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rip off

I purchased a Troy-built *** eater from my local lowes store, used the 2-cycle oil that came with the unit, and got less than 15 minutes of run time before it burned out. When I contacted Lowes, I was told they would send it off for repair. After 2 weeks I was told, the unit is too dadly damaged to repair, because the mixture was too lean. Now they want me to pay an additional $45.00 for a unit that is scrap. Customer service at Lowes has deteriorated in the past couple of years to the point that I will drive an extra 20 miles each way to avoid dealing with them any more.

  • Ke
    Kevin Jan 08, 2009

    I had Lowes replace a standard sliding glass door with a new one from them, of an identical size. The sign at the store said installation would be $299. The estimate cost $45. and then when I went to sign the contract for the actual installation of the door they said the installation would be $850.

    I had a wedding, out of town, to go to the next week, and they had promised to get the job done by Friday, so I went ahead and said okay.

    They didn't get it installed until Tuesday of the next week and I missed the wedding. The extra cost included 4 pieces of trim around the door which is poor quality, and would have cost less than $20.

    I will not use Lowes installation services again.

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  • Oi
    OilA87 Jan 19, 2010

    I know there is a class action law suit against the maker of the composit decking but here is my question. Shouldn't Lowe's be suing them instead of the consumer? Lowe's bought the product and sold it to it's consumers. I was part of the suit, Lowes sent me the paper work, but you should have seen what they wanted you to do to get any satisfaction. Unbelieveable! I now have a hugh deck on the front of my house that is warped and molded and there isn't a thing I can do. They wanted me to take a picture of the end of one of the boards with the code on it so they could be sure of when I bought it...My deck is enclosed around the bottom and I don't have any of those things, they were removed when the deck was built. Lowe's knows when I bought the material, they sent me the paperwork. Or how about they want me to cut a piece of the deck board with the mold on it and mail it to them. What has this world become? I spent $2500.00 on decking material plus the cost of having it installed and now I have to pay to have the mold removed several times a year because it looks so awful. I'm done buying anything at Lowe's..they don't stand behind their products.

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  • Kh
    khloee04 May 24, 2010

    you mixed the gas/oil wrong. they are basically telling you since you messed up they are not going to pay for it

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service advantage

Lowe's service advantage program is pretty much a complete waste of money. I have a Husqvarna riding mower that is less than 2 years old and still covered by manufacturer warranty. Lowe's doesn't even properly know who should be repairing the mower. They pretty quickly had it picked up where it sat at one company for three weeks and I heard nothing, not a peep. Finally I call the company directly and they inform me they have to deliver it to another company for the repairs because it's still under factory warranty, and they only do "extended warranty" for Lowe's. So after sitting three weeks at one repair place, it gets moved to another one that does the warranty work but goes to the end of the line. Now another three weeks has passed and my mower hasn't even been looked at yet. Six freakin weeks without a mower that's not even two years old yet. I can't even remember what I paid for this stupid plan but whatever it was it's not worth it at all.

bad management

I have bought everything from Lowes when I remodeled my whole house in the last few years. I always recieved A 10% discount from the management. Recently I went to the Camden SC Lowes where I always go and wanted to purchase an trialer. And management told me that there is no way __she could give me anything off on it, I said I could go to The two notch store and get it. She said that would be fine, so I did go there and yes I did get my discount. She didnt even ask me if I was military for the discount guess that dosnt matter anymore. Actually I think I was just the wrong color!!

denied promo loan

I applied for an interest free promotion @ LOWES, and after being asked several personal questions was denied on the spot. No reason was given and LOWES didn't even know who they were using for the credit bank, so I couldn't call and had to wait for the deniel letter.


What a crock, and of course there is no phone number on the denial letter.

I don't understand, after all the intrusive questions, they can say they can't verify who I am. Total nonsense.

As far as LOWES stores, they should know what credit agency is being used and provide the consumer with that information, in the event of a denial.

false advertisement and lowes is cheating people out of there money

I bought kobalt tools from lowes . i think they are better than craftsman except when it comes to warrantie...

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age discrimination

You can not advance unless you are under 25 - 30 years of age at lowe's. People over the age of 40 are...


A complaint is never good. The last thing someone wants to do. However, the only good thing about thi...

zone managers

Today and various other days our zone managers in our stores have been playing favorites they only like the CUTE popular girls they favor them give them the good shifts and today i went ot go purchace my items as a lowes employee and was told that i would not recive my discount unless i had my card ten minutes before that another (cute) girl was purchasing her stuff and got the discount with out her card i was very upset about this i work hard for lowes and only wanted ten % off my item if i would have been a CUTE girl this would have never of been a problem i have worked for lowes for two and half years this is really unfar i also want to point out this zone manager 's name is bryon store 1613

  • Ja
    JamesDRob Aug 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is not the place for this type of complaint. They are in an actionable position just as much as you are. Lowes has an complaint process that is handled by an independent company which is to be used for this very reason. This is something you agreed to when you signed your new hire paperwork. Also, in the paperwork you signed it stated that you will not receive your employee discount unless you have your employee discount.

    If you have a complaint to lodge agains a zone manager that you feel cannot be settled through Lowe's "open door policy" then I suggest you file a complaint though EthicsPoint at:

    or call :800-784-9592(toll free)

    Also, Zone Managers don't make the shifts and you know that so please don't make false accusations. Do yourself a favor and speak to either your HR Manager or your District HR manager otherwise you may find yourself without a job. Your complaint was very specific and you foolishly identified yourself on a public forum with situational information. If you were to continue to make public complaints against Store 1613 with situational information that can be tracked back to you, you could be facing termination for violating Lowe's policies and procedures which, again, you signed saying you agree to follow them.

    Be smarter than them. Bryon sounds like an idiot for jeopardizing his career by playing "favorites" but complaining the way you did makes you no better than Bryon.

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  • Ca
    caiti Jun 18, 2011

    Why wouldn't you just do a refund/rebill the next time you were working when you had your discount card? Maybe you wouldn't work for Lowe's or any major retailer if something that little makes you that upset.

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paint color don't match

I've had 2 instances of Valspar paint not matching.

In the first instance, I bought a gallon of paint at store A. After doing all the trim and 3 of the walls, I ran out of paint. Went to store B for gallon 2. Finished job but when it dried, it didn't match gallon 1. There was a significant difference in shades. Took some pictures, went back to store 2. They agreed paint did not match but suggested that I go back to store 1 since they sometimes have "tinting issues". They mixed the paint at store 1, didn't charge me. I applied gallon 3 to a small area...it matched gallon 2. Instead of fighting them, I repainted all the trim and the other 3 walls. Lots of extra work but it looks great.

Instance 2. This time I bought 2 gallons to paint a room of smaller size than first room. Even though I was painting over white walls (with a light yellow paint), one coat was not enough. I only had about 1 quart left after one coat. When I ran out, I bought the 3rd gallon. Guess what??? It, too, doesn't match the first 2 gallons and this time I went to the same store (they even used the same machine).

door will not lock

I had lowe's install a larson retractable screen tradewinds storm door, which i have loved having. But now the cord that retracts the screen is showing and will not wind back. How can this problem be solved?

bad customer service

Today I went to return a snow blower that we bought two months back. I also bought three years Lowes extended...


2/17/2010 AT 2:30PM

I first asked for a print out for Wednesday February 10th.Next I handed her my personal (3) numbers, she started to print it when the phone rang.It was a call about who couldn't make it to a party.I next asked for (3) quick picks than I asked her for a $5.00 education lottery ticket.When counting up she said "oh" I punched one in twice.I asked which one and it was my personal numbers, the one she punch in while on the phone.I asked her what was she going to do with those numbers and she said she would sell them to some one else or sell them to me I said you can not do that because they are my personal numbers not a quick pick.I asked for a manager.It took a little time but the manager said by lottie law she could not void the ticket and that someone would have to pay for it.I felt the store sould have to paid the $6.00 and than tear the ticket up.If I did hit the lottie I would have to share the money with my self or someone else because they were my personal numbers.I was force to pay $6.00 more for the same ticket.When I was leaving the parking lot three young girls and a older one were pointing and lauching at us.Is this the way to treat steady customers?

late fee's

Can you say scam! No wonder the president is after credit card companies. I was late with a payment around Christmas. I knew it and I paid the minumum balance on the web site. What I didn't know was that because I didn't pay the extra $39.00 I recieved another late fee for Jan. What a scam!
I have a job and I do pay my bills, but for people who are struggling companies like GE Credit and Lowe's what a bunch of crap.

  • Su
    susie -q Feb 09, 2010

    i sure would like to know the phone number of this company i would like to have my refund back in my bank account so if anyone know there phone number let me know

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  • Su
    susie -q Feb 09, 2010

    the phone number to regcure i beleave it is a scam it didn't make my computer any faster than it alway was it slower than every and i want my refund back of 39.90that what i paid so where is there phone number you can't get no where i'm am very mad?

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awful experience

On October 16, 2008 I went into Lowes, located at 2250 Lake Washington Blvd, West Sacramento, CA to see if they could match the paint to what I have in my living room, which is beige and spoke with an associate in the Paint Dept.. I was assured he could match the paint. After taking the paint home and painting the wall I was trying to match I noticed the color wasn’t even close to the rest of the living room. I took the paint back to the store and again I was told by a different associate the color that had been mixed was wrong and that he could however mix the correct color. I again took the paint home and again painted the wall and again the paint was not only wrong, but further away from the color I was trying to match than the first can. I again took the paint back to the store and again was assured that they could match the color and again they couldn’t. After painting the same wall three times with no success from Lowes I decided to go to Kelly-Moore in West Sacramento. They matched the paint perfectly the first and I am very happy with the results, but not with Lowe’s, not only because of all the work they had me doing in painting the same wall over and over, but the attitude of the store manager when I explained the problem. I went back into the store October 26th at approximately 6:P.M. and asked to speak with the store manager. I was greeted by a young man and I explained the problem I had experienced with the paint and told him that since I had spent so many hours painting the same wall over and over because of the inability of Lowe’s staff to match the color after being assured they could I felt I should be compensated for my time. He asked me what I had in mind. I told him I was also there to pick up a new fireplace screen I had order and I showed him the receipt of $231.66 and asked him if he could adjust the price. His reply was just a flat, “NO”. I then said, “then I could cancel my order and go over to Home Depot and purchase the fireplace screen from them couldn’t I?” His reply was, “THAT’S RIGHT.” Being unhappy with his attitude I then asked the name and address of Lowe’s C.E.O. and he told me he didn’t know who that was, but gave me the main offices phone number. Well, I didn’t cancel the order for the fire place screen although I felt the store manager didn’t care if I did or not.

I sent a letter to Robert Niblock, Lowe's C.E.O. and his office didn't have the courtesy to reply. Instead they notified the store and told them to call me, which they did. While I was at work two phone messages were left on my home answering machine. One message was from the store manager and the other from their district manager. Both leaving the same message, "THEY WOULD CALL ME BACK REGARDING MY COMPLAINT." They never called back. After waiting a considerable time I sent another letter to Lowe's C.E.O. and again I received the same messages on my recorder.

Now I have cancelled my Credit Card with Lowe's Companies and I will never set foot in one of their stores again. My friends and neighbors all saw what Lowe's put me through and the feel the same way.

  • Ro
    Rodney Feb 28, 2009

    My husband and I went to Lowe's and purchased a Whirlpool upright freezer on 2/14/09. We were asked to buy the 4 year extended warranty and it sounded like a good deal so we agreed. They said it would be delivered in the morning which they never came until afternoon. I went grocery shopping on the next day as I was going in for surgery the 20th. I bought a lot of things to freeze so I would have it on hand.

    2/17/09 I noticed that some things in the freezer were thawed so I set the freezer to the coldest temp. By morning everything was thawed and warm. I called Lowe's and they said they would send out a technician the next business day 2/19/09 to replace the freezer because it wasn't even a week old and it was defective. When I had asked about the refund for the spoiled food they say they do not have to pay for the food loss which was a little under $300.00 because they replaced the freezer and that nulled the extended warranty. I am entitled to a refund!!! And after reading about others not receiving their free delivery charge refund I am guessing I will never see mine either! I will never buy from that store again and spread the word to others so they don't get ripped off as I did.

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  • Ha
    hayabusaking06 Apr 21, 2009

    yes i couldnt agree more, i actually work at lowes and let me tell you LOWES, is all about getting your money and then ### you basicaly
    they want you to get the credit cards, and this is the reason why, for one it causes people to come in and buy ### regardless of the fact you dont need these things, and further more the interest, now lowes only approves people with the best credit because they know people will pay these fines and surcharges, thats for the people who actually catch it and not like the honest people that just pay the bill
    anyway i could go on all day about the shady ### this company does if your interested in more info email me at [email protected] i will tell you all about it, even how to totally rip them off lol

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  • Bi
    Big Babysitter Oct 17, 2010

    So, let me get this straight. You told the paint desk guy what color you wanted, which you could only do by picking out a color slip 'yourself' and handing it to him. He matched the color of exactly what you presented him. He had to add the proper tint to the paint to come out in the 'color you requested', which again, is the only way they will specially mix a paint for you is by your specifications, they show it to you (so you can match it up to the paint card you selected to be made, and you would have to either say "yes that is my color" or "no that is not my color". You obviously accepted it and paid for it and now you're angry because "YOU" did not take the time and effort to locate what color and tint that you really needed, you just had paint made that you thought was right. Well Lowe's has a policy, which is explained when you buy it, that they won't take back (refund) any paint that is tinted, like yours. You screwed up, they even attempted to make it right and you feel you should be compensated??? I agree you should be compensated, for maybe disability compensation for your lack of common sense and for therapy to dispel your sense of entitlement. I work for Lowe's and used to work for Home Depot, neither of them would allow you to be compensated for your ignorance. You are the type of customer that businesses dislike. The customer is not always right, and you can certainly take your money elsewhere. But Lowe's and Home Depot communicate about customers like you, which we will just call problem people. Problem people end up being blacklisted from us and our competitors because you are full of [censor] and not worth our time and attention. Maybe if you were not an idiot int the first place, you wouldn't have had this color mix up in the first place, but you just probably guessed at the color and told the paint department associate that you were sure. If we are to hear about you from a competitor, you won't get service in either store. We have a right to refuse service to anybody at anytime for any or no reason. We are private property too, if you don't like it then leave. Feel like screaming or cursing me, go ahead? Then we call Loss Prevention and they will ask you one time to leave, if you don't leave on your own immediately, you WILL go to jail for trespassing, even if you do get in your car and get away, we already have all of your information and your license plate number with any of our basic 58 CCTV cameras. If two people told you to leave and you still don't go, you will sit in jail a bit longer for criminal trespassing.
    On the other hand, if WE screw up, then by all means we will fix it and make it right at our own expense, but this [censor] entitlement you feel like you should be compensated is [censor]. Where do you work? I would like to make a complaint about YOU for WASTING MY TIME and feel that I should be compensated for my troubles.

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  • Ca
    caiti Jun 18, 2011

    Here Here Big Babysitter!!! I couldn't have said it better myself!!!

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"is a great place to work" yeah right!

Just wanted to let everyone out there know- that if you are thinking of employment with Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, you may want to rethink your job choices! They hire you at part time or seasonal- with full time hours- and forget having to be out for any reason!! They will fire you! I thought that being part time meant that you have flexable hours- not with them!! I have a friend who was under restricted duty- and they made that person do heavy lifting anyway. Is there a lawyer our there this person can talk to? They also will not give you breaks that you deserve. I thought that it was by law in the state of North Carolina that a company is required to give you a break after so many hours. You would think that after standing for 8 hours on a concrete floor that this may be true with Lowe's. IT'S NOT! They treat their employees like just another number, and do not care about you nor your family. I hope that this economy picks up soon- when it does they will be losing alot of wonderful hard working people. Once again I warn you- BEWARE!!

  • Sl
    slim sizzle Jun 29, 2010

    Hey fellow lowes-bashers, my issue is not nearly as bad as some of these but i had to tell about it. I bought a little trailer with a black metal frame and wood plank bottom. About 5' x 10' . Go to liscence it and it turns out that every one of these sent to lowes, at least in washington state, have the exact same vin number. Identical. All of them. So I cannot liscence my trailer without a state patrol inspection issuing a new vin # . Go back to Blowes I mean lowes and of course there a'int a DAMN thing they will do! the person at customer service just stared at me like in the " employee smells of drugs" comment. Oh yeah, my state patrol appt. is almost here. they're scheduled out 4 months. maybe i can use my trailer soon.

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  • Si
    sickinwinston Mar 28, 2012

    I was hired on at Lowes as seasonal and went to part time. I worked for 8 mon. at 40 plus hr. a week. My disabled 5 year old lost his health insurance because I was making too much money. I asked to be given full time hr. and was turned down. I went to next in line over human resources and was went from 85 hr. every two weeks to 30 hr. every two week. They than went and hired two more people to take up the hr. I was working. They do not care about you or your family. Too many power hungry managers that want nothing but to ### on your parade. I would never work or shop here again. My family has spent on average of 10, 000 a year in this store but NEVER again.

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terrible company

We went to lowes to get a generator due to ice storm we were about to have the next day, They had 18 generators waiting on a truck to be unloaded. As far As I know their was one other guy waiting as well. They refused to unload the truck. They said it could be 30 min or an hour. We even said we would be glad to help get it off the truck. They
still refused. Needless to say we were left in the cold. I thought this way of doing business was in poor taste. I buy a lot from them. But i will not buy anything else.

  • Sa
    Samuel Jan 28, 2009

    I was a management trainee in this Lowes location with a stellar performance record. A lower-level employee tried to kiss me at one point in a secluded area of the store. I reeled back in disgust and left the area. On my next scheduled work day, the employee's supervisor approached me and apologized on behalf of her employee and asked if I would NOT report this incident to human resources. I agreed. Two hours later, the employee and her supervisor reported ME as the aggressor and filed a complaint.

    I was questioned by the Area HR supervisor and terminated several days later. I petitioned the Regional HR supervisor for a review of my case and asked REPEATEDLY for the opportunity to take a lie-detector test to confirm my version of these events. I was notified several days later that my termination would stand.

    With no witnesses to this event and completely opposing stories, I suspect Lowes chose to terminate the gender which had the greatest STATISTICAL probability of having committed the harassment. Meanwhile, a career is snuffed out, a reputation is irrevocably damaged, and the perpetrator of the harassment suffers no consequences.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Aug 03, 2009

    My mom passed at the end of 2006. I had my credit checked the summer of 2007 and found a Lowes bill I new nothing about and could not afford to pay. I contacted the store and found out my mom had me on the account but because I never had a Lowes card I did not know. All customer service did was send me a Lowes card I could not afford to use because it already had a debt. By the time I could afford to pay it the company had added three hundred and something dollars in penalties and turned me over to collections. I tried to work out a deal to pay them their original balance and send them the death certificate of my mom and told them they could research and see I never had a Lowes card and this was not my debt but I was willing to pay them their original balance. Their collection department the store uses gave me a settlement amount and told me that would be the end of this unfortunate situation and the card would be closed out. Guess what!!! After paying, they did not close the card and sent be a statement for the remaining balance thats nothing but penalties and late charges for a bill that was not mine in the first place. They are nothing but liers to a person that could have been a good customer to them, but since I have a Home Depot card and a Sears card, I will never have anything to do with Lowes again!!!

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  • We
    Weston2010 Oct 25, 2010

    I work for Lowes and I am sorry that what happened to you but the reasons behind their responses were really simple...
    1.) We can only unload our trucks at certain times a day (if its our RDC truck its usually done in the evening towards closing time.)
    2.) The length of wait is truthful, its a 53 foot trailer, it takes sometimes a few hours to unload.
    3.) Our policy and Insurance reasons is why you could not go back and help unloading.

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did not apply for one

Hello, I received an email yesterday saying that I had been approved for a credit card under another first...


I ordered a dishwasher on-line from Lowes just before Christmas of 2008. It was to be delivered in about 7-10 business days. After 2 weeks went by and no dishwasher, I called to inquire. I was told it was being shipped that day and I should have it within the next 24 hours. 2 days later I still had no dishwasher, so I called again. After repeating this multiple times, they figured out that there was an error with the way the on-line system processed the order. I was credited for the charge, rebilled the same amount, and given a different dishwasher that was in stock. They put me down for delivery, but not installation (as I requested), so I then had to find someone who could install it for me.

Here we are a year later and the dishwasher that I never received is still showing on my account as being shipped to my house. I found this out because I was trying to order a garbage disposal on-line and was declined the ability to purchase it on my Lowes card because my payment was 12 days late (apparently grace periods are a thing of the past). When I called to inquire about the issue, I spent close to an hour on the phone (between hold and dealing with someone who didn't have a clue what he was doing), and was eventually disconnected while on hold. I e-mailed their customer service department about the situation and was told I would need to call and speak directly to customer service. I told them I tried that. I'm DONE with Lowes!

  • Ba
    BAD FREEZER Feb 12, 2011

    Sorry to hear that! We are DONE with LOWES too--cancelled our credit card with them and all. They need to stop selling APPLIANCES! they have no idea what they are doing or selling and the customer service is terrible. They may as well hire all elementary school kids to work there, they would probably figure things out quicker.

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We purchased a washer and dryer combo from Lowes. We were told that it would be delivered the next day. The following morning the delivery driver called for directions. We informed him to call before he arrived. When they didn't arrive between the 2PM-4PM time slot we called Lowes only to be informed that the driver had been to the house, knocked on the door and left a tag. We told the store manager that we were home waiting for the call. He rudely explained that the driver did what he was told to do and since we didn't answer the door, he left. We were then told that we may get the delivery the next day or maybe not for another three days. The store manager was very rude the entire conversation. When we realized that we may not get the washer/dryer for days and the manger would not set a new appointment we told him that we would just go to another store and purchase a washer and dryer and then get our refund from Lowes...his comment, "do what you have to, I don't care." We went this evening and purchased a better washer and dryer from Nebraska Furniture Mart for a lower price. When we went back to Lowe's to get a refund...no apology and the manager was just as rude as he was on the phone. Because of their attitude we will no longer purchase any item from Lowes. We have a Home Depot down the street and too many other stores to shop from and refused to be treated so badly.

  • An
    angryBea Nov 06, 2011

    For what dumb ### reason didn't you just answer the door when the delivery was on time? Seems like you just think you are superior to others and you found that the delivery driver values his time as well as you value yours. He probably had to leave so he could keep his appointments with other customers who would actually answer the door when he showed up on time. Seems you are pissed that lowes doesn't think you are better than any other customers...and quite honestly...they don't need your business. Courtesy works both ways. grow up.

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speak english

I am highly offended by all this Spanish in lowe's!!! not only do they have Spanish written all over the store, the employees can't speaking English!! It's like walking into Mexico, doesn't Lowe's have any pride in their store and their country anymore? Hire Americans that can speak English and take down all the Spanish in the store!!! I will not be shopping at Lowe's anymore until the Spanish is gone and they can hire people that speak English.
Lowe's is just another typical store that is selling out their country and the American people for a dollar I encourage all Americans to not shop at this store any more. If Lowe's feels the need to cater to the Spanish people or people who speak Spanish language that's great, but do it in Mexico or other countries where the language is Spanish, the designated language for the United States is English keep it that way!!! may God bless America and the American people!!!

  • i agree. I go to the home depot near my house because they have english speaking workers. I dont care if your are french, asian, mexican, or romanian, if you are working here in America then english needs to be spoken. Americans have to speak foriegn languages, mostly spanish, just to get certain jobs in certain areas. Other jobs like in construction, you wont be promoted to foreman if you dont speak spanish for certain types of businesses. Americans may have different accents and pronounce words differently depending on where they grew up, but there is one thing in common we have, we can understand english. We have had many peoiples come to America including Irish, french, british, african, vietnamese, chinese, thailand, and russia. The majority of these people learned english and assimilated into society so that we could be one as a nation while still maintaing there heritage and living in communitties with like people, ex. chinatown. But when it comes to mexicans or those from south America we are called racist for wanting them to learn english before being allowed to enter our nation. All foriegners before had to learn english but somehow they are different, just because they are our neighbors. I would not dare go to mexico, or france to live without learning to speak the native language, and if they had to go into a business or deal with customers that did not speak they would get angry as well. French people get angry at Americans who do not know french if that said frenchman does not know english, is that racist? No. I thought that people who enter our country had to take test and be checked for diseases and criminal records as well as learning english, so if they are here and do not know english isn't that almost a certain sign that they are here legally. How do they get the job if the manager does not speak spanish? does that mean that at lowes only the employees that speak spanish are allowed to be promoted. Isnt that discrimination against americans who speak only english or against the other managers who get paid less because they do not know spanish? We have to almost know a foriegn language just to call the cell phone or cable company, now we need to know one to get employed or to buy a slurpee. Thanks for reading this and realize it not discrimination or racist and if it is then it goes both ways because there will always be a group left out. Should americans be left out or visitors.

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  • Sa
    sarapalin4us Feb 08, 2010

    don este que pasa ciao?

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