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Lowe's Complaints & Reviews, Page 23

Lowe's Home Improvement — return policy is very "unuser friendly"

I am so unhappy with your customer service. First, your return policy is not "user friendly". When I return...

Lowe's Home Improvement — Window installation

We purchased Pella windows from the Lowes in N Myrtle Beach, SC. They had John Cables install our window...

Lowe's Home Improvementlg refrigerator lfxs30726s compressor out -

We returned from vacation and found our refrigerator not cooling and all food spoiled. It was purchased 9-13-15 as well as a 5 yr extended protection plan. We called Lowes Advantage for service. They could not arrange for service for 8 days. A service provider was sent (Sears's was sub-contracted by A&E) and tested the unit. The service tech stated the compressor was bad and needed to be replaced. She further stated that they were not an LE service rep and could not fix the compressor. She stated that she called Lowes and reported her findings. She told us too call Lowes back and tell them what she had said.

We called Lowes Advantage back as we were told to do. They stated they would pass the info to a supervisor and they would call us back in 48 hours.

We are now looking at nearly two weeks without a refrigerator and still no sign of repair. Why would you send a service provider that was authorized to service my refrigerator!!!

Service Request # provided by Lowes: [protected]
A&E Service rep. provided Service Order #: [protected]

I would like to hear from someone would can do something!


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    Lowe'sVeterans id not be in accepted by spouse.

    I can go to Lowe's and our number is on file to except the VA and get the VA discount, come to Home Depot everybody knows you we come here to to three times a day you can ask anybody everyone knows we are VA I come without my husband and I don't bring his VA card then I can't get a be a discount this is ridiculous you need to change your policy now I'm gonna have to go to Lowe's to get all the stuff I needed the calls my husband feels that Home Depot is doing them wrong if I don't have his card to get his stuff for him. His name is [protected] I was told to call Better Business Bureau or file a complaint to file a complaint

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      Lowe's Home ImprovementDiscrimination

      Lowes manager notified all white customers about the clearance sale and did not notify the public. The day before the sale, the manager let a white customer purchase a $2800 refrigerator for $300. Blytheville store manager is so prejudice and unfair. I visit Lowes often as I am planning a kitchen and bathroom remodel. I will drive to the Jonesboro store or Home Depot from now on where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. I would have liked to have been notified of the clearance sales also. I am human too.

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        Lowe's Home Improvement — Online website

        Would you buy for a company that says the following in their website terms and conditions: Lowe's cannot and...

        Lowe's Home Improvement — Installed wood fence

        Lowes home improvement installed a wooden fence and after about two weeks I came home from out of state. The...

        LowesThe deplorable performance of their delivery service and customer care

        Dear Mr. McDermott,
        I was encouraged to see that Lowes recognizes the importance and value of having a Chief Customer Officer responsible "for creating experiences that best serve customers" as the press release announcing your appointment stated. You can imagine my deep dismay as my ongoing experience with your company demonstrates that such a statement could not be farther from the truth. The first clue was the option on your phone system that invites customers to provide feedback on their experience, but instead leads them to a recording denying them that opportunity and then disconnects the call.
        Following the failure of your company and its sub contracted delivery service to fulfill the sales contract I have with Lowes within the time frame to which the delivery service committed, on the day that Lowes specified, I was subjected to the absurdity of the delivery company's representative attempting to redefine delivery as meaning something that doesn't involve my receiving my purchase. I then dealt with Katy in your customer relations department who promised to escalate the issue to the right person in your office.
        I then called my local store where I'd made the purchase and finally got through to the manager, who asserted that the local dispatcher of the delivery company would call me within 20 minutes to arrange delivery. That never happened. But I did receive a follow up email from Billy B the next day. He committed to "escalating" the issue to the Senior Management from the store who'd be calling me within 24 hours. At noon today I responded to him saying that I not heard one word from anyone at Lowes.
        I trust you find this as appalling as I do and understand how adversely it reflects on your brand's integrity and the effectiveness of your department.
        I took off half a day from work on Friday to accommodate the window specified by your delivery service. I hired a laborer to help me carry the gas grill up the stairs to my deck because, as I was told quite sternly, that the delivery would only go as far as my front door. And when the specified delivery window had elapsed, I still had to pay him because of Lowes' failure to fulfill its obligation.
        As of now, I have paid for the gas grill, the laborer, spoken to the store manager and to a customer service agent at your corporate office, exchanged an email with another there, but I have not heard from anyone at Lowes how you are going to make good on this. Don't you think it's past time for that? I look forward to your prompt and effective answer to try and restore some credibility to your department and your company.

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          Lowe's Home ImprovementAppliances & delivery

          I apologize in advance that this will be a long but this has been an excessively long & frustrating experience that has not yet finished. This starts with a copy of an email I sent to Lowe's Customer Service that summarized my experiences.

          I am contacting you in reference to a totally unacceptable incident that happened with your Havertown, Pennsylvania store. This concerns my son's purchases. His name is Joseph L. and the phone # associated with his account is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Lowe's card # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. We were told so many lies by so many different people in that store it seems to me that lying to the customer must be corporate policy.

          On August 16, 2018, Joe purchased a washer & dryer online. He immediately called the store to schedule delivery and installation. The delivery was scheduled for August 20. When the items were delivered, my son was not present but my (adult) daughter and another adult were present. The delivery people informed my daughter that the proper parts had not been included with the delivery to complete the installation. The delivery people placed the washer & dryer in the basement and left. Later that day, Joe contacted the store and spoke with a manger who informed him that everything had been included with the washer and dryer and he (the manager) was unsure of what the problem was. After several calls back and forth the manager assured Joe that the washer and dryer would be hooked up on August 26.

          In the meantime, on August 17, Joe ordered a suite of kitchen appliances (fridge, dishwasher & gas range). Your website listed the fridge and range as being in stock at the Havertown store. Due to a mix up at the bank, the charge did not go through on Joe's card so Joe and I went to the Havertown store on August 18 and ordered the appliances. We were told by the sales associate that the fridge and range were in stock but the dishwasher was not. Delivery and installation was scheduled for August 26 because of the dishwasher. Joe paid for this order in cash.

          On August 26 the range and dishwasher arrived. When we asked the delivery people about the fridge, we were told there was no fridge with the order. Joe immediately called the store. He was told by a sales associate that the fridge was not in stock yet but would be delivered within 7 to 10 days. The delivery people installed the washer, dryer and range as requested. They advised us that all the parts necessary for hook up of the washer and dryer were already with the washer and dryer, they were unsure as to why the previous delivery people could not do the hook up.

          On August 27th I contacted the Havertown store and spoke with Eric (appliance manager). Eric reviewed the notes on the case and apologized for the issues I was having. He (Eric) stated that it appeared that Joe had requested that the fridge be delivered on September 4. This was absolutely false. After several calls back and forth, Eric advised me that our fridge was in the Bensalem store. Eric told me that he would have the fridge delivered to the Havertown store on Wednesday (August 29) and sent out to us on Friday, August 31. Eric assured me that if there was any problem with this either Joe or I would be contacted. Eric advised me that he was not working on Friday (August 31) but he would leave this in the hands of the other manager.

          When we did not hear anything about the delivery time, I contacted the delivery manager (Julius) on the morning of August 31. Julius advised me that no fridge was received from the Bensalem store and there was no delivery scheduled for Joe. After some checking, Julius assured me that there was a fridge on the truck that they were currently unloading. Julius assured me it would be delivered on September 1. He also offered a discount on the fridge. Since Joe paid cash for the fridge he (Joe) would have to go back to the store to receive his money. Julius advised me that Joe should receive a call no later than 9pm on August 31 advising him of a delivery window for September 1.

          No one called Joe or I by 9pm on August 31, so I called the Havertown store and spoke with Joe (manager). After explaining the issue AGAIN, Joe (manager) looked into the notes and made a few calls. Joe (manager) promised me that the fridge would be delivered on September 1 most probably in the afternoon. Joe (manager) advised me that someone would call either me or my son, Joe, with a better delivery window after the delivery truck was loaded in the am.

          It should be noted that Eric, Julius and Joe (manager) were very polite to me when on the phone. It should also be noted that Eric, Julius and all the people my son, Joe, spoke with prior to that lied to us repeatedly. I am expecting to spend another day waiting for a fridge that will not be showing up. I am expecting to spend another day calling the Havertown store to be lied to again about this fridge. As a matter of fact, I might just die of shock if that fridge shows up on September 1.

          What we had to go thru was absolutely ridiculous. All any of these people had to do was tell us the truth - that the fridge was not available yet. We could have then made a decision to either go elsewhere or purchase another appliance suite. Lying with this consistancy tells me that the problem is systemic. It was not just 1 person who lied to us, it was pretty much everyone we talked to from the washer/dryer delivery people, to the in store sales people (more than 1), to the appliance manager to the delivery manager. The total lack of communication was also unacceptable and should be addressed.

          BTW, the fridge in question is Item # 708951 Model # LSXS26386D, LG 26.1-cu ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice Maker and Door within Door. This fridge is still listed for sale on your website. Maybe you should post a warning that delivery will take 2-3 weeks.


          9/1/18 850AM: I called the Havertown store again since no one called us this morning. I spoke with Tyrell who told me he was looking at my fridge. He could not give me a rough delivery window (either morning or afternoon). He promised me that as soon as the truck was fully loaded he would call dispatch and have them call with a delivery window. Not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

          9/1/18 1234PM: Never received a call so still have no idea when this fridge is supposed to show up, if ever. I did get an email response from Lowes:

          "Good Afternoon Mary,

          Thank you for contacting Lowe's Customer Care. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

          I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for you and your son. I have addressed this matter with senior store management at the Lowe's of Havertown, PA and you can expect a follow up from store management within the next 24 hours.

          If you need additional assistance, please reply to this email and I will be happy to assist you.

          Thank you,

          Brittany H.
          Lowe's Customer Care"

          9/1/18 143PM: Received a call from Frank, General manager of Havertown Lowe's. The total call was almost 20 minutes. After spending some time trying to convince me that no one lied to me. He did apologize for the lack of communication. Frank then told me that Bensalem never sent the fridge. (He never answered when I asked why Eric did not follow up). He could not explain why the initial sales associate told us the fridge was in stock. He could not explain why no one ever called us to explain issues with the order. His explanation for the the whole washer/dryer debacle was that they use a 3rd party delivery company. He assured me the fridge was being delivered today but since it was an add on item he could not give me a delivery window. This was totally unacceptable to me so he called the dispatch manager (Dave). While everyone knew the fridge was on the truck no one knew which truck. Frank wound up calling Julius (delivery manager). They figured out which truck it was on but then found out Julius never sent over some paperwork he was supposed to. Now comes the hard part, Dave was going to attempt to reach the truck driver to get a rough ETA and ask that the truck driver call us 30 minutes before the delivery. Frank was not confident this could be accomplished but told me he would call me back in about an hour or so.

          9/1/18 407PM: Frank just called. Dave has called the delivery driver twice but the driver has not returned his call. Dave did leave messages that the driver should call us when they are 30 minutes away but, unless the driver calls Dave back, we have no way of knowing if he got the message. Bottom line for me is that I will have to sit here until it shows up. I have been here since about 815AM and they could deliver as late as 9PM.
          On a side note, I found out that Lowe's discourages customers from tipping drivers and drivers are told they should not accept tips. My apologies to our previous delivery drivers since I let slip I tipped you guys.

          9/1/18 945PM: When the fridge did not arrive by about 855pm and we had not heard anything, I called the Havertown Lowe's again. This time I talked with Howard (manager). After putting me on hold for 15 minutes (not an exaggeration), Howard asked me for a brief review of what was going on because he could not see a delivery for us anywhere in his system. I gave him a brief review and he said he would look into it and call me back.
          When I did not hear back from Howard by 930PM I decided to head home (a 10 minute drive). On the way home I decided to call Howard. It was 939PM and I am pretty sure they close at 10PM. However, the message I got when I called was that the store was now closed and would reopen at 7AM.

          9/1/18 1002PM: I sent Brittany an email with all the updates since my last email to her and included the following:

          Unfortunately this situation has gone from bad to worse. Today I sat in that house from 815am to 930PM waiting for delivery drivers that never showed. Rather than rehash the story, I am just going to paste the updates I posted on my Facebook page to show you what has been going on. Two things need to happen immediately - 1. my fridge needs to be delivered to my house ASAP and 2. Someone needs to compensate my son for all this nonsense.

          {UPDATES HERE}

          NOTE: The time is now 1002PM and I have still not received a return call from Howard. Frank may try to play this all off as miscommunication but I have clearly been lied to on more than 1 occasion.

          9/1/18 1020PM: Howard just called me. This is what I emailed to Brittany:

          It is 1017PM. Howard just called me back. He told me that my fridge went out for delivery today but obviously was not delivered. He also told me that the driver did not bring the truck back to the store. So now both the truck and my fridge are missing. Are you guys serious about this?

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            Lowe's Home Improvement — Tile flooring

            We had special order tile for our kitchen floor, the cost was crazy Ha, and three times it was broken. On the...

            Lowe — Washing machine

            We bought a returned/reduced washing machine from Lowe's Home Improvement in Victoria, Texas on...

            Lowes — lg appliance rebate program

            In April of 2018, I was in search of a washer/dryer. I looked at many stores and finally settled on a pair at...

            Lowes — garage doors

            Ordered garage doors from Lowes and they were delivered on July 30th . I was going to do self install, but...

            Berrien Springs

            Lowesbathroom remodel seeping toilet

            had bathroom remodeled new tile floors toilet sink tub surround tub with tile new drywall floor leveled all new fixtures 2 years later complaing about hearing drip when flushed toilet no signs of leak around toilet called lowe s they said it was out of warranty but would have some contact me never did about 2 months later notice smell in house and noticed toilet when flushing was seeping and ruining sub floor called lowes they told me to contact insurance company did they rejected my claim told me lowes should fix it due to improper isallation contacted lowes they said they would file claim and get back to me within 3 days has been over 5 days havent heard from them spent over 10, 000 on remodel it should have lasted longer than not even two years

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              Lowe's Home Improvement — refusal to repair terrible installation of new roof

              We contracted with Lowe's Home Improvement to replace a roof on my deceased mother-in-law's house in...

              Lowe'savoid lowe's installations

              Had new windows installed, then discovered they howl like banshees when the winds are high and from the northwest or west. After the clueless installer attempted to correct with sloppy caulking, an Atrium rep came by and installed "chimney stops, " which reduced, but did not eliminate, the whistling noise. At the time, he said there were other things he could try, but after calling Lowe's a month after his visit when the windows howled again, received a call back stating that the windows were installed properly, it's our vinyl siding making the noise, and Lowe's was closing the file. Period. Wrote to the Lowe's CEO and store manager, but and the response was the same: Not our problem. We've spent tens of thousands with Lowe's over the years, but not a penny more, ever. Luckily, there are options in town all our future home needs.

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                Lowe's Home Improvement — unethical behaviour

                This company racially profiles customers of color. From the moment I walked into this location I wa...

                Lowe's Home Improvementcooktop electric 30 inch with downdraft

                I paid for a Cooktop electric 30 inch with downdraft from the 7500 Broken Branch Lane Manassas, VA 20109 store, [protected] on July 8 2018. I was told it would be installed before 24 July 2018 by the Lowe's appliance salesman, Coleman.

                On August 1, I called the Lowe's service and delivery number and was told the installer would contact me within 2 days.

                On August 8, I called Lowe's service and delivery number again and got 2 very nasty representatives, Dimitria (sp?) and Ruth. Dimitria talked over me and started raising her voice, patronizing and being condescending to me, and told me to wait like everyone else, then told me again, the installer will call me in 2 days, then hung up on me. I then called the Manassas, VA store and spoke to the Manager, Daniel. He was annoyed at this and told me this was not his department, but will speak to the service and delivery department. He then spoke over me and said sorry really loudly and told me to wait 2 days for the installer to call me, and the installer will let me know when he is available to fit me in his schedule to install the cooktop electric with downdraft - I would have to be home within a 4 hour time slot.

                This is the worst customer service - I feel no one at Lowe's seems to care about customers, they just take the customer's money and don't care that the customer received the product or not, and are not concerned that customers don't get the product installed. Lowe's took and cashed my money, but I do not have what I paid for. It has been over 1 month since I have been able to cook dinner at home. I had to take friends and family out to dinner because I cannot cook on my existing cooktop because it is broken. I was told by the salesman at the Manassas store, Coleman, that my cooktop has been sitting at the store waiting for the installer to pick it up since July 24!

                I shouldn't have to beg to get what I paid for and installed, should I? What do I have to do to get a product I paid for installed????

                Please do whatever you have to do to fix this. I am totally disgusted with the treatment I was put through from the Lowe's service and delivery department as well at the Manassas store. I have been a long time customer of Lowe's and was shocked at the way I have been treated. Please contact me at [protected]@gmail.com and let me know that you are working on this.

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                  Lowes — lack of employees/ new ceo incompetence

                  In Eugene Oregon, the last few times I went to Lowes I cant find anyone working in the departments, accept...

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                  I am so very aggravated so annoyed and very upset. I came to your Lowe's Home Improvement store at 285 SW Ln...

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