010, 2 years after my wife forced resignation, my wife was hospitalized, (paid by Medicare), MRIs, CT Scan and many x-rays were taken. MRIs taken found holes in her brain causing mental disability. The tests that should been taken by Macy's Insurance, but never approved by Macy's Health Insurance in 2007, 2006 or before 2005
    In 2002, Macy’s Doctor Heath Insurance prescribed 2 danger defective drugs: Fosamax and Nexium putting my wife life upside down
    The doctor prescribed these drugs, because of my wife damages while working at Macy’s (got osteoporosis), for not seating, not resting and not taking breaks

    Preventive Medical Care or Preventive Medicine was not practiced, neither approved by Macy's Insurance. Insurance did not approve many drugs

    If the lousy Macy’s Health Insurance did approve all the Tests, later done and paid by Medicare, my wife condition will stopped or even been safe by a long shot and having a normal life as before
    But for Macy’s profits come first and employees can go straight to hell

    We deal here with visible injuries and easily articulated fractures seen in radiographic studies as well on all the MRIs taken at the Medical Offices and the Hospital
    For walking the sales floor for 25 years, my wife got damages on her femur, legs, knees, spinal cord for not seating, not resting and not taking breaks.
    Also got bladder and Kidney disease for not drinking water
    Not drinking water because of the manager pressure on my wife to sale extreme numbers of dollars every day. My wife stopped drinking water to not go to the bathroom and keep selling without control
    Manager said: do that or will get in trouble or get fired
    My wife forced resignation was on: 10-3-2008
    2012. Because of all the abuses done at Macy’s, my wife is a handicap person in a wheel chair for the rest of her life, not speaking, not walking and unable to do anything at all.
    I’m also a disabled person and I have to take care of my wife 24 hours around the clock
    Macy's is the American Taliban

    Macy's is a company very hard to deal with and do things above the law

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  • Ma
    Macy May Mar 26, 2013

    was this Rick?????

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  • Ma
    Macy May Mar 26, 2013

    Macy's suck's. I was harassed, not fired! Harassed for 2 hours..I Quit due to the way this was handled and I did nothing to be treated this way! READ the Hand BOOK ALREADY!!! OF FUKING PLEASE!!!

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  • Li
    Linel1214 May 05, 2013

    Macy's is horrible my husband got stopped cause they said he stole a pair of jeans and when they took him to LP and they saw he didn't have the pant, they started telling him why was he shopping on the clock and he told them he was on his break, and they told him he went over by 4 minutes are you serious. They had him there for 6 hours, i dont get why they said he stole pants when it was for shopping on the clock. This happen on Friday so we went to Macy's yesterday and the HR director is off on the weekend, so now we have to wait for tomorrow ( Monday ), and he is a union worker

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  • Ma
    Macyssucks123 Dec 12, 2013

    Macys is the biggest joke. DONT WORK THERE IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE! They don't care about their employee all they want is macys credit cards opened. One time I went one week without opening one and my manager said if I didn't open one that day she would make me stay until closing until I open an account. I hate macys they treat employees like dirt!

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  • 12
    1234one Jun 02, 2014

    So are they allowed to search our transaction we make own out macys credit cards as employees? I'm in the same situation still waiting to see if I'm just suspended or what...I called my hr manager but she hasn't called me back yet granted it's only been a few hours since I was basically badgered into signing and saying no one threatened to sign the paper. Idk what got g to happen now because I need my job and not mention I'm always working long hours, coming in on my office days to help out in the store and to be treated like this is just like wow!! Yes I used my card to buy things for friend and they paid for it but I'm sorry I don't claim anyone on my taxes and even if I did have someone to claim I wouldn't because that it's not beneficial to me when it comes to filing taxes and getting my income tax refund! It's sad that macys claims to be family oriented and cares about their associates when in reality the more I see it they just want to use associates like mules to do the work and then when they don't want them anymore they harass and target associates

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  • Sa
    Sapj Jun 27, 2014

    The same thing happened to me today, I was called in the LP office not having a clue why, only to find out that I was being accused of stealing. I work in the men's dept and I returned a kids item for a customer, so at the end of the day when the store closed I had the item in my had with the intention to take it to the right dept. mind you, I had it in my hand when I walked through the employee exit but I didn't get to the door to go outside as that's when I realized I had it and ran back inside to put it down. The LP mañana gear tried to make it look like I only brought it back because I saw an LP there searching bags I was so emotional I cried like a baby at the end I walked out and didn't sign the statement

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  • Ch
    Christine from ca Jul 25, 2014

    Macy's loss prevention uses the "Reid Technique" of interrogation. Same interrogation process police use. Their loss prevention staff at my former store was rogue, they really think they are professional crime fighters and spent more time harassing store associates while the real criminals and shoplifters got away.

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  • Ca
    candy DiBartolomeo Oct 28, 2014

    I retired from Macys on 12/2010, I went back to Macys looking for a part time position 10/2014 I applied on line and received an email saying I was active employee. I called HR to tell them I am not active employee that I retired. they called the deptford store HR nothing happened, I went in the store at deptford and the HR was busy. Than I receive a email to make a appointment, so I did at town center store in voorhees, nj . I went for my training and was harassed and bullied by part time trainer Elaine. I never went back . I spoke to the store mgr. Zack Mizroch and he was of no help . The whole thing was a set up they thing it funny but it not. When i retired in 2010 I wasn't happy at the end but that should have nothing to do with me going back. This company is a very unprofessional company and I hope one day they are not bullied .

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  • Ho
    horrible Macys Management Dec 27, 2014

    Macys management in Montclair C.A. is horrible.
    The cosmetics manager is very rude and negative. Instead of being positive and inspiring towards Associates she brings us down and always has negative things to say. It's awful. When she's being nice it's so fake. She talks to us like we are worthless. Its not fun to go to work. In cosmetics it should be fun and exciting. I like my job but Macys managers makes me hate it most of the time. Also Macys puts their customers first before their employees. A customer who is rude and nasty to an employee still gets treated good, and Macys makes us look bad towards customers. It's disgusting.

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  • My
    MyLuckyDog Mar 27, 2015

    Spouse currently in similar situation. Cannot comment on situation as it is also still 'under invetigation', however, after reading this site, I said go get a new job. Not worth the wait.

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  • Jo
    Johnconnik Apr 14, 2015

    I used to bang employees after closing. When i forgot condoms i would ejaculate on the most popular womens clothing and encourage costumers to buy it by giving them a courtesy 50% off manually!!! It was so hard to keep a straight face as i watched them pay for my dry cum. Best part is... I was in complete control who was to fire me?

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  • An
    Anna345 Jul 05, 2015

    Oh my god..I just stumbles upon this page from some other sites and reading all these posts just made me cry. I too was employed at Macys long ago and fired just on the job. I returned some items my sister got for baby shower and by the brand name I knew it was from Macys. So I told her she don't have to make a trip to the store 9 months pregnant since I am working there. I returned the items and got store credit and to get that I had to give my drivers licence number. The next day when I came to work I was called to LP and they told me I am not supposed to make returns and get store credit. He said how he will know if I just grabbed some stuff from the store and returned it... What happens if someone gives me a gift and I don't want it. He did not had an answer and he didn't even bother to give me a answer. I sat in the car in the parking lot shocked and trying to think what just happened. My sister felt worse because it was because of her. Its been almost 6 years now and that was my first job. For days I used to sit and cry thinking about how ashamed I felt when accused of stealing. I never stole in my life..never.. I hate that store so much for that and I feel bad for people who have to work there. Cruel animals .. If you want to lay off people at least do it in a less cruel way. Dont accuse them of stealing and make them look like criminals. I think they just wanted to let me go and was looking for a reason. I was getting a lot of whining about not able to make people open credit cards. I was never good at that..

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  • Li
    Lillianlee Aug 15, 2015

    I work for macys in Hawaii just yesterday I was brought in the lp office 2guys 1women. I had no clue what was going it was so random. They made off hints about opening credit cards. I worked at another macys where they let employees open macys accounts with each other so it could count to the store. I told them my old manager said it was nothing wrong with it so I never seen anything wrong with it. But what angers my soul they are trying to suspend me but not every employee that has done it why single me out is that okay is that fair can they do that

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  • 0m
    0mega Jan 07, 2016

    I feel for you guys, but if you want to understand Macy's then you have to understand this: They don't care about how much money you were bringing into the company nor how professional you were but how well the executives liked you personally.

    My spouse was one of the top ten salespeople in the nation for her counter and even received an award for it the previous year for pulling in over half a million dollars alone to her counter. She wasn't a shark but actively clienteled and catered to her customers and she coached and encouraged her team even though she wasn't a manager. One day she purchased a $200 dress and got some of the cost discounted with Macy's money and unknowingly a coupon that her coworker decided to scan which had been left at the counter by a customer. Of course LP jumped all over it a month later and said that she had profited off a $10 coupon, even going so far as accusing her of intimidating the other employee into scanning the coupon. We all know how this ends... there's no video, they obviously don't care about the truth, but a policy violation equals termination. The only problem is that this other coworker was a bad apple that couldn't meet any of her sales goals, constantly stole time from the company by taking breaks lasting hours on end, and had previously stolen $20 from two other employees which HR claimed they could do nothing about since it occurred while they were out-of-state training even though they were on company time. The thing is this coworker is an excellent suk-up and overtime she had drummed up a ton of sympathy with the executives... to the point that they would throw their star salesman under the bus rather than break up their little club. Even more rotten is that the coworker was immediately promoted as a manager of another counter after she screwed my spouse.

    There was a silver lining though... my spouse has an excellent relationship with most of the other employees at the store and they later told her many stories of how her customers were furious that she had disappeared and refused to make purchases from anybody else. My personal favorite was when the counter's pre-sales dropped by 40% =)

    So yeah, it's not all weather and changing consumer habits to blame as Lundgren claims. No, a big part of their problem is plain old corruption and the good ole boys club that's dragging them down.

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  • Ja
    Janet Kay Apr 16, 2016

    Macys is a horrible company to work for.The managers are rude and incompetent and only are interested in the selling numbers and profits, they never congratulate an employee on excellent customer service because they are apathetic and only care about meeting their daily financial goals.Macys enjoys harassing and intimidating their employees, its revolting and disgusting.Once you decide to standup to them and logically challenge their ridiculous statements or situations they automatically threaten you with termination, i personally stood up for myself because i was falsely accused of doing something incorrectly in my department.My fellow coworker was the culprit and when he shamefully told the manager that the incident was his fault she totally disregarded what he had to say and still wanted to blame me and then started to verbally abuse me so i put a stop to that immediately! I defended myself and told her she was wrong, she got infuriated because i was not intimidated by her.Later that evening i pulled my name tag off and walked out and quit that evening, Since she was an arrogant and dubious manager who knew it all ;i left her to shut down and clean the registers and counters.She was an insecure and ugly person and i hope she gets treated exactly the way she treated me by her superiors.Macys University Square Mall Tampa, FL

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  • Ma
    Maceme Apr 26, 2016

    I was recently suspended then later fired for a Policy Violation. I do believe macys empowers you to make magic for customers but leaves a huge Grey area when it comes to the EMPLoYEE CUSTOMER . When I was interrogated, I thought about all the employees that would have been fired right along with me had I began to fully speak my mind. Caution to all MACYS employees.., what you do for customers is NOT allowed for you. Example: those pair of jeans instore are more expensive instore than online ., , you accept a price match on that item or give a price match while ringing up a co worker... Wait for it ... Cuz they can fire you for that . You may think you're safe cuz you have the screen shot proving the price difference but if AP can't find one other CUSTOMER ( non employee ) that day or during that online sale you and your co worker is FIRED. Basically they feel it must be illegal activity if no one else got online pricing instore for that same item you bought. My argument is maybe I was the only person to buy that item. Everyone tells me I should fight their ruling but you know ... I don't want to work for a company that hunts for awesome employees who customers absolutely love, to fire. What a hilarious is when my family asked if my job was secure with the recent Macy's closing shift... Foolishly I believed my job was secure cuz everyone just loved me and the magic I made there. Right ! This is the biggest mistake I made to believe this. NOONE at Macy's should feel their job is secure. Knowing what I know now, I would have been more like some of the senior old Hudson workers at Macys, you know the ones, the ones customers alwYs complain they felt like the associate wasn't helpful and wouldn't let them do several different transactions to use multiply coupons. I would apologize to customers and say I don't understand why they don't provide good customer service. Lmao now, they don't wanna risk being fired for something they thought was ok. Macys builds you up, makes you too confident to be awesome with magic then while hugging you they shove a knife in your back. CEO TERRY LUNDGREN if you seriously "care" about the future of MACYS please consider reviewing the policy's that allow true MAGIC makers to be fired Without warning. Great employees fired for not understanding all the grey areas in policy between customers and MACYS biggest "customers" it's employees.

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